Novinha enfiando um pepino no cu

Novinha enfiando um pepino no cu
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Jane Doe: part 2. Note: if you haven't read part one then go read it before you read part 2. This is not a true story, it's just a fantasy of mine that i would fantasize about over this really gorgeous girl i somewhat knew. I hear a loud buzzing sound, it was the sound of the alarm clock waking me up. I turn it off and i turn to my left side seeing Jane there sleeping like an angel.

I lay next to her in bed for a few minutes and watch her sleep.

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All sorts of thought are running through my mind right now. Would she freak out when she wakes up realizing what's happend? Did she only let me touch her like that because she was just horny and wasn't thinking straight?

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Or was this just nothing but a one night stand for her? Well it wasn't a one night stand since we didn't do anything after we cuddled to sleep but i mean like an experience. Oh my god. Was i just an experiment to her? I should stop. I should just hop in the shower and try not to worry. As i was starting to get up her eyes started opening.

She leaned over and gave me a peck on the lips. 'Phew! Thank god, not what i was expexting' i thought to myself.

"Morning Judi" she smiled at me. "Goodmorning." "We should start getting ready so we're not late." "That's what i was about to do." "But. Let's hop in the shower first." "Alright." I said with a huge smile on my face. We went to the bathroom and started undressing as the water starting running. Got her tits are beautiful.

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I just wanna suck on them all over again, im already wet just by looking at them. We hopped into the shower and let the water run down our bodies as we just stared at each other. She's so fucking gorgeous. I just want her. She had a sneaky look in her eye and i was dying to know what she was up to. She came closer untill our bodies we're completely touching eachothers and she kissed me. We were making out for a few minutes.

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My hands were both on her ass just squeezing and hers were on my legs slowly running up my thights to my ass as she started squeezing hard and pulling me against her as our vagina's were pressed so hard against each other that i'd started cumming.

She felt the cum running down my thighs, she could tell it wasn't from the water because of how warm it was. With her right hand she went in between my thights and with her idex and middle finger she scooped up some of my liquid, she looked me straight in the eye and said "you're so wet." As she started sucking on her index and middle finger with my cum on it.

Wow. When i first met her i had no idea she was like this. But you know what they say, it's the quite ones you gotta watch out for. Then she kissed me and said "we better get going, we're gonna be late to school.

But i'll come over afterwards if you want me to." I said sure as we got out of the shower and started getting dressed. We waited for the bus in silence. It wasn't awkward or weird. I don't know, it was just silence. We both had a lot to say, but niether of us spoke. We got on the bus and sat down in a two seater. We placed each our bags on our laps. I felt her hand brush up my legs as she went on my thighs. I was wearing a skirt so she was feeling my bare skin. 'Damn! She's just full of surprises.

The innocent shy straight prude looking girl is feeling me up on the bus about to finger me?! In public?! I wouldn't even have the balls to do that.' I thought to myself. I felt her soft fingers slowly brush up my thighs under my skin as she reached my crotch and started feeling me over my underwear, then she slowly went in my underwear from the side and started feeling my pussy lips and brushing her index finger down my slit. I was so wet.

But then my stop came up. 'What a buz kill!' I thought to myself. "Ugh, this is my stop, i'll see you after school!" I got up and waved as she smiled back.

"Oh wait, judi." "Yeah?" "I have a surprise for you after school" she winked at me. I was sitting in all my classes zoned out. Just day dreaming about Jane and our night together, and the shower, and the bus, and ugh she's so gorgeous and sexy. I was getting wet in the middle of class just thinking about her.

My panties were fucking soaked by 6th period so i went to the bathroom and took them off and put them in my bag. I've never gotten so wet before just by thinking about someone. Not only do i just wanna touch her and fuck her and look at her naked body and kiss her, no, i think i actually like her too.

I've never had a serious relationship with a girl before.

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Or a guy. I've always liked girls but not enough to date them. So i just fucked a lot of girls.

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I got out of school and got on the bus and waited for her. Her stop came and she wasn't there! Why didn't she show up. She just stood me up! I went home and an hour passed and nothing. I was home alone and all i could think about was why wasn't she here. 'Ugh.' Then the door bell rung.

I knew it wasn't my mom because for one, she has her keys, also she doesn't get home untill late. I went ahead and answered, it was Jane. 'Phew!'. "What happend to you earlier?!" "I was doing something." "Oh." "I told you i had a surprise for you remember?" "What is it." "You'll see." She winked at me and grabbed my hand as she led me to my room.

She told me to lay down so i did as she began speaking. "So yesterday, you did all the work as i just laid there, i was a little nervous at first because i've never been with a girl and it all took me by surprise, also i come from a very christian family, anyways.


I didn't really know what to do, or how to please you, it was all i was thinking about when we went to sleep, i've fantasized about girls before and watched lesbian porn, so i kind of have an idea of what im supposed to do. I don't know.


I just don't wanna disappoint you." "You won't." I interupted. "So now im going to try and return the favor. Im doing all the work today and you just relax, sit back, and enjoy." She winked at me as she started unbuttoning her shirt then taking of her pants while she turned around, bending over giving me a full view of her ass.

She was wearing a black lacey bra and a black V string. She looked so sexy. She took off the bra and the V string then leaned in and kissed me passionately, sucking on my lower lip, letting her tounge play with mine. Then she kissed me on the cheek as she moved to my neck. Her left hand was on my other neck, moving down, brushing her fingers against my skin as she made her way to my breast and cupped it. She started slowly and very gently kissing my neck and sucking on it as she squeezed my breast with her hand and teased my nipple.

I was already starting to get wet. She started kissing lower down my chest and made her way to my other breast, nibbiling on my nipple as she teasted the other one with her fingers and gently pinched them.

Then she started kissing lower down my stomach. She licked around my belly button and made her way down lower with her toung pressing against me. Then she removed her face from me and placed both hands on each thigh as she started to slowly make her way up to my crotch. "You're not wearing any underwear?" "Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that. I . Uh um took them off in school and put them in my bag." As i gestured to my purse.

"Why?" "Well. I was thinking about you and i started to get wet and they got soaked and they were uncomfortable." She got up off the bed to my purse and digged up my panties. Then she came back and sat next to me at the edge of the bed near my thighs and held them up to her face and sniffed them for a good 20 seconds.

Oh god. That was so hot. Then she came back between my legs as she pulled my skirt down. Grabbed the panties one more time and sniffed 'em once again then she bent down towards my pussy, picked up each one of my thighs, started slowly kissing them, running her tounge down as she made her way to my crotch and started to slowly kiss my pussy.

She then let her tounge slide out and right in between my pussy lips as she sucked off my juices from being so wet. She nibbeled on my clit and teased it with her tounge, going in circles, up and down, and what not.

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Both her hands started to move up my body and cupped my breasts. She started to suck harder as she pinched my nipples. She was getting rough and i was loving it. I was so close to cumming. She suddenly stopped. "What. What happend?" "I said i had a surprise for you remember?" "I thought this was the surprise." "No silly!" She said with a grin on her face and she got up to her purse and pulled something wrapped in a plastic bag out of it.

Oh my god. She went out and bought a strap on. This just got ten times better, holy shit. She put it on and made her way back to the bed. "You ready?" I nodded. She started pressing it against my pussy, running it up and down and rubbing me pretty hard with it. She noticed my breathing got harder so then she started to push it inside me. She started to push harder and harder as i moaned untill every inch of it was inside me.

It was about 7 inches, it felt amazing because that was the closest thing to a penis that's ever entered me before. She started pumping as i was rocking my hips in the air. I was too horny. 'Alright that's it.' I thought to myself. 'I let her take control, not it's my turn.' I flipped her over, which took her by surprise, i got on top of her and sat on the dildo. I started to ride her, hard. She grabbed my breasts and started to squeeze as i continued to ride the shit out of her.

Then she got up and got a good grip of me as i was still riding her and hugged me tightly grabbing my ass as she started to suck on my breasts. God dammit this is so much better than my fantacies.

I came. I then got off her and laid next to her trying to catch my breath, i look over at her and she had the biggest grin on her face. I wanted more tho, i wanted to cum again. And make her cum too. So i asked her to take off the strap on and so she did and laid back down next to me facing me so i faced her. We started making out and our bodies got closer to each other pressing every inch of my body against her as i grabbed her ass while she grabbed my breast, i placed her thigh on mine, attempting to pull her in untill our pussies were pressed against eachothers then we started rocking back and forth grinding all up on eachother.

Her pussy felt so good against mine. It was so warm and wet. Then we each grabbed eachother's pussies and started to finger eachothsr as we continued to makeout and grind our bodies together.

She then got up and sat on top of me in a scissoring position. She started to rub her pussy against mine, i grabbed her ass pulling her in, helping her rub harder, before you know it i was pumping and rocking my hips up in the air as she basically rode me. I started to feel a huge orgasm comming on and i started to speed up as she followed my pace. "Oh my god!! Im gonna cum!!

Im gonna cuuuum! " "Me too! Ahh" We were moaning and breathing so hard and her pussy was rubbing against mine so hard and so fast basically rubbing my clit as if i was doing it myself giving me and orgasm as we both started to cum at the same time.

I finished cumming but she didn't, i got a little confused as she basically threw herself off me at the bed and started rubbing her clit super hard and super fast as i watched her trying to catch my breath.

Holy shit. She was a squirter. She started squirting like crazy which turned me on once again. Once she got done she laid back with her hands on her sides trying to catch her breath as i got up and started to lick her pussy dry, tasting her.

She tasted amazing. I then laid back down next to her and we caught our breaths. I wanted to tell her how i felt about her but i was scared of what her reaction might be. But i really wanted to be with her. So i just bursted it out. "Jane." "Yeah?" I paused for a minute and looked at her as she was still looking up at the cieling still trying to catch her breath.

"I like you." She looked me back in the eye and politely smiled at me. "I like you too." The end.