Dude gets his nice cock sucked by hardonjob

Dude gets his nice cock sucked by hardonjob
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We had been chatting on xvideos for a while and we seemed to hit it off, even though you are quite a bit younger than me. I had emailed you a couple of tribute videos with me cumming on your photos. I even got you to make one for me. We finally decided to meet.

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I set up a weekend for us at a hotel between our two towns. I booked you your own room so you would not feel pressured and I booked a suite hoping that you would end up sharing it with me. We have arrived separately and I call your room to set up a time to finally meet for supper.

I am so excited to see you. I arrive at the dining room early and order a drink from the bar to calm my nerves. I'm usually not nervous but I have anticipated this for so long.

I figure a drink might calm me down. I walk over to the host and he takes me to our table. I barely get seated and I see you walk into the room.

Every eye there is on you. I see your long gorgeous red hair and your beautiful face first. You are wearing a very shear light turquoise blouse. of course I notice your firm beautiful titties. I can see your nipples they are showing through and are so hard I'm afraid they will pierce the fabric.

My eyes continue traveling down your fantastic body. Next is a very short black skirt that doesn't cover the top of the shear black thigh high stockings you are wearing. OMG every man there is watching you. You have on high heels that accentuate your lovely legs.

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The host escorts you to our table. I am afraid to stand up because I can feel my cock growing hard. I stand to greet you and you give me a big hug and a deep tongue kiss. I am sure your skirt must have risen up giving everyone the view I am dying to see. I pull your chair out for you and when you sit down I get a glimpse of your pussy. I was right, you are not wearing panties.

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I better sit down quick or everyone in the restaurant will see my hard dick We order and while we wait we are just chatting. I know I am hoping you cum with me to the suite. We both seem to be squirming in our chairs. I see one of your hands go down to your lap for a minute.

I am intrigued. Until you tell me to lean closer and you put your fingers in my mouth.


Mmm I taste your sweet little pussy for the first time. I hope our supper comes soon or I will be eating your pussy right there at the table. Our food arrives and I don't think we even tasted it. Our waiter asks if we want dessert. I only want you for dessert. I pay our bill and we head toward the elevator.

There is an older couple that gets on with us. The old man eyes you up and down while his wife gives us disgusting looks, you just smile at them, hugging me closer. They get off on the next floor and no sooner than the door closeyou are on your knees, taking my hard dick out of my pants and suck it deep in your mouth.

We only have a couple floors to go and as the door opens you get up, wrap a hand around my cock and ask me where the room is. When we step out of the elevator I notice the camera in there. I hope security got a good view and is jealous of what I am going to get. We go down the hall and finally get to the room. I fumble the key because I am so turned on I can't wait to get you on the bed. I am unbuttoning your blouse as we go through the door and free your beautiful firm titties.

I have to take your hard nipples in my mouth. Giving each one a little suck. I love them. I just slide your skirt down and there you are with just your thigh high black stockings and heels I ask you to turn around so I can admire your fine firm ass. You pull off my shirt and pants.

I'm not wearing any underwear and my dick is standing straight up. Grabbing me you lead me over to the windowpress your body against the cold glass showing the world your beautiful body. Reaching back you guide my dick into your wet, waiting pussy. You feel so good. You turn your head and every time I thrust into you, you thrust your tongue into my mouth. You are incredible. I take you over to the bed, lay you down on it. Turn you over on your hands and knees and again I enter your tight cunt.

I am pulling your beautiful red hair as I fuck your sweet cunt. Reaching around with my other hand I rub your clit. You look incredible and I love looking at your ass while I fuck you. Cum for me Baby. You can be as loud as you want.

That's it faster my little slut. Tell Daddy how much you love his cock. That's it Baby I can tell you are close. Cum for me. I feel you tense up, your breathing is getting more rapid, your little cunt is squeezing my cock, you moan loudly as you cum. The waves of your orgasm continue and you shudder when each one hits. You collapse under me and I pull out and turn you over.

We are far from done. I go down and first I kiss the insides of your thighs. Then gently tease your clit with my tongue. Your cum tastes so good. I continue to lick your clit. I want to make you cum again. I know you want my cum but I am going to make you wait.

I want you to beg for my cum. I feel you tense and know that you are about to cum on my tongue. That's it Baby, fuck my tongue. Cum hard for me. You start to shake when you cum, you try to pull away from me because the pleasure of cumming is almost painful. Finally you let go and you squeeze my head tightly between your thighs. I lick you faster, suddenly you flood my face with your Pussy juices.


you grab my head for me to slow down but I just lick you harder. You are louder this time, as you As your waves of pleasure slow down I come up to kiss you and you lick your cum from my face.

I am laying in my back gently touching your body with my fingers. Slowly your breathing finally starts to return to normal and you begin touching my cock with your finger tips. You slide down and start by licking your wetness from my balls while gently squeezing my dick.

Then you start licking up and down the length of my cock. Your tongue is tracing circles around the head. Gently you take me in your mouth and slowly begin going up and down on me. I grab your hair and begin fucking your mouth and throat. I am loving this. I look down and watch my cock going in your mouth.

You look back at me and I can see the happiness in your eyes. God you feel so good. As much as I want to cum in your mouth I want to fill your little cunt with my cum. I have you sit down on my cock and you slowly start riding me. I like this way because I can see your sweet face, your fantastic boobies and I can see my dick in your cunt. You lean down to kiss me as you fuck me. And it's like your tongue is fucking my mouth. I reach up and gently pinch your hard little nipples. I am loving this.

It's like you instinctively know what Daddy likes. Your little cunt is so tight. You sit back up and start rubbing your clit with your fingers. You then take them in your mouth tasting your sweet wetness.

You do that again then place your fingers to my lips. You have the sweetest tasting juices. Fuck me harder Baby, squeeze my chest hard with your fingers. Tell me how much you want me to fill your pussy with my cum.

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Faster Baby, Faster. My breathing is getting faster with each stroke. I can fill the pressure building as I am about to cum. Suddenly my cum explodes from my cock, OH God .

I feel wave after wave of pleasure.

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I'm sorry Baby I came so hard I didn't notice that you had cum with me. You collapse on my chest and we lay there feeling totally spent. After catching our breaths you roll off me then put your hand between your legs rubbing your pussy. You are catching my cum that has leaked out and start licking it from your fingers. You are so incredibly sexy not wanting to waste a drop of my cum. We are so satiated and as we talk we realize we are a little hungry and thirsty. Calling down to room service we order some light snacms and champagne.

When room service arrives I don't even bother to put on a robe. I just let her in.


As she wheels in the cart she is eyeing you naked on the bed. You notice this and give your cunt framed by your black thigh high stockings, a little rub then again lick your fingers. She blushes slightly and asks if there is anything else and she is off work at 11pm. I tell her not right now.

She looks a little disappointed. You are looking her up and down and give your lips a little lick. I tip her saying if there is anymore we need we will ask for her personally. We lay there eating and talking about what's next, and our room service girls offer. Who knows what can happen after the Jacuzzi tub and we finish eating. After all the night is still young and we have all weekend and you want to please me everyway you can.