Teen slim cheerleader fucking monster dick

Teen slim cheerleader fucking monster dick
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After work I always go on an evening jog through the park near my home, running calms my nerves and relaxes my mind.

On this day I'm especially stressed and burned out, I see a man up ahead also jogging and instantly I feel my body respond. I watch his muscles move in a rhythm that matches the beating of my now lustful heart.


I'm usually not attracted to white men but I don't know what's come over me, My mind begins to wonder and in a split second I trip over my own clumsy feet, I fall to my hands and knees. I let out a small gasp that somehow reaches his ears and he instinctively slows his pace and turns back to help me up.


Now completely embarrassed I refuse to look up and meet his gaze, he extends his hand to help me up but I quickly pick myself up and brush the dirt off myself.

"I'm Fine", I mutter as I back away from this sexy stranger. I hesitantly look up and meet his concerned stare.

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I feel my body getting hotter, he smiles warmly at me and I swear to god I never even heard what he said next, my mind just instantly drifts off to scenes of our bodies wrapped tightly together, his fair light skin dramatically contrasting with my dark brown skin, us pleasuring each other's bodies as if we've been lovers for years. "So.how about that coffee?" my sexy stranger asks me once again. "I'm Sorry, but I'm not interested" I smile to lessen the blow and continue about my way.

I look back to catch one last glimpse and I'm surprised to see that my stranger hasn't moved a muscle he is still standing in that same position watching me walk away. Weird. After getting into my place, I jump in my tub to soak my tired muscles in a long hot bath, I closed my eyes and thought about my encounter in the park.

He was attractive, nice build, light brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes… but he was so nice and gentle the complete opposite of what I'm used to.

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I guess I'm just used to the guys around the way, I like a man who can take control he just seemed so passive. "What was his name anyway?" I thought to myself as I eased deeper down into my tub of bubbles.

I smiled to myself as I remembered, "Caleb." I let my hands slide slowly down my body. Coming together at the lips of my pussy and began to gently massage myself to orgasm.

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when I finally got out the tub it was late and I felt the cold night air against my wet skin, I don't remember leaving any windows open but the breeze felt incredible, I reached for my towel but it wasn't where I left it, maybe I left it in my room I shrugged and quickly made my way to my bedroom naked.

As I reached my doorway I saw my towel lying on my bed, "of course" I thought.

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I reached to grab my towel from across the bed when I felt a firm grip on my waist, I begin to scream but a gloved hand quickly and firmly covered my mouth with a long piece of tape.

My mind started to panic and my entire body started to break out in a cold sweat. I was completely paralyzed by fear as the intruder bent me over my bed and tied my hands behind my back, using his foot he spread my legs apart, coming to my senses I began to writhe and wiggle to try and escape his grasp, his gloved hand came down hard and forceful against my ass, sending an intense and shocking pain throughout my entire body.

I immediately stopped moving.


He leaned over me, I could feel the his erection growing against my naked ass, and his breath against my ear, I began sobbing uncontrollably, I just knew there was no hope left for me, He uttered four simple words in my ear and I knew I was done for."You belong to me." My body was tense and still as I felt his gloved hands rubbing up and down my thighs.

"I'm going to enjoy every inch of your body." I heard him say.

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He stood back and took a moment to enjoy the view of me, his helpless and exposed victim. He laughed pleased with his work.

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I couldn't see my violator but I could feel and sense all his movements, he knelt at my exposed ass and pussy and gently kissed me there I felt his warm tongue slide up against my vagina and hit my clit. I moaned, and tried pressing against his mouth when I felt another hard smack against my ass.

I jumped from the shock of the slap. I realized what I was doing and was horrified that my body was betraying me and actually becoming aroused. "I knew as soon as I met you that you'd be the perfect little pet." I recognized my attacker's voice, it was definitely Caleb my sexy Stanger.

I felt Caleb's hands gently graze against my ass where he spanked me, he replaced his hand with his lips and softly kissed me where his hand had once stung my skin. I felt his hand sliding up my leg, then between my thighs and finally against pussy. He parted the lips of my pussy with his hand and found my clit with his fingers, he moved in a slow and steady circular position and rocked me to an amazing orgasm.

My eyes were tightly shut and I began to breathe through my nose so fast and erratically I thought I might pass out. Just as I felt my body reaching its breaking point and beginning to reach climax I felt another hard smack against my ass bringing me back to my reality……