Culazo calza negra en el centro

Culazo calza negra en el centro
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I've been looking at the site for a few months now and decided to write a story about the first time I had sex with the person who would become my wife. I'm not a professional writer so be easy on me.

This was 2 months over 40 years ago, so the details may be off and the conversations may not be totally accurate but I tried to convey the feeling at the time. All names mentioned are not our real names, of course.

=========================================================================================== I had transferred from a two year junior college to a four year university in Air Force ROTC and had just gotten to the university from ROTC summer camp. I also was active in marching band at the university. This is were I met a very nice lady, Kay (for the purposes of this story). Then she was about 5'7", shoulder length dishwater blond hair and glasses but what attracted me to her was her 'larger than normal' back end, OK butt.

She played clarinet and usually marched a few people in front of me in band formations as I played percussion. Kay was also involved with ROTC as a sophomore when we met. I talked to her a few times after marching band rehearsal and found out she lived about 30 miles from the town where the university is.

I thought that I wasn't making any headway on getting to know her better so I just left it at that. About a month after school started, on a Thursday night, I was at the student union playing pinball in the bowling alley in the union (this was1976 just after the bicentennial) and Kay comes into the bowling alley to shoot some pool on the one snooker table the union had.

It turned out she had come to the union for a club meeting that night and was killing some time. I came over to her and started talking to her. She invited me to play against her. I had never played snooker before so I had no idea what I was doing. She explained the game to me and we started playing. As expected, she pretty much beat me hands down the first match. She racked the balls up again and we played the second game. I got better this time as I learned the game and it was much closer than the first game.

The third game started and Kay said something that floored me, figuratively. Kay said "Brad, if you ever beet me, I'll have sex with you". I asked, a single game or 2 out of 3. Kay said 2 out of 3. This made things much more "interesting".

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I asked Kay if she had a boy friend and she said currently, no. I thought things may be looking up, but I didn't want to go too fast, even if I did beat her at some point. Kay beat me again, 3 straight games. I paid for the table rental and thank Kay for teaching me the game.


She said she loves to play snooker and learned to play from her older brother. I thought this might be a one night only deal and didn't think she would show up next Thursday.

All night in the dorm I thought about Kay and playing snooker and how I might having sex with her, if I beat her. My mind was running on overdrive and the different possibilities raced.

I did want to have sex with her but need to play it cool. A week later, Kay did show up at the student union bowling ally and again, we played snooker. She was dressed in gray slacks and a cotton blouse with a bra underneath. This is the night things changed. She beat me the first game as usual but the next game, I just barely beat her. She seemed surprised and a little nervous with the possibility that she would have to come through with her bet.

The third game was tight, going back and forth. In the middle of the game, Kay asked me if I had a condom. I said yes, but I thought she might be on the pill. She was, but she wanted to be "doubly sure". I made the winning shot and Kay took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. Then said, " OK, pay for the table", which I did.

She took my hand and led me to her car, a few blocks away from the Union. Outside, she took my arm as we walked down the street to her car (a late 1960's Chrysler with bucket seats in the front and bench seat in the back) "You learn fast.

I thought it would be a few more weeks before you would beat me", she said, "let's see what else you can learn tonight", placing her head on my shoulder. "Pretty night", I said, "almost as pretty as the company I'm width" "Thank you" and then said, "I've seen you glancing at me from time to time in band and drill" "Was I that obvious?" "Yes, and I've been glancing at you too.

I thought it was time we got to know each other. I wasn't too interested at first, but you grew on me. You didn't push yourself at me and I liked that. All my other boy friends, all of them, tended to touch first and ask questions later." We both laughed at that as we got to her car.

She unlocked the passenger side for me to get in, I reached over and unlocked the driver side. Getting in the car, Kay stared it and we drove off into the early night. I said, "So you thought I would beat you sometime?" "There was always that possibility, but I was prepared if you did" "Prepared?", I blurted.

"I'm not a virgin. I do like intercourse, with the right guy. I thought maybe, well.ahhh" "That I was a virgin", I said, "well, I'm not but I've only been with one other woman that didn't last that long" "How long?" "Five times, once with out a condom and I came rather quickly", I came back Kay then goes on to tell me, she had been on the pill since 16.

And thank goodness for that because most of her boy friends didn't like to use a rubber. Kay lights up a Swishier Sweet and goes on. Of the guys she had been with until then, didn't do to much to get her off, most of the time it was a one time session.

A thought was starting to form in my mind. If this was going to go any where, I had better learn how to please Kay. Driving on the rural roads near town, we got out into the country about 20 miles when we came to a dirt road. Kay turns on the dirt road and drives a few hundred feet to another path where there was a gate.

Kay pulls up to the gate and tells me to open it and she will pull through then close it behind the car. I did that and got back in. Kay said that this land was her Uncle Chris's land and we drive a few hundred more feet to a clump of tress where Kay turns off the engine.

Kay opens her door after she moves the driver seat all the way forward and tells me to get in the back seat with her and change sides, so I was now on the driver side in the back seat. It was dark but just enough light to have an idea what was going on. Knowing we had come out there to have sex, I leaned forward and took Kay in my arms and began to kiss her.

Fist on the lips and I could smell the tobacco on them, then gradually into french kissing. I started kisses her cheek and to her ear and started nibbling on her left earlobe. I could feel Kay start to take deep breaths has I moved around her face from ear lobe to earlobe.

Then she reaches up and starts to run her fingers through my hair. I took my left hand and started to gently massage her right breasts, through the material of her blouse and bra.

I could get a slight feel of her nipple getting hard through the material. I felt the weight of her breast and gently kneaded it. Wanting a good feel of the breast, I started to unbutton Kay blouse, getting all the buttons undone. I could then see her bra in the low light. Opening up her collar, I started kissing down Kay's neck to her shoulders. I also started to pull her blouse from out of her slacks, being gentle as I go. Getting her blouse out, I reach behind kay and tried to unhook her bra.

Kay stopped me, sat up, reached behind her and unclasps it, removing her blouse before taking off her bra. I took my shirt off over my head and we were now both topless. Kay has some very nice breasts with eraser size nipples of about 2" in diameter and nice brown areolas. I started fondling her breasts again as we started french kissing again still tasting a bit of tobacco.

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I raised up and looked down between us. There were no light on in the back seat but there was a bright moon out, not sure if it was full then. I was able to make out details between us. I brushed my nipples against hers left and right as she sighed. Kay put her hands on my shoulders and pressed down, giving me a hint that she wanted me to "go further south". I took the left nipple into my mouth and stated sucking on it and felt it swell in my mouth. My tongue moving over it and my teeth gently grabbed it.

Kay's breathing started to get shallow after she took a deep breath. I moved to the right nipple and did the same thing. I remember that Kay wore slacks that had a zipper on the left hip as I tried to unzip her pants. After I got Kay's pants unzipped. I pulled her pants and panties down.

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She lifted her butt off the back seat as I was able to get the pants down to her knees. Kay was "natural" down there with a night black bush.

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Kay pushed me down further and I thought, If I am to have another chance with Kay, I'd better do as she request. I got her pants all the way down to the floor board. I was able to wedge myself between the front and back seat, my legs crossing the drive shaft cover. Fumbling with my wallet, I was able to drop it to the floor as well (that's where I had the condom for later use). Spreading Kay"s legs, I moved closer to her groin and opening Kay's vaginal lips with my fingers In high school and junior college, I had been reading off and on the Penthouse Forum, this was my opportunity to try out some of the stuff I had read about.

I slightly blew on Kay's groin and she let out a audible "ahhh". Moving closer, I stuck out my tongue and gently licked her exposed clit and moved my tongue up and down on it. Kay pushed my head into her vagina and said "ohmygod, yes". Slowly she started to push her lips into my face and pull back. I sucked in her clit in my mouth and wrapped my teeth in my lips to hold her clit in place.

Started to move my tongue over her clit and around it. "Oh, god, Brad yes!!!.That's it" she blurted out. I then inserted a finger into her vagina and curled it up to massage the upper wall of her vagina.

Pulling my finger out then in, I started to finger fuck Kay. She got wetter as I moved my finger in and out as I licked her clit with my tongue. Kay increased her hip rotation as I tried to stay in contact with her groin. Lifting her ample butt of the back seat then brought it back down. Her breathing now was raspy and shallow.

"Yes.yes.yes, that's it.oh my, yes." Kay goes on. "Oh, please, oh it" And after a few minutes of this, she raises her butt of the seat and screams, "YESsssssss".

I felt her vaginal muscles clasps around my finger as she throws her head back and collapse on the seat."ahhhh.ahhhh.ahhhh" she goes on.

She seemed like she had past out, but I still kept eating her.


Finally Kay says, "Oh please stop. It's starting to hurt". I rose up slightly and reach for my wallet and found the condom package. I pulled down my pants and under pants, then rolled the condom on my penis.

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I was moving into position to enter Kay, but she put her hands up and stopped me. "Not yet, Brad. Let me calm down a bit." I thought Kay was going to change her mind and we would be leaving in a few moments but she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my lips down to hers and we French kissed. "Thank you.Thank you" Kay goes on over and over. "only one other guy I've been with has done that, and he didn't get me off like that." There was a big smile on my face and I thought, I might be able to do this again with Kay.

Then we French kissed again and I moved off her lips and started kissing her cheek and nibbling on her left earlobe. Wrapped her arms, again, around my neck and we laid there for a few moments. Kay nodded 'yes' and said "Ok". Raising up I aimed my penis at Kay's vagina. She also guided me to her opening and I felt her lips open up to the head of my penis in the condom. Sliding in, and I went all the way in, balls deep.

It felt incredible as I slid in. It felt like the only thing that existed was my penis in Kay's vagina. I would like to say, I lasted a good 10 minutes and gave her another orgasm, but I didn't. I really lasted about 7 to 10 strokes before I came in the condom. Telling her that I had just cum, she asked if I had another one. I said I only had the one that night.

She whispered in my ear as we held each other close, "Next time, bring more" Wow, she wants a 'next time'. I was starting to go soft as I pulled out and held onto the condom so it didn't pull off. Sitting on the bench seat next to Kay, I pulled the condom off and tied it off.

We had the back windows rolled down a bit, Kay pulls out another Swishier and lights it up. I was going to put my pants back on but Kay said, "Not so fast, we wont be bothered here. We have a while." I said, "It sounds like you've done this before here." "Yes, a few times.

Like I've said, I'm not a virgin." she came back and flicked some ashes out the window. Kay and I sat there for a while, naked, talking about ourselves, about our schooling, what we wanted in ROTC. We moved to each other in the center of the back seat and held each other as we talked, then hugged.

Kay is the oldest daughter of 4 kids, a older brother, then Kay, younger brother and sister, in that order. We finally decided to go back to the University and she drove me back to the dorm (after we got dressed). At the dorm, I kissed her good night and we talked that we should keep the night quiet and keep it cool in band and ROTC group class. When I got in to the dorm, I took the condom and flushed it. I wasn't sure if I should have kept it as a reminder of a wonderful night.

Laying in bed, I went over the whole night, over and over again. Trying to remember everything we did.

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I slept with a smile on my face, thinking of Kay and hoping there would be a 'next time'. The next day and a few days after, we played it as if nothing happened. I hope to write more later.

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