Namorada kikando e gozando dentro

Namorada kikando e gozando dentro
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I went to an all girl's college back in the early 90's in a small Midwestern city. I met this girl while I was at school named Crystal.

Crystal was a couple of years older than me, and she lived off campus in her own condo. She was about 5'5 and was about 40 pounds overweight - most of which was in her HUGE breasts. She had long light brown/blonde hair and big brown doe eyes. She was very pretty and had a great sense of humor. I didn't realize that Crystal was a lesbian - she never acted funny around me and her conversations were light-hearted and a bit on the "folksy" side. I found out she was gay after a weekend I spent in an underground gay nightclub with a friend of mine, Allen.

Apparently, she'd seen me in there - and didn't say anything to me.

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When the next weekend rolled around, she was passing by my dorm room one night and popped her head in to say Hello. She was there to see my RA on that floor - they were best friends I guess - the RA wasn't gay -so I never really had any "clue" about her. Crystal made some small talk and then acted a little nervous when she asked me if she had seen ME at the club that previous weekend.

I told her I was there with my buddy Allen and I was there quite often.


I liked it - it was fun to dance and drink and maybe catch a few drag shows when they had them. Well she said that she would love to take me there for a Halloween party if I would go with her. I was a little shocked at first - and then quite flattered that she chose to ask me.

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We agreed she'd pick me up around 8pm and that I would be dressed to kill. I was a little taller than Crystal at 5'7, and I was on the thick side myself, but my weight was evenly distributed.

I had a 38D chest and long dark hair and very dark black eyes, olive skin. I don't know if you'd consider me "pretty" I didn't think much about it - I sure didn't have any problems getting dates though. And Crystal apparently liked what she saw.

The night Crystal picked me up, she showed up in a pair of tight blue jeans and a form fitting tank top which showed off what HAD to have been 44DD or MORE, with a blazer to keep warm. I was wearing a black mini-skirt and a black mesh crop top, black nylons and high heeled black leather boots. I had a lot of silver jewelry and over that I wore a black leather coat that went down to the hem of the back of my skirt. We spent a good three or four hours in the club that night, dancing until we were sweaty and getting way too tipsy.

When it was time to leave, she suggested that I come home and crash at her place - no pressure and no strings attached. I was feeling really out of it - and I said sure - why not?

I will have a helluva time getting back in the dorm that late anyway. So we went to her condo - it was really spacious. I couldn't believe she was the only one who lived there - shit that place was big enough for a family of four! Anyway, she showed me her bedroom on the second floor, she had a king size waterbed with silk bedding on it -it looked a little slippery. She laid down on it and said it's really comfortable, why don't you take off your shoes and your coat and lay here with me.

So I unzipped my boots and threw my coat off on a nearby chair and plopped unceremoniously down on her bed.

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It was pretty comfy after all! She said she really had a good time with me that night and that if it was okay with me - she'd like to kiss me and hug me. I opened my arms up to her, and I let her soft lips press up against mine.


I felt her tongue slide inside my mouth and she hugged me really close to her - I felt smashed by those huge breasts - but it was a nice feeling. Feeling a little bold from the alcohol I told her I'd be happy to make her feel good if she wanted me to.

I figured I'm not real experienced, but I'll give it a go - how hard can it be? I've watched a thousand pornos in my day.

I tugged her blazer off and pulled the front of her tank top open -I looked down to see what she was packing and those things were even bigger it looked like, stuffed in her bra. I asked her if her nipples were sensitive and she said they were very sensitive and she loved having them sucked and played with. So I pulled her top off, and unhooked her bra - and gasped when those gigantic tits fell out - the nipples were a gorgeous rosy pink color and they were the size of bullets - they stuck out like an inch from her breasts.

They were very suckable. I grabbed them gently in my hands and she laid back - those tits fell in large rounds all over her chest - there was a lot of flesh on either side of her body - and those big stiff nipples were standing straight up. I lowered my mouth to suck them in, one at a time -then I pushed her boobs together and tried to lick and suck them both at the same time.

It was amazing - I couldn't stop licking and sucking those nipples and she was moaning and gasping with pleasure.


I tore myself away from her chest to kiss lower - I kissed and licked her down to the waist of her jeans - which I unbuttoned. Underneath she had on a satin silky thong and I could see dark pubic hair curling out - the v part of the thong was tight up against her mound - she had really nice fat pussy lips and I could tell she was soaking wet.

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I pulled her jeans off and told her to roll over on her tummy - so I could admire the other side of her - she had about 44 inches of ass, the string of that thong disappeared in her crack. I told her to get up a little bit on her knees - and spread her legs as wide as she could -so I could kiss her ass and spread her open from behind.

She did what I asked her obediently - I could tell she was horny as hell and couldn't wait to get her cunt sucked and licked. I pushed her big ass cheeks apart and admired her tightly puckered asshole.

It was a light brown color and below that was a fat puffy camel- toe pussy with a sloppy wet pink slit. I could smell her excitement and I liked it. I stared at her ass and her pussy for a few minutes - I told her how pretty it all was and I liked the way she smelled.

I took my time kissing her ass cheeks and rubbing my nose against her butt hole. She was going crazy from this - and I thought she'd cum all over the place when I kissed her tight brown eye.

I sucked it gently and licked it - I gave her a rim job she's probably never had in her life and her pussy was dripping wet. It was making a wet spot on the bed and I hadn't even dove into her hot cunt yet. I pushed her hips to the side - signaling her to roll over on her back, she did immediately and spread her legs for me. I kissed her soft thighs on each side - and rubbed my face against her crotch - with her panties still on.

She was thrusting up against my face and moaning - I took my time pulling that thong off - when I did I saw she had a full brown bush of hair and a nice plump mound of Venus. I nuzzled it - and smelled her - I kissed her pussy all over the outside and rubbed my face against it. I didn't touch her clit yet - I wanted to eat her for as long as possible - enjoying everything in front of me.

I spread her fat lips apart and just inhaled her scent - and told her again how good she smelled and I loved her rubbing her snatch against my face. She just gasped and trembled. I sucked each fat labia lip in my mouth and tongued them up and down, and I brushed my face against her creamy slit when I switched sides.

I'm sure my nose bumped up against her swollen nub and she jerked when I stopped to sniff her slit. Finally I started kissing her clit not sucking yet - just kissing and moaning lightly and rubbing my face in her hot gash.

She started screaming and begging me loudly to tongue her cunt -fuck her pussy with my mouth and make her cum. I went down further and kissed and sucked the outside of her vagina; her hole was snapping open and shut - I know she was going to grab my tongue with her pussy muscles when I stuck it in.

Sure enough I slipped my tongue inside her and her honey pot went crazy with contractions. Her legs started jerking and she thrust her sloppy wet pussy against my mouth. I had her spread as wide open as she could go - and I tried to rub her clit with my nose and keep my tongue inside her at the same time. She screamed again loudly and pussy juice came squirting out into my mouth. She clamped her thighs tight against my head and kept me in her hairy slimy cunt until I almost couldn't breathe.

I tried to push away from her - but she kept me locked in it until she was done cumming. When she was done I fell asleep between her legs - her pussy just an inch away from my face. When we woke up in the morning, I put my tongue back to work on it getting her off again before it was time for me to go back to school. And no folks, I never did let Crystal reciprocate.

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I know that's sort of "boring" - but I LOVED dick and I had a boy friend that got me off better than any female could have. But still that was a good time - I have other stories from my college days. Maybe I'll share them sometime. I'm not exactly the J.R.R.Tolkien of porn.

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LOL thanks for reading.