Ds whitney wright is facesitted by date

Ds whitney wright is facesitted by date
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One day when I just turned 13,(I'm 14 now), I had to go to my pediatrician's office to get a physical exam. When I was younger, my mom would always stay in the room and the my doctor. Dr. Day would take my blood pressure, check my heart beat, and just zip down my pants to have a quick look at my genitals. He wouldn't even touch them.

But I knew this time was going to be different, I am getting older. I don't have a cute little prick coming out of my groin with hairless, smooth skin anymore. I had some blonde pubes at the time and a little on my balls.

I didn't have any on my butt or anything yet either. Anyway, I just sat there all nervous until the nurse called my name. "Jak Fulham?!" she said.

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I slowly got up and followed the nurse down the hall into the 3rd room on the right. My mom seemed content on staying in the waiting room.

"Dr Day will be right in to see you." "Thanks" I said. I waited about 5 minutes before a middle aged man came in the room.

"Hit there Jak, I'm Dr. Marvin, I'm filling in for Day today. So we need a physical exam?" "Yep" "O.k then, why don't you take off your shirt and I'll get ready." I was fine without a shirt. I liked to show my abbs anyway. He turned around and put the stethoscope onto my chest.

It was freezing cold. It made my nipples harden a little. He gave me the normal breathe in…… and out thing.

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After he took my blood pressure he looked inj my mouth and ears. "It all looks good so far.

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Let's go out to the scale to get your height and weight. "O.k" We walked ou the door down the hall to the scale. I took off my shoes and got on the scale.


As he was checking my weight, a girl I knew from school walked by and and smiled. I guess she liked seeing me shirtless. "5'7, 102 lbs., pretty good." I smiled at the fact that I was over 100 pounds, and it was all muscle baby! We walked back to the room and I sat on the table. "Alright, I'm gonna need you to take off your shorts so I can check your knee reflexes." I stood up and unbuttoned my cargos pulling them down to the floor then piling them on my shirt.

I got back on the table nervously. My doctor had a weird look in his eyes like he was planning to do something. He tapped the hammer on my knee and I jerked back.

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He did the same thing to the other knee. "O.k Jak, here's the fun part, camn you slip off your boxers so I can do the body check?" I slowly pulled down my boxers and sat them in the pile with the rest of my clothes. My penis was tight against my body the same as my balls.

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"Alright, lay down on your back, I'll start from the top," He asked me some questions next. "Alright Jak, is everything ok down there?" "Yep." "Any questions on your growth or sex?

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You're in a stage in life where your body is changing really fast." "I know all about sex and stuff Dr." "Good, have you ever had sex?" "Nope." "'K, do you masturbate?

I know the truth." "Yes," I said embarrassingly." "That's good, it's healthy for a boy your age. How Often?" "Oh, once every two days or so." Even though I knew that it was way more than that sometimes.

"Alright, well lay on down," He rubbed my pecks and nipples first. Then he moved down to my stomach and rubbed there. "Wow, you have a tight stomach, been working out?" I should've known right then and there that he was a little horny.

"A little." I said. "stand up please." I stood up and he pulled over a stool put his fingers to the right side of my scrotum. "Cough please." I coughed and then he did the other side. "I'm going to check your scrotum and testicles now." He rubbed my left testicle first. It took him a long time and he was squeezing it really hard. He did the same to my right one, squeezing even harder." I sucked in a little air from the pain.

"Uh oh, what do we have here?" I was hoping he wouldn't catch that. I had a spot on my right testicle where the veins were a little inflamed. "Looks like inflamed veins. Do you ever feel pain there?" "Not usually," I said just move on and get the rest over with. My penis was still flaccid with no signs of an erection, but I hated some stranger touching my genitals.

He moves onto the top of my legs and my groin muscles. He kept messaging my groin and to be honest, it felt really good. He felt all down my legs. " You don't have much hair on your legs at all. You might see some coming in later." I didn't even bother to tell him that I shaved them for surfing. " Now could you flip on over and I'm going to check the back. He felt all the way down my back and legs. He also felt my butt cheeks and squeezed them a little.

"Great, now could you stand up and bend over and touch your toes." I had no idea why I had to but I said o.k and I did it anyway. He put on some gloves and slid his stool over.

I bent all the way over and touched my toes.

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"Stay there, now I'm going to check your anus. Don't worry it won't hurt." He rubbed his fingers along my anus tickling me. Now I started to get an erection. But my penis just grew a little and wasn't really hard. "Now I'm going to check the inside. Don't tighten up." My heart sunk as he stuck his pointer finger into my anus. I tried to pull away, but he grabbed my waist and told me to relax and that he was almost done. Now my penis was fully erect and harder than ever.

When he said he was through I was embarrassed to turn around. "That's perfectly fine. You need one anyway." He took out a measuring tape used for tailoring and measured my erection.

Then he took out a small protractor and lined my penis up in the middle. "4 ½ inches with a small bend to the left, not bad." I kinda smiled, but I couldn't really. "One last thing, I need a sperm sample to see how mature your sperm level is." I drew the line there. I was not going to jack-off with a man I had never even met before."Do I really have to?" "Yes" "I really don't feel comfortable at all.

I don't even like being naked right now." "It's o.k. I'll help you along." He started to take off his shoes, and then his pants! " What are you doing?!" I said loudly. "Sssshhh.

Be quiet and you'll enjoy it." He picked me up and sat me on the table. He took of his briefs, revealing the biggest penis I ever saw. It was even bigger than the dicks on porn websites. It was at least 9 inches and as thick as could be.

I picked me up again and turned me around so that I was facing the table with my stomach on the top of the table and my feet on the ground. I could feel my butt cheeks spread apart in this position. My boner was in between my stomach and the table while my balls dangled down. He put something really cold on my anus and rubbed it in. It was some kind of lubricant or lotion. He grabbed my hips and placed the head of his penis on my anus. " Don't tense up or it will hurt, ok." I didn't respond.

He thrust his penis inside of me and I moaned with pain. "Shut up kid!" I couldn't help it. It hurt so bad, ny anus stung and felt like it was tearing apart. He started to moan and fuck me harder and faster.

It hurt so bad I almost started to cry. He then pulled out. He turned me arounf and started to kiss my neck and chest. "Now, your turn." He applied some of the lube to my penis and kneeled on the ground. He started to give me a blow job. I wanted to pull away, but it felt so good. I started to moan pleasurably this time even though my anus still hurt like hell. He sucked on it for about 3 minutes, then I started to moan again. "I'm going to cum!" He quickly grabbed a container and caught my sperm.

He gave it to me to give to the lab along with a prescription for my unflamed testicle veins. I put my clothes back on and ran to the waiting room. I was so glad to be clothed again.

"You all done?" my mom asked. "Yep" she looked doen and saw my huge boner making a tent in my pants. She smiled and we went to the car. Once we got home my anus and penis started to hurt. He had hit my pwnis a couple times and even nit it when it was in his mouth. But my snu hurt so bad!!! And my abbs started to hurt too.

Before I hopped in the shower, I called my dad over to my room. "What is it Jakky?" "Well&hellip. Uhm&hellip.can you check something out for me.?" "Oh? Of course" he looked surprised that I was asking him about something sexual, I never had before. I just took off all my clothes in my room with the door open and everything.


My dad went to close the blinds and the door and turn on lights. "What's wrong?" "Well, it's my&hellip." I didn't know how to say it so I just turned around and bent over, pulling my cheeks apart. "O my gosh Jak, how did that happen?" I explained the whole doctor's office thing to him and he nodded his head. " Is there anything wrong with it dad?" "Well it is really stretched out, and its cut pretty bad a couple times.

Why don't you hop in the shower and I'll help you clean it up." I got in my shower and turned the water on.

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My dad kept that door open to the shower and helped me wash off. "It's o.k buddy, I'm not gonna hurt you." I smiled and hugged my dad. He washed my bottom and everything for me and sent me off to bed.