Nice boy gay twink tiny Brendan gets so steaming while tonguing and

Nice boy gay twink tiny Brendan gets so steaming while tonguing and
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Hazing was a natural part of living in high school, and when you're the only freshman joining a high school wrestling team, there's no chance of avoiding it. Dexter was just a small boy, age 15, not too tall, and having only lean muscle on his side.


He was a clean dressing, good looking boy who, oddly enough, enjoyed worshiping god, and had a good relationship with everyone he knew. Bryan was nearly the antithesis to Dexter in every way but in good looks.

He was older, being 18, somewhat tall, kind of rude and had some definite muscles. He also happened to be the captain of the wrestling team.


They had one thing in common; brown hair, and blue eyes. Dexter's being bright blue, and Bryan's being ocean. It was a tradition at Mt.

Blue High to make the first wrestling practice match be between the most senior, and the most junior members of the team, which happened to be the two aforementioned boys. The new captain overtook Dexter quickly, having 5 years of wrestling practice easily under his belt, and had him pinned to the mats and begging for release.

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"That was so fuckin' hilarious, man. There ain't nothin' big about him." Bryan's crude friend Brandon quipped in the locker room after practice.

"Don't you forget how hard you got pummeled your freshman year." He replied.

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"Fuck you man, the guy was huge." At that moment, a sore and bruised Dexter walked into the locker room, shambled into a shower stall, turned it on, and began to undress.

It was understandable that his situation warranted him undressing and showering in seclusion, even if the other boys were completely fine being nude and carrying on conversations with each other in the shower.

Besides--Dexter discovered that he loved showering in the private stalls, because no one could see him peaking under them to steal glances at the other team mates' feet. He didn't know if he was gay, but he knew that nothing could get him going like seeing the soft and perfect feet of boys his own age. He figured that since he was alone, and everyone was busy, he might as well get off to the feet of his team mates.

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He lathered up his hand and began sliding his hand over the shaft, twisting it at the end to cause frictional excitement on his sensitive glans. At 7in. hard, he was actually pretty well endowed for his age. He thought about cumming all over the other team mates' feet, and could easily see Bryan's in the next stall over.

He looked at the contour of his arches as he turned, the perfect shapes of his toes, and perfectly clean toe-nails which told Dexter he took care of his feet. He was nearly there when, as he was getting to his vinegar strokes, Brandon ripped open the curtain, revealing a masturbating freshman cowering in the corner of the shower, trying in vain to hide a seeping erection. Bryan thought it would be a funny, harmless prank, but now he realized the severity of the situation, and while Brandon became enraged, started calling him a "Dirty fuckin' faggot" and pushing him hard against the shower walls, Bryan grabbed Brandon by his neck and shoved him into the lockers.

Still in his rage, Brandon took a swing at Bryan, but was stopped short by another team mate, who twisted his arm around his back, and walked him out of the room. As the electricity in the room went down, Bryan asked to be alone with Dexter, to talk to him about what just happened.

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"Dexter.why were you fapping in the shower?" He asked. "I was just having myself a wank, all boys do it." Was Dexter's response. "I should believe you, but something is off, when you are in this locker room.

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We all notice you staring at us, and most of us would be okay with you being gay, but it weirds out the guys when you start staring at their feet." ".the guys?" "The other team mates." "But not you?" "Well, I don't mind, I guess. I don't know what harm could come from it, and I suppose I can take it as some kind of strange compliment." "Oh.okay." "I just want to make sure that you're okay.

You have it rough being the only freshman, and this isn't going to help you any." "I just thought I could make some friends this way. I really didn't mean to-" "It's okay. Since you don't have any friends, you probably don't have plans on Saturday. I was going to the movies with this girl, but she got back together with her boyfriend or something. I have an extra ticket.

Maybe you want to go?" ".are you sure that is okay? With what just happened and all--" "I'll be at your house at 6:30." Bryan then walked around the lockers to the other side, and Dexter could hear him messing with some stuff in a locker. "Here, your ticket is in this bag." "What else is in here?" "Nothing, see you Saturday." Dexter waited until he got home to open the strange bag.

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He ripped it apart, and the contents dropped to the ground. When he bent to pick them up, he saw 4 things. Bryan's used black socks, fragrantly musky boxers, a note and his ticket. The movie was Brokeback Mountain, and the note only said; "Maybe we could hang out after the movie." Dexter could tell this weekend was going to be fantastic.