One cock can t please a hot girl

One cock can t please a hot girl
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My car was broken, but it wasn't all bad because my mechanic is an old family friend of mine. He was like an uncle and what's even better is that he lived five minutes from work if I walked.

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Equally as awesome is that I was friend with everyone at the house. Living there was Joanna, Veronica and Tore. Jo was 26 years old and had the longest legs I have ever seen, we actually measured it out one day and figured out her legs were 2/3 of her body. At the top of those gorgeous coffee brown legs was an ample sized ass.

Jo liked to work out a lot so her stomach wasn't exactly a six pack but definitely toned.

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Up top she had pretty good B's and finally an average Hispanic face. She was the oldest daughter and one of my closest friends. I had met her when I went to school with Veronica.

Veronica was a bit shorter and had pretty great legs, no where near Jo's legs but still pretty great. She had no ass to speak of, it was really just like her legs joined her back, but to her advantage she had D's and she knew how to work it. Jo was more conservative and always just wore jeans and a T shirt, but Veronica loved to shake her stuff, often when I was at their house she would come home and be wearing the shortest skirts with the most cleavage.

Her house clothes were pretty awesome too, she would still show massive cleavage but also wear pants that would constantly be falling off her ass (or lack there of) or forget to sit properly when wearing a skirt.

Tore was a different story, she was a cousin of the family whose parents had just died and now had to live with my friends. She was the smallest of them all at only 5'2" she had short legs and small tits but had an ass that wasn't big just perfectly shaped. Tore had barely turned 18 a month before I met her but I would come to find she was pretty versed in life after I got to talk to her a bit.

I am a very friendly guy so it didn't take long for any of them to feel comfortable talking to me about anything and everything, from religion to sex. I had to stay at the house usually sleeping in someone's room while everyone was at work during the day and then just walk to work at night. I got to spend a lot of time with them and became very comfortable, and that's how it all started. I walked in one morning after hanging out after work to eat on the boss' dime when all of a sudden Veronica screamed and ran to her room.

It was too late I had seen her body completely naked and I was very interested, but I knew I had to apologize. I went to her room knocked on the door and said, "Hey V, I'm sorry, didn't know you'd be nude." She opened the door blushing and slightly smiling and said, "Actually I walk around the house naked after a shower usually but you're normally asleep at this time." I explained what had happened but she was still embarrassed, I jokingly offered, "Well, I already knew you were clean shaved." Over the years I'd known this family we talked about a lot of things, no topic was ever too taboo.


She laughed and shot back, "Since you saw me, I guess it's only fair I see you." I don't think she expected me to agree because her eyes started to widen when I took off my shirt.

Now I'm the kind of guy who loves a good joke and am the king of taking things too far so initially I was just going to undress until she stopped me, that was until I was in just my boxers and my fingers were hooked into the waist band, "Are you seriously going to take them off?" she asked, "Yea, but in all fairness, I got a glimpse of you and you're getting a good look at me." Before I could blink she dropped her towel, so I dropped my boxers.

We stood there looking at each other, I realized I'd known this girl for years but never seen her look so beautiful. I didn't even realize that I had walked over and started running my hands on her big breasts. Her hand was reaching out starting to hold my seven inch member.


We started to kiss very passionately, I never realized before that day that either of us felt anything between us but it was all let loose today.

She pulled me by my dick and we went into the living room. Her Yoga mat was already laid out on the floor so there was plenty of room for us.

We lay down with our lips still locked and my hands roaming ever further.

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I started to rub her pussy and she had a quick intake of breath. I was using two fingers and rubbing her clit with my thumb at the same time, she was very wet and enjoying every minute, she said, "Wow if I knew you were this good we would have started long ago.

I kissed her slowly down her body. From her face to her big brown nipples, her light skin gave a good contrast. I kissed further until I reached the male Mecca, a lovely pink paradise dripping with her succulent juices.

I spread her legs apart and started to lick her lips until I found her clit. We must have been thinking the same thing, she just said it first. "I can't believe this is really happening." I licked her clit for a few seconds warming her up as my tongue went lower I could taste more of her lovely nectar.

I stuck my tongue inside of her as far as I could go. When I did that she nearly jumped off the floor. That drove me wild. I was already hard at 6" but this was the hardest I've been in a while. I started licking all over trying to hit everything I could.

I wanted to taste all of her and suck up as much of her female cum as possible. In my haste to eat her out my tongue slipped further south than I intended right to her asshole. This garnered another good reaction, "OH GOD! No one has ever licked there." I liked the reaction so I started to do it more slightly licking around her anus as I continued my journey to make her cum. Finally I latched onto her clit I flicked my tongue across it while I held it in my lips.

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She went buck wild. She wrapped her legs around my head and shook with her orgasm. That lasted for a few minutes until she pulled my head up to hers. I started to kiss her when she just screamed out, "Fuck me, right now! Do it!" Being the good friend that I am, I did what she asked. I was kneeling down and I started to tease her, rubbing my dick on her outer lips.

She couldn't wait. She grabbed me and guided me in. I was going slow at first but couldn't stand the pressure myself so that only lasted about a minute. I started to pound in her, moving the yoga mat under us. Then I flipped over with her still on my dick in a cowgirl position.

Boy did she know how to ride it.

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She was bouncing up and down on my dick furiously. One of my hands grabbed her ass while the other rubbed her clit. She was going crazy again so I grabbed her ass with both hands spreading her cheeks.

She was bouncing like there was no tomorrow. I remembered how crazy she got with the little bit of ass play I had done before so with one hand I started spanking her.

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She could barely respond but when she did she simply said, "Harder." Who was I to say no? I gave her three more good spankings which were hard to aim because of how fast she was bouncing, but then I got a good grip on her ass and slid my right hand down and put one finger in her ass. That was it with that she had a massive orgasm. She went so crazy I had to keep my left hand on her hip just to keep my grip. She rolled off satisfied… or so I thought.


She was panting and seemed tired but managed to say, "Do my ass now!" So I got up behind her and started to carefully fill her pretty little rosebud. I started to slide it in inch by inch when suddenly she shoved back on it. I took that as a good sign.

I started to fuck her ass. I was slamming into her with my hands around her hips. I always loved this girl as a friend but I never in my wildest dreams expected this from her. Apparently she liked it rough so I started to smack her ass again, but this caused me to lose my grip. I guess I didn't really need it though because before I knew it she was reaching back and gripping onto my legs pulling herself further onto my dick.

I needed something for my hands to do so I reached down and gripped her big swinging tits. This sent her off like a rocket.

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She leaned back and kept slamming against me but now her hands were on mine gripping her tits tighter and screaming while I was pinching her nipples. It's a good thing no one was home because she has always been known as the loudest of the three girls.

She kept slamming back until I guess she could tell I was close to being done. She leaned back further and whispered into my ear, "We don't want to make a mess do we? Guess you're gonna have to cum in my mouth." I couldn't react fast enough to matter, I was cumming right then and there, but she managed to jump forward and fall back just in time for me to cum a bit on her tits before she finished milking me in her mouth. I laid back completely exhausted and she got up and showed me the cum in her mouth before quickly swallowing, "Well I do have to be ready now, actually I'm late, but I hope my dad doesn't finish your car anytime soon, we'll have to do this again, friend." She laughed as she walked to her room and changed.

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I caught my breath before going to my temporary room and cleaning up and heading straight to bed. When I woke up later Torre was the only one home so I was a little disappointed but I could wait, little did I know I wouldn't have to.