Suck the soul out a nigga

Suck the soul out a nigga
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My name is Ian Drake. I come from a long line of Italian aristocrats. My whole family has the same tanned skin, dark black short black hair that falls in our eyes most of the time, and piercing green eyes.

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I am 18 years old and home schooled. I'm about 6'1 and very muscular and toned. I, my father, and my brother Nathan are the last males in our linage. My brother and I want for nothing, we have everything and we show it with confidence. I hate to say this, but we are spoiled, conceited, and at sometimes cruel.

I mean come on…wouldn't you be if you were a young man that has everything?


My family and I live in Italy in our mansion, but my father has a special thing for castles, so he bought a castle off the coast of Ireland where there are no people around for miles. This is where we mostly stay because it's peaceful and no one knows what we do, which is how my father and mother like it. The reason for this and the reason why I am writing this story is for disturbing news that my family would not like to get out. Every year, when we travel to our castle in Ireland, mother likes to buy slaves for everything that needs to be done in the castle.

The reason for this is because anyone paid and not bought would likely run their mouths about our family…and if you were a slave that was bought and paid for by my father's money, then he owned you and had the right to do anything he wanted to you for disobeying him, even death, which has happened before.

Sometimes I think my father likes when the slaves slip up just so he could torture them. A new slave is brought in a couple of days after we get settled in quite nicely. This is where the story begins. "Ian, mother wants us downstairs when they bring in the new slave so it can be acquainted with us." I turn to look at my brother, "Yes, I know already. It's been the same since we were children Nate, and yet you still tell me every time." "I was just trying to be helpful Ian; do you always have to be such a dick?" and with that he turned out my doorway and stormed down the long hallway to the main staircase that went down to the front parlor.

I am older than Nathan by two years, even though he tries to act like my big brother most of the time. In a way he does seem older, but mostly because of his demeanor and his attitude towards life. Nate does not believe in anything but studying and reading poetry. I do those things also, but I live for today and I love to find the adventure in everything.

We are alike, but at most times different. I walk out my room and follow the path that Nate took not but two minutes ago. My mother starts talking as soon as I reach the top of the grand staircase, "Ah, there's my boy. Come stand next to Nate sweetheart so we can be presentable and let her in." I'm shocked for a moment, "it's a girl mother?" "Well yes sweetheart, I wanted to try something different this time because everyone else never worked out." I don't say anything because what I say would not be too nice.

This girl is going to get pure hell here because of my father and mother. My father will do nothing but flirt with her because she will be the only other female around for miles, and my mother will beat the hell out of her because of my father. This is not going to be good at all. There's a loud knock at the door and my father walks to the huge door and opens it.

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She walks in and is everything that I expect. She has long black hair that's so dirty it's sticking to her face and neck.

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She's wearing a smock that looks like a dirty potato sack and her nasty feet are bruised and cut from walking barefoot. She's a plain small drab looking thing. "Well girl, don't you know how to bow when it comes to royalty?" my father says in a very harsh tone.


"Umm.Yes sir, "she says in a shaky voice, which in a way is surprisingly sensual. The next thing that I am not prepared for is when she looks up at us. She has blue eyes that look like ice. I can't seem to look away when her eyes meet mines. I am utterly speechless. How can this girl have an effect on me with just a look? I also notice that she is not as plain as I thought; she has the most luscious pink lips I think I've ever seen. At once I am disgusted with myself and with her which makes me angry.

I instantly look at her with a gaze filled with hate for making me want her and she hurries up and looks back down. My mother asked, "What's your name and age girl?" She answers again in that shaky sensual voice, "Logan and 19 Mrs." "At least this one has some manners and ability to speak" my mother hisses. "Well Logan, first thing first, you cannot be in this house looking like you do, now understand something, we may feed you and dress you, but you are still a slave and are not a part of this family and never forget it.

If you disobey us, the punishments are harsh, and if you betray us, punishment is death." When my father is done his speech, I can see tears slowly gathering in her eyes.

If my parents see this sign of weakness, they will dispose of her. I do not know where this is coming from, but I felt a need to protect her and the only way to do that was get her out of this room as fast as possible. Before I could even think about it I'm speaking, "Mother, if you allow me to be a good son, I will take this wretch and get her cleaned and dressed properly so she does not ruin your grace with her appearance." "Oh, that's my special boy, always worried about his mother.

That would be wonderful dear; I would love not to have to take control for once. I love you son." "I love you too mother." As I say this I look down at her, and I know that my words hurt her and any minute those tears are going to start falling.

I do the only thing I can. "Get up girl, and look at the floor, because until you are presentable, you are not worthy enough to look at any one of us in the eye." She stands up and I grab her by the arm.

We walk in silence until we are out of hearing and finally those tears fall. I don't say anything and let her cry as she keeps her gaze down at the floor. We get into the quarters which will be her room.

I tell her, "This is your room. You will keep it clean and yourself presentable at all times." "Yes sir." "The only tub we have down here is this old claw foot tub that water must be poured into. I will fill it for you, but do not tell my parents about this." "Yes sir." "Do you know any other words?" "You told me not to speak sir." "Look, enough with the sir, you can call me Ian when my parents are not around, but don't let them here you because they will punish you." "Okay…Ian." She smiles a little as she says my name.

I can't help but feel a little excited about this. "There's only one thing that you probably will not enjoy. You will be supervised for the first couple of days by one of us at all times. Today, it is me, which also means that you will have to take a bath while I sit over there.

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I promise not to look, but that is how it has to be." I don't give her a chance to speak. I walk out the room to hide my excitement.

I want to see what her body looks like, even if it is just a glimpse.

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I fill up the large bucket a couple of times and fill the tub. She looks a little nervous, which is exactly how I'm feeling. I go towards the far end of the room and sit in the chair. "You can begin at any time Logan." She stutters a little bit, "okay…Ian." She walks towards the tub and her back is to me. She starts to slide the smock dress off her shoulders. As is slides down her back, I can feel my dick start to harden and press up against my slacks.

When the dress is all the way down her back to the top of her ass, she looks over her shoulder back at me to see if I'm looking. I know she sees me looking and yet she still continues to slide the dress down over her ass and down her long legs to the floor. My dick is fully hard now, knowing that she wants me to look.

As I sit there and take the sight of her in, I realize she has the body of a goddess. She has a very lean back with dimples right above her round perfect ass, which brings my gaze down to those sexy long toned legs. I cannot wait to see her front. She steps in the tub and sits down in the water. I can tell she was trying to hurry because she was done and beginning to stand up in less than five minutes.

As she slowly stands up and gets out the tub, the whole front of her body is exposed to me. I am not disappointed. She has these amazing full C cup breasts with little hard nipples that I just want to swirl my tongue across, a tight flat stomach, and to my surprise, a very smooth shaved pussy. I want her and I know she sees my hard 9 inch dick presses against my pants. She looks at me with those ice blue eyes and I whisper without even realizing, "Who are you?" She cocks her head to the side like she doesn't comprehend what I mean, but she doesn't say anything.

I suddenly realize she needs a towel. I stand up and grab a towel from a closet and walk towards her not even caring that she can know fully see how much she affects me.

I walk towards her, and without knowing why, I unfold the towel and drape it over her shoulders. I'm standing two feet away from her, which I know is not a good idea because I just want to reach out and rub my hand down the front of her body and slide my fingers into that beautiful pussy.

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I decided just to go for it. I had to have her and the way she was looking at me was not helping. I slowly slide my finger up her and down her tight stomach. I grabbed her waist and turned her around so that my hard dick was resting in the crack of her ass.

When she made no move to stop me, I moved my hands around cupping both tits, squeezing and caressing them gently. I heard her whimper as I began to put kisses down her neck and slide my fingers over her nipples.


I put my other hand gently on her waist and began sliding it down towards her pussy. I slide my fingers between her lips and around her clit before I shoved a finger inside her already dripping pussy. I heard her breath catch in her throat. She began to moan steadily as I worked another finger inside her pussy.

After about a minute, suddenly a strong shudder shook her body and she sighed deeply. I felt her wetness flow over my fingers and I knew that she had came. Without warning, her hand slipped back and began rubbing my hard dick. She starts to fumble with my zipper and reaches inside to grasp my dick. I can't stand it anymore.

I take my fingers out her still soaking wet pussy and lead her towards the bed. Then I lean her over the edge of the bed so her perky ass is facing me. I slide my fingers back into her hot pussy fast and finger fuck her hard and place my thumb of my other hand pressing against her sweet little asshole till I feel her pussy muscles contract on my fingers again, and this time I see her juices flowing down my fingers and hand.

I hurry up and take my clothes off and start to rub my cockhead over her pussy lips, getting my dick lubed up before I enter her. We gasped together as I started to slowly slide my dick into her soft warm pussy. Immediately I began thrusting in and out of her sweet pussy. I grabbed her by her hips as I pounded my dick into her. Her pussy was so wet that her ass was making smacking sounds because of her pussy juice on my thighs.

I can tell she loved it because she was pushing back onto my dick when I would slow down trying to get more. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I squeezed her ass cheeks and pushed myself hard up into her. I was about to erupt into that beautiful cunt when I feel her body tense up squeezing my cock and making me moan out cries of release as she yells, "Yes, oh God! Yes!" I fall down on top her back with my dick still inside of her.

We are both sweating and breathing heavy. After about 2 minutes I slide my now softening dick out her pussy. She slowly climbs on top the bed and turns over and flops down on her back. I crawl onto the bed and make my way towards her. She doesn't move, just keeps looking at me. I grab her waist and pick her up so I'm lying down and she's straddling me. I feel my cum and her juices dripping on my body out her pussy as she lies down on my chest with her head on my shoulder.

I wrap my arms around her and think what the hell I have gotten myself into. We lay there in perfect oblivion not saying anything until our comfortable silence is broken by my mother's shouts. I never realized how long Logan and I were down here. We both jump off the bed and scramble to find clothes. I don't think we will make it before my mother walks in. I do not want to know the consequences for Logan if my mother finds us down here like this, but I know they will not be good.