Busty blonde interracial milf hottie

Busty blonde interracial milf hottie
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Kellianna and Jasmina were comin home from camp.

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They were volunteers and worked from 9 am to 6 pm. Usually they would get a ride from someone at work, but decided against it. "Kelli." jasmina said "What?" Jasmina pushed kelli against the wall of a building.

"What are you doing, Jas?" kelli asked. Jas didnt respond. Instead she kissed Kelli. Kelli wanted her to stop, but she kissed her back. They were kissing deeply, tongues touching and mouths wide open. Jas held kelli by her ass and grabbed it. Kelli wrapped her arms around Jas's neck. After five minutes of intense kissing, Kelli pulled away.

"Baby, you got to stop doing that. Yet alone in public" Kelli said "But i needed it, you were taunting me all day with your ass" Jas smacked kelli's ass and rubbed it. "Let's talk about this tomorrow ok.

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Mom is waiting for me" "Fine. But i want some juice though" Jas said with a mischevious smile on her face.


Without responding, Kelli pulled Jas into anyempty alleyway. She pulled off her pants and layed them on the ground under her.

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She looked at Jas and spread her legs. Jas smiled. She had seen the wet spot on Kelli's panties. So Jas ducked betweeen Kelli's legs and began licking at the wet spot. Kelli moaned and grabbed her boobs. Jas licked faster, goin up and down. With all the moaning Kelli was doing, she screamed and had an orgasm. Jas climbed up to Kelli's face and kissed her, giving Kelli a taste of her own juice.

Kelli relaxed for a minute then put her pants back on. Jas helped her up and walked her home. The next day, Kelli called Jas. "Jas?" kelli asked. "Yeah baby?" "Call the girls and bring them over. My parents are out of town and they can stay over" "Alright. We'll be over in a bit" They hung up.

Jas called Adrianna.

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Adrianna was 16 years old, had blonde hair, with green eyes, light pale skin and had an average body. "Hello?" "Adri, its me Jas. Kelli said that her parents are out of town and that we could stay over.

Can you come?" "Yeah, i'll be there in 10 mintues ok?" "ok i'll meet ya there" Then Jas called Maya. Maya was 18 years old, black hair with hazel eyes, had a darkercaramel color skin with a sexy body like Kelli.

"Maya here" "Hey maya, its Jas" "Wassup baby?" "Kelli said her parents were out of town and we could stay over. Up for it?" "Hell Yeah mama. I'll be there in five. Cya" They hung up. Jas got some things she needed and left to Kelli's house. When she arrived to Kelli's house, she knocked on the door. "Hey!" Kelli had opened the door.

Jas walked in and seen the girls in the living. she put her bags down and joined them. "hey jas" the girls said. Jas had sat on the floor. Kelli walked in and sat in front of Jas, while Jas wrapped her arms aroound Kelli. "You guys look so adorable together" Maya said.

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"When you really like someone, you tend to be around them more than often" Jas smiled and kissed Kelli's neck. "So what we gonna do this weekend?" Adri asked. "What we always do. Have fun" Jas responded. "Well, i say we split up this week.

2 girls at different times" Kelli said. "I like it. Lets start now" Maya said excited.

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"I called Kelli and her parent's room" Jas said first. "I call Maya in the bathroom" Adri said. Everyone looked around and smiled. Jas immediately began feeling Kelli. "Hey! your not in her parents room yet. So get there, then you can do all that" Maya said. Jas and Kelli smiled. Everyone got up and went to their places.

Maya and adri had arrived to the bathroom.

Maya walked in first and stood looking around like she had never seen the bathroom. Behind her Adri slams the door and dropped her bag on the floor. "Well, well. I get my little princess all alone"Adri said as she walked up behind Maya and slid her puts down.

"You always have me, baby. I run this world" Maya responded. Adri walked around to the front of maya and bent down. "I rock your world and you know it princess" Adri seen a wet spot and licked it. Maya instantly became weak. Her knees trembled. Maya moaned. Adri stopped and stood up. she grabbed Maya closer and felt over her body. Maya kissed her neck, as she played with Adri's breasts. They Continued for five minutes, then Adri told Maya to get undressed and get in the tub.

Maya was confused because she didnt know what Adri had in mind. So, Maya took everything off and got into the big dry tub. When sheturned to look for Adri, she was shocked. Adri was standing with a dildo in her hand, black leatherheels and a strap on. Maya felt so horny, she started to feel her pussy.

Adri got into the tub with Maya and kissed her while putting the dildo on the side.Maya got up and leaned over her and said, "I run this world baby". With out any delay, she slid herself onto the strap on. She lightly moaned, but began to gently bounce on the dildo. Adri put her hands on Maya's hips to control her. Maya kissed Adri while she was still bouncing, only this time she was going harder and faster. Adri helped her by holding her hips and making her go up and down.

Maya was moaning loudly and couldn't control her moans. She bounced faster on Adri. She felt Adri's tongue on her nipples and it made her more horny. The faster she went, the closer she would climax. Maya was so close to climaxing, she had to grab the sides of the tub to keep her from stopping.

One more bounce, she had screamed Adri's name. She was still bouncing, but slowly and more steady kissing Adri. Adri kissed her back more deeply. With a sigh, Maya layed on Adri, with the strap on still in her. "mmmm. Adri, baby?" Maya said as she cupped adri's breast. "Yes princess?" "I love you" "Love you too princess" "Now it's your turn" Maya got up and unhooked Adri's strap on.

She then grabbed the dildo from earlier and sucked on it. Adri was getting turn on just watching her. Maya licked up and down the dildo and kissed the head. Adri was so turned on, she was dripping. Maya seen the wetness and kissed Adri. While they were kissing, Maya gently slid the dildo into Adri's pussy. It slid into her wetness and Mayapulled it out.

Adri moaned for her to put it back in. Maya didn't,instead, she teased Adri by rubbing her clitoris then slid it back in. Adri moaned. Maya made the dildo go in and out of Adri slow and then sped it up. After 15 minutes of the rollercoaster, Adri loudly moaned at her climax. She kissed Maya and held her like she never wanted to let go.


"Hmmm? Princess" Adri said. "Yea baby?" "Lets go join Kelli and Jas. I'm sure they're having fun." "Sure. Leave your things though" Maya said as she and Adri left to the bathroom to Kelli's parent's room.