A Josefa le encanta mamarmela todita

A Josefa le encanta mamarmela todita
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The Gymnasts, My Sister & Mom 3 When I got back to the house after fucking Jennifer and Margaret I did my usual, going to the kitchen for a soda before settling in the living room with Rachael & Mom.

After the night before I made sure I positioned myself on the floor right in front of Mom. Rachael sat next to her and I noticed two things right away. Sis had on her shortie night gown and it was as far up her thighs as I think she could get away with, What surprised me was Mom was in her robe and it looked like she didn't have much under it.

I could see she didn't have a bra and I wondered if she had any panties as I lay down in front of them. I turned and looked at Mom and said every thing is ready for tomorrow's class. Mom said, "don't let me fall asleep I have to take a shower and get up early tomorrow." Rachel snuggled up to Mom and laid her head on her shoulder and said "Ok Mom." When she laid her head on her shoulder it pulled Moms robe open a little.

I could see a great deal of her cleavage. I tried to turn away but my eyes were frozen on her tits. Mom looked right at me and changed positions leaning forward giving me a good look at most of her tits before pulling the robe partly closed but not all the way.

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When she did that her legs came apart before she scooted a leg under her butt. For a brief moment I looked up her inner thighs and saw her pussy with its light brown hair all around it.

My cock jumped to attention. I wanted to dive between her legs and run my tongue into that beautiful cunt, boy was I hard. After Mom changed positions you couldn't see her snatch but most of her right leg was still exposed. I think Rachael realized what had happened and she sat up and opened her legs so I could see her snatch too. I almost laughed out loud over the fact my sister was competing with Mom for my attention. I don't think Mom was consciously trying to tease me.

I turned around and pretended to watch the TV but if you were to ask me what was on I really couldn't tell you. I waited about ten minutes before sitting up and waving my arm around as if my shoulder was stiff from laying there.

I scooted back right in front of Mom and forced my back against the sofa. In so doing I had Moms left leg on my left and her right leg was folded under her with my head touching her knee. I looked over at Sis and I could see she was steaming. I winked at her and she stuck her tongue out at me. We all sat like that watching jeopardy for the next hour. When the clock in the hall began to chime nine o'clock Mom said well its time for me take a shower and go to bed.

"Bobby you're going to have to move so I can get up," she said. I turned side ways and as Mom unfolded her legs she ended up with them spread on each side of me. WHAT a site. There I was looking directly between her legs and that wonderful pussy was looking right at me. If I would have leaned forward I could have licked her snatch. We sat there like that for about twenty seconds but it seemed like a life time.

I think I even smelled her pussy odder which seemed rather strong.


But then I remembered she had been working out all day. Mom took a hold of my hair and said, "Hey kiddo that's enough of that" and turned my head away as she stood. I swear I saw a smile on her face as she walked out of the room.

Mom had hardly left the room when Rachel grabbed my head and said "I saw you looking at Moms pussy." She opened her legs and pulled my face to her already wet pussy, saying "this is the best pussy you will ever have in your life time brother, so start eating." I almost choked I was laughing so much as I shoved my tongue into her waiting hole. I licked and suck that little snatch making her cum several times before we heard Mom come out of the bathroom about a half hour later.

She whispered I'm going to fuck you silly, you will not even think of Mom after I'm done with you. Your on I said wait until about ten O'clock before you come to my room. No I want you to fuck me right hear and now on the couch. What about Mom, I said. I'm so horny I don't care right now she whispered. She got up and said scoot up against the couch, and when I did she reached down and undid my Jeans and pulled out my cock, as she straddled me and sat right down on my rock hard cock.

I swear I felt her pussy juices were dripping on me as she lowered herself onto my shaft. I closed my eyes as she began to ride up and down my cock. I could feel her pussy wall slide up and down the length of my cock. All I could think about was, if only it was Mom. I imagined it was Mom riding up and down my shaft. I moaned and shot a load of cum up into Rachel's hot wet honey hole. I almost groaned "Oh Mom" but caught myself in time.

I stopped out side Moms bedroom door as I was going to my room and listened.

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I thought I heard a very soft moaning coming from inside. I imagined Mom finger fucking herself and hoped it was me she was masturbating to. I took a quick shower and about twenty minutes later Rachel came bounding into my room naked as a jaybird. Christ Sis, what if Mom sees you when your in the hall. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and said no one is going to see me.

I looked at her with great admiration. She had grown into quite a woman, no longer a little girl. Her tits were now a full 34 "C" cup. Long legs for her height, with a cute up turned butt; In fact she was gorgeous.

Come hear you sexy gorgeous little vixen, I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk. Promises, promises she giggled as she jumped into bed. She snuggled up close to me and asked me, do you really think I'm gorgeous? Honey your not only gorgeous, your beautiful as I leaned over and gave her a big wet french kiss.

She kissed me back passionately shoving her pelvic bone hard against my crotch. We faced each other and when she thru her leg over my hip I slipped my cock into her waiting red hot pussy. I slow fucked her with nice easy strokes and she came within minuets. I kept easing my cock in and out of her and she came again.

She said Oh Bobby I'm so hot and you are making me cum so quickly I think I'm going to die. I heard the clock strike eleven thirty and knew we had been at it for over an hour and a half.

About every two or three minutes I would hear, OH Bobby I'm there again Oh shit yesssss. Don't stop Bobby, yes Bobby just like that. O shiiiiit she would say and then she would cram her pelvic bone against my crotch shoving me deep inside her and her ass would quiver and she would grab my ass and hold me tight while she came.

Then she said Bobby I don't think I can take any more. I'm soaking wet down there and I can hardly breathe I'm so hot, besides I'm beginning to get a little sore. I rolled her over and got on top spreading her legs wide and above her head as I began to pound that pussy, faster and faster I went. Pulling clear out to the very tip and then plunging deep into her fuck hole.

Oh christ Bobby, Oh Bobby, I don't know if I can, Oh christ I'm going to cum again and she buried her head in my pillow and scream ahhhhhhhhhhg, as she came. I kept pounding those pussy lips through three more of her orgasm's before I felt my balls load up and I made a mighty shove so deep I hit her cervix and exploded. She said, "My god Bobby I felt you shoot your beautiful spunk into my cervix and I think I even felt it enter my uterus and it made me cum again, unbelievable what you do to me.

When she got up to got to the bathroom her legs gave out and she sagged against the bed, "oh shit," she said. I grinned and whispered, I told you I was going to fuck you until you couldn't walk. Well you certainly attained your wish she giggled. After we both visited the bathroom we fell asleep and when I woke up about seven thirty she was gone.

When I came to breakfast Mom asked me what I wanted to eat. I said three eggs toast and a big glass of milk and grinned at Rachel.

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She reached under the table and gave my cock a couple of strokes. I was kind of disappointed because Mom was fully dressed and I new I wasn't going to see anything. Mom said your Dad called and said he had to stay at the hospital because his patient was recovering from the surgery my dad performed this morning and also I will be working late tonight with Teri going over some new routines for the girls, so don't wait up for me.

I think she forgot it was Friday and we usually stayed up late because we could sleep in Saturday. However I was relieved because then I could sneak Jennifer into our room, and she could leave after Mom was in bed.

I was glad Mom was a sound sleeper. After Mom fixed breakfast she went to the gym. I reminded Rachel that Jennifer was coming tonight so she should get herself all ready for getting her cunt eaten by Jennifer and she could finally find out what it is like to eat out another woman. I went over to the gym about eleven thirty because I new the girls would be thru with their morning class.

I told Jennifer that she could come directly to the back door as soon as it got dark, about six. Now she wouldn't have to wait around so long. Jennifer was right on time; I let her in the back door away from the gym, just in case Mom might be looking at the house. We went into my room and Rachel was already there in bed, naked of course. Jennifer said, "I would like to take a shower first sense I didn't get a chance to after class.

Great Idea, why don't we all take it together, it will be a little tight but I think we can manage. We did, and we washed each other all over. Jennifer took the nozzle off the shower hose and inserted it up her pussy. She said it's the quickest douche she new of.

Rachel said, hey that's a great idea and she proceeded to follow Jennifer's lead. When we got back to the bedroom Jennifer wasted no time, she began to fondle Rachel's' titties. Rachel at first kind of froze but as soon as Jennifer slid her hand down to Rachel's pussy she immediately responded and began to kneed and squeeze Jennifer's breasts in return. They began to kiss and I could see their tongues run in and out of each others mouth. Rachel's nipples popped out a quarter of an inch as Jennifer rubbed them.

While they were kissing they were rubbing their titties together and grinding their pelvic bones into each other. I sat over in my easy chair stroking my cock, I was fascinated. They must have kissed like that for about fifteen minutes. They were really into it. Finally Jennifer rolled Rachel onto her back and slid down her belly to her crotch.

She opened Rachel's legs and began to kiss all around her pussy lips. She teased her with her tongue by flicking it gently over her clit, sliding it just barley inside those lips.

Back and forth she went until Rachel began to buck her ass up and down and moaning then Jennifer plunged her tongue deep into Rachel's pussy. She licked and sucked that cunt running her tongue all around her cit. Rachel's ass was jumping all over the bed. It was a wonder Jennifer's teeth didn't do damage to those lips. Rachael was moaning and crying out, OH my god, Ohhhhhhh shit, I can't believe it I'm Cumming in a continuous orgasm.

Ohhhmygod as she reared up and shoved Jennifer's head hard into her pussy and held it there. They continued this for another twenty minutes until Rachel grabbed the sides of Jennifer's head and pushed her away and said I can't take any more.

Jennifer's face was covered with Rachel's juices. As Rachel lay back completely wasted I walked over to Jennifer and lifter her up and inserted my cock into her doggy style.

Her pussy was really hot and she clamped down on my cock with her lips as I stroked her nice and easy. She came within four or five strokes. She was so hot from eating Rachel I didn't have to do any more than to keep moving my cock in and out of her dripping hot fuck hole.

She began to cum one after the other and was moaning Oh Bobby, go faster I'm so hot, please fuck me hard and fast or I'm going to die.

I continued my long slow strokes taking it clear out to the tip and then slowly shoving it in until my stomach was hard pressed against her ass. She cried damn you Bobby pleeease, fuck me fast and hard I just can't take much more. I think I'm going to pass out, so I began to shove my cock in and out of her, faster and faster until I was slamming her like a jack hammer, Ohhhh christ Bobby yessss that's it oh yessssss, yes, yes yes. Oh shit and she shoved her ass hard against me and it felt like her whole body was shaking and she shot a stream of pussy water out and around my cock like a fire hose.

Her legs were shaking and I knew if I let her go she would collapse. She was shaking and kept shooting that juice out of her pussy all over my cock her ass and my legs.

My god Bobby I have never had an orgasm so powerful. I smiled because I knew I had gotten to her "G" zone.

We all dozed off and about an hour later I woke up hearing someone moaning. I looked over and there was Rachel between Jennifer's legs eating her pussy.

I turned around and laid my chin on Jennifer's leg so I could watch. Rachel was doing a good job because Jennifer was really moaning and groaning. Rachel's tongue was flicking her clit which was rather large about a ¼ inch and when Rachel would suck on it Jennifer would sit up and reach down and push Rachel's head hard against her pussy and cum, then Rachel would sink her tongue back deep inside her pussy and scoop out her thick creamy offering. I got really hard so I got up and lifted Rachel's butt up and shoved my cock into her hot little hole.

I took my finger and shoved it in and out of her pussy before shoving it up her ass. I lubricated her ass real good with her own pussy juice but when I tried to shove my wet cock in her butt hole I couldn't get it in.

No matter how much I tried I couldn't get it past he sphincter muscle.

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So I whispered to Rachel to turn around so I could lift Jennifer's legs up. She did and I shoved my cock into Jennifer's shit hole. I slid in easily and I new she had lubricated it before coming here. I lifted her up and sat her on my lap facing away from me so that Rachel could get back to eating Jennifer's pussy. I did not move a lot. I just laid there with my rod up her ass and felt her quiver every time she came.

Finally she shoved Rachel's head away and said honey I can't take any more. I need Bobby to fuck my ass now. I rolled us over and began to fuck that ass doggy style. I hammered it hard and fast just like I knew she liked it. She came twice before I buried my cock as deep as possible and blew my load way up deep in her ass, and I felt her shudder and cum as she felt my sperm shooting into her. I fucked each of them one more time and they 69 themselves once before I let Jennifer out of the house.

As I was walking back to my room Mom opened the door and asked what was he matter? I just went to the kitchen and got a glass of milk because I was thirsty.

She was so close I could feel her body heat coming thru her night gown. I took a chance and reached out and pulled her to me ggiving her a big hug. Everything is hunky dory, I whispered. I instantly started to get hard and I felt my cock slip out of my shorts and slide between her legs. She responded for a moment pushing her pelvic bone against me and I could feel the warnth of her pussy thru her gown.

I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away, I'm sorry son, go to bed and she retreated into her bedroom.


I was so hard that I went in and fucked Rachel again. I came within a couple of minutes after making her cum once. "Where did that come from" she asked.

I said Jennifer gave me a quick blow job before she left but didn't finish I lied. For the next four weeks I fucked Jennifer whenever the opportunity presented itself.

I continued to fuck Rachel almost every night. In the mean while I began to notice that Mom was working late with Teri almost every night and she told me each time that she would clean up.

I missed not getting to watch TV with Mom any more. Finally one night I snuck out to the gym to see what was going on. I didn't see anyone in the gym even though the lights were all on.

I walked over to the bathrooms but didn't see anyone there either. As I walked by the sauna I heard this moaning and I opened the door and got the shock of my life.

There was Mom sprawled out on the bench with her legs wide open and Teri was eating her pussy. I shouted, "FOR CHRIST SAKES MOTHER, what the hell are you doing." Mom sat up so fast she almost took Teri's head off. I slammed the sauna door shut and ran back to the house.

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Rachel was watching TV and I was so made without thinking I said "I just caught Mom getting her pussy eaten by Teri in the sauna. She will be coming in here in a minute to try and explain but I don't want to talk to her so stay in your own bed tonight. Then I ran into my bedroom and since we did not have any locks on our doors I took a chair and jammed it into the door knob.

It was only a matter of time before I new she would want to talk to me and try to explain. I suddenly smiled realizing that this was my opportunity I had been waiting for. I knew I would be fucking my mother within the next 24 hours as I heard her come running into the house. (Continued) all right reserved to the author