Na praia com um amigo

Na praia com um amigo
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My names Cody. I'm fifteen, going into my sophomore year at Beaumont High School. I'm tall for my age, and lean. My hair is medium and shaggy, a light blonde color. I'm pretty tan cause of all the outdoor activities I do.

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My best friend's name is Adam, and he's gay. He's got the same medium and shaggy hair like mine, but his is a chocolate brown. He's got a swimmer's body, not super defined but not fat either. I've been friends with him since second grade, before he came out. I never stopped being his friend. It was a Tuesday, sunny and warm. School passed by quickly, luckily, and I grabbed my bag from my locker.

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Adam met me halfway down the hall, and we walked side-by-side to the exit. I saw a girl from my grade, Jessica, walking up to me and I stopped.

"Hi, Cody." she said softly. She didn't try to talk quietly, it was just the way her voice was. "Whats goin on, Jess?" she smiled up at me and twirled a lock of her hair around her finger. "Well.I was wondering. Did you maybe want to go to The Slicery with me? We could play some foosball or something." Jessica looked up at me hopefully.

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I didn't really want to. Jessica just wasn't my type. Not a lot of girls were. I hadn't ever had a girlfriend, and no one knew it except Adam. I felt bad though, seeing as how Jessica was pretty cute and she liked me a lot. I itched my neck and looked down. "Well. .I dunno. I kind of planned to hang out and play some video games with my bud here." I put Adam in a headlock and gave him a noogie playfully.

Jessica's face fell, and she turned to walk away. "I'm sorry, Jess!" I gave her a side hug before she walked away.

"Man, she looked upset." Adam patted my back and we turned and walked outside.


"I know, I felt bad but I really didn't want to go. I'd rather hang out with my sidekick." I smiled at Adam and he smiled back, and we walked back to my house to start playing video games. I hooked everything up and plopped down on the couch next to Adam, handing him a controller. "I'm gonna whip your ass, pansy." Adam said, kicking me playfully.

He got competitive at everything, sports, video games, even school activities. If he didn't win, he was jaded and wouldn't play again. The game started and we picked our cars and track. The race started.


I came in first, him trailing by 2 milli-seconds. "Damnit!" He screamed, and threw down his controller. "Awww, wittle Adam got his wittle ass whooped." I grinned. He pushed me over and I fell onto the floor. I stood up and he tackled me, screaming. "Prick, I should've won but you totally pushed my controller before the race ended!" "I don't know about that, maybe you just suck at this game." I smirked and Adam's face squinted up.

I looked his face over carefully, inspecting every inch. His green eyes, the way his mouth automatically pouted, the little freckle right over his top lip. The thought passed over me that he was cute. My face reddened.

I had just called my guy best friend cute. My gaybest friend. I looked back into his light green eyes, and he stared back. It was silent as he leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. My mind told me it was wrong to be kissing him, but who was I kidding. I knew I liked it, I wanted it. I kissed him back gently, and then pulled away.

He pulled me back to him and kissed me again, with just a touch more pressure. I could sense the urgency, the want and need of my lips on his.

I realized I needed him Just as much as he needed me. We kissed harder, and I parted my lips for him. Our tongues met and they slid along each other passionately. Adam ran his hand over my chest and arms, feeling me. I slid my hands down his back and up his shirt.

I wasn't satisfied and finally just pulled it off of him. He pulled my shirt off, too, and we rubbed our bare chests together. He bit my tongue gently. Adam trailed his tongue down my jaw, licking down my neck. He kissed my collarbone tenderly, and then continued down to my now hard nipple. He flicked his tongue over my nub and I shivered with pleasure. He sucked at it softly, biting and licking.

Adam continued down to my jeans and I bit my lip as he un-did my pants button. He bit down on my zipper and pulled it down with his teeth, sending more shivers down my spine. Off with my pants. His hand went down my briefs to the now-hard 7 and 1/2 inch dick inside.

He took it in his warm hand and rubbed it slowly and softly. Off with my briefs.

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I held my breath as he lowered his head to my cock. I moaned when his tongue flicked over my slit, and my cock throbbed. Adam swirled his tongue around my crown and I gasped. I'd never felt anything like it. He slowly sucked, taking little by little of my dick into his mouth.

His spit dribbled down and I bit my lip again. He licked up and down my shaft. I could feel the heat building in my balls.


He rubbed his hand up and down on my dick while he sucked, and the pressure built. I pushed his head down on me and I came, panting and moaning into his mouth. Adam swallowed it all like a pro. I sat up, pulling my briefs and jeans back on. Adam smiled at me warmly, like he was happy I'd finally come around.

"Out." I said. I wasn't angry, just confused and annoyed that I had liked what he did. Adam's smile disappeared.

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"What?" he said, clearly upset with my reaction. "Out!" I said again, more ferocious. "But, Cody-" I pulled him off the ground and pushed him toward the door. "Get out of my house!" I screamed. He grabbed his shoes and pulled the door open. The last thing I saw before he walked out of my house was Adam, with the saddest expression and tears in his eyes. More to come.

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