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Chapter 1: The Waking Dream. Last night I went to sleep wishing that my night was like a book. Be careful what you wish for right.

This morning I woke up under a sign that said "Welcome to Forks, Washington". What it probably should have said was "Welcome to the end of your life as you know it" "Chief Swan, do you copy?" The dispatcher asked "Chief Charles Swan." I asked shocked.

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"Yes?" "I'm sorry but I came here from Los Angeles to see an old friend something about blooming love. You wouldn't happen to know Edward Cullen?" Great I'm in fucking Twilight lord knows which book. Hey hopefully I can meet Alice, I've always had a thing for her. That or maybe I might luck out and get Leah to imprint on me doubt it very seriously. Then again I did just wake up into one of my biggest fantasies of all time. I'm still kind of wondering how the fuck I got here though.

"Chief Swan, there was an accident out by the town center. Do you copy?" "Yeah dispatch I copy. How bad is it?" "Not bad at all Chief. Ms. Winston would like to talk to you however.


You know she gets." "Alright I got to stop by the Cullen's. Tell her I'll be there as soon as I can." Truth be told I can't help but wish this is true. Yesterday had been like all other days, life moved forward while I stayed still. My life sucked. My and I remaining family members didn't get along all that well. I had no girlfriend. So to say I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up In Forks, Washington is a slight understatement.

Although I must admit that I thought it may have been some really bad joke at first. "Here you go son, I don't know if you know it but Bella and Edward are on their honeymoon. You missed the wedding by a couple weeks son." "Yeah Alice was a little ticked I didn't get my invitation in time.

Anyways good luck sir." *** "Esme I need your help" Alice asked worry in her eyes. "What's wrong Alice?" "I had a vision of me with a man. It wasn't Jasper either. I'm worried I don't want to hurt him. I would never do anything to hurt him, yet the vision hasn't changed." "I don't know what to tell… There is a human outside he smells strange yet familiar." Esme walked over to the front of the house.

"Do you go to school with him?" "No. That's the man from my vision." *** Here I was standing in front of the Cullen's home. As I looked up I saw two beautiful women. From my almost photographic memory with books I knew it was Alice and Esme.

Alice was more beautiful than any book could describe. Her hair, her face, everything about her was like an angel. I was too busy looking at her to notice that the door had opened. "Hello sir, may I help you" a startling male's voice asked. I looked at the doorway and saw a tall blonde man with.


I knew it had to have been Jasper, but if this was some sort of cruel joke I would find out shortly. I stepped towards him and lifted his shirt. His skin was freezing cold and his body covered in silver scars that were surprisingly easy to see.

"Jasper sorry for that had to double check. How long have Edward and Bella been on their Honeymoon?" "About two weeks. Why do you ask? Who are you?" "Nobody important, go check on your wife and tell her I can explain her vision or lack thereof." Jasper was at Alice's side quicker than my eyes could track.

There was a look of shock on her face.

I couldn't tell if it was from me or the fact that her husband just showed his vampire speed to a human. I let myself in and sat on the couch and waited until someone was ready to talk to me. "You know about my vision? What does it mean?" Alice asked shaking harder than I thought a vampire could.

"Well technically no. In the book somewhere around 2-3 weeks in you lose sight of Bella's future I can explain." "Wait book? Did you just say lose sight of Bella?" "Yeah firstly, yes I know you're all vampires and you only feed on animals. Preferring bears and lions, if I remember correctly. Secondly I'm not from your world sort of." For the next twenty minutes I explained about how their entire existence was no more than a really good book series to me.

I also explained how I couldn't really explain how all I got here because I don't know myself. Then Bella's future disappeared from Alice. I told her to call Edward and give me the phone. "Congratulations on your daughter Edward.

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Come back to Forks and I'll explain everything you need to know." I hung up the phone and told the rest of the Cullen's what needed to be done. Chapter 2: Nightmares and Fantasies "Jacob do you know why the bloodsuckers would call us out like this?

I think it's a trap." Leah said pacing "Leah calm down, its Sam's call. Plus they're meeting us on our grounds." "I just hope this isn't going to bite us on our tails you know." "Yeah let's get going.

Sam wants us to go make friendly with the blood suckers, and I just want this nightmare to be over." The pack was to meet the Cullen's in the same clearing that Jacob protected Bella from Laurent in.

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Jacob still remembered his fangs ripping into the French vampire and hoped his fangs would soon get to rip into Edward Cullen. The thief that stole Bella from his arms deserved to die. Even worse was Bella's desire to turn into a blood sucker to be with him forever. "Alright we'll run there but we'll turn back as soon as we get close enough to the clearing to walk." Sam said to the pack as Jacob and Leah fell in. As they all turned visions of Sam and Emily together bore into Leah's skull.

She hated running with Sam. Every time the packs mind synced her pain increased. How happy he was with her cousin killed her on the inside and everyone knew it. There wasn't anything that could be done about it however.

The only way to kill the feelings still inside her was to imprint something she had tried many times but could not force. "Don't worry sis, you'll find someone." Seth pushed in her mind. "Alright guys, me and Jake are going to talk to them you guys stay back just in case." Sam pushed to the pack. There were worries with a few that the meeting was a trap, that the Cullen's finally decided to go for blood. Sam wanted to make sure that didn't happen. As Sam and Jacob walked towards the clearing Sam's thoughts drifted towards Leah.

He was hurting on the inside because of him. He never wanted this blessing but it came to him anyways. He wished he could take away her pain. He knew that he did love her, but not like Emily. Once he loved Leah as he loved Emily but imprinting changed that. He wished that she could imprint so her pain would be but a fading dream. Now was not the time to think about that. The Cullen's and some new person were standing in the clearing.

"Hello Sam and Jake I promise we mean you no harm. I have news. Bella is pregnant with Edwards's child. It's a girl her name is Renesmee. She is half-human, half-vampire. More importantly she is Jake's imprint. There are going to be some complications with the birth but I assure you that the child means no harm to anyone at all. Please consult as a pack I know this is hard news for some but everything will turn out for the best." The new person stated as if he were simply stating facts from a textbook.

Something about his demeanor was strange almost as strange as his smell. "Fine we will consult and get back to you in a day. It's hard to believe but for now we will stay way." Sam started desiring to quick shift back to consult with his pack. As he shifted he found something strange, powerful, and overwhelming. Leah had imprinted on the stranger. This was not like his imprint to Emily it was billions of times stronger. So strong that he and every other pack member felt as if it was a weight bearing down on them.

She would do anything for him, she could see inside him as if he was a part of the pack. The bond was so strong it could even separate her from the pack. This man meant no harm but he was more dangerous than the Cullen's were. *** Alice decided to stay at the house with Jasper. Somehow she needed to get over her visions with this stranger. She had visions of them having sex but she still didn't know his name, in fact no one had asked. "Alice what's wrong?

You've been worried all morning." Jasper asked pushing forward a calming effect towards his wife. "Jasper please stop! I don't know what's happening but that guy, something's not right." Alice's voice getting more distressed with each syllable. "Alice what's wrong. No matter what you've seen you've always been collected.

What's wrong?" "Please I'd never do anything to hurt you. Jasper make love to me take all of this craziness away. If I'm with you nothing can go wrong." Jasper had sensed fear in Alice before but never this strong. All he could do was do as she asked and hope for the best. He embraced her as hard as he could without crushing her. She was frantically kissing his lips as if she would never see him again, her soft skin igniting his desires. To the world a vampire's skin was like marble but between two eternal lovers it was like the petal of a flower wrapped in silk.

Their passion grew to a crescendo until their clothes were just things that needed to be ripped off.

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His lips leaving hers slowly trailing down her body as he lifted her slowly up his body. He stopped and suckled on her right nipple like a newborn babe on his mother's breast. His tongue circled her areola, flicking her nipple sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She found herself in ecstasy as he did the same to her other nipple. A groan escaped her lips as he unlatched his lips from hers, only to moan out when his mouth teased at her vaginal lips.

His experienced mouth already had her oozing, now what was once a small stream turned into a raging river as his tongue teased her outer lips. "Oh god, yes, Jasper please don't stop." Her words falling on deaf ears for as a southern gentleman he was taught that a woman's pleasure is his first priority.

Her lips began to swell and with every second threatened to release an orgasmic tsunami into Jaspers mouth. He used his vampiric speed to take her to their bedroom without having to stop his tongue assault. Slowly he guided his tongue to her clitoris, when it finally reached its destination the levies broke.

Her body wracked in pleasure Alice soaked Jaspers face with her fluids. As Alice came down from her orgasmic high, she was embraced in a deep passionate kiss. She couldn't help but enjoy the sweet taste of her nectar on her lovers tongue. Deep in the passionate kiss he slipped a finger inside of her.

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Waves of pleasure wracked through her body. She shook so violently that the bed beneath her splinted. As another finger probed into her womanhood, her body was sent ablaze. Her arms tightened around her lover's wrist threatening to separate it from its master.

Light probed through the windows reflecting on the fluids that soaked Jaspers arm and chest.

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"Jasper please I can't take it anymore. I need you inside of me." Alice said pulling Jaspers face into her neck. Aligning himself Jasper thrust inside of her as if trying to take her maidenhood. Pressing against her eternal still womb he pulled back and thrust back in with the same slow hard pace.

Her sweet musky smell burned in his nose. He wanted to go hard and fast but her pleasure came first. Deeper and harder he thrust. Each time his head sliding into her deepest parts.

Finally he could bear it no more and broke from the slow methodical pace. Faster and harder he went. The bed could take now more and collapsed beneath them. Unfazed Jasper kept continuing, increasing his pace with each new thrust until his body was just a blur.


Finally Alice could take no more. Her hot moist walls squeezed down as she came. Alice reached up and took her lovers lips to hers and would not let go even as her orgasm intensified. Jasper could take no more and thrust one more time and came with his lover. Her depths were ablaze with his seed. She could never have children but the feeling of having her lovers cum inside of her would bring some solace. "I love you Alice, whatever this is we'll get through it together." Alice cringed at her lovers words.

Sometime after the first orgasm her mind slipped from her lover and onto the stranger. She felt like the worst of scum. Alice quietly laid there in her lover's arms knowing that whatever was coming, she knew one thing for sure.

She was falling in love with the stranger, and that her vision had become a fantasy. A fantasy that would assure that she would hurt Jasper more than she could ever know.