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Busty ebony babe pussyfucked during massage
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Me and My Second Cousin… Based off true thoughts/story First story I've written in this genre, let me know how I did and feel free to give critique/feedback I've always had a thing for my second cousin… It all started back when we were about five or six years old.

During a family reunion on a lake, I discovered her existence, and she was my only relative at the time that was about my age.

I soon met her and we became friends quickly. We played the whole day, from being the lake to watching TV in one of the cabins. I was sexual at even a very young age.


My first exposure to anything semi-sexual was the "007" movies. When we had our portable DVD player, I would always play the part when Bond gets frisky with one of the playmates, and soon began to play 'pretend' imagining having a beautiful girl lay get kissy and frisky with me.

Anyways, I think even back then, I had a crush on her, I don't quite remember what she looked like back then, but I knew she was cute. I remember when I had to leave, I was very sad and had to say my goodbyes.

Before I left, I found her sitting in one the cabins watching the TV, and my goodbye, was… well, a kiss or a few on the cheek. Fast-Forward to where I'm fifteen, I haven't been to a family reunion in awhile, but I wanted to go to one, and did my best to persuade my parents to let me go.

They were both busy so they couldn't go with me, so I had to do some tactful thinking and get them to let me go by myself. Eventually, they agreed, and I was soon off, on my way to South Dakota, where I would meet up with my aunt, and we would drive to the hotel the reunion was at. I didn't meet her 'till the second day, during the family dinner, where I was reintroduced by my Second Cousin's Mother, who came up to me. "Hey, Zach, how's it going?" She approached me.

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"Huh? Oh, what's up?" I didn't recognize her till she introduced herself. "Do you recognize me? I'm your 2nd Aunt, mother of Nicole." She pointed behind her, where Nicole was standing, looking at me. "Do you remember her?" I didn't even need a second glance to recognize her, even after all these years, I still knew what she looked like.

And damn, did she look hot. She had Auburn straight hair that kinda' covered one of her eyes, and went down to about her shoulders. She was wearing a beanie on her head, a Grey sweater, and a pair of skinny jeans. I walked forward and engaged her in some conversation. "Hey, long time no see." I slightly blushed at seeing her, she was more beautiful than I remembered.

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"Yeah, long time no see, where have you been?" she asked. "Oh, y'know, around." "You haven't been to any of the past reunions!" "I know, did I miss much?" She took a sigh and placed her hands on her forehead, "Nope, they've been terrible." she looked back at me, "You must come to all the reunions from now on!

You can suffer with me!" she demanded. "Oi oi, alright, fair enough." We went silent for a bit after that. Ever since my social trauma in 6th grade, I've never been much of a social butterfly… In fact, I've become socially awkward.

I discreetly took several looks up and down her body, taking note of her built. She was overall thin, probably around 5'8", and maybe a High B-cup or a low C-cup. I began spacing out, fantasizing in my head of her naked, guessing her nipple shape and size, along with the look of her vagina. "Hey, Zach!" She snapped a couple of times and I quickly returned to the real world.

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"Ah, sorry! What's up?" "We're heading back now, I'll see you back at the hotel." "Oh yeah, sure, see ya." She turned and walked off to her family's car. Damn, I really want to fuck her! She has a well proportioned body, and the perfect face and hair. I began fantasizing more and went deeper this time, imagining her sucking me off and stroking my cock. the more I thought about it, the more it made me hard.

Luckily I was wearing jeans, so the bulge didn't appear too large, but it was still noticeable. I did what I always did when I got a boner, and shoved my hands in my pockets and pushed outward, so that the pockets bulge is similar to the boner bulge. I took a deep breath and blinked a couple of times. I heard my named called. "Zach! Ay Yo Zach!" The voice was traced to my cousin, currently 18 years of age and about 6'3".

He was… tall. He played basketball, so every inch of his was put to good use. "What's up?" I responded. "Hey, we're heading back to the hotel.

You coming?" well, that was a rhetorical question, I had no other way of getting back, most of our relatives already made their way back. "Yeah, I'm ready." "Well, let's go." We headed off back towards the car with my two Aunts, and my grandmother. We walked up to the blue Ford Fusion, and all hopped in. On the way back I looked out the window and kept thinking and fantasizing about Nicole. I no longer felt her as family, although, I probably never did… Anyways, I kept my thoughts to myself, and pleasured my mind with fantasies of fucking her.

The more I thought about it, the more the lust began to overtake my mind. I've had experiences in the past where I've been overfilled with lust, and have become somewhat of a different person… Call it having a split personality, with my normal self being shy and introverted, and then my other self, bold and confident. I knew what was going to happen from here on out.

After about 30 minutes of travel, we finally arrived back at the hotel. I eagerly got out of the car and walked inside the lobby of the hotel, where I saw Nicole sitting on the couch which was on the left side of the lobby.

I walked over and sat down on the opposite end of the couch, and spoke out. "Were you waiting for me?" I asked. "Maybe." she spoke with a sarcastic tone of voice.

"Ugh, I hate it when girls do that." I spoke drearily. "Do what?" She questioned. "When they tease, it's more often annoying than it's cute." "Oh, sor-ry." We began talking about school, life in general then I decided to bring up a bold question. "So, are you a virgin?" "Huh? why are you asking your cousin this?" she questioned me with a curiously odd face.

"Dunno, we're both similar ages, I would think it's a decent topic." "Oh, well, I'm not telling." Tch. I knew that wouldn't work. "So, have you had any boyfriends?" I pressed the conversation, hoping not to be too obvious. "Yeah, maybe about four or five…" she put her hand up to her chin and thought about it. Wha… I've only had two… Well, I knew I was lacking on the social side, but still, it felt depressing.

I took a sigh. "Oh, I see." I felt dejected and relaxed back into the cushiony couch.

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"What's the matter?" She seemed completely oblivious to my ulterior motives… Well, it worked out for me better I guess. "Oh, it's nothing, just thinking," "About…?" she pressed onward, trying to pry into me. "Not telling." I figured I might as well and use this opportunity to get payback for not answering my question.

"Ehhhh? How mean…" She pouted a bit and crossed her arms. "Gahahaha, that's payback." I grinned at her. "For.?" "For not answering my question." I thumbed my nose and crossed my arms. "Which question?" She questioned further.

"About whether you were a virgin or not." "Ehh? I'm your cousin. Why would you want to know that?" "Curiosity." "Well…" She looked upward and gave a low hum, most likely thinking. "Alright. I'll play along with your game.

If you really want to know…" She paused and became slightly flustered. "I am." she mumbled the final words, shyly looking away.

"Uh-huh… Why is that something to be ashamed of?" I tried figuring out why she seemed embarrassed. "It's not… I-It's just that, I feel awkward talking about it with family." Her face became even more flustered.

"Hoh…?" I gave off a twisted smile, her reaction and look was a major turn-on right now, the lust in me building up even more. "So, I guess you're just dying to figure out what I'm thinking huh?" "Y-yeah, I guess…" Her face was a bright crimson red, obviously still embarrassed. "Well then… allow me to show you." My lust took over, I couldn't hold it anymore.

I leaned forward, towards her, and quickly pinned her to the couch, on top of her body. "W-What are you doing?" Her face went from embarrassed to somewhat angered. "We're cousins, that means we are family, you do realize that right?" "That didn't stop me when we were younger." My smile became more and more twisted. I grabbed her arms, and threw my body weight to the side and rolled off the couch, with us switching place, with her on top of me.


"Now then… What are you doing?" "W-what? I'm not doing anything! You're the one who started this!" She became more and more angry.

This was… okay as well. I always had a fetish for rape. "That's not what it looks like, from this position, it obviously looks like you are assaulting me." My thoughts were twisted, my heart was twisted, my body was twisted. I knew this all, but I didn't care; my lust already reached its critical point, I knew what I was getting into.

"Would you let go of me?" She asked angrily. "Only if you say please." I spoke sadistically. She took a sigh. "Will you please let go of me?" She asked again. "No." "But… you just said-" I cut her off.

"Nicole… I've gone beyond the point of no return. I might as well make this worth it. I promise you a good time." I moved my head upward, until our lips made contact. I moved my hand from her arm to the back of her head and pressed her head into mine, increasing the pressure on our lips. I could hear her trying to speak out, but the words were muffled due my lips.

I slowly forced my tongue into her mouth, breaking through her lips, and her teeth. I made contact with her tongue and began rolling my tongue around hers. At first she was resistant, but soon enough, her tongue began to move in sync with mine. Slowly, her attempted pleas for help turned into moans filled with pleasure. I broke awaya thin line of saliva created, connecting our two lips.

"Hoh, I didn't know my cousin was this dirty…" I made a dark grin. "N-no… that's not it…" You could hear the pleasure in her voice, and see her face flushed red, and joined together with her heavy breathing; It made a perfect picture of pleasure. "Oh, you're so dishonest." I smiled and stroked my hand on her cheek.

"Your face and breathing contradict that statement." I slid my hand from her cheek to her chin and pulled her face in gently. Our lips met again, but this time, it was just a simple kiss, shortly, I pulled away again. "W-why did you stop…?" She questioned me, almost whining.

"You know, if we want to continue this, we should move… elsewhere…" I thought for a second.

"My Aunt and cousin won't be back for awhile, so we could go to my room." "I-It works…" She was still breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. I got up from the ground and helped Nicole up too.

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I wrapped my arm around her waist, and we walked along to my room. My room was on the second floor of the hotel, about 20 doors or so down from the stairs.

When we reached the door, I pulled out the keycard from my pants pocket, inserted it into the slot, and along with a quick beeping sound, the door opened. This room wasn't anything too special, just your average 4 star Hotel double bed bedroom.

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the bed closest to the doorway was mine. I grabbed Nicole's hand and pulled her to it and sat down on the bed. She sat on my lap, with her back to mine, and turned her head around to mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and pulled me in for a kiss.

This one was much more passionate than the others. Our tongues quickly rushed into each other's mouth and began wrestling each other, fighting for which was more dominant. I decided to mix it up a bit, and pulled my tongue back and sucked on her tongue. I pulled away, pulling her tongue along. She let out a moan of pleasure and pulled my head back, quickly locking our lips back together. She decided to take the dominant position, and Shot her tongue into my mouth, exploring every nook and cranny of my mouth, occasionally rubbing her tongue on the back of my teeth, until finally pulling back.

She took several deep breaths, obviously showing that she was out of breath. "Nicole, I want you to suck it." "Suck&hellip. what…?" her mind obviously wasn't thinking straight, only filled with thoughts of pleasure. "I want you to suck my cock." I spoke more bluntly, with a devilish smile.

"O-oh… Right…" She reached down to my pants zipper and was about to grab it, but I moved my hand in front of it, blocking her access. She looked up at me with a puzzled face, "Why are you stopping me…?" She asked. "From now on, when we're alone, I want you to call me Master." My inner Sadistic side was truly showing now, My corrupted grin exposing it all.

"O-oh… It's a little embarrassing… b-but I'll try… Master." The last word fumbled out, it could use some improvement, but it'll work for now. I moved my hand away from in front of my pants, exposing the bulge in my pants.

"Wow… You're big…" she looked surprised, upon looking at it further. "None of my ex's were this big…" An angrily disappointed look appeared on my face, knowing that my second cousin has seen other guys' junk. I'm a very possessive person, and knowing this fact angered me very much so. Nicole carried on with the duty, and started unzipping my pants. She unbuttoned the top button, and I raised my hips up a bit to make it easier for her to pull off my pants.

My bulge showed even more through my briefs, I could imagine from her perspective that it looked big. She finally undid the past obstacle, pulling off my briefs exposing my raging hard-on to the world. Last I checked, I was around six inches… I thought it was around average, but I never compared cocks to any of the guys I knew. I didn't swing that way. Anyways, she began stroking on it back and forth, awkwardly, occasionally twisting her hand along with the strokes.

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After getting comfortable, she licked the tip, a small amount of pre-cum coming out. Soon, she was swirling her tongue around the head of my genital, and finally shoving the head into her mouth.

She sucked back and forth on it, making sloppy slurping sounds, with some saliva leaking out every now and then. As she was sucking on it, she began swirling her tongue, pleasuring me even more. "Ahh, yeah, that's perfect, wow, this feels so much better than simply jerking myself off." This feeling was amazing, along with the fact that my childhood crush was sucking me off like a lollipop. She eventually got more aggressive, sliding her mouth further down my rod, almost reaching the base.

Oh. My. God. This felt like the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, feeling the tip of my cock reaching the back of her throat. I didn't like being dominated by her so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head in whenever I thrust my hips forward, making sure to get the deepest penetration possible. I could hear her gag a couple of times, but I ignored them. I began moving faster, feeling I was on the verge of cumming. "Agh, Nicole… I'm cumming!" I moved faster and faster, and in one final thrust, I pushed myself as deep as possible into her mouth, reaching as far back as possible, ejecting my load into her throat.

I could feel my cock twitching, which only made it feel even better in her warm mouth. I could hear her gag a couple of times during my ejaculation. After about ten seconds of stop motion, I pulled out of her mouth and squatted down. I looked at her eye to eye, and moved my body closer to hers, and pulled her in for an embrace. I tenderly held her close to me, with a smile on my face.

I finally whispered into her ear… "I love you."