Culeando con mi novia culo rico

Culeando con mi novia culo rico
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The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze Chapter Two: The Gorgon's Sex Toy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Fiona Dev-Lek, The Kingdom of Haz I screamed. The gorgon's dull-green hand muffled the sound. My heart beat with terror.

The gorgon Euryale had plagued the mining town of Dev-Lek for a week or more. Many miners were missing, presumed transformed into stone, and a half-dozen of the local prostitutes had also vanished. That was different.

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Gorgons seduced and transformed men into living statues for them to always preen around. They did not abducted women. But Euryale was different. Earlier today, my spouses and I had rescued Eoshia and two missing prostitutes who were under Euryale's magical domination. Anger drove me out of the inn and right into the gorgon's hands. Despite my fear, anger flashed through me.

I couldn't get the image of Seamus and Eoshia writhing in bed together. I had seen him with many other women, a few even married, and yet it hurt seeing him with Eoshia. I wasn't sure who I was more angry with, Seamus for his womanizing ways or Eoshia for bedding him mere minutes after being reunited with her loving husband. Didn't Eoshia know how much Feran loved her? Didn't Seamus know how much I love him?

My sister was no better. Aoifa was inside being fucked by a disgusting monster called a barguest. No. I couldn't focus on my husband and sister-wife. I was in real trouble. The gorgon had me. I shouldn't have stormed out of the inn. Feran warned me of the dangers, but I had just been so sickened by the sight of Eoshia writhing beneath Seamus. "Don't fear, pretty one," Euryale purred as her snakes hissed.

"Euryale won't harm a single hair on your pretty body." I shuddered as the snakes adorning her hair rubbed against my cheeks, their tongues flicking out to brush across my body.

I shuddered and struggled harder. I wasn't a weak woman. I was a twinborn witch. I had fought a dozen times, taking on monsters of all sorts. Of course, normally I could speak so I could work my magic.

That was difficult with Euryale's hand about my mouth. I grasped her wrist, letting out a frustrated moan as I tugged. I poured all my betrayed hatred into prying off her hand. For a moment, her palm parted my lips and I managed to spit out a single word, trying to summon the spirits that were all around us. "None of that," purred Euryale. "Euryale can feel your power. She is so happy you came. That is why she is here.

She lured you. Euryale set out the bait, and you came running." My eyes widened. Why did the gorgon want me? "Euryale knows your turmoil. She can feel it. You've been betrayed by your man.

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She knows what that is like." Her snakes wrapped around my head as she rubbed her chin against mine. They slithered through my long, auburn hair. Others pushed down the front of my robes. I gasped as one wrapped around my small breasts. My nipples hardened reflexively and I tried to ignore that hot shudder that ran down my body. "Euryale knows that your husband is a pig." Seamus was a pig.

"Eurayle was watching during the ambush. She witnessed him try to and take Eoshia right before you." Euryale tsked. "Such a pig. Do not worry. Euryale will help you. You shall help each other." Her hand moved away. Euryale's lips latched onto mine before I could summon my spirits again. Her lips were soft and surprisingly sweet. Her golden eyes filled mine.

Her black pupils were slitted like a snake. My pussy itched as her forked tongue filled my mouth. The serpent wrapped around my breast flicked its tongue against my hard nipple. I couldn't help moaning against into her lips as I stared into the deep eyes.

"Fiona!" Seamus called again. He had followed me out into the night. He was probably going to try and convince me to have a threesome with him and Eoshia.

My spouses were always trying to make me break my marriage vows, whether with men, women, or monsters. Seamus was such a lusty men he took pleasure from watching Aoifa writhe beneath man, woman, or monster. Those golden eyes seemed to grow larger and larger. They filled my world. They swallowed me up and.

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Darkness overtook me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus I didn't find Fiona in the darkness. She probably hadn't even fled outside. She would know better than to go out here alone. There was a monster wandering around. She had probably found her room and was pouting because, once again, Aoifa and I were willing to have fun.

I stalked back to the inn. Fiona needed to grow up and abandon her childish views. There was so much fun she could be having. I loved the woman, her and Aoifa both, but she could be as irritating as rusty chainmail. The inn was boisterous when I strode into the main door.

Eoshia, her hair damp and in a high-necked dress, worked behind the bar with her husband. They were holding hands, sharing their love. Just because she experienced passion in my arms didn't make Eoshia forget her love for her husband. I just gave her something her husband couldn't. I looked around for Aoifa. The barguest had assumed his human form, sitting at a table with a collar and leash about his neck as he nursed his beer. Despite changing forms, he still had the same black, leathery hide and no hair.

He stood out like a virgin in a whore house. At the other corner, a group of miners cheered and hollered. I had a feeling I found Aoifa. I strolled across the room, passing a prostitute with her tits hanging out as she lounged on the lap of a rough, dirty man with arms as thick as my thighs and a long, tangled beard.

She cooed and laughed as he worked his fingers beneath her skirt. "Get every drop out, whore," one of the men cheered. "Drink that barguest cum." My cock throbbed.

I joined the men. Aoifa lay naked on the table, pulling at the silver rings piercing her fat nipples. Despite being Fiona's twin, the pair were as different as night and day.

Fiona had long, dark-red hair whereas Aoifa was black and short. Aoifa's breasts were large and round, Fiona's were only a small, though lovely, handful. Only their eyes were the same deep blue. "There's my husband," moaned Aoifa as she shuddered on a Hazian's whore mouth.

The black-haired, dusky-skinned strumpet had her lips locked to Aoifa's shaved pussy, licking out every drop of the barguest cum. "That monster's cock was amazing." "Sorry I missed it." Aoifa smiled, her eyes flicking to the bar and Eoshia. "Oh, you're not sorry." "A little," I answered as I watched her.

If Fiona wanted to pout in her room all night, Aoifa and I were more than willing to have fun without her. "She your wife?" one miner asked, giving me a look. "For the last year," I grinned. "She's a saucy wench. Keeps me and my other wife on our toes." "Two wives?" another man said, shaking his head.

"One's bad enough. They don't let you have anyone fun." "That's Fiona," groaned Aoifa as she shuddered. "I'm fun." The miners laughed and I grinned at my wife. "Oh, damn. This whore knows her way around pussy. Keep licking right there, and it'll be more than barguest cum flooding your mouth." My wife's breasts jiggled as she writhed on the whore's mouth.

Aoifa grabbed the whore's dark hair and held the slut against her pussy. Aoifa's blue eyes squeezed shut as her orgasm crashed through her. Her back arched and the table creaked beneath her bucking body. "Saphique's hungry mouth," Aoifa moaned, "devour my pussy slut! By the gods, yes!" "Look at that slut go!" laughed a miner. "I want to pull on those big rings until she explodes." "You'll have to wait in line," Aoifa purred. "Oh, yeah?" the miner growled. He grabbed my wife's nipple ring and tugged.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she quaked and shook on the table, another orgasm rippling through her as the miner man-handled her tit. "Seamus," Aoifa moaned. "Teach this cocksucker how to wait in lines." "Who's Seamus?" the miner asked.

I grabbed the miner's wrist in a crushing grip. His hand spasmed opened and released Aoifa's tit. The man turned on me. He was a big brute—all the miners were—with ropy muscles across his chest and arms and a fat gut jiggling before him.

Dirt stained his face and hands. "Who in damnation are you?" he bellowed. "My husband," Aoifa smiled. My fist slammed into his face. It was a satisfying punch. He reeled back and crashed into two of his friends. All three collapsed to the floor, spilling foamy beer across the wooden boards. Other miners cheered and laughed. The man I punched let out a loud snore.

"One punch," Aoifa purred, reaching out to grab the waistband of my leather pants and pull me closer. "Nicely done, husband of mine." Her lips met mine in a hot kiss, her naked thighs wrapping around me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, wiggling as she humped against my crotch. My cock was an iron sword aching to be sheathed in her hot cunt. Aoifa giggled as she broke the kiss, falling back on the table. She kept her legs wrapped around me, undulating against my crotch and making her tits jiggle.

"I'm so sorry, boys, but a wife must satisfy her husband first." The miners roared as she winked at them. "You married a whore," laughed a miner. "I'm no whore," objected Aoifa, her lips pouting. "I don't charge. I'm a slut. A wanton woman that loves cock." "After I'm done fucking your wife, she won't want your little dick," another miner boasted.

"Trust me, no man has yet compared to what my husband packs," Aoifa grinned as she unlaced my pants. "But I keep looking." "You'll never find it," I boasted.

"No man fucks as good as I do." I glanced at Eoshia at the bar. Her cheeks were red and she looked down, pretending to wipe up a spill. Aoifa's hands pulling out my cock brought my attention to my wanton wife. She rubbed my shaft up and down on her pussy. She was hot and wet. "Fuck me, husband of mine," she purred.

"Get me all wet and slippery for the miners." "You are such a naughty wife," I growled as I thrust into her hot depths. Her youthful face contorted. A shudder ran through her body as I sank into her sheath. Her wet folds tightened about my cock. There was only one other cunt that felt tight in all the same places. It was the other way Fiona and Aoifa were the same.

"Pater's cock, that's wonderful," moaned Aoifa. "My husband's big dick puts you all to shame." "We'll see," boasted a miner as I drew back and slammed into my wife. "I'll try not to laugh," Aoifa giggled, "when I see your itty bitty cock." I leaned over her, the table rocking beneath us. "You are driving them wild with lust." "I want to be fucked hard over and over," she moaned.

"We're here to kill a gorgon." "Don't be like Fiona," Aoifa groaned, her hips bucking up into my hard thrusts. "Just fuck me and love me, husband of mine." I smiled down at her. She seized my shoulder-long, red hair and pulled me down for another hot kiss.

Her body was lithe beneath me and her pierced nipples rubbed against my bare chest. Her fingers clawed at my back as she growled into our kiss. "Gods, what a woman," I groaned when I broke the kiss. My thrusts were deep, plunging strokes.

I sank in fast then drew out slow, letting her pussy grip my shaft. She shuddered beneath me every time, her pussy clenching as her pleasure grew.

I glanced at the bar again. Eoshia watched, her hands clenched to her breasts. I gave her a smile before turning back to my wife. I squeezed Aoifa's heavy tit as my strokes grew faster and faster. Her face was twisted with passion. "So good.

Slam that big cock in me, husband. Show these miners how to fuck a lady." "No ladies here 'cept Eoshia," laughed a harlot.

"Look at his ass go," another whore giggled. My pants were pulled down and a soft, feminine hand squeezed my butt. "Mmm, that is a gorgeous ass." "Oh, yes." "He fucks her so hard," sighed the first harlot. "I'll fuck you just as hard, Devia," grunted a miner. "Is it as hot for you as it is for me feeling all their eyes on us?" Aoifa whispered into my ear.

Her pussy clenched on my cock. "It makes me so hot. I love all these eyes lusting after me." "Yes," I groaned. I could feel Eoshia's eyes on my ass. The married beauty was replaying our tryst in her mind, her pussy growing hotter and hotter. "Oh, gods," Aoifa moaned beneath me. "Slata's cunt, yes. My husband knows how to wield his cock!" Her fingernails dug into my back as her pussy writhed about my cock.

She bucked and spasmed beneath me. I slammed into her harder. She gasped every time I bottomed out, her fingers scratching me as her passion groaned from her lips. "Cum in me, husband of mine! Lube me for all these filthy miners! Oh, gods, yes! I'm going to fuck them all!" "Dirty slut," I groaned as I slammed into her.

"You want me to watch?" "Gods, yes!" I slammed into my wife and filled her pussy with cum. My back arched as the pleasure pulsed out of me. I groaned and shuddered as I writhed atop her. Blast after blast of my cum filled her pussy.

The first load of many. "Damn, that was a good fuck, husband of mine," Aoifa grinned. "Mmm, by the gods, I love you." "I love you, too," I sighed as I nuzzled her neck.

"You've had your fun," a miner shouted. "Let us have a poke at your sweet wife." I grinned and pulled out. "She's all yours.

Fuck her hard. She'll love it." Aoifa gasped as the first miner mounted and slammed his cock into her. I sat down at a table. A whore strolled up. I smiled; she was one of the two we rescued this afternoon. She was dressed now, her thin clothing clinging to a lush body. "Eoshia sent this over," she purred, a smile on her lips. "She thinks you might be thirsty." "Mightily," I grinned and took the tankard, taking a deep pull of the rich ale.

The whore sat across my lap. "Did you fuck her?" I winked at her and she giggled. "You are a stud. Did I ever thank you for saving me?" "Nope." "The night's still young," she promised as she nibbled on my ear. I took another deep pull and watched Aoifa gasp and writhe beneath the miner. My cock found a second wind as I watched, and soon the whore was on her knees bobbing her mouth up and down while I watched my beautiful bride enjoy her evening with man after man.

A pity Fiona had retired early. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona I drifted through darkness. I wasn't asleep. My sleep was deeper to unconsciousness and yet somehow closer to wakefulness. I was almost aware as I was carried. The hiss off serpents and the rasps of scales rubbing on scales was just beyond my hearing. Sounds echoed around me, long and deep.

I was underground, being carried by Euryale. I should be afraid, but there were no emotions in the darkness. My anger at Seamus and Eoshia had vanished. My fear at what terrible plans Euryale had for me dissipated.

Even the strange lusts the monster had awakened with her kiss had faded away. There was only me and the darkness and the distant sounds. I seemed to drift for an eternity in Euryale's arms. Her voice crooned across the vast expanse of creation separating us. This darkness was so primordial. I drifted through the vast sea of chaos and nothingness that birthed Pater and Mather. The first two gods had been entwined in passion. From their union was birthed our world, the sky, the stars, the sun and moon.

Every animal and plant, and the two goddess Saphique and Slata. I was back at the beginning before there was any strife or betrayal.

Before Pater broke his marriage vows to Matar and took his daughter Slata as his new bride. Before Matar, envious of Pater's cock, fashioned one for herself. I wanted to stay here. Seamus and Eoshia couldn't hurt me here. I couldn't witness love betrayed. But then you would be alone, a voice seemed to whispered from the depths of my soul. Would you never want to see Seamus and your twin sister again? For once, a memory of an emotion twinged through me.

I could not say what it was. It was too.faint, too primitive. "Awaken." Euryale's command crashed through the emptiness. It was a spoken word, but a projection of her force. My eyes opened from my trance. I lay on a bed in a dimly let cave. It was cool and dry. Candles burned around the bed, their flickering light painting deep shadows in the creases of the sheets I lay on. I was naked, my hair unbraided and spread about my small breasts.

Three statues of naked men surrounded the bed, their cocks all hard before them. Euryale's victims. Kneeling on the floor were five Hazian women.

The missing prostitutes all writhed naked on the cave floor, their breasts heaving as they kneaded those mounds, and their mouths open with bliss as they fingered their pussies. Beneath the scent of wet earth, I caught the perfume of their hot pussies. Their eyes were glazed over, enslaved by the gorgon somehow.

I swallowed. Would I meet their fate? No. My mouth was free. I could command my spirits. "Good," a voice hissed from the shadows. "Euryale is pleased you are awake, Fiona." "So pleased," cooed the five women in unison. They were enchanted. It reminded me of a mage's work, using the element of life to control the prostitutes. First, I would bind the prostitutes so they would not interfere, then I would handle the gorgon. "Come to me spirits," I cried out, my voice echoing back, "and aid me.

Bind these women and keep them safe." The spirits did not rise out of the floor. My stomach knotted. Spirits were everywhere and in everything.

My gaze cast around. There were no spirits in this place. No Evocation, Enhancement, Abjuration, Conjuration, or Transformation spirits danced through the air.

Painted on the walls were symbols written in the arcane tongue. "You're a mage?" I gaped. "Euryale has been taught the arcane arts," hissed the gorgon. "I doubt the new Collegiate Tower takes gorgons," I said, my heart racing faster. I scanned around. A curtain of silk covered a section of the cave wall. It rippled. There was an opening behind the curtain. My freedom. "Euryale did not study with the uptight mages." The gorgon stepped out of the darkness.

She was still naked. Her silver serpents undulated about her face. One wrapped around Euryale's throat and another wrapped around a heavy breast, the forked tongue flicking at her nipple. Heat flushed through me. "Then how do you know magic?" Only the Collegiate Tower at the city of Esh-Esh taught mages.

The Magery Council of Thosi was jealous of their knowledge since they arose, stamping out other centers of practice. "Euryale was a diligent student of Mage Liasil." A sad hiss entered Euryale's voice. The gorgon reached a stone statue, stroking the muscular, granite body. "Liasil showed Euryale so many things. She taught Euryale marvels. They shared everything, but Liasil." A tear ran down the gorgon's cheek. "But now Euryale has found you." "You are so fortunate," the five women moaned together.

Their bodies twisted. They came together, gasping and panting. "Euryale shall love you as fiercely as she loved Liasil." The gorgon stepped to the bed. I pulled up my legs, tucking them into a ball as the Gorgon sat on the edge of my bed. Her golden eyes fixed on mine. "Euryale searched for you for years. So alone." "Did Liasil.die?" I asked, my throat tight.

My eyes burned. Was I feeling pity for this monster? "Euryale does not age, but humans do. Liasil was talented. She extended her life to stay with Euryale for as long as she could." The gorgon's hand slid across the silk sheet to brush mine. "But it wasn't enough. She left Euryale alone." "She.died.?" My voice cracked. I turned my hand to grasp Euryale's and gave her a squeeze. The gorgon nodded. Her tears fell faster. "Euryale was all alone. And then she saw you." The gorgon's slitted eyes lit up, staring into mine.

"You were outside a dark tower writhing in the embrace of an invisible spirit." My cheeks blushed. I thought only my spouses had witnessed that. The air elemental had given me pleasure. I had tried to fight it, but I couldn't help giving in. Seamus had watched, eager to see me break my marriage vows for his pleasure. "Your spouses aren't like you," the gorgon purred. "They do not understand you the way Euryale does." I frowned at that. "What do you mean?" Her hand tightened on mine.

Her other reached out to rest on my thigh. A shiver of heat ran up my leg. My nipples hardened and I fought the urge to moan. Her hand was soft on my thigh. She stroked up a little higher. Tingles ran up to my pussy, ending on my little clit. "Euryale would never ogle other women before you." The gorgon leaned in closer.


"Euryale would never seduce a married woman into her bed while you watched." "You know about that?" I asked. "Euryale watched as Seamus seduced poor Eoshia.

He confused her and then took her. He did not care about you or her husband." I swallowed. " Eoshia." Her eyes were so golden. It was getting hard to think. She was using life magic on me, seeping into my thoughts. I tried to fight it, but it was so hard. She was so hypnotic. Her hand slid higher on my leg. My clit throbbed harder and my breath quickened.

"Euryale only did that to brining you to here." The gorgon's lips were inches away from mine. Her undulating snakes rubbed on my face, their soft tongues flicking and caressing me. "Euryale knew you would come. You are a good person. So is Euryale." "But." I said. "I'm a married woman. You're asking me to break my vows." Even if I have broken them in the past, I had always regretted it. Aoifa and Seamus always tried to make me think it was right, to give into my pleasures.

"'re like Seamus." Euryale and her snake-hairs hissed together. "No. Euryale is nothing like him. She would never be eager to defeat a dark warlock just to fuck the virgins he captured.

She would never enjoy cuckolding a man while you watched. She would never be with another person. Just you. Euryale loves you. Not Seamus. He is an animal." "He loves me," I whispered. "Then why would he ever break his vows. If his love was true, he would never give in and cheat on you." Her snakes tightened about my head, rubbing their dry, scaly bodies against my skin. They pulled me closer to her lips. I wanted to fight, but her words were so true. Why couldn't Seamus love her enough to be faithful.

He and Aoifa both were too consumed with their lusts to ever be faithful. "He broke your marriage vows," Euryale whispered. "Are you even married after that?" My eyes widened. Her lips planted on mine.

I sighed into her kiss. Her lips were hot. The serpents writhed about my face and shoulders as her hand slid higher and higher up my thigh. I parted my legs. Her fingers brushed the folds of my pussy. I shuddered into her mouth. Was she right? Was my marriage already broken? Seamus and Aoifa had violated my vows. No doubt, they violated them right now.

Did that make it right what I was doing? Was it okay for me to give in and love Euryale? Seamus had never promised me fidelity, but Euryale did.

My tongue caressed hers. I closed my eyes. Her finger slid through my pussy lips. I sucked a breath through my nose as her finger reached my clit. She circled it. I shuddered in delight and kissed her harder. One of her serpents slid down to my breasts. The snake's body wrapped about my tit, squeezing my small breast into a firm mount.

The snake coiled about until it's tongue flicked and played with my hard nipple. I hot tingle rushed down to my pussy. Other serpent tongues flicked against my ears. One slithered down my back. This serpent was longer than the other snakes sprouting from her head.

It nuzzled between the cheeks of my ass. My body was wrapped up by scaly bodies. They tightened on me, teasing my skin. Everywhere they touched me was electric. "Gods, yes," I gasped, breaking the kiss as Euryale played with my clit. The curtain swayed as the dominated women left, leaving us to our privacy. Lust clouded my mind. I would have to see them returned and the statues healed. And then.maybe.I could consider.being with her.

If she were faithful. "Euryale loves you so," purred the gorgon. My pussy contracted. Her finger rubbed at my clit. My pleasure swelled inside me. Her words sank into me.

My heart beat faster. I wanted to love her. My heart whispered it to my mind. She had enchanted me with her love. Enchanted me. Was I under her spell? Euryale's finger rubbed harder at my clit.

The serpent nuzzling my nipple flicked its tongue harder. A second serpent found my other hard nipple. The mouth open, sucking my nub into the snake's gummy maw. The sensations shot down to my pussy. It was so hard to think. It was hard to fight my urge to love her. It was so easy to give into the pleasure she churned through my body.

Her finger rubbed faster and faster. My body shook in the embrace of her serpent-hair. I tossed back my head and squeezed my eyes shut. "Yes," I moaned. "Oh, that's so good.

Mmm, yes. You're making me feel so good. Oh, wow. Oh, yes." The question of whether I loved her or she had enchanted could wait. My orgasm burst through me. The serpent's caressed my skin and massaged my breasts as the pleasure rippled through my body. My eyes fuzzed as the bliss crashed into my mine.

The touch of her scaly snake-hairs was sensual. My skin was alive. One brushed my lips. I kissed the snake-hair's snout, the small tongue flicking into my mouth. "Gods, yes," I gasped as the snakes lowered me back to the bed. I gasped and heaved as they slithered from my skin. I felt so alone.

My skin wasn't being massaged by their undulating bodies. I forced my eyes open in time to witness Euryale's legs straddling my head. Her pussy was hairless. She didn't shave, there was no traces of stubble like Aoifa's pussy or my pussy. She had no hair on her body.

Her labia were thick and engorged with her excitement. An intoxicating jasmine tickled my nose. I inhaled deeply as she stretched over my body. Her breasts pillowed on my stomach. Her snakes entwined about my thighs and calves, reaching for my toes. Flickering tongues caressed my sensitive toes. I moaned as Euryale settled her pussy on my lips. "Gods, yes," I purred into her pussy before I took a long lick up her slit. "Euryale loves your passion," the gorgon moaned, her breath hot on my wet pussy.

Her lips and one of her serpent-hairs pressed into the shaved folds of my pussy. I only had a landing strip—Seamus's preference. "Euryale desires to see your bush grow," the gorgon purred like she read my thoughts. "Yes," I moaned. Her tongue curled around my clit as her snake-hair's angular head nuzzled at the wet folds of my pussy.

The tongue flicked into my wet depths. The gorgon moaned, tasting my pussy with her hair's tongue. The head wiggled in deeper and deeper. My eyes widened as the snake wiggled like a tentacle into my depths. My pussy undulated around the scaly body as it fucked in and out of my depths.

It was such a delicious sensation. The head widened like an arrow point, thicker than the rest of its body. It stretched me out as it wiggled into the depths of my pussy, the tongue flicking out to caress at my cervix. "Slata's cunt," I gasped, my legs twitching. The serpents entwining my thighs clenched and relaxed. They kept teasing my toes. My body was alive with sensations.

I licked through Euryale's pussy faster. My tongue flailed through her thick folds and jasmine-scented pussy. She purred around my clit, her tongue lashing my aching bud. The pleasure built in my depths, mixing with the delight of the serpent fucking my pussy. Another serpent-hair wiggled beneath me. The head pressed curiously between the cheeks of my butt.

The tongue flicked at my sphincter. I moaned, and shifted, my eyes squeezing shut as the serpent nuzzled with its scaly nose. "Euryale loves the taste of your ass, Fiona." "Do you want to fuck my ass," I gasped, my pussy clenching down on the snake wriggling in my depths.

"Yes, Euryale does." The wedged-shaped snake head pressed into my asshole. My sphincter widened. My toes curled in delight and I plunged my tongue deep into Euryale's pussy. The gorgon shuddered atop me as she reamed both my holes. My bowels burned with hot pleasure as the snake wiggled deeper and deeper.

My fingers gripped Euryale's ass. I pulled her pussy down tight as I moaned into her depths. An orgasm washed through me. I shuddered and gasped my delight. There were so many sensations assaulting my body. Seamus could never make you feel all this.

The thought bubbled up with my orgasm. He never could. I bucked beneath Euryale. My tongue fucked her pussy as I screamed out my bliss.

My fingers dug into her bubbly ass.

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The gorgon moaned around my clit, her hips undulating and her serpents all hissing in delight. "Cum." the snakes all seemed to hiss at once. Jasmine pussy juices flooded my mouth. The two snakes fucking my ass and pussy shoved their heads in deep. My body bucked in delight. My body writhed about their intrusion. I drank down all of the delicious juices pouring into my mouth.

Another orgasm exploded through me. The bed creaked as we both thrashed in delight. My moans joined her snake-hairs' hissing. Her mouth sucked hard on my clit. The pleasure squirted out of my pussy around her snake. You love Euryale. My pleasure reached its zenith. My entire body went rigid. My thoughts were wiped out. And then I crashed into unconsciousness.

I drifted through dreams and remembered the past. I was eighteen again. I emerged from the tent back home in the Tuathan Valley, my face anointed with sacred ochre, blessed by Ol' Morigan, an ancient witch.

She had been my teacher, guiding me to communicate and command the spirits around me. The paladins were all waiting. They knew it was time for me to chose my husband. There were five of them, from Seamus who was only a few months older than me, to Patrick who was twice my age. They all wanted me.

They all performed feats of strength to impress me. All except Seamus. Aoifa was at my side as the paladins courted me. She whispered in my ears, describing in detail how each man was in bed, making my virgin ears burn bright. She had always been such a frank girl.

Sometimes, it was hard to imagine we were twins. As the day wore on, the paladins sparred, threw tree trunks and engaged in other games of strength, and flashed their bulging muscles at me. Each was a handsome man, even Patrick, and all were strong warriors. Each demonstrated why they would make an excellent guard and warrior. But not Seamus.

He watched with his handsome face, his chin seemingly chiseled from granite. His red hair fell about his shoulders, framing his face in passionate fire. His eyes were always on me. I had seen him in the village. I knew he was a handsome man. He had graced my fantasies more than a few times. My heart beat every time he stared at me. "He's the best," Aoifa purred. "And not just in bed." "Aoifa," I blushed. "He made love to me last night," Aoifa continued. "While you were with Ol' Morigan not having fun, he stole into our house and carried me from our bed without our parents knowing.

He held me in his arms and laid me out on the field behind the barn. The moon was out. He was so gentle. He gave me what I wanted." "And what was that?" "Love," Aoifa sighed.

"He whispered it into my ear. 'I love you and your sister. I want you both. You shall be mine.'" My cheeks reddened.

"Really? He said he loved us both?" "He meant it. You should have seen his eyes." Aoifa leaned closer. "He's a passionate man." "But.I heard he cuckold the miller and the tanner." I swallowed. "He made their wives break their marriage vows." "Trust me, they wanted him." Aoifa turned my head.

"Tell me you don't. Tell me you don't want that man inside you whispering how much he loves you." "Doesn't he whisper that to all the girls he beds?" I frowned. Aoifa shook her head. "Siona, Finnuala, Eimear, Norene, and Ailbhe have all bedded him many times.

But he's never said that four letter word to them." "If he loves me, then why isn't he competing? Why is he just sitting there?" Aoifa arched an eyebrow. "Ask him." Swallowing, I stood up and crossed the heather. The wind blew down from the glacier at the end of the valley, banishing some of the spring heat. The entire village waited, dressed in their finery. Our wedding would be held at sunset.

I had to make my choice. It was my duty. I was a twinborn witch. I stopped before Seamus. The other paladins watched me with hunger in their eyes. They wanted glory and adventure. They didn't see me as a woman. They saw me as a prize, something that, when one, would let them leave behind the valley and travel.

They wouldn't have to guard our people but guard the entire mountains, fighting monsters and defeating warlocks. Seamus's green eyes held something else—passion. I was a woman in his eyes. My nipples hardened as I stood before him. He was so gorgeous. His hand reached out and cupped my cheek. "What proof of your skill do you offer me?" I asked. "Why have you not attempted to win my favor?" "I already have your favor," he answered as he leaned in.

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"I don't need to prove why you should pick me. You're heart already knows, Fiona.

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I've seen the way you watch me in the village. I know the look in your eye." My heart beat faster. "Yes, I've watched you. You are a.handsome man." "It's more than that. I can feel it." "And that means I should be with a womanizer?" "I don't love those other women. I told your sister the truth last night. You'll pick me because you want to be loved." His hand caressed my arm.

"Fiona, I have loved you since we were children. You and Aoifa both. I knew I would be your husband. I became a paladin to be with you." "And the other women?" "Will never have my heart the way you and your sister do." He seized my lips in a kiss. I woke up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seamus I woke up, two women pressed against me. My head ache. My mouth tasted like old leather.

One of the women snored softly, her breasts pillowed against my back. I was on my side. The other woman was lying on her back, her head pillowed on my arm. Neither were my wives. The sun was already streaming through the window. As much as I wanted to sleep, we were here to kill that gorgon. If I didn't get up, Fiona would prowl the inn until she found me and hauled me out of bed. She always had a cute look in her face when she was disappointed in me.

The whores—both women were the two prostitutes we rescued yesterday—didn't wake up, still sleeping off their drink. They weren't paladins of Gewin. He hadn't blessed their bodies with strength and health. It helped with hangovers. A little. "I need Fiona," I winced as my head throbbed. I found my pants, then I forced myself to pull on my chainmail coat, the links clinking as I pulled it over my body. I was used the weight hanging off my shoulders.

I had been wearing mail almost every day since I was twelve. I smiled, remembering the day I fell for Fiona and Aoifa. They had been in a field, their hair still in pigtails, laughing as the went from flower to flower to form little tiaras. I knew I would marry them. So I marched up to the temple and demanded to be a squire. Last, I strapped on my sword belt.

I would need it against the gorgon. I marched out of the inn, my eyes scanning for Fiona. I had no idea which room she would be in. Aoifa would find her faster. I marched out to the common room. Aoifa lay sprawled on her back, her body streaked in dried cum, her breasts rising and falling. Around her, half-naked miners slept on the floor, snoring loudly, all passed out from drink.

I dumped a bucket of water on Aoifa. "Seamus!" she shrieked as she bucked up. Her eyes glared at me as her short, black hair dripped water down her face.

More rivulets dribbled won her breasts, washing away some of the cum stains. "Don't stand there and smile like that." "You need a bath," I laughed as I stared at her. "Ooh, I'm going to help Fiona next time she's mad at you." She shivered. "Las's jizz, that water was cold." "Yep," I nodded. "You still need another bucket." I glanced down at the men on the floor.

"Did you fuck them all?" "I think so," she said, rubbing at her head. "Ooh, I could use one of Fiona's spirits right now." I nodded in agreement. "Let's go find our wife." Aoifa frowned as she slipped off the table.

"The sun's up?" "Yeah." "And where is Fiona?" "I don't know." I looked around. "She must be in one of the inn's rooms. Unless." "Unless what?" My stomach tightened.

"She wasn't happy when she saw me and." I glanced at the unconscious miner, ".Eoshia in bed. She took it poorly." Aoifa rolled her eyes. "I don't know why she's so strict about marriage vows." "Yeah." I didn't get it either. She took all her vows seriously. "But.I thought she went outside. I looked for her, but I didn't find her, so maybe she stayed somewhere else." "Where?" "She was outside?" Eoshia stood in the bar, wearing a linen gown.

Her husband moved up behind her, his hand on her hip. "Yeah, um, she was mad at me." Eoshia's eyes paled and a shiver ran through her. "But.outside is where the gorgon snatches people." "I thought she operated in the mines?" Aoifa asked.

"We think she's hiding in the old tunnels," Feran said, glancing at his wife. "But no one disappeared in the mines." "Did you think me and the missing prostitutes went into the mines?" Eoshia asked. "Well." I said, then frowned. "You're not saying she was taken?" "Slata's cunt," Aoifa cursed.

"Where's my clothing?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fiona I woke up to hissing sighs. I was half-covered by a sheet. Euryale let out a moan, mixing with the wet, plunging noise.

It sounded like sex, a hard cock thrusting in and out of wet pussy. I frowned, my head groggy, the dream and my desire for Euryale crashing together. Why had I dreamed about Seamus winning my heart? "Good morning," moaned the gorgon. "Euryale's love is awake." My cheeks blushed. My heart beast faster. The gorgon was bent over, her hips bucking back against one of the petrified miners.

Her snake-hairs undulated about her head. A few slithered across the sheets to my ankles. I giggled as their tongues caressed my feet. "What are you doing?" "Euryale needs more cum," moaned the gorgon. "For her magic." "Of course." Magic was fueled by the caster, and they had discovered that, for women, cum provided that fuel. Male mages had to ingest or absorb pussy juices.

"Wait, you're fucking the statue?" "Yes." The gorgon's face contorted.


One of her snakes wrapped about my ankle. "Euryale is sorry for straying, but her magic needs it." "I.I guess," I muttered. Her face shuddered in pleasure. I had seen Seamus looking as passionate when he was with another woman.

With Eoshia. The serpent pulled me closer across the bed. More of her snakes entwined about my thighs. I gasped as I reached the edge of my bed, her face between my thighs, her lips near my pussy.

I shuddered as the snakes undulated about my legs, one brushing my pussy lips. "Euryale loves you so much." How could the gorgon say she loves me while fucking the statue? Seamus was just like her. He could fuck a woman all while proclaiming his love for Aoifa and me. Euryale's eyes looked into mine.

My heart beat faster. "Euryale loves you so much. Euryale is so happy that you're here." Her tongue licked through my pussy. A shudder ran through me and I gasped. "Do you love Euryale.?" "I." The words froze on my lips.

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Her magic was in my mind. She could control people. I could feel her life magic pressing on my mind. I had been trained by Ol' Morigan. My dream flooded through my thoughts. The memory of Seamus with the love in his eyes and his bold words burned bright.

"No, Euryale. I don't." The gorgon hissed. To be continued.