Huge cock rams tight bawdy cleft

Huge cock rams tight bawdy cleft
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I was running. all I can do now is run. I hear his footsteps fallowing me. I try to scream but I'm too scared. I trip and fall, he is so close behind me, I try to get up but he falls on top of me and keeps me to the ground.

I struggle and wiggle trying to get out of his grasp. He is too strong. DAMN! He turns me over and I get the first look at his well shaped face, those hard black eyes filled with passion stare back at me.

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He spoke softly " Do not fight me, you will only tire your self out." I didn't listen, and he held both of my wrist in his rough warm hands above my head. He pushed his mouth on mine, engulfing me in his warmth. He forced his tongue in my mouth. He pulled back as I heard the beeping from his radio. He swore under his breath and said " Come one baby it's time to meet my friends." I kicked and hit him as he pulled out a pistol and held it to my head " Lets go slut." His eyes were dark and cold.

He pushed me forward and I knew escape was impossible. We walked a little farther and he stopped me only to kiss me hard on the mouth I got lost in his passion, as he pulled away he slapped my ass and dragged me forward.

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We entered this army base and he pulled me into a dusty room with pipes running across the room. He stopped me in the middle and grabbed some rope and tied my arms together then to the large pipes above me.

Once I was tied he rubbed my curves and told me I was in for a big surprise. A couple shorter fat men walked in and the man standing before me walked towards them. They shared a couple words and he left. I was worried and on the break of tears for what they were going to do to me.

The "leader" of the group walked up to me and said " You better tell me why you are trespassing on his land." Stupidly I said " Why what are you gonna do to me." He called the name Sasha and the man who previously brought me here walked back in and came right up in my face and said " Did you miss me baby?" The leader continued " We have men here who are trained to make you scream until you cough up blood and cause the most pain that you will ever experience in your life, it's in your best interest to tell me why you are here." "I don't have to tell you anything" I reply coldly.

As soon as I say that Sasha quickly bringing up his right hand and slaps me hard. "Don't disrespect us, slut!" Sasha says to me. I recoil only to have him put his hand in the curve of my neck and pull me close to his face. He moves to my ear and says " Baby, you don't have any idea what I can do to you." I feel my stomach flip and my groin wetting at what he is saying to me. How can this be? This man is threatening to beat me and I'm getting turned on?

What is wrong with me. Sasha sucks on my earlobe and moves down to my neck, I bite my lip to keep me from moaning. He says " Who sent you here?" I spit in his face. BIG mistake. He balls his hand and punched me square in the jaw. I scream from the force of his punch. He says again "Who sent you here." His eyes are dark and cold again.

I must stay strong! " I have no idea what you talking about." I say sarcastically. He moves away from my face and goes to a small table in the far corner in front of me, when he turns around I see a wicked looking knife. I scream and wiggle and kick as he approaches. He steps closer and puts his hand back up to me face and says " Maybe we should try a different approach." "I'm going to ask you one more time, baby, who sent you here?

He slowly drags the knife across my cheek and down my chest, circling my nipples. " I'm on vacation." I can hear the doubt in my voice. He grabs my shirt and cuts in in two, he then grabs my shorts and pulls them down.

He looks at me, his eyes filled once again with passion, smiles and says "I'm going to enjoy breaking you." He completely removes my shorts and rips off my panties. God, I wish I had worn sexier panties. Wait! What am I saying, this man is trying to rape me and I'm wanting to look sexy for him!

I was very glad that before he stripped me the other men had left. He moves back up to me face and says. "Now, this is your last chance to tell me why you are here." He starts rubbing my stomach, I wonder why is he doing this?

I say " Let me go!" He slaps my face and says " You don't make the rules around here slut!" He grabs my hair and pulls my face towards his. Slipping his tongue into my welcoming mouth and roughly squeezing my ass. He pulls away and says " Are you wet for me baby?" I reply with a loud "NO!" "Do I need to check?" He asks knowing my response.

I wiggle trying to escape his grasp knowing once he touches my pussy, I'll be putty in his hands. He cups my wet warm sex and inserts one finger, running it in circles around my clit, not quite touching it pushing me towards insanity. I beg him with my eyes to touch me, but he ignores me. Knowing what he wants I finally give up.

Lowering my head in shame as he pulls his fingers out and licks them clean. "You taste so sweet baby, I can't wait to fuck you senseless." I shudder at that thought, he pulls me towards him and sticks one of my erect nipples into his mouth, lightly scraping them with his teeth.

He pulls back suddenly and says "Please tell me why you're here, baby I don't want to hurt you." There is a change of expression on his face, like he is actually telling the truth. I say "I can't." "So be it." He says as he kisses my cheek exactly where he punched before, I knew there was a bruise there. He suddenly punches me again, this time harder then before, I could feel the blood running from my cheek.

He wiped it away and punched me in the stomach, I felt fluid run up my throat but I held it in, I couldn't show him weakness. Then he repeatedly punched me all over my body, one right after another. He stopped right before I was about to pass out, I heard laughter that wasn't Sasha's so I knew the men had returned. They told him that he was done for the day and to go get some sleep, after that they left.

Sasha stayed behind and untied me and brag me to a dark, damp, little room with a mattress on the floor. He placed me on the bed, kissed my forehead and told me to get some rest, because it was only going to get harder for me as the days go by. I fell into a deep sleep for what seemed like only 5 minutes. I awoke to the sound of someone unlocking the door.

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I half-heartedly hoped it was Sasha. The "Leader" walked in and told me to get up as I did, it felt like my whole body was on fire! I felt tears in my eyes as I walked towards him. He pushed me back into the room I was tied in and presumed to tie me to the same pipe. "I herd you've been miss-behaving?, That's not good I might have Sasha punish you again." He says as he runs his hands over my bruises. "What you can't do it your self?" I say, but I regret it the moment it comes out.

He says calmly "That's not my job, sweetie." "Don't call me sweetie you asshole!" I spit back. Sasha walks in, he had changed and looks clean but he didn't shave. He still had a 5 o'clock shadow, but it suites him. He walks up to me and caresses my face, the look in his eyes tell me he was sorry he had to do this but I can't believe it. He says "Are you ready to tell us who sent you here or do we have to start all over again, babe?" He rolls my hardening nipple in his hand, I hold back a moan until he squeezes it hard.

I finally say "I will never tell you." "Fine have it your way." He sticks my other nipple in his mouth and sucks hard. I let out a little moan and he looks up. "So you like that,baby?" He says with one eyebrow raised. "Fuck you" I say but I could hear the fear in my voice.


He undoes his belt and unzips his pants, letting out his monster of a cock, nearly 8" long and 2" thick! I lick my dry cracked lips and feel myself getting wet at the tough of him being in me. He says "Are you ready for me to rip you apart?

He lines him self up to my opening and pushes in with one forceful thrust. I scream as he rips into my tight pussy. "God, you're so fucking tight!" He says as he thrust hard into my bleeding pussy. I scream and he puts his mouth over mine, muffling my screams. He starts rubbing my clit and I moan into his mouth, he rubs harder and I feel myself pushing towards a orgasm.

How can I be cumming from this man. He's raping me for god's sake! I scream as I cum, my pussy milking Sasha's cock for all its worth. He moans out as he cums in my pussy, I feel his cum splash into my pussy.

He kisses me hard and I kiss back exhausted from cumming so hard. He sucks my earlobe and my neck them pulls out and puts his cock away. "Baby, that was great!" He says and he kisses me again. I know I will be sore as I can already feel the effects of his hard fucking. He unties me and brings me back to my small dark dungeon. He lies me down once again and says "Hope you enjoined that because there is a lot more where that came from." He kisses my forehead and walks away, locking the door as he leaves.

I can't sleep much and drift in and out of consciousness. Next morning comes too soon as I hear the all but too familiar sound of the door unlocking.


Sasha's eager face pops out from behind the door and takes me to an unfamiliar door. He pushes me inside and I realize its a shower. I quickly get in and start on my body first trying to scrape out the cum from last night's hard fucking. As soon as I move my legs my pussy feels like its on fire and I know its been torn. I must of taken too long because Sasha had entered. He walked right up to me and kissed me on the lips and held me by the waist.

He kisses down my neck and into my chest. He pulls me closer and tries to enter me. "Please don't can we do something else, anything just not today I'm very sore?" I say begging. He looks at me wondering what I might be suggesting. I show him my tongue and lower my self onto my knees, bringing him to my wanting mouth. I lick the head lightly and swirl my tongue around his shaft.

I suck hard and greedyI need him to cum,I wanted his cum in my stomach. I remove his hard pulsing cock from my mouth and move to his perfect round balls and suck on them hungrily. I needed him, I needed him to cum for me. I moved back to his cock and tried as hard as I could to fit it all in my mouth but almost could. He grabbed my hair and guided me slowly up and down his cock, slightly increasing the speed each time. Until he cried out in passion and I felt his hot sticky cum shoot down my throat.

He pulled me up and kissed me on the lips, after he knelt down and stared kissing my mound. He moved his fingers and spread my pussy lips. "Please." I started "I'm not going to enter you, relax." He interrupted.

He kissed my clit sending waves of pleasure through out my entire body. I moaned and grabbed his hair pulling him lightly into my pussy.

He rubbed my pussy with one finger, running circles around my clit and opening, making me moan even louder. He smiles and licks my swollen nub.

I push his head deep into my pussy and moan. He rubs faster and faster till I cum hard into his face as he licks it all up. He picks up a towel and dries me off, then carries me back into my room to let me sleep. I wake up to Sasha dragging me into the dusty room and tying me up to the pipe. He says "Now please tell me why you're here, boss says if I can't get you too tell me then he will make me kill you." The look in his eyes make me cringe knowing he is telling the truth.

"I'm sorry" I say and I truly mean it. He looks at me and slaps me hard, and says "Why can't you tell me!" I'm crying and he grabs the knife from the table and pushes it into the back of my leg and says tell me. "No." I reply and he pushes it deeper, the pain races over my whole body. I scream and plead him to stop. "If you tell me I can stop!" He screams back.

The leader walks in and says "If you don't tell us soon we might have to start taking off limbs till you have nothing left." That was my breaking point, I tell them I was a spy sent here to see what kind of weapons they were creating.

Then the leader laughed and said to Sasha "Now you can go home and get some much needed rest, do what you want with this whore." I was suddenly faced with the fact that he might just leave me here to die. That thought was suddenly erased when Sasha came and untied me, I fell into his strong arms. He picked me up and carried me out of the building. The foggy sky felt like the sunniest of days, he carried me into the back of a car and I passed out.

Sasha gets into the front and places his automatic rifle just out of her reach. Just in case. He starts to drive and a guard stops him. "Do you have clearance for this vehicle?" He asks "Do you fucking think I do?" Sasha replies and speeds off.

He turning into a small hut and parks. I awake to an unfamiliar room, I get up and my leg is on fire. I found some clothes that were too big, but it's better then nothing. I needed to relieve myself . BAD! So I get up and walk out, I find the bathroom and do my business. After, I search around and find Sasha sitting at the table cleaning his gun. The smell of the gun cleaner reminds me of the first time he kissed me, I feel myself getting wet just at that thought.He looks up and puts his gun down, walks over to me and says " How did you sleep?" "Fine" I answer quickly avoiding his glare.

He moves forward and lifts my face with his hands, forcing me to look into his passion filled eyes. He kisses me on the lips hard, I kiss back hungrily, he picks me up and carries me back into the room. He places me on the bed and removes my shirt and pants. I was not wearing panties or a bra. He undoes his belt and pants, he goes to line him self up to my hole and I ask "Please let me see you naked, you have seen me?" He complies and removes the rest of his clothes.

He climbs on top of me and enters me in one hard thrust, I scream out in passion. He thrust hard and quickly, giving me no time to adjust. He sticks one of my nipples in his mouth and bites lightly, then moves down and rubs my clit. All this pressure, I can feel and orgasm creeping up. I try to hold back to cum with him but I fail. My pussy contracts on his hard cock, he freezes and I feel his hot cum shot into my pussy. He pulls out and rolls over on his back beside me.

He looks me deep in the eyes and falls asleep. I shortly fallow after. Next morning I awake to the smell of food, and I realize how hungry I actually am. I walk out and he greets me with breakfast on the table. I scarf it down fallowed my orange juice, while he sits there. "What's wrong?" I ask. "Nothing, I'm just thinking about stuff." He says. I get up and rinse off the dishes and he comes up behind me, raping his arms around my waist.

He starts kissing my neck "Please." I start to say and he spins me around lifting me onto the counter and kisses me hard on the mouth, pushing his groin into my mound. He lifts me up and carries me to the bed, he quickly takes of my clothes and then his own. I never noticed the tattoo that covers his shoulder blades. Flames and the his name in fancy hand writing. He kisses me and says "Tell me what you want." "I want you to fuck me hard and hold me down." I say back, my voice filled with passion.

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He gets up and grabs his belt and some rope. He tied my hands together and then to the bed. He then started kissing his way down my chest and my stomach, stopping right above my mound. I tried to bring my pussy towards his face. "No, I control when you cum and how you cum!" He says sternly. He continues to kiss my mound and spread my legs slightly. I wiggle and squirm around from all the pleasure. He finally licks around my clit, sucking on it hard, I almost came right then but I held it back.

He circled my hole and pushed his tongue inside and climbed back up. He thrusted deeply inside me, rubbing my nipples against his chest with each thrust. The pressure was building in my groin and I could not hold it back any longer, I cam hard all over his hard cock and screamed loud in his ear as he collapsed onto me.

I could feel his cum rushing into my womb. He rolled over and cuddled me from behind. This continued on for months, he would wake up and go to work, come home and fuck me till we fell asleep.

One day when he came home he put his cell phone on the counter and started cooking dinner. He left and I stirred the noodles, I herd him enter the shower and I knew it was time.

I grabbed his phone and dialed my bosses number. It took forever for him to pick up. " It's great to finally hear from you" My boss says and I tell him that I was kidnapped and need them to come get me. He told me that they would be able to get me in 16 hours and I told him where I was and I was looking forward to come home. I herd Sasha get out of the shower and I put the phone back exactly where it was and started stirring again.

He walked out and looked at the cell phone and swore under his breath. He looked at me and I avoided his stare. He came up behind me and kissed my neck rapping his arms around me. "No." I said suddenly ashamed I had crossed him. He continued to kiss me and spun me around and pushed me on top of the counter and kissed me hard on my mouth. He pulled me on top of the table and I said "No, the food is going to burn." He ignored me and continued to kiss me he undid my pants and top, fallowed with his own.

He pushed deep inside me with one hard thrust I felt his member ripple inside me. I held on to him and he pushed harder and harder into me. I came and shortly after he did. We ate after and yes the food was burnt. After I went to the bathroom. hiding a knife in my sleeve. I put my foot over the tub and turned on the water. I found the larger of the two bumps on my foot and cut it open, reveling the deep blue pill.

I quickly washed the blood off my foot and the tub. When I came out I made him a hot drink and put the pill in it. After he drank it, he announced that he was going to sleep so I fallowed him.

I knew the pill would take affect soon and he wouldn't wake up for another 12 hours, plenty of time to make my escape. I kissed him goodnight for what seemed like the last time. Next morning, Sasha awoke with a strange feeling in his head and he knew something was wrong. Her side of the bed was cold and empty, Sasha immediately got up and ran towards the door.

Hopped into his car and drove to work, only to find that the place had been destroyed. How could she do this to him?

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She probably meant to have him killed, but why would she drug him. Maybe she was trying to save him, No he couldn't let himself think that. I walked into my new home after a long week of questioning, psychological and physical testing. I took off my belt and gun and put it on the table, starting to unbutton my shirt when I saw Sasha walk into the light.

He looked angry, more angry then I had ever seen him. I turned to run and he grabbed me, pulling me into his chest. He pulled a gun out and held it to my head. "You killed my friends, and now I will kill you." He said coldly "You wouldn't, I know you and you couldn't." I replied. "Oh, I wouldn't?" He said as he cocked the gun. "All those times, I let you fool me, make me believe that I meant anything to you. All the times I fucked you, watched you scream and groan all by me.

How long were you gonna wait till you found me and tried to kill me huh? He said yelling into my ear. "No, I wasn't going to kill you, I could never kill you. And what did you expect me to do, sit at home all day till you came home and fuck me.

I need something more, something to give my life purpose. I enjoyed are time together, every last bit, but I need something more." I told him looking him right in the eye.

He let go of me and said "Why should I trust you?" "I'll show you why." I told him as I kiss him on the cheek, then on the lips and he pushes me on to the bed. Moving over top of me trapping me to the mattress, closing the distance between us he completely rips off my shirt and my pants, leaving me in my bra and panties.

"Tell me, why did you stay for so long?" He asked. "Because I love you." I told him. He just got up and stripped his clothes off. I ran my hands up and down his chiseled chest and over his beautiful face. He pushed me down and kissed me hard, he kissed his way past my tits and around my belly button.

I squirmed a bit but held it in, he spread my legs and rubbed my pussy through my panties circling my hole, lightly pushing in. I took them off and threw them out. "From now on you will not be allowed panties or bras in this house, understand?" He asked. "Yes, sir." I said in a little girls voice.

That really sparked a fire inside him and he ripped my bra off and roughly massaged them, scraping the nipples with his teeth. I moaned and pushed his head further into my chest. He then returned up and lined up his big pulsating cock to my pussy and pushed in slowly watching my reaction. I kissed him hard and begged him to fuck me harder. He complied and thrusted hard and deep into my womb I never felt so full in my life. He kissed my neck and sucked on my ear.

I clawed at his back and moan in pleasure as I climaxed, it was the strongest climax I have ever experienced. He rubbed my clit and I came again and again all over his hard cock milking it for all his creamy goodness. He climaxed deep in my womb and I felt it rush out and down my legs. He rolled over and we stared at each other for a while till I spoke.

" You weren't going to actually kill me, where you?" He didn't answer me for a while. So I asked " Do you love me?" He was silent until he said "If I didn't you wouldn't be here right now." I looked at him and snuggled up to him and said "Then tell me." "I love you." He said looking deep into my eyes.

I could tell he wasn't lying.


"I love you too." I said knowing it was the truth. We fell asleep in each others arms.