Lesbian squirters ginger blaze and kasey weathers

Lesbian squirters ginger blaze and kasey weathers
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CHAPTER 6 All of that was in the past, however, leading up, if you remember, to the Thursday evening before Kelly was due to make her first paid visit to Jim's house. Jim was up in his bedroom with his collection of dirty magazines and videos, and his collection of panties. He was anxiously waiting for Friday to come, and had been saving himself for her, but couldn't wait any longer. That was why he'd come upstairs to his secret collection, and why he had videos, magazines and panties spread across his bed.

This was a large room, and Jim had it well fitted out with shelves and cupboards. The shelves contained his collection of books, but all the more interesting books and magazines were inside the locked cupboards and cabinets. That was where his secret panty collection was kept too, along with his lubricating jelly, some condoms and various other sexual gadgets he had tried out over the years. He was choosing a video or a magazine to wank over, and it was very difficult - he had so many.

Some Japanese ones seemed right, and he got some out to choose from. As well as the Japanese writing on the front of the boxes there was usually English as well. He wondered if they all spoke English in Japan, or whether most of this stuff found its way out of the country to England or America. "Schoolgirl Dreams", "My Sweet Schoolgirl Panties", "Teacher's Pet", "Classroom Cunties" - what a collection.

Even the pictures on the front of the boxes made him horny, and he loved just getting them out to handle. The fact that he had them all made him happy.

It was a sort of guarantee of permanent sexual satisfaction, because he knew that while he had these videos he would always be able to achieve the most exquisite of orgasms. He picked up one of the boxes, this one entitled "Sweeties in the Classroom", and looked at the picture on the front. There were two girls in Japanese schoolgirl uniforms, lying on a bed together, with a Japanese man standing over them holding out a stiff cock with sperm dripping out of it.

All their clothes were still on, including their pretty little white cotton panties, but they had been sprayed liberally with spunk. So much so that it was dripping down their pretty faces and was all over their panties. Jim decided this was the one he wanted to watch today, and put it into the VCR. He spared no expense when it came to sex, and in the corner of the room, fixed to the wall, was a huge widescreen television for him to watch his videos on.

In front of it he put a chair, and on the chair a large mirror, which he tilted so that the TV screen was visible in it. This was a favourite trick of his, and he was able to angle both the TV and the mirror in such a way that when he masturbated it was just as if he was spurting his cum all over the girls in the videos.

He put a pot of liquid soap by the chair, all ready to spread on his eager penis, and pressed Play on the remote. First, though, he spread out a pair of stolen yellow panties on the mirror, to act as a receptacle for his hot spunk. The screen sprang to life, and the room filled with the sounds of Japanese girls laughing and playing.

The camera panned in to the schoolyard from quite a height, but zoomed in on a small group of girls at the corner of the yard throwing a ball and trying to get it into a metal hoop fixed to the school wall. Two of them were wearing their school uniforms of little white short-sleeved blouses, with blue sailor stripes at the ends of the sleeves and red ties.

They wore short black pleated skirts, shiny black shoes and long white socks. Every time they jumped up to get the ball into the hoop, the camera lingered lovingly on their long slim legs.

Not just their legs, of course, but up their little skirts, so that as they jumped up their little white cotton panties were clearly visible. The other two girls were not wearing their normal uniforms, but had dressed ready for a gym lesson.

They were wearing even fewer clothes than their friends, and were only wearing little white T-shirts, gym knickers, little white socks and white trainers.


The four girls were playing happily together, but just the other side of the fence was a man in his 20's who was filming them as they jumped and skipped about. Every time one of the girls bent down to pick the ball up, he would follow her down with the camera, hoping to catch a glimpse of her white panties, and he was usually successful.

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Then one of the girls in the gym knickers noticed him through the fence, and pointed him out to the others. They started giggling, and covered their mouths with embarrassment. He looked very embarrassed himself, and was about to run off when the school bell rang, and all the girls started going into the school. All, that is, except the small group of four girls, who hid in the corner of the schoolyard and beckoned the man to join them.

They were very flattered at his attentions, and thought he might be videoing them for a TV programme. They were very naïve! He joined them, looking very doubtful as to what they might do, and they beckoned him into an empty classroom.

The language was in Japanese, so Jim didn't really know what was being said, but the plot was pretty obvious, and the video had obviously been made for an international market. They might as well have been using sign language!

The man took a videocassette from his bag, showed the girls the cover and then produced a card from his wallet. So he was filming for a porn video! The girls giggled some more, and huddled together in the corner of the room. The man produced some money from his wallet and offered it to the girls. One of them went to take it, but he pulled it away and pointed to the cover of the videocassette, which showed a group of schoolgirls with their panties pulled to one side and their dresses pulled up around their waists.

He looked at the girls and said something in Japanese.

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The girls whispered together, and then one of the girls in the uniforms nodded at him. He gave her the money, and she shared it equally with the other three. He pointed at the empty desks and was obviously telling them what they had to do to earn their money. He spent a minute or two explaining to them what they had to do, then set up his camera in the corner of the room. He sat at the teacher's desk at the front of the classroom, and the girls sat in the four desks at the front.

One of the girls opened her legs, and whoever was really doing the filming must have been lying on the floor to video right up her skirt. The camera zoomed in to her white cotton knickers, and watched as she rubbed her forefinger slowly up and down her crotch. She moistened her finger by putting it in her mouth, then slipped it underneath her panties and into her cunt. Slowly, she pushed it in and out of herself, then allowed both her forefinger and her middle finger the pleasure of her pussy.

With a little smile on her pretty face, she slowly pulled her fingers out of her vagina and held them out to the teacher at his desk. He moved to the front of the class, and sniffed at the girl's fingers, sighing with pleasure as he did so. The smell of her juice-stained fingers must have appealed to him, because he avidly licked her fingers and savoured the taste in his eager mouth.

His cock grew hard as he sucked her fingers, and was clearly visible inside his trousers. The other three girls were watching whilst all this was happening, and then it was the turn of one of the girls in the gym knickers to put on a little display for the camera.

As the others watched her, she sat on her desk and dangled her feet to the floor. The camera panned up and down her long smooth legs, lingering for a few seconds on her sexy black gym knickers.

She parted her legs, but somehow demurely, as if innocent of the effect she would have on people, like Jim, watching her and wishing with all their hearts that they could be there with her. What wouldn't they give to be the teacher in that classroom, watching the pretty girl as she pouted and smiled and thrust her knickers towards the camera?

She lay back on the desk, opening her legs still wider, and at the same time lifting her white T-shirt up so that her pert, firm young breasts popped out from underneath. Firm and small, like ripe grapefruit, her titties barely rippled with the movement of her body.

She sat still for a moment, allowing the cameraman the chance to admire her breasts with his lusting lens. Then she slowly pulled her black gym knickers to one side and let the camera zoom in on her juicy young cunt. Her knickers and her open wet cunt filled Jim's widescreen TV, and he contemplated masturbating there and then over her mirror image, squirting his sticky hot semen over her panties and splashing it across her pussy.

But he waited.

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The other three girls, two in their full schoolgirl uniform, and the other in her gym knickers (light blue ones, this time) moved across the classroom to join the girl in the black gym knickers with her tits out. The two gym knicker girls were obviously very close friends, and they began to kiss passionately, their little pink tongues slipping in and out of each other's mouths.

As they kissed, the two other girls lifted up their little pleated skirts for the cameraman, who was clearly very much enjoying what he was doing. They sat on a desk so that he could film their little white cotton panties in close up, and as he zoomed in Jim could see little moist patches in their knickers where the juices had leaked out of their vaginas.

One of the girls pressed gently with her forefinger against the other girl's damp patch, and pushed the gusset of her panties gently into her cunt. Her panties became even wetter with the teen juices which were starting to pour from her with sexual arousal, and Jim so much wanted those stained, wet panties for his collection.

Both girls' breasts were visible through their thin white cotton blouses, and their dark puffy nipples pressed against the fabric.

They were not wearing bras, and their young breasts wriggled like puppies inside their blouses. Jim felt his cock stiffening and starting to seep cum as he watched these lovely Japanese girls playing together.

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He was tempted to shoot his load there and then, but he was saving his big orgasm for the big sex scene which he knew would be coming later in the video. The two girls in the gym knickers continued to kiss and cuddle, whilst the two schoolgirls started a sexy striptease for the teacher, who was watching all this still from the front of the classroom. By now, though, he had got his cock out, and was rubbing it underneath the desk as he watched the four girls enjoying themselves.

He was enjoying himself even more, though, from the look of deep satisfaction on his face. As the teacher watched, the two schoolgirls pulled their pleated black skirts slowly up until their panties were showing, then lifted them right up to cover their faces.

With their faces still covered by their skirts, they opened their legs and the teacher left his desk, his cock sticking out of his trousers. He let his erect penis brush gently against the first girl's panties.

Then he touched the second girl's panties in the same way. They let their skirts fall down from their faces, and the camera zoomed in on the looks of shock as they saw the teacher standing there holding his penis and making odd moaning noises which they did not recognise. They pretty soon got over the shock, though, and as the teacher watched they teased him by playing with each other.

One of them stood very still, with her legs apart, whilst the other started by looking up her friend's skirt. She moved her head further up her friend's skirt, and the camera zoomed in to see her pushing her face up against the delicious white cotton panties. With a look of sheer pleasure on her pretty face, she pushed her nose up to her friend's crotch and breathed deeply the smell of the warm moist panties.

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They both looked very happy. As she smelled the panties, she licked her little tongue inside them and started lapping at the sweet smelling cunt and all its juices. She licked the labia, she licked inside her vagina, and she nibbled gently at her clitoris until she nearly came.

Then, when her tongue was coated with her friend's sweet juices, it was time for them to kiss, so that her friend could taste the sweet taste of her own cunt. The camera lingered as they gently kissed, then it was the teacher's turn to enjoy himself. Both girls took off their blouses, and started playing with each other's breasts.

They sucked at each other's nipples and fondled their own breasts as they sat on the teacher's big desk. Then they rubbed their breasts together, touching their nipples together and getting very excited.


So was the teacher, and his cock was waving in the air like a huge wand. The girls were ready for him now, and laid down on the big desk with their legs apart but their knees up, their cunts hungry to be fucked. They lay there waiting for him, panties still on, but wet with anticipation.

He approached the first girl, pulled her panties aside and licked her cunt clean of the sweet juices that were welling up inside it. Then he did the same to the second girl, licking her pussy until she screamed for his cock to be thrust inside her. He was teasing them with his long tongue, and all they now wanted was to be fucked good and hard. The two other girls were stood watching by now, still wearing their gym knickers, though their knickers were now very damp indeed.

The second girl became first to be fucked, as the teacher slipped his cock into her hungry pussy. Her panties were still on, but she pulled them to one side to allow him entry to that juicy tunnel. In and out, in and out went his stiff penis, thrusting into her tight vagina until after just a few seconds he shot his creamy load just inside her.

As his cock went limp again, and retreated from her cunt, the camera lingered on her vagina, which was dribbling sticky white sperm out and onto her panties. One of the other girls licked at her cunt and her panties, determined not to waste a drop, and swallowed the lovely mess with a smile.

The second schoolgirl was looking very disappointed at the sight of the limp penis, and it looked as if she was going to have to miss out on the fun. But she needn't have worried - the door of the classroom suddenly burst open, and four more teachers arrived as if to help their colleague. Looking around the room, they quickly saw what was going on, and decided to help! The girl in the uniform was still lying on the desk in her skirt, panties and blouse wanting to be fucked, and that was just what they were going to do.

Taking out a small knife, one of the teachers made a small incision in the girl's tight white panties, and slipped his erect cock neatly through the slit and into her waiting cunt.

One of the other teachers manoeuvred himself neatly into position, and managed to fit his cock up her bumhole. As the two men thrust their cocks in and out, the girl moaned and moaned until she finally came, at the same time as the men.

As she bucked and twisted, the two cocks slid in and out of her until they both squirted their sticky loads of semen inside her vagina and all over the outside of her anal passage.


Again the camera lingered on the sight of the semen, as it dribbled out of her pussy and arse into her now stained white panties.

The two girls in gym knickers wasted no time in licking up the sticky mess in her cunt, in her bum, and all over her panties. But now they wanted some of the action, and fortunately so did the other two teachers. They lay on the floor with their T-shirts pulled up to expose their breasts, trying to excite the two teachers.

This wasn't too difficult, especially as they had their legs open and their fingers inside their knickers masturbating themselves for all they were worth. As the teachers stood over them, they each started to rub their cocks, and as the girls held their knickers aside they shot their sperm first all over their waiting cunts, and then into their open mouths and eager faces.

Each of the girls was covered in creamy white sperm, which was trickling inside their cunts and running down their legs. The jets that had splashed them in the face were running into their eyes, into their noses, and into their mouths.

They swallowed as much of the salty sperm as they could, but by now the two other girls were on them, licking up the sperm from their faces, from their cunts and off their knickers as well. This was the moment Jim had been waiting for, and as the girls were licking the sperm off their friends' panties, he was rubbing his cock hard with the liquid soap, and shot a huge jet of hot salty semen splashing across the yellow kickers which he had spread out for that purpose.

He felt a lot better, and savoured the erotic sight of the yellow panties, now splashed with his creamy white spunk. What made him even happier, though, was the thought that tomorrow was Friday. Friday, the day that Kelly was finally coming to see him again. He hoped that he would have some sperm left for her.