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Today Melinda wore a short white dress barely covering her bum with a gray button up sweater. She was a graduate student and struggled to keep her grades up. She arrived to class fifteen minutes late today only to find out that she had missed a quiz. She could not afford to fail this class. Her professor, Dr.

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Richardson, was a skinny and tall, 45 year old with a stern expression and white hair. He was strict and did not allow for any make-up exams or quizzes. She was in deep trouble. She had interacted with him once before when she had gotten a bad grade on a written assignment. Dr.

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Richardson was tough on his students. She was desperate. Melinda needed these points to pass the class. She decided she had to stay after class and try to speak to Dr.

Richardson. She had to at least try. She slowly made her way to the front of the classroom after her classmates had dispersed. Melinda: "Dr. Richardson, I missed the quiz today.


Is there any way I could take it still? I'm struggling in your class and I need these points to pass." Dr. Richardson towers over tiny Melinda. His expression is intimidating. Dr. Richardson: "Well you should have thought about that before you so carelessly showed up to class late." Melinda: "Please professor I will do anything to make it up!" Melinda accidentally dropped her water bottle.

She dropped down to pick it up. Dr. Richardson started to look curiously. He wondered if Melinda was the girl he had been waiting for. Someone he could play with. Dr.

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Richardson: "Well Melinda I don't think you would be up to what I would require from you to allow you to pass this class." Melinda did not care what it was she had to do.

She couldn't fail. Her parents had spent tens of thousands on her education. She couldn't even think about what the consequences would be if she did not pass. Melinda: "Please professor I promise I am willing. Just tell me what I have to do." Dr.

Richardson: "Do you promise to do everything you are told? If so you can make it up to me right now." Melinda: "Right now?" Dr. Richardson: "Yes, right now." Melinda: "Okay, do I need a pencil and paper?" Dr. Richardson: "No, you don't need a pencil. We are going to require a much bigger object than that. Melinda I need you to bend over this desk here. You must do this silently and you must follow my instruction." Melinda hesitated.

She now realized that Dr. Richardson was asking her to do something she was not comfortable with. She started to back away. Dr. Richardson was too excited at this point to let this opportunity walk out his door. He grabbed Melinda by the wrists. For his skinny stature, Dr. Richardson was strong.

He turned her body against his. Rubbing her behind with his partially erect member. He pushed Melinda's head down onto the desk.

Dr. Richardson: "This will be much easier if you just do as your told!" Melinda: "You can't do this to me! Please professor, let me go." Melinda was struggling against Dr. Richardson's weight. For Dr. Richardson it was too late. He already had a plan for little Melinda and her tight little bum.

Thankfully, Dr. Richardson had just what he needed in his desk for an occasion like this. He had been waiting for an opportunity with one of his students. He tied Melinda down to the desk. He lifted up her short white dress to reveal her beautiful bum. Melinda: "Please professor, just stop" Melinda thought she must be dreaming. How could this be happening to her? Dr. Richardson: "You are about to get your filling of extra credit." He snickered.

Melinda could hear as Dr. Richardson rubbed his palms together. Then swiftly felt a smack across her bum. Dr. Richardson was laughing audibly as he continued to slap her soon to be sore ass. Melinda thought I can handle this; however, tears were starting to run down her face. Dr. Richardson was enjoying the fact that Melinda was sniffling in pain.

He watched as her ass vibrated with each stroke of his palm. She had no idea that the pain was about to get much worse. He pulled down Melinda's panties. He spread her cheeks to show her cute little rosebud. He stuck a pinky into her asshole to the knuckle.

Melinda: "No, please professor. No one has ever touched me there." Dr. Richardson laughed again. He decided to add another finger. He slowly pulled his fingers in and out. Enjoying hearing Melinda's cries. He began jerking his fingers vigorously causing the desk to shake. He then pulled his fingers all the way out. She was ready for something bigger. Dr. Richardson was a bit of an unsuspecting pervert. He pulled open a drawer of his desk and pulled out a large butt plug.

It was 2 inches in width at its largest point. He walked back over to Melinda and spread her butt cheeks once more. Melinda: "What are you doing professor? Please stop." Dr. Richardson stuck the smaller end of the butt plug up her arse and pushed hard until it was up to the widest part.


Melinda was sobbing. He was getting so hard. He pushed it in harder until the whole of it popped into her asshole. He let the plug sit in her arse and pulled his cock out, stroking himself ferociously. Then he began pulling the plug out and shoving it back in her bum over and over. Faster and faster. He saw the plug pull on her asshole with each stroke.

He saw that Melinda's pussy started to drip with wetness. He rubbed her clit until she was to the brink of an orgasm. He then pulled the plug out and shoved his erect member into her asshole.

He slapped her bum and began pumping her.


He pulled on her hair until his member was in deep to his balls. He started slamming back and forth into the now shrieking Melinda. She then orgasmed uncontrollably and passed out on his desk. Dr. Richardson came inside Melinda's tight little asshole.

He removed his cock. He pulled up Melinda's panties and shimmied her short white dress down over her bum. Dr.

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Richardson slapped Melinda awake. Dr. Richardson: "You have passed the test my little whore. You got what you asked for." He left Melinda tied to the desk, sore bum hole and all.

He exited the classroom. Dr. Richardson never showed up to class after that.

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Nobody heard from him thereafter or knew where he had left to. Melinda eventually entangled herself from the desk and never told a soul about what happened to her that day.