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Hunk is licking and pounding Aizawa Satomi heavenly fuck hole
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Slowly moving around the turn, the spraypainted black Topaz entered the Walmart parkinglot. After pulling into a space a few hundred feet from the store's entrance, Victor turned off the engine and got out. Adjusting his belt, the thirty six year old ventured up to the glass doors. Upon entering, an old lady dressed in a blue jacket smiled at him and said, " Hello sir, welcome to Walmart." Smiling back, Victor nodded to the woman and continued down the main isle.

Heading for the hardware department, Victor eventually found the side isle he was looking for. To the right, he glanced at a display of packages and walked over.

Reaching for one of the plastic bags, our man took it off the rack and read, " Fauset rings, an assortment of sizes, good for almost any job." Happy to find what he wanted, Victor left the isle with package in hand and was about to head up front to the registers. However, being his day off, the man wasn't in any big hurry, hence he simply decided to browse about for a while.

Moving here and there, he eventually wandered in the direction of the apparel section. Continuing on his way, he finally found himself in the lady's area.

While glancing around, he was delighted at the advertisements showing photos of attractive women dressed up only in lingerie and night clothes.

Strolling around the department with no particular destination, Victor moved in and out between the fixtures and clothing displays.

However, as our horny man gazed about, his eyes fell upon an exquisite mannequin. Indeed, the life size object caught his complete attention, for the brunette seemed so real; he had the sudden urge to reach out and touch. After looking in both directions, Victor placed his right hand upon the figure's black dress.

Caressing her attire, he slowly worked up a semi-sexual attraction for the so called fake woman. As he stroked away, he inspected every detail. Setting in their sockets, the feline's eyes were designed with precision.

Looking closer, he could tell they were either glass or some transparent plastic, for her almost black iris shone forth as the real thing. Moreover, combined with her dark brown hair, the Caucasian female had a mystique about her, giving her stature an air strait from the old TV series, "Dark Shadows." After getting himself back down to earth, Victor pulled his eyes away from the thing and smiled.

Nevertheless, he simply moved away and decided he had enough of Walmart for today. Consequently, the man ventured in the direction of the main checkout. However, being three quarters of the way there, a thought entered his mind, taking hold of his brain as if some external force was placing it there.

Finally, he made it to register number seven, waited in line with two people before him, and eventually had his purchase rung up. Leaving the checkout, Victor immediately went over to the service desk. Looking strait into the eyes of a sexy young blond chic, Victor politely ask, " Can I please speak with a manager?" The firm breasted girl ask no questions, she merely picked up a receiver on the counter and said into it, " Manager to the service desk for customer assistance please; manager to the service desk." After repeating herself twice over the intercom, the young lady hung up the phone and returned to her task with the claims items.

Standing there and waiting, Victor on occasion glanced at the girl as she at times turned around, bent over, and revealed her attractive ass through her tight genes. Delighted, yet also eager to speak with the manager, Victor was just about to ask the girl to page again when he saw the figure of a middle aged man with a mustache. Approaching with his white shirt and tie, the manager simply ask, " Can I help you sir?" Smiling with a look of embarrassment, Victor said, " Yes, I'm interested in buying one of your displays that's usually not for sale." The store manager replied, " You mean a piece of furniture; we really don't sell those once they're assembled and on the rack." Victor went on, " No, no, I'm referring to one of your mannequins in the apparel section." With an inquisitive smile, the manager was about to ask something when Victor quickly said, " I'm serious, I need it for someone else who owns a store; it'll be great for the front window." After relating this lie to the man, Victor heard the manager say, " All right, I guess I could sell it to you; there's no company rule preventing me." Then, he went on, " So, which one did you have in mind?" Walking back to the apparel section, Victor was followed by the boss until they reached the gothic lady.

Standing there in all her glory, she seemed as if she were cognicient of what was going on, for a life like force appeared to radiate from her frame, or so it appeared to Victor. Pointing up to her ladyship, Victor said, " That's the one; I want her." Causually nodding, the manager said, " Yea, ok, I'll page a stock guy here to dismantle it for you." Going over to a post, the manager dialed the pager number upon the phone and said over the intercom, " Jeff to lady's please; Jeff to Lady's." Two minutes later, the kid appeared, at most nineteen years of age, and ask, " Yes, what do you need?" Looking a little embarrassed, the manager said, " Ah, Jeff, go get some tools and take that dark haired mannequin apart; this man wants to buy her." Giving Victor an inquisitive glance, the young man simply left and returned a minute later with a few basic tools.

Using the screw driver and wrench, Jeff took the lady completely apart, dismantling her at the neck, arms, and legs. With all done, Victor ask the manager, " So how much?" Looking at the parts upon the floor, together with the base stand, the manager said, " These things aren't cheap for Walmart, it'll at least cost you two hundred and fifty." Nodding slowly with tight lips, Victor eventually said, " How about a strait two hundred?" Scratching the top of his head, the manager replied, " Well, yea, why not, two hundred it is." "Great," said Victor, " Can I also have a box or two to place her parts in?" Eyeing the kid, the boss ordered, "Go to the stockroom and see what you can find." Saying yes, the boy left.

He came back four minutes later with two cardboard cartons. After placing everything inside the containers, the kid stood up and ask Victor, " Need any help getting it out to your car?" Victor answered, " No, I'll be ok, I'll just set this thing on a cart and stack the boxes two high." Saying ok, the kid left with his tools.


Reaching over for a cart floating about nearby, Victor placed both boxes atop the said cart and ask the boss, " So where do I pay?" Happy that the weird transaction was almost over, the manager said, " Here, let's go back to the service desk, you can pay there." Pushing the cart, Victor followed until they made it up front.

There, the manager said to the sexy blond, "Call Jill up hear from the cash office." Dialing the number, the girl called Jill. Jill came and the manager said, " Here, this man will give you two hundred dollars; mark it under miscellaneous income." Writing out a check and handing it to the lady, Victor said thanks and left with his new prize.

At last, he reached his car. Placing both boxes on the back seat, Victor threw the smaller package on the front passenger seat, started the engine, and drove home.

Once there, he took everything up to his apartment and placed the two boxes to one corner of his livingroom. Walking over to the stereo, he placed a CD into the system.

A second later, List's "Les Preludes" came forth through the speakers. Listening on, our man ripped open the rubber ring package and went strait to the bathroom.


After dropping the package atop the closed toilet, he left and returned a half a minute later with a tool box. Opening it, he removed a crescent wrench and began to remove the sink's faucet valve after he turned off the pipe's valve beneath the fixture. With the ring all replaced, Victor mounted the faucet valve back in place and tightened it with a wrench.

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Afterward, he turned the lower valve back on and tried turning on the water. It came out with no problem. Upon turning it off, he noticed that it didn't leak any more. Glad to see his job finished and satisfactorily performed, Victor replaced the tools, threw the remaining rings into the box, closed it up, and replaced it from where it came. Upon returning to the livingroom, Victor went strait to his desk and opened the bottom right drawer, removing a magazine.

Going through the pages, he finally stopped at a page sized photo of an elegant dark haired lady looking almost exactly like the mannequin now completely disassembled to one corner of the room. Staring away, our man was becoming increasingly transfixed by the woman's fetish image. Indeed, the periodical now in hand was entitled, " Dominatrix".

He loved reading it and looking at the photos within, for the mystical contents satisfied his female domination hang-up. Continuing to gaze away, Victor made a mental note of all she had on, a one piece black corset, covering her cunt and tits, a beautiful pair of hip high black leather stiletto boots, and a pair of upper arm length gloves, also made of the same black leather as the corset and footwear.

Thinking, he said to himself, " She's great; that'll be the way I'll dress my new lady up; oh yea, it'll be fun to see her stand here everyday in and everyday out." Smiling, Victor closed the issue and replaced it back in the drawer. Next, he switched on his computer atop the desk and went on line.

There, he found the altravista search mode and punched in " Fetish Attire." Instantly, a long listing of webbsites came up to the screen. Scrolling downward, Victor eventually stopped at a site named "Leather for Ladies." Clicking on the words, Victor saw the home page pop forth.

Upon the screen was displayed a photo of an attractive brunette all dressed up as a domina. Truly, she looked gothic and noble. After inspecting the first page, he found a table of contents which included a choice saying, " Click here for sexy leather outfits." Naturally, Victor clicked his mouse and a fetish catalog came up. Here, he saw everything, boots, corsets, whips, gloves, hats, belts, etc.

After reading away for over fifteen minutes, our fetish man decided upon the same boots, corset, and gloves he had already viewed in the magazine. Further, Victor decided to purchase a whip to go along with his order. Reaching into his back pocket and producing his wallet, Victor removed a credit card and entered its number into the computer.

Afterward, he made his choices, ordering the said items. With all complete, he hit the "submit order button" after giving the company his PO Box number. The information was on its way. As a result, Victor got off line and simply shut down his computer. Waking up the next morning to the sound of the alarm clock, the man got out of bed, dressed, ate breakfast, and went to work.

The next four days went by with nothing of exception happening. However, on the fifth day after placing his order, Victor went to his PO Box and opened the little door. Finding a key with a number upon it, Victor ventured over to the larger lockers and used the said key to retrieve a box measuring about a foot and a half by one foot.

Taking the container with him, our man arrived home in anticipation. Inside his apartment, in the livingroom, he eagerly pulled open the box. There, before his eyes was the elegance of leather.

Stimulated by both the sight and the smell, reminding him of his numerous encounters with professional dominatrixes, Victor pulled forth at the contents and removed them from the box.

Excited, he unfolded everything and rubbed each item against his face, bathing in the fetish sensuality produced by his peculiar sexual disposition. Indeed, this action of his went on for over twenty minutes.

In particular, he spent most of the said time with the stiletto masterpieces, works of a noble craft, or so it appeared to his sado-masochistic mind. Completing his adoration of the material before him, Victor looked over and saw the box containing the mannequin's parts. Turned on now, he decided to put the thing together and dress her up with the fetish items.

Upon standing, Victor went into the apartment's hall and retrieved his tool box from the closet. Returning, he knelt before the container given to him by Walmart and opened it. Inside, he glanced down at her head; moreover, the haunting eyes peered into his as if she was saying, " Put me together; now!" Doing precisely that, our man removed her noble head, followed by her arms.

From the second container, he removed the rest of her physique in conjunction with the stand. Having her disassembled being laid out before him, Victor began putting her together with tools from the toolbox.

Twenty minutes later, he not only had her together and standing, he also had her posture adjusted to his desires. Looking at her naked frame, he smiled and went over to the fetish attire, bending down and reaching first for the boots. After carrying the footwear over to the mannequin, Victor knelt before the exquisite duplication of womanhood, and slowly raised her right foot, bending it at the knee, for the figure had built in hinges at the joints. With her sole two feet off the floor, Victor cautiously slid on the right boot.

With no problem, the stiletto attraction went on and up until its top reached her thigh. The boot in place, Victor did the same with the other. While still on his knees, our man moved back at least six feet. Eyeing her form afar, he was taken in by her image, truly, the footwear added an extra dimension, bringing out the gothic mystique he so admired in certain woman! Getting up now, the fetish individual went back to the rest of the Internet order and took the corset.

Going back to the mannequin, he put the thing over her frame. After tying the leather attire at the back, he had the corset all snug and tight. Again, he moved back some and admired the slender, but firm and stern figure before him. The black leather gave her more stamina, radiating control in a darker, fiendish, yet seductive way! Pleased with his work thus far, Victor went and got the gloves.

Obviously, he put these on the mannequin mistress. With that, Victor slowly pushed the base of the stand to one corner of the livingroom, opposite the front entrance. Finally, the fetish loner took up the whip and placed it into her hand, letting the rest of it hang loose down to the floor. Smiling, Victor again admired her from the otherside of the room. Turning his attention next to the mess, Victor gathered up all the garbage paper from the order and pushed it all into one of the boxes.

Finishing up with his cleaning, Victor took all three boxes out to the trash, returning empty handed to the livingroom. Staring away at her ladyship, Victor had the urge for some music. Sifting through his CD collection lying about the entertainment center, he finally decided upon Mozart's Requiem. The piece would be perfect, for her image radiated death in a luring and lucid way. Consequently, the music began and Victor turned down the lights, producing a more tranquil and lonely atmosphere.

Absorbing the measures, Victor lost contact with reality. Slowly, he sank to his knees and crawled to the mannequin. With his face at level with her feet, he began kissing the leather just above the stiletto heel. Excited, Victor began to erect as he continued on with the job. Kissing away, fifteen minutes past when he looked up and stared at her towering form. Just kneeling there, Victor continued to look up to her as if she were some queen from days of old. Eyeing her physique, Victor's mind began to fantasize.

He saw himself walking through a wooded area sometime on a gray Autumn day. Eventually, his wanderings brought him before a dark and forboding looking castle. Afterward, he approached the front entrance and walked right in. There, seated upon her thrown was the mistress, legs crossed, wearing her dominatrix outfit, covered with a black cape.

Standing helplessly in the main hall, Victor imagined himself being slowly hypnotized and seduced by her diabolical eyes, absorbing the very life out of him. As Mozart's masterpiece continued, Victor raised himself slightly and began kissing the gloved hands. With fetish precision, he adored every spot, leaving nothing untouched.

Finally, as he worshipped away, the CD came to an end. Surrounded with complete silence, Victor glanced at his watch, it was ten fifteen. As a result, the man made every effort to pull himself away and shower off, for tomorrow he had to work. All done and cleaned up, Victor went to bed and slowly drifted off to sleep. While sleeping, Victor was instantly awakened by the sound of thunder.

Pounding away from the sky, he heard another. Looking at his bedroom ceiling, he was momentarily stunned by its illumination via a lightening stroke. However, tired as he was, he drifted back to sleep when another thunder clap raised him back to semiconsciousness. Drifting back and forth between sleep and cognition, the man tossed and turned in bed. Nevertheless, as he was roused again by the noise of thunder and the blinding sting of lightening, he was sure the silhouette of a human form presented itself before the window.

Sitting up quickly, Victor inspected the area before the transparent curtain, while it slowly waved in the wind. Seeing nothing, he merely shrugged it off as part of a dream, for he wasn't even sure when he was awake or asleep.

As a result, Victor laid himself back and drifted off, this time sleeping peacefully as the storm left the area. Awakened by the alarm, Victor got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

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There, he got himself ready. Finally, with all done, he returned to the bedroom, got dressed, and went out to the kitchen. Still yawning, he made a cup of coffee and noticed the time, six twenty.

This gave him another thirty minutes before it's time time to leave. After taking his first sip of coffee, Victor began to fix himself a bowl of cereal. Completed, he sat down to eat. The cereal consumed, the man got up and took the yet unfinished coffee with him. Having a few more minutes of free time, he ventured out to the livingroom.

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Upon arrival, he stopped dead in his tracks and only stared forth, for he was stunned by what he saw! Standing there, Victor began to wonder about his sanity. He said to himself, " No, it can't be; I could've sworn I stood her on that side." Perplexed, he slowly moved over to the mannequin situated at a new location in another corner of the livingroom. Looking at her, then looking over to what he knew to be her previous location, Victor simply ask the figure in a sarcastic voice, " Now, how did you do that?" Still confused, Victor finished his coffee and returned to the kitchen.

There, he took note of time. After lying down the cup, he got his briefcase and returned to the livingroom. Again, he glanced at the dominatrix, opened the door, and stepped outside, locking it thereafter. At work, our man couldn't shake off the strange feeling which was starting to overtake him. Not being able to explain it, he simply continued with his job until quitting time. The workday over, he grabbed his briefcase and left.

Getting into his topaz, he started the engine and drove back to his apartment. Upon arrival, he parked his car and went up to his suite. Standing before the entrance with keys in hand, Victor momentarily froze.

Listening carefully, he slowly placed his ear upon the door. Sure enough, Mozart's Requiem flowed forth. Again confused, Victor unlocked the door and pushed it open. Playing away, the stereo resounded with that exquisite masterpiece of so long ago.

Turning his eyes quickly to the mannequin, she still stood in the same place as in the morning, save for the fact that now her left hand seemed to be raised higher than previously. After closing the door, Victor walked over to the stereo, inspected it, and turned it off.

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Feeling the haunting silence surrounding him, Victor cautiously went over to her gothic ladyship, examine her stature with the eye of a hawk. She didn't move, she didn't breath, she didn't speak, so how in the world could she be responsible for anything. Wondering to himself, Victor decided that either someone is playing tricks on him, or by accident, the custodian entered his apartment and somehow caused the strange affair.

Going over to his phone, Victor dialed the custodian's number. After two rings, he heard, " Hello." Victor then replied, " Oh hi Dan; did you or someone you know come into my apartment either last night or sometime today?" " No, why, is something wrong?" Hesitating for a second, Victor eventually said, " Ah, well, no, I think I may have moved something myself and forgot about it; thanks anyway, sorry for bothering you." Being the understanding type, Dan replied, " Ok, but if you need anything, just call again." Victor said thanks and hung up.

Not wanting to embarrass himself about the mannequin, he simply decided to let it all go in the hopes that nothing will happen. The evening came to an end and Victor showered off, put on his night clothes, and was about to go to bed when he had a sudden urge to see the " fake lady". Going out to the livingroom, Victor stood before her and slowly went to his knees.

Again, as on the previous day, he kissed away at her boots. This time, he got more pleasure than before, for the new mystery surrounding her gave the fetish adoration an extra dimension. Finishing up with his peculiar actions, the man got sleepy and ventured back to the bedroom, lying down and drifting off to dream world. However, as the night progressed, Victor was sleeping lighter and lighter.

Finally, he awoke at two thirty in the morning and sat up. Before his view, the curtains fluttered and waved in the light warm breeze as a small amount of light entered from the moon outside and above. Musing, he was still rubbing his eyes when he thought he heard something. Holding still, Victor could make out the familiar notes of the death mass.

Sure enough, Mozart's same piece played on, coming from the livingroom. Getting out of bed, Victor timidly ventured to the room's door. There, he peered down the short hall out toward the livingroom. Nothing, only the sound of the Requiem, all lights were out.

Slowly, he moved down the passage and to the livingroom's door post. Reaching over, Victor finally found the light switch built into the wall. Flicking it upward, a lamp upon a stand next to the solfa went on. Immediately, Victor began to perspire. His heart raced forth as his knees buckled and he went down. Kneeling there, Victor looked strait into her eyes.

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Seated upon the couch, the lady, whip in hand, gave him an evil grin. He couldn't believe it, before him sat a true living dominatrix, legs crossed, smiling, and radiating a force all to her own! Before he could say a word, she got up and walked over to the curtain draped before the glass doors to the balcony's entrance.

With one pull, she spread the two pieces upon the rollers. Next, the lady opened the sliding doors and let the night air in. Pointing to the light switch, she said in an assertive, yet seductive voice, " Turn off that light." Fumbling with himself, Victor finally got up and flicked off the switch.

Falling back to his knees, Victor managed to ask, " Who are you?" Not saying anything at first, the feline slowly walked out atop the terrace, turned around, and leaned her back against the rail, all bathed in moonlight, producing an image strait from a romance novel.

Standing there, she finally spoke into the apartment, " I'm what you want; I'm your alter self, your every desire." Speaking further, she said, " And you know what you want, you know what you are; you can't hide from me." Curious and still frightened, Victor crawled to her upon his knees. Eventually, he made it outside and knelt before her magnificent stiletto footwear. After raising his eyes up toward her glory, he humbly inquired, " What is it that I want?" Her dark eyes poked forth as she said, " Everyday you yern for it; every moment you beg for it; it's the reason why you decided to bring me home with you from that store." Hearing her words, Victor began to understand her meaning; he inquired, " You mean I yern for death; the end of life, that eternal peace of the abyss?" " Ofcourse," she rudely replied, " Your pathetic being isn't worth shit, and you know it; what have you done with your life thus far that's worth anything, nothing, and you'll never be anything, you're a loser, that's all that's to it!" Overcome by a horrific terror, Victor sensed, felt, and lived the truth of her words.

Broken, he sank his face into her leather boots, exclaiming, " Oh mistress, oh lady of death, please help me!" Across his back, a sharp sting penetrated his soul. " You're beyond help," she screamed after striking him with the whip, " You're nothing but trash!" Again, another strike of the whip.

Afterward, she ordered, " Take off your clothes, now!" Obediently, Victor removed his pajamas and knelt naked in the moonlight. Grabbing hold of his jaw with her leather clad hand, the lady brought her face closer to his and said, " Just look at you, look at you, I'll finish you off and that'll be the end of that!" His fear was also mixing itself with his fetish disposition. As she held his mouth, he began to erect. Seeing his cock swell up, she spit in his face and let go, standing herself up strait again.

Laughing, she remarked, " Ha, I see you'll enjoy your ride to hell!" Again, Victor fell forward and kissed away at the boots. She let him worship her for a full ten minutes until he heard, " Stop, shit head; go crawl inside and lay on your back." Immediately, Victor obeyed the mistress, doing exactly as told.

After stretching himself atop the carpet, the ghostly and haunting feline entered and walked up to his naked frame. There, she began placing her left boot atop his chest, depressing ever harder. Eventually, blood came forth as the spike dug in deeper and deeper.

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Screaming, Victor finally breathed a sigh of relief when she raised her boot up and removed the heel. Lying there in pain, Victor experienced no comfort when her whip came down and ripped across his chest. Again and again, she whipped away until Victor could stand no more. Yelling out, he said, " Please, please stop!" Not complying, the lady continued, causing Victor to get up and run away.

As a frightened child, he ran back to his bedroom and slammed the door shut, hoping it's all a dream. However, as the man rotated, he saw her silhouette against the window. Terrified, he turned, opened the door, and ran again. As Victor darted from the chamber, he felt the sting of her majestic whip come across his back. When he returned to the livingroom, there she was, leaning against the balcony's door post and smiling wickedly at him, saying, " There's no escape,; you wanted me, now I'm hear; I'm never going to let you go until you're finished, and I mean finished!" Rising over the town, the morning sun shone forth as officer Rick looked up at the apartment complex from where he was standing.

Turning, he said to his partner, " All right, better go inside and find out which apartment he fell from." Nodding, the man pushed his way through the small crowd gathered about the naked corpse lying smashed upon the concrete. Rick's partner located Dan and ask, " Can you identify the man outside?" Dan inquired, " What man?" The officer answered, " Sorry to tell you, but it looks as if someone jumped from one of the upper balconies sometime last night, we just found him this morning." Surprised, Dan ventured out and looked at the body.

Immediately, he said, " Yea, that's Victor, he lives up in 510." No sooner he spoke, an ambulance arrived and picked up the body. Afterward, both policeman followed Dan to Suite 510. Using his custodian key, Dan entered with the two officers.

Inside, all three looked around. Speaking to his partner, Rick said, " Hey look, look at that mannequin; didn't the man's body have whip marks all over it?" Walking toward the "woman", officer Rick looked closer at the figure A cold chill went up his spine as he stared into her eyes.

Turning away, he couldn't help but feel the presence of something different, a strange sensation creeping ever deeper into his inner being!

The End