Gay boys having sex with straight first time Almost simultaneously

Gay boys having sex with straight first time Almost simultaneously
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.Mac is a truck driver, middle aged, about forty four I think. Gloria is Mac-s wife; she would be about forty one, maybe younger. They live a block from our house.

I have known them for years. Gloria and my mother are the best of friends. .Because of mom and Gloria-s friendship both couples attended many a party together. I call her Aunty Gloria. She has been in my life pretty much from the outset. . I was watching TV when mom and dad stumbled in from the party they had attended, Halloween I believe.

They were smashed, of that there was no doubt. Mom asked me to drive Gloria and Mac home. I jumped at the opportunity. .Jeez. I thought, DUI., mom., wtf. .First I made sure dad got to bed. Mom could not carry dad to their bedroom; neither could I…, but we managed… Dad is funny when he is drunk.

.Mom was sitting in the kitchen waiting for her coffee; mom always has a cup before bed. .Once I was done with dad I went outside to drive Gloria and Mac home. They were not in the car., had they decided to walk home? …… I took off like a rabbit towards their home.

. I caught up to then just as they were climbing the stairs onto their porch. I ran up behind them: --- Here, let me help you Gloria. .I startled Gloria, Mac never heard me. Gloria said they were ok, and thanked me. I insisted on helping her with Mac. Mac was not disagreeable; he just wanted to make it to bed. Mac is a big man, an easy 230. -- Les the boy help Glor—no ne-d in you hurt-n you-self hell-in me . [ Mac was sloshed.] .

It took me about five minutes to get Mac to bed. He crashed fully clothed in the guest room on the main floor of their house. I had no intention of undressing him. Not my thing. .Plus., his wife was unprotected tonight and I was going to collect. You see, Gloria committed an indiscretion a couple of years back, when I was fifteen, and I caught her.

.She had told me it was a onetime thing and that booze had impaired her judgement. I accepted that but caught her again about three months later., lucky me. .Her lover dumped her about a month after that. She was pretty upset but what could she do, after all she is a married woman. .The last time I caught them I told Gloria I wanted something for my silence.

She asked what I wanted; I just winked and ran away. I remember what her ex said, as I ran away: --- That boy wants to fuck ya Gloria. .Her reply: --- I cannot do that Jim, he is so young. I am very good friends with his parents. --- You may have to if you want to keep your marriage intact. .On this lovely October night I was heading back to Gloria after checking on mom and dad.

Dad was sleeping; mom had finished her coffee and was in bed, I did not open the bedroom door to check on mom. . I book-d it to Mac and Gloria-s house only to find out that she had gone to bed. NO matter, I had Mac-s key. Success favours the prepared mind; I do not remember who said that… .Tonight is the night Gloria. I have waited too long. .I entered the house quietly, taking my shoes off, I checked in on Mac; sound asleep.

Up the stairs I strode., two steps at a time., in a hurry, not much. .Gloria was sitting on her bed when I walked in on her. She looked at me without fear, without happiness. --- I do not want to Glen, Gloria said to me. .I never answered, there was no point. I was going to fuck Gloria. I took off my shirt, pants, kicked off my sandals and dropped my shorts to the carpet.

I stood naked right in front of her. .She looked me straight in the eye: --- I said I was not going to do it Glen. .I stood there naked, looking at Gloria, confident she would capitulate once she saw my teenage body, and my hard pointing right at her.

.Gloria dropped her gaze, surveying my body, eyeing my cock. She returned to my eyes; --- Very nice Glen, but the answer is still no. --- No tonight, or no period ?

--- No period ! [ She looked at me again., I thought I saw some interest in her eyes. ] --- Why ? --- Mac is here. --- Maybe when he is not ? --- Glen, you are so young., and your Kyle and Allie-s son. [Her eyes kept going back to my body; my chest, cock., all of me.] --- I am going to check on Mac.

I will be right back., I said. --- No., don-t go like that Glen, put your clothes on. . It was too late I was out the door. Gloria came scampering after me but I was half way down the stairs by the time she reached the door to her bedroom. I heard her desperate plea-s. all be it done quietly. . Mac was sound asleep. I went back to Gloria. [ One has to be careful when running naked with a hard on.

it kind of hurts the way it whips around., I discovered.] .When I reached her bedroom door she was pissed, of that there was no doubt. Gloria quietly shut the door behind me and in quiet mode., tore a strip off me., much to my shielded pleasure.

.I looked her in the eyes, her angry eyes. Fuck she looked steamed. I loved it. --- I love you Gloria. Even as a little kid I loved you. Of course now that I am a man I have strong desires for you. Give me a little something to hold me over and I will go. .I watched her expression change to one of astonishment. --- I am an old woman Glen.

Why? --- Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius said that Aunty. Please do not turn me away, you will break my heart. .I said that with all sincerity; lust aside, I truly loved her. [Although I admit throwing in the aunty part was a suck up.] --- Oh Glennie baby, this could never work. [ She used to call me Glennie when I was young.] .Gloria had taken my face in her hands, her demeanour had done a 180.

I could see the compassion in her eyes. .My body tingled all over. She was holding my face and that feeling flooded my body. My hands found her and pulled her toward me. I forced a kiss on her.


I held her tightly and kissed her with all the passion an 18 year old male can muster. --- Ungghh ! . [ I crushed her.] &hellip. She is ravishing. I could rape her I got so hot for her.

.Gloria stopped struggling, accepting her fate I suppose. My hands found her waist, that beautiful tapered waist. I pushed her backwards towards her bed., she attempted to halt me, but to no avail. .WE reached the bed and Gloria went over backwards onto her bed. I scooped up her nightie exposing that gorgeous wide crotch of hers. fuck it was perfect to my desires…, and at least the equal to what I imagined.

…… My face found itself nuzzled up against her pussy. my lips to hers, my tongue licking anything between her legs. There was no control…, lust running wild. .Gloria-s hands never left my head. She pushed against my head but I was determined to lick her pussy. ---- NO Glennie.

No sweaty we can-t. .I came up from her crotch like a Shark jumping thru the Ocean surface after prey. my face heading for hers. I watched my cock disappear into Gloria. there are no words to describe the feeling of entering a new woman, that alone a woman one has desired for several years.

.I did not last very long. Gloria had no chance; I fucked her and came. my dick unloaded… My body went rigid, then jerked with each short of cream into that fucking fantastic cunt of Gloria-s. .I must have been loud because I felt her hand cover my mouth. .Lying in bed at home; … I admonished myself. I did not give myself enough time to see her body. -- DAMN IT ! I would have to be more controlled next time.

But, I fucked her. I fucked Gloria. ------------Ungghh ! [ I shot a fist into the air. ] Who would have thought an old Chinaman would have provided me with the words needed to disarm her. I smiled. I doubt Confucius had in mind what I used his words for . Ah Confucius. I love ya man. .A few minutes had passed when I saw mom come into my room, I almost never close the door. ---You alright Glen. I thought I heard a noise ? ---Ya., I am alright mom, I just cleared my throat.

[ I am lying to my mother; not my most honourable night. ] .She stood in the doorway for a minute or so and then came over and sat on my bed. I was surprised. I could not remember the last time mom had been in my room late at night, that alone 3:09AM.

[ I have a digital clock in my room.] .She wanted to talk about the party and how much fun she had. I listened to mom tell her story. It was actually very interesting. [ My mother gets very soft spoken and reflective after she has had something to drink.] .After about fifteen minutes I noticed she had gathered a corner of my top blanket and was trying to keep herself warm. Without thinking I grabbed the blanket away from her; --- Com-on mom, get under the blankets and continue your story, I am finding it very interesting.

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… And that was no bull shit. .She slipped under the blankets and we made ourselves comfortable. Mom picked-up on the tale of her evening and night.

She talked for another half hour; more or less, before she fell asleep in my arms. I commented from time to time as she talked. .Mom had a great time, I was happy for her., she is a sweet woman. I lay in my bed holding mom. After mom fell asleep I started to think about Gloria and all the times I had looked her over, hoping and praying I could get a chance to fuck her. I admitted to myself that was not a very nice way to think about a woman who for all intense purposes was my aunt.

Holding mom was nice, she was warm and soft to hold. Mom is shorter than me. She fit into my body almost perfectly. I loved my mother. I gave mom a loving kiss on her head and returned to Gloria. . I woke up: … I had no idea what time it was; my back to the clock, but it was still very dark outside. . I felt warm. To my horror I became aware of my right hand cupping moms left breast. To be more accurate I was feeling her up, playing with her nipple., her erect nipple.

--- Wtf.[ I whispered under my breath. ] She had her hand over mine, holding me to her breast like she would the man she loves., dad. .My arm was trapped under her neck. I tried to move back but the sheets were under me, at least partially.

There was no way out for my right hand. I tried to move; mom moaned or mumbled something. . I FROZE. . I figured if I suddenly stopped feeling her tit or tried to get my arm out she would wake and shit would hit the fan. My mind was in a chess game and it was sorely over matched. .My hand and fingers felt like they were part of some puppet with strings attached because my fingers were playing with mom-s nipple.

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I seemed unable to stop them. Mom mumbled something else. She pushed her ass against me, giving it a little thrust.

She pressed my hand farther into her top, pushing my hand hard against her tit. .Moms nipple was hard, and I had to admit it felt good. I squeezed it; this time of my own free will. I played with mom-s breast., tracing a circle. She must have felt me feeling her., obviously. She mumbled again, swirling her ass against me. .The blankets were loose on her side so she had little trouble freeing her legs. Rubbing her ass against me got me hard., mom reached behind her, pulled up her nightie., moved her leg so it was hooked behind my upper leg.

Opening herself up at the same time. She reached back between her spread legs into my boxers. pulling my cock out thru the fly. In seconds mom had me positioned to enter her. .I had little to time to react. and what could I do anyway. I was trapped. She pushed back., I entered my mother. [ I confess, I pushed into her also.

] Mom-s grinding hardened me and soon I started to move with her . Her ass picked up the tempo as she got hotter and hotter. I knew we would both come., then what ? . Mom fucked me, I fucked my mother., from behind. the spoon position. She came with little fan fare. I could feel her though. Her tiny gasp, nearly in-audible, was so sweet. The sweetest orgasm I ever heard. My chest wanted to burst I was so in love with her. . It was a couple of minutes later when I came .

unloading in mom . she moaned again.mumbled again., and fell asleep. I was left to struggle with my conscience alone., perhaps not a bad-thing. It was a few minutes before I pulled out of my mother. [So much for my conscience]. I moved around in her after I came.

Damn she felt fine. . Mom lies there while I fuck her; a second time. taking my time this time. I really enjoy her. the feel of her. The snugness of her pussy, it feels perfect to warm and slippery - the softness of her cheeks.

I move like a cork-screw in her.stirring mom; what a treasure to fuck - my cock reaming her. I stop., I rest., and I screw her some-more. It was beginning to get light outside before I finished with mom.

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I lay there comparing mom and Gloria of all things. I fucked Gloria, of that there was NO DOUBT. And, I wanted to fuck her again. Mom was tighter though. .I smiled; my mother is a good fuck. I felt proud. I wondered how this could happen. Dad and I are about the same height, we are both slender., and I guess as of now we are both fuckng my mother. I sure hope dad has had a chance to fuck Gloria.

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Hoping for equality of guilt I suppose. Eventually mom rolled away from me and I got out of bed. took a pee and went down-stairs to sleep on the chesterfield. Dad woke me near 9:00am. He was going golfing with some of his buddies from last night-s party. --- I see your mom crashed in your room Glen.

--- Ya. she was excited and wanted to tell me all about the party. She said she had a great time dad. .I shielded my eyes from the light., giving myself an excuse not to look my father in the eye. I was not quite there yet. ---Ya., she seemed to Glen. I will be back about two., would you let your mother know please. ---Ya. Will do dad. .I laid there on the chesterfield for a good half hour., re-living last night. I fucked Gloria last night., a quickie to be sure; but I got her., and mom.

good Lord, how did that happen. man is she hot. my own mother. .My hands shot to my face., groan., and what an ass. Oh God. I have got to fuck her again. Gloria too. Aunty Gloria and mom., maybe it is true.INCEST is best. --- GROAN. --- I RULE ., says the cocky eighteen year old. Glen smiles as he dashes to the shower. .Dad is gone until 2., that gives me and mom 4 hours to fuck.

-- YES ! The fist in the air again. The shower rains down on Glen., as he thinks about - about., his conquests. Glen loves a hot shower. Glen-s mind and body power trip the glory of last night. . I will just sne--- --------------------- G L E N ! -------------------- .g u l p . --- Coming mom. . I dried myself off., knowing full well that all was not well. I have heard that voice before.

.Wrapping my towel around my waist I proceeded to my bedroom, peaking into the room. She had closed the windows, turned on my music. I looked at her and could see not one ounce of motherly love. --- Is the house locked ? --- Yes. --- Come here Glen, and close the door. -- OK. .She turned up the volume to drown out what was coming. .MY mother, sweet and happy mom., easy going mom., sexy assed mom., unleashed an - F 5 tornado in my bedroom .

There were no tears.[a quick glance showed]. Her eyes were NOT filled with hatred. .JUST PURE FUCKING ANGER. Gloria: .Gloria rested her head on her forearm as the bus moved along Main Street. She was going in early today; meeting of department heads. She was thinking about Glennie., not work like she should be. .Gloria felt something touch the inside of her left knee. It did not register. the bus was packed, bum to bum so to speak. .Glen had come to see her several days ago very upset. Seems he and Allie had a serious argument, the gist of which he would not divulge.

Gloria was busy so she asked him to come back after work., say 5:30pm. Mac had an over-nighter so Gloria thought sex would help Glennie out. She knew she was tempting fate. She had a huge soft spot for Glennie., other than the one between her legs.

.On the selfish side she wanted to experience his enthusiasm again. Gloria wanted to try a position Jim had introduced to her. She would never try it with Mac. He would wonder where she got the idea from. to risky. Anyways, Glennie was totally infatuated with her crotch.

little rascal. .Gloria smiled to herself at the thought of his eyes. Saucers., they will be huge when she puts herself on display, this position will surely do that. Gloria chuckled quietly to herself.

.Darren kept his hand on his knee, close to her skirt. He had seen her on the bus and the train several times. he remembered her crotch, wide., spacious. He was hoping he could feel the heat from her pussy, but first he had to get his hand under her skirt unnoticed. .She seemed to be deep in thought.


Darren thought. This lady had wide hips, he knew that about her. She was tall, as tall as he was. He remembered standing behind her on the train one night as she went home from work. She never noticed but he pressed his arm against her ass.and held it there for most of the trip home. .Once he actually felt heat from her ass., my God she must be something to fuck.

Darren had chosen her as one of his babes to stalk. hoping to get her somehow. She was the oldest one, but definitely a hot woman. Darren fantasized about her cunt often. It must be something to have her spread wide. all that crotch to lick. mmmm. .Fuck., he remembered jacking off to that feeling. Now he wanted more from her. .The bus was an express bus. it made allot of stops at the beginning of its route, a couple of stops at train stations along the way.

Then ten plus minutes on the express-way before letting the passengers off at three stops in the city-s downtown. .The driver had to make a hurried stop, jostling the passengers around some. Gloria kept her balance because she was holding onto the security bar and had her feet spread. When she tried to move her feet back together she felt a leg. Looking down she saw the black lady beside her had placed her foot strategically just inside her right foot.

She noticed Gloria looking down; ---Hope you do not mind sugar; I did not want to fall on you. ---Not, that is ok. .The lady went back to reading her book, holding it up in front of her face while at the same time holding onto the buses security bar. [ She must have strong hands Gloria thought.] Gloria looked out the window, taking in the view of the harbour. Gloria liked this view. She kept looking outside until the scene was gone. She rested her head on her forearm. ---Early morning hon--.

The black lady said. ---Yes, a meeting, going to be along day. Gloria replied. .The conversation stopped as the black lady went back to her book. Gloria looked down at the young man sitting in front of her, edge on, with his left shoulder closest to her.

He kind of looked like Glennie from atop.except he is black.well dark brown. Glennie was quite dark when he tanned. .She looked outside at the passing vehicles; soon she drifted back to the early evening a few days back when Glen was visiting her.

Gloria remembers how he kept checking her out. .Bitch!

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. Of course he would., I was wearing only my house coat., Gloria mused. How excited he got when I asked him to check the doors to make sure they were locked. .The noise he made and the look on his face when he came back to find me bent over the end of the sofa, ass in the air, naked as the day I was born. My legs spread wide. .Gloria almost laugh out loud on the bus as she thought about Glen tripping over his pants on his way to fuck her., he was in such a hurry.

Glen is a human jack hammer when it comes to fucking her crotch. Gloria looked at the black lady., who had just interrupted her thoughts with an unsolicited hug., or something. She had slide to her left hand onto Gloria-s right hip bone. .The black ladies left hip bone was centered on Gloria-s right cheek.

---What ? Gloria asked her, coming out of her semi-dream state. ---Enjoy the ride sugar. She answered. .Gloria did not understand.

[ wtf was she talking about.] ------------------------------------------------ GASP ! . Gloria jumped.

She felt a hand pressing her panties into the folds of her pussy. Gloria tried to move but had nowhere to go. .The man to her left had his back to her, rain coat hanging from his shoulders like a cape. He was talking sports to his companion. She had the black lady to her right. up tight to her. .The guy sitting in the seat on the wheel well had his face buried in his newspaper.

She could feel at least two people directly behind her. bumping her as the bus moved along its route. .The Pakistani lady sitting with the young man was sleeping, or at least resting with her eyes closed. Gloria released her left hand from the security bar to push the hand away from her. At precisely that moment the bus lurched again throwing her off balance.

she bumped into the man with the rain coat. ----Sorry ! . He turned his head; --- That is ok honey. and returned to his pal before she could say anything. When Gloria was jostled she had to move her feet to maintain her balance. thus opening her legs even wider. Her young molester took the opportunity to swipe his hand the full length of her crotch .once in each direction. ----------------------------GASP! .Gloria tried to move her feet closer but was thwarted by other passenger-s foot.

Her attention shifted momentarily to a big tractor roaring alongside the bus on its way to someplace with it-s cargo. Those big trucks frightened the hell out of her. .She felt a finger slip past the leg of her panties; that finger moved her panties aside some - and her young molester slid his fingers along the furrows of her womanhood.

on either side of her lips - searching - feeling her.

. Gloria felt a finger inter her vagina. God could no one see- she felt paralyzed - Gloria was being fingered on a public transportation vehicle. .Gloria moved her hand downward to remove his hand.

.He looked up at her., his eyes. young. puppy dog eye-s. misty with love., and lust.his black skin glowed. His beautiful young brown eyes showed total infatuation. Glennie all over again. .then the corps de grace.

He mouthed; --- I love you. .Gloria-s tongue slipped out., of its own free will., in a sensual response to what her crotch was being treated too. Her eyes did a semi-roll. . .Mindy watched this tall lady struggle with her circumstance. She felt sorry for her in a way. and envious. .

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.Gloria was sunk: . She buried her face in her coat sleeve. she stood open legged as a young man rubbed her; fingered her. ---- Ungghh; escaped from Gloria-s mouth; a quiet sound to be sure. She could not help it. Gloria was very aware of her surround. .Her molester moved his finger in her as if he was stirring a drink. making a circle pressuring her vaginal opening on all sides.

. Fuck it felt good. .He slipped a second finger into her. He rotated his fingers inside Gloria. He touched her clit with his thumb; two digits and a thumb worked Gloria up. .Fuck, she could not believe it. On a fucking bus yet ! .Her clit and vagina had the luxury of hiding under her skirt. While her calves, feet, arms and face would have to contend with the up-coming wave of pleasure in full view of the other passengers.

.Two things intervened on behalf of Gloria-s dignity. First a diesel unit went by roaring so load it covered any sounds she made., or anyone else for that matter. Secondly the young black woman beside her turned slightly, pulling Gloria tight to her.

Gloria locked her knees hoping to stop most of her motion. Her feet betrayed her. she could not stop her feet from flexing., rising up on her toes, moving up and down. Slight as that movement might be anyone watching closely would know what was happening. .Gloria looked to the young black woman with the wild hair; ---- Help ? . She mouthed in the din of the diesel motor. .The young black woman squeezed Gloria tightly, in an attempt help. Gloria could feel the young black woman-s pubic bone rubbing against her thigh.

She was barely moving but this motion had an effect on the young black woman. she could see that in her face. .Gloria looked at her just as her orgasm was beginning. The young woman was biting her lip.

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she smiled slightly at Gloria while crossing her eyes; an attempt to thwart her own rising pleasure.,and acknowledging her own plight at the same time. . Gloria got off the bus carefully.her strength had not fully returned. Mindy helped her. A male passenger helped and inquired as to her state. .Gloria and Mindy, the black woman-s name. shared a laugh over this as they walked together on their way towards their respective work places.

Gloria looked a Mindy: --- I hope I do not burst out laughing in the middle of my presentation this morning.