Twink movie As I continued to stroke I can feel his hard on wanted

Twink movie As I continued to stroke  I can feel his hard on wanted
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Nedra and I are both 55 and we're fuck buddies.

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Or, as she refers to our relationship: non-exclusive fuck buddies. I sometimes quiz her as to why she insists on refering to our relationship as "non-exclusive" fuck buddies. She usually replies, in baby talk, with something like, "So it would be allowed for me to have someone get those hard to reach places, silly boy." Once, however, in the throes of pillow talk, with her eyes glazed over, she actually said, "There is someone who knows what I'd do to be stuffed more than full with cock." Somehow, I just knew better than to probe too agressively on that topic.

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Hey, I'm a guy who certainly has no allusions of ever being in the record book in the size department. That's based on what I'm seeing on this site. Any guy would consider Nedra a babe. She has a very pretty, sun bronzed face and a perfect set of teeth.

She is petite[5'2"], but in a round way. She has ample, perky tits, that are firm, not floppy. She refers to her "jelly ass", which I can never wait to dig into. It is white, in contrast to the rest of her, with a hint of the texture of cottage cheese, with lots of soft lumps. Her skin and hair both smell so good that it drives me nuts.

I will make a big deal about inhaling her fragrance and she'll coo, "Do I smell good enough to eat?" Speaking of that, the aroma that wafts from her excited cunt is exactly what guarantees the continuation of the species, I swear to God.

The woman, to me, is hot. I'm sure she continues to be the stuff of many a wet dream in these parts.

Did I mention that she's married to a pretty well to do business owner? She says that, to the best of her knowledge, he gets his sexual needs pretty much taken care of by occaisionally shooting a load in her mouth. A few years back a medical condition caused her husband to gradually lose his erecting abilities.


She said that eventually he deteriorated to where, by a combination of his persistence and her patience, she could coax his mostly limp dick into her pussy, but nothing spectacular happened after that, except mutual frustration.

Now, blow jobs, with her swallowing, satisfy his need for her affections. Nedra also has a regular tennis instructor who is thirty-ish, fit, and good looking. She says that her husband assumes that the tennis guy is tending to those hard to reach, warm and tight places deep inside her. She says, "If I deny it, would he believe me anyway?" She's got a point. My guess is that the tennis guy may be lucky enough to rub against some of those sweet places that I can't reach.

For a few months we've been fucking each other's brains out. We usually schedule a couple of "physical meetings" each week, and grab other impromtu opportunities as often as we can. Those are set up at the last minute by cell phone. It goes something like, "I need you bad and I need you now, can you?" We sort of take turns calling and sounding like we're in a pathetic need for relief.

We rarely pass up an opportunity to play!


Something else about Nedra that plays into this story: she has 2 or 3 lady friends that she hangs with for tennis, lunch, shopping.and, as she says, "We explore and enjoy each other's feminine charms." This confirmed revelation of hers came after we had been fuck buddies for awhile.

In fact, I revealed in my prior story here, the one about us volunteering together, how I had been kidding her about her lady friends and actually crossed the line during the flirting phase of our friendship by telling her, "I bet I could eat you ALMOST as well as those ladies with whom you keep in touch with your lesbian side." That bold statement broke through the flirting and probing barriers and she basically said, " If you can do that AND supply what they don't have, we're on." The rest, as they say, is history.

As we fucked ourselves silly and bonded as lovers with pillow talk, Nedra started hitting me with the idea of her telling her special ladies about us and maybe fixing me up with one or more of them. She would tease me by saying things like, "Ooohh, I know a sexy lady who would luuuuv to have some of that." Or, "I could make a friend for life if I was willing to share you with someone I have in mind." I suspected strongly that she was putting me on and testing me, not really looking to share me, but most likely probing to gauge my reaction to fucking one of her friends.

But, who knows? It became very tempting to give in and say, "Sure, arrange it, I'd love to do your friend, alone or as a threesome." I chose to never react in any way other than to laugh and nuzzle into her and say, "Let's change the subject back to you, My Sexiest Woman In The World!" But she did have me tempted. The other day she called, "Hey, I've got a hot idea for you, can you meet me at the Inlet parking lot around 11?" "As a matter of fact I can and would be delighted to do that," I said.

It was a little unusual for us to meet at the Inlet parking lot. It was more public than our usual meeting places, and what the heck can you do in a large and often busy parking lot, anyway? Once, when we met there, instead of jumping into one car, we proceeded to have phone sex, of sorts, while looking at each other 40 yards away.

As I arrived at the Inlet parking lot my cell phone rang, it was Nedra. "Hi baby, welcome, just pull up close to the boardwalk and stay in your car, I have a hot proposition for you.

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I can't wait to see if you'll be UP for it." I answered, "When have I not been up for one of your propositions?" "Good point," she quiped, "but this is different." Intrigued and excited, I just said, "Hit me with it." "Okay," she started, a little slow and perhaps shakey, "there is someone else here in the parking lot, in another car." "Okay?", I inquired, after waiting for her to contunue, "and this person is.?" Nedra responded, "This person is a dear friend of mine, a very sexy lady.

She is here because I told her that there is a POSSIBILTY that I could fix her up with a very hot guy today. I told her this guy is hot, handsome, and would be raring to go.

I may have also told her that he would give her a fuckin' that she'll not soon forget! Are you feeling lucky, because this horny piece of womanhood has your name written all over her if you're up for it?" Instantly, I knew exactly how to react to Nedra's naughty proposition. "Tell her that the guy you had in mind for her is sporting such a raging hard-on that you changed your mind and decided to fuck him yourself!

Tell her that you need him to shoot his load waaaay up inside of you, instead of her! Tell her "sorry, gotta' go now!" and, tell her all of that while you're driving as fast as you can manage to my place, where I'll be expecting you to arrive right after me. .any questions?" "Ah, no," she said. On my way back to my place.

besides getting pumped about the hot sex in my very near future, my mind was churning. Was there really another woman there at the Inlet because of the possibility of getting laid by me?

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Did I just turn down a hot strange piece of ass, or possibly a threesome today? Was Nedra just playing head games with me, testing my reaction? How about this: was Nedra tiring of me and my affections, and did she concoct an incredible gesture to let me down easy [and happy]?

I certainly had a lot to ponder. But now, I think a very hot 55 year old babe is nearing my home and my bed. Will we have something extraordinary to talk about, or strickly be in a frenzy to dig into each other in the most amazing way?

I'll know soon because she just pulled into my garage only 3 minutes after I closed the door behind me.


As she came through the door from the garage, she kicked off her shoes and said in a big, bold voice"Where is that man who is gonna get fucked within an inch of his life?" "He's hiding in the bedroom," I hollered back. By the time she reached the bedroom doorway her bare tits were out there and she was unlatching her skirt.

About an hour later we were both lathered in the animal dampness of sexual heat. We had spoken only terse sexual words and commands like; "bone me, poke it, faster, softer, do it, don't stop!" There were also a lot of filthy words used descriptively. There were a lot of improvised words consisting of only vowels.

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There was, however, no talk of the incident at the parking lot that ignited this firestorm of lust. As we simmered down and both regained a semblance of normal breathing, I was positioned behind her in the spooning position, both of us on our right sides, with my cock jammed into her cunt, not as a sword sliding up into a scabbard, but pointed straight on at the bumps of her G-spot like a chisel poised for battering.

With her soft ass slammed snugly above my cock and up against my stomach, I managed to nudge the business end of my spear straight up against her interior ignition spot. It was all puffy and bumpy, it was ready for a good fuckin'. She reacted to my probe by screaming at me, "RIGHT THERE, YOU FUCKER!


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FUCK IT, YEAH, DON'T YOU FUCKIN' STOP. I'M YOUR CUNT, RAM IT IN ME!" Those were a few of the words I can recall from a long, loud barrage spewing out of her normally cultered, sweet mouth. This sexual rage erupts only when we're naked and sweaty, and she is getting her G-spot hammered. After a haze of animal heat: abruptly, Nedra shuddered and wilted in my arms. My filthy mouthed, hot fucking lady momentarily passed out, I think. Did I make the right choice in possibly turning down the chance to do her friend today?

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With my sweaty and spent mature goddess wrapped tightly in my arms, I'll answer, "Yes." For now, anyway.