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Two hot babes in fishnets have fun
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Jake turned slowly hearing the familiar female voice behind him. Finally he was face to face with a beautiful, wide eyed, dark haired Amira. "What do you mean it still may be possible? A shocked Jake told the royal princess. Bowing low to Jake she stated, "For all that you have done Master Jake, anything that me and my brothers can do for you wouldn't be enough. We of the Jinn realm owe the Ever Last Master so much. The fact that our power can help you fills our hearts with great joy!" Leaning close Amira whispered, "I would still love to have you filling me Master Jake!" Jake blushed then nodded.

Rasmir came up and bowed low to both Jake and Amira, "You should listen Master Jake. We of the council are powerful true, but royal Jinns have power that we do not possess." Amira and both her brothers who had also appeared began to nod yes.

"The thing I do not understand is how were they separated? I thought that Dreama was Rosalinda." Jake asked feeling more confused. "Jankean used an old, forbidden dark magic. The power to create and destroy is well within the capabilities of it. The only thing is there is usually a great price to pay.

I am afraid that there may be a great price this time as well." Amira told Jake as she looked over both of the Jinns that were very near to death. Slapping her hands together Amira stated, "Brothers let us begin, Master Jake as I said there will be quite a bit of pain involved more than you have experienced before.

Are you sure you wish to continue?" Jake looked at both Rosalinda and Dreama and could only nod yes. Amira glanced at the council who were all in shock. Another part of the legend! Sadly they thought the war was supposed to start again very soon also.

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"As you did with the doctor and Trully touch one of us then look at both of them. With the ability you have we should have a plan of attack within moments. Please hurry Master Jake there isn't much time!" Both Aahil and Aalee urged him.

Touching Amira on the arm Jake looked at both of the dying Jinns, all three of the royal Jinns hissed when they saw the dark magic. "It was as you said brothers they are both covered with it this may take longer than we thought." Amira said to which both her brothers nodded. Jake felt the massive energy begin to flow from them through him as usual at first it wasn't really much. After A few minutes however Jake began to feel as if there were thousands of ants crawling all over him.

It was half an hour later when Jake saw that Rosalinda was almost clear though Dreama was still very bad. Finally moving over to Dreama Jake was praying that he could make it, the amount of power they were using was starting to take a toll on him, but he knew he had to keep going.

Rasmir and the council had Rosalinda out of the way as the three royal Jinns poured power through Jake into Dreama.

Maybe ten minutes into it Jake yelled that something was wrong, Dreama wasn't getting better. For a moment the three upped their power but still nothing happened. Suddenly Jake heard a voice in his head. <Please Master Jake let me go. I wasn't supposed to be like this; I and Rosalinda were always one. Without her I cannot survive as neither can she.

Please have them put us back together before it is too late already I can feel Rosalinda starting to close off.> Jake looked in shock at Dreama then nodded. Explaining what he'd heard the three royal Jinns agreed as it was the only thing that made sense as to why Dreama wouldn't heal.

Placing a hand over both of the Jinns Jake watched as the Royal Jinns poured even MORE power into fusing the two separate personalities together.

Jake was gritting his teeth when he realized that Amira was right. This was by far more painful than before but he had to keep going. Even as he watched both of the Jinns started to move closer together. They were finally starting to become one. The problem was Jake's entire body was on fire but he refused to let go.

He had to save Rosalinda without her he was most certainly dead. He looked at her face a face that he loved as much as the others and suddenly found strength from deep inside. Amira's mouth dropped open! What was this powerful magic she and her brothers were feeling!? Try as she might she couldn't seem to put her finger on it, suddenly she realized it was love! An even wider smile spread across her face this was rare indeed she hadn't felt a love like this since Gen's sister.!

"We cannot fail my brothers, Master Jake has provided us a strong path let us not disappoint him!" With that Jake felt the power change it still hurt like hell but it changed. Finally over two hours after they had started the Royals stopped, Jake looked at Amira. "Is it done?" He asked a little unsteady on almost numb feet and legs. "Yes Master Jake," Amira said as she motioned for her brothers to hold Jake.

"She should be fine now." Jake smiled then touched Rosalinda's face whispering, "I did all I could, I tried, I am sorry that you had to go." Tears were starting to fall from his eyes onto Rosalinda's face. A voice filled his head, <Thank you Master Jake you were the only one that ever cared about me. I go knowing that I was finally wanted and loved.> Suddenly another voice shouted, <NO!

Join with me! We need each other please Dreama you and I are a part of each other!> There was a deep sigh then, <I will try Rosalinda, but if I cannot, you have to let me go.> Jake felt the struggle within Rosalinda as the dying personality was trying to fuse with Rosalinda. Jake could only stare, a sadness washing over him though he really didn't know Dreama per se he did know Rosalinda.

To him they were almost the same. I wish that they both could survive Jake thought, though they can't be apart. Though he hadn't moved much, Jake knew he wasn't going to get very far. "Princess Amira," Jake started when he turned slowly to look at her. "I wish to thank you, though you weren't able to save both of them. I will remember your request and do my best to fulfill it as soon as possible." Amira suddenly gained an even larger smile as she again bowed to Jake.

Jake still uncomfortable bowed to Amira drawing a round of gasps from those in the room. "Master Jake you do not have to bow to me." Here Jake smiled at the dark haired, slender woman remembering her words.

"Princess Amira, I only give you the respect that you deserve." A sly wry smile crept upon her lips again. "Thank you Master Jake for one who is human you do us great honor. Again we of the Jinn Realm owe you, the Ever Last Master so much." Here Amira handed Jake another talisman shaped like a key. "This Master Jake, will call me to your side within a few seconds." Reaching over Amira gave Jake a passionate kiss that shocked both of them. Finally everything that had happened Jake could feel the darkness starting to close in.

Whispering in Amira's ear Jake told her, "Amira I suggest you let me go, I think." Even as his eyes closed Amira and her brothers were gently lowering him to the floor. Amira called Trully over, looking Jake over thoroughly (including in his pants) Trully told all present that he needed rest and should be fine soon.

Jake awoke two hours later with a pounding headache.


Crap he thought this was as bad as when he and the doctor had healed Trully. Looking around or rather trying to, Jake had at least three female bodies against him. At least they aren't glowing any more he thought I wonder what that was all about.

Looking past his sleeping Jinns he saw that Rosalinda was asleep on a pallet near the bed. Trully was there also, as were Juno, Nyrae on guard next to him. On the other side of the room Jake saw Akeesha in the arms of Inger, Akeesha's head on Inger's lap. Blinking his eyes right behind them he could swear that he saw Princess Amira!

Alright! What in the hell was going on? Untangling himself Jake saw Nyrae smile; she arose and came to him. "Are you in need of help Master Jake," she quietly asked him. "No I am just going to get something to eat. I don't want to disturb anyone; they have all had an extremely trying day.

I want them to rest before anything else happens; besides I have another task to do soon. I want them all rested for it." Jake told Nyrae who was smiling greatly.

The gift that Jake had given her was indeed precious; even now she could feel the baby girl growing in her. A child! Nyrae never thought it was possible!

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Especially with a human! She had wanted children for centuries but had never had a chance with the war. Then the sadness set in after Rashala had saved her life.

Touching her stomach with a smile she would never be alone again not after the precious gift that Master Jake gave her! With another smile Nyrae blinked and the dining room table was groaning under the sheer weight of all the food. Jake could only smirk then turned to look at Nyrae, "You sure you are allowed to do this? You aren't my Jinn therefore I don't command you." Nyrae's eyes opened wide at his words then she nodded, "I was told by my master that I was to watch after you and help if you need it.

You being hungry and needing food is a small way to help." There was a noise behind them then they heard Juno's voice, "Are you saying you can't accept the help of a Jinn who was told to watch after you and help?" A stern faced Juno was saying.

Jake held up his hands in defeat, "Hey no! I just like to do a few things myself, I'm gonna start to feel lazy a bit if this keeps up!" Jake really thought that Juno was upset 'til he saw Juno's face break into a wide smile then the man started to laugh.

"Oh my god! That look was priceless! As if I could be mad at you Jake!

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As I told you before I have been looking for you for too long to get mad." Jake sat to eat as Juno walked up to Nyrae. "I know that you were impregnated in a dream my dear Nyrae.

That wasn't really fair; therefore I give you permission to be with Jake. I am sorry for the way I was, I will be better from now on." Nyrae almost fell to the floor! Ok she thought, as she passed a hand over Juno.

It felt like her master, sounded like her master. Bowing she stated, "Master I will not do anything to upset you. I am so unsure of this." "It is alright Nyrae, please send me back 'til Jake has need of me, ok?" Juno told Nyrae a true smile on his face.

Nyrae looked into his heart and saw all of this was true then nodded and sent him back to his office. Nyrae sat nearby and waited for Jake to finish so she could talk to him.


Jake had watched Juno and Nyrae with a little interest. Soon however he found he was in fact more hungry than he thought he was. Though the biggest shock was when Juno vanished and Jake was alone with Nyrae.

Finally finished Jake got up, "Thank you Nyrae that really hit the spot!" "It was my pleasure and duty Master Jake. Uh Master Jake." Nyrae hesitated.

Jake could see that Nyrae had something really serious that she wanted to talk about. Why was she so afraid? Jake thought. She has talked to me many times, what is going on that she is so afraid of me?

"Please don't be afraid Nyrae, you can ask me almost anything." "Yes Master Jake, Master Juno said that he knew that I became with a baby in a dream. He said that, that wasn't fair. Master Jake," Nyrae looked directly in Jake's eyes. "He has given me permission to be with you. I. I am afraid that I would anger my master. I looked into his heart; I was shocked when he was truthful." Here Nyrae lowered her head, "I am also so unsure with you Master Jake. It was a dream far different than as we are now." "I don't know," Jake said as he walked up to Nyrae and kissed her startling her.

"There is a lot to be said about a dream and real life seeming to be reversed at times." Jake looked into her eyes again, "I will not force you, or make you do anything you do not wish to. If you are ready then yes, but if not then it is YOUR decision ok?" Nyrae could only stare at Master Jake; he really was as Gen had said. "Master Jake the dream was so intense. I am not sure about actually doing this even with master's permission. The thing is I really want to, badly!" Jake nodded as Nyrae cleared the table, laying her down Jake took his time disrobing what little clothes she had on.

As Jake felt that she was very nervous about this. Nyrae was breathing hard, she'd been resisting the attraction that she was feeling from Jake, but it was starting to take a toll on her. That was 'til he kissed her then she knew that she was lost in his arms and eyes.

Exposing all of her Jake kissed his way from her face slowly down her body, making sure to pour praise on every part his lips touched.

Reaching he breasts Jake began to lavish kisses on both as Nyrae started to groan in appreciation.

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Kissing the underside of both, Nyrae almost squealed from the intense sensations her body was experiencing. Jake smiled it was obvious that Nyrae had gone a very long time without any attention. Slowly ever so slowly Jake worked his way lower finally near her belly button he stuck his tongue in it causing Nyrae to raise off the table with a gasp. Kissing it more Jake finally worked lower hearing Nyrae's breathing start to grow quicker.

Finding her sex moist Jake started to lap hungrily at her juices that her body was starting to produce. Withering Nyrae started orgasming 'til she finally pulled Jake up to her lips. Tasting herself she smiled as she felt Jake gently nudging at her opening. Wrapping her legs around his waist she let loose a loud satisfying groan as he filled her. Setting up a rhythm Jake was surprised that as beautiful as Nyrae was she was also as tight as she was.

They had been going maybe twenty minutes when Jake felt the familiar build up of his seed. "Nyrae I'm going to cum," he told her. Nodding between groans Jake felt as his seed started to pump deep within her. Laying still a moment Jake thought he heard a voice but he wasn't sure. <Thank you father,> Jake heard in his head. <I was afraid that you and mother would never meet physically.

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Now I can exist in the physical realm also.> There was a little giggle then all was quiet. Jake and Nyrae stared at each other, and then they both smiled as Nyrae lovingly rubbed her stomach.