Petite college teen hd xxx Stepdads Side Of The Bed

Petite college teen hd xxx Stepdads Side Of The Bed
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Om my God! What happened to me? Here i am, fully naked chained in a box in a barn and the only thing i can think of is what this girl did to me. And how much it turned me on. How old would she be? 14? I do not know and i do not even know her name.

She somehow controlled every situation and i was so submissive to let her dominate me into this position. It must all be a joke and she will return shortly to release me. I am chained with a metal collar around the next to the ceiling. I try to pull it, but it does not give an inch and try how much i can move in this box. She was right, i just can reach the walls and that is it. I feel my cock throbbing in this heavy metal cage and i study it closer.

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It is a large egg shaped metal which now contains my cock and balls. On the bottom is a small hole which must be to urinate. When i walk around i feel the weight and it is not really comfortable.

On the top is the lock that holds it together. I start to panic. I only went here to solve this misunderstanding and one thing led to worse.

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My wife does not even know i am here. I need to get home, i need to get out, but i cannot. I start to scream and i cannot help it. i am kidnapped! i try to break the chain, but all is useless. I tried for hours but without success. After a while i felt i had to pee so i chose a corner to urinate. I squatted so it would not touch my legs. i get tired of yelling, because nobody reacts and i feel more and more tired so decided to lie down on the cold floor and despite the circumstances i fell asleep wondering what my wife would think.

When i wake up all is sore and i am cold. i hear the other horses in the boxes and i see a man taking care of them. It is a white male maybe in his thirties, well built only wearing a jeans and no shirt.

i call out to him, but he just ignores me and continues to take care of the other horses. I start yelling to him and after a while he walks over to my box. He enters and when he comes in he immediately grabs the metal egg and pulls it hard. "Shut up slave!


Did Milady not tell you to remain quiet?" I feel quite intimidated by him and somehow his naked torso close to mine and him holding my cage confuses me and i say "yes, she did" with a soft voice.

"So to as you are told!" and with this said he forces me on my knees by pulling the chain.


My head is close to his jeans and i see a large bulb in it. He slightly pushes it against my mouth and whispers 'Later". He grabs my hands and pulls them behind my back and cuffs me. He grabs some bread from a bag he was holding and throws in the trog.

Then he adds some milk to it and leaves. I feel hungry but do they really think i am going to eat that and from that trog? Why do i keep thinking of this bulge in his pants? I have to admit i feel horny and desperate at the same time.


After what might have been only a few minutes i hear high heels approaching. Two females voices are softly speaking to each other and when they approach my box i can see it is Milady with another black woman.

It is an older version of Milady and must be her mother. "Stand up" Milady says with an authoritative voice and i realize i am still on my knees after the encounter with the man. I quickly grab myself together and stand up while the ladies enter the box. Mother and daughter are about the same height and both radiate power and control. The mother wears tight black leather pantsa white blouse and red high heeled pumps.

The daughter wears a tight black leather dress and black pumps. They look stunning, but i keep my eyes to the shoe-tips of Milady.

"Inspection", Milady says.

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"Since you do not know the postures yet, it is very simple so that even a stupid slave as yourself can understand. You are to spread your legs, hands in your neck, breast forward, eyes to the ground." i quickly obey but apparently my legs are not wide enough because i feel a sharp sting of her riding crop on my legs and Milady hisses "Wider!" "So this is the slave you have been talking about, darling", the mother starts.

I can feel her approach and suddenly shiver because she starts touching me with leather gloved hand. She pinches my arms, legs and hits my ass hard. Then she forces my mouth open with her fingers and check my teeth.

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i taste the leather. Then she squeezes my nipples between her fingers and starts turning them. It hurts incredibly and i start to moan. "Are you sure you want this slave, darling? It seems to me it is not worthy of your time." "I know mother, but he will be in better shape after my training and i have special plans with this slut!" I do no know if i should be happy or not, but somehow i am hearing Milady saying those words; the mothers seems think i am worthless, but her daughter thinks different.

Then in notice that i consider the 14-year old girl really as 'Milady' and i am so confused. How can such a young girl rule me like that. Then i feel the mother grab the cage and stand in front of me. She forces me to look her in her black eyes and says: 'You better obey her fully or you have to deal with me. Is that understood?" i start shivering, because somehow i am really afraid and i do not want to face the wrath of this woman.

"Yes Milady", i whisper. With a last jerk on the cage she turns around says to her daughter "Ok, i will take care of the other business" and i see a Goddess walking away. A beautiful ass shaking with every move. Then i feel the whip on my back. "What did i say about looking at other women? You deserve to be punished for that. Especially since it is my mother. I am the center of your life for the time to come" And she continues whipping me for maybe 5 minutes. I might have tried to flee, beg, scream and protest, but the whip kept landing on my body and i was in deep pain.

She did not hold back and hit hard.

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I started crying, knelt down and from then i only felt the whip on my back. "When i punish, you stand still slave. When you move i can hit you everywhere. This was just a mild punishment. Understood?" "Yes Milady", i say in between sobs. Then she stands in front of me, lifts her dress and presses her pussy against my face whilst she grabs my hair. "Smell your owner", she says and i short circuit in my head. First the severe whipping and now these odors the fill me nose drive me crazy.

I feel her pussy is bald and i stick my tongue out. I want to taste i, i need to taste it. I am so horny. I get a face-slap. "I said only smell, slave. You will get more when you behave". Then she wipes the tears from my face, pats my head and says: "Come we have a lot of training to do" and i feel like a happy pet.