Brother mutual masturbation story gay Hung Rugby Boy Used In The Back

Brother mutual masturbation story gay Hung Rugby Boy Used In The Back
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Leanne She was nine years old the first time I groped her. I did not give her a "loving father's caress," nor did I help her reach some nonsensical "plateau." No phony bullshit here. She came into the house dripping wet from the water fight she had with her best friend who lived next door. She had on one of those fuck-me bathing suits so popular for little kids now a days. You know the type; it barely covers the slit and advertises, "Look what you can't have unless you want to go to prison." The sides of her vagina showed just a little and the thong was buried between her ass cheeks.

Her friend Deedee from next door had one she wore with "Kiss Me" printed across the crotch. Would you believe my wife and Deedee's mother picked them out? Actually they permitted the kids to pick them out and offered no guidance whatsoever. The kids chose what they wanted to wear, the moms paid for them and came home. Then Leanne and Deedee learned a new fact about their swimsuits.

Those suits were to show things off and not get wet. "Hey Dad!" Leanne called as she came in the front door. "I looked up from my television and said, "Hey your own self… Well shit!" "What's the matter, Daddy?" "Sweetie, you are so close to naked you might as well not have anything on at all," I told her.

"In fact you look nakeder than if you were just naked." I sat up straight on the couch and looked her up and down. She looked real fuckable like she was right then, more so than if she had been naked. If she had been naked she would have just been a naked nine years old girl. That transparent bit of cloth barely covering her sweet pussy mound transformed her into something else, something very hot.

"Daddy," she protested, "a swim suit is supposed to be skimpy, see?" She did a pirouette on the ball of one foot and I felt both of my own balls spinning. She backed up to me and said, "It's just a swim suit. She laid her head back against my chest. Just as I had many times before when she backed her soggy wet body up against me, I said, "Yuck, you got me all wet, you damned brat." "All the better to soak you with, my dear," she answered.

We misquoted "Little Red Riding Hood" as a part of one of our silly father daughter games. My arms went around her as she said those words, automatically. One thing was different. My hands came in contact with her bare belly and I started to get a hard on.

Thrill ran through my groin and I held her even tighter than usual. "Hoo boy," I whispered under my breath. "She felt something too because she whispered, "Daddy?" She snuggled even closer against me. My left hand slipped up and cupped her barely budding breast.

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My right hand slipped down, under her thong and my fingers touched her pussy. It felt soft and puffy and ready for the next stage. A little voice from somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind said, "That's Leanne's pussy I am holding." It was an observation more than a thought of horror or shame, sort of like mentioning the weather.

The rest of me felt like an electric current was running through me. I started to run my middle finger on my right hand up and down her slit and finally slipped it in to the first knuckle. "Oh!" she gasped. "Oh!" We stayed like that for a long time. I finger fucked her and alternately rubbed the barely discernable clit she just started to grow. Just as I started to pull my cock out for her to play with, Molly, my wife, called from the kitchen.

"Lunch is ready, if you two can tear yourselves away from the TV." Man, that was like a glass of ice water thrown in my face. "Oh hell," I muttered and lifted my hand out from under her pussy patch. "Go ahead, Sweetie, I'll be there in a minute." "Okay Daddy," she whispered and headed toward the kitchen.

Fear shot through me. I visualized what would have happened if I had gotten caught. Fear made my dick shrink in a hurry. I took a couple of deep breaths and went into the kitchen. Molly was busy at the sink rinsing vegetables. Leanne had already taken her usual seat next to mine. We ate sandwiches and Leanne cleared the table as if nothing had happened. I pushed away from the table and said, "I'm going to back flush the pool filter and skim the crud off the water.

Our twenty-four feet across above ground pool was a constant source of aggravation. The next-door neighbor had one of those tall Australian trees with funny shaped leaves that blew off all the time. Somehow it seemed most of them ended up floating in our pool. "Get your swim suit on, Daddy and we can swim as soon as the skimming is done.

I nodded and went to change. My lightweight trunks covered the essentials and little else. This had never been a problem before.

This time when I put them on I was very aware of how naked I felt. I returned to the kitchen and walked up behind Molly and ground my cock against her ass.

I threw my arms around her and grabbed her tits through the thin top she had on. She gave out a throaty laugh and asked, "Are you starting something?" "Uh huh." I answered. "Honey, you start back flushing. Your daddy will be out in a little bit." She grinned and took me by the hand.

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"Parents," Leanne muttered under her breath, saw the bulge under my suit and grinned. This was a very familiar scene to her. "Well, hurry up, Daddy." Molly and I went into our bedroom and undressed. We lay down on the bed and started necking and petting. When she gave me the signal she was ready I slipped my cock inside her and started at a slow leisurely pace. About halfway through I happened to glance up and saw Leanne watching us through the bedroom window. Our bedroom looked out over the back yard and the pool.

That was a hell of a turn on to perform in front of my daughter. I picked up the pace and slammed my all hard into Molly, twisted a little side by side and really made a production out of it. She had three massive orgasms and said, "Stop." I stopped.

"Stick it in my mouth," she ordered. I eased up in bed and she began to give me head to finish off. Molly was very sensitive down there and many times she would have her orgasms and then have me finish her and me off in the mouth.

Leanne watched it all with a big grin on her face. I cum, Molly swallowed and I eased back down in bed. "I am completely and totally drained," I told her. "Lord, I hope so. Frank, I have been to the doctor because I am so tender inside." She paused. "He said there is nothing wrong with my organs. However there is something wrong with my nerve endings. It gets painful sometimes when you get a little more active than usual." "You want to stop having sex," I asked.

"No, Honey, I want to cut down. I enjoy making love to you until I start to hurt." She looked into my face, trying to make me understand. "Hoo boy, this do present a problem." I was and am a highly sexed man.

We had a very active sex life until just the past year.

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"I'm sorry," she said and meant just that. She loved it in high school that when we went on dates I always got off a minimum of three times. She used to brag to her younger sister about how many times I did the deed when we were out someplace together. "I know, Honey," I told her and kissed her forehead. I got up off the bed and went into the bathroom to piss and get cleaned off.

I came back out and saw she was crying. I hugged her close and did not say anything. We stood in silence. She was ashamed she was not "woman enough." I wanted to comfort her and tried to think where I was going to get someone to take up the slack. I got very uptight when I did not get enough sex. I thought about Leanne and rejected the idea. Molly put her shorts and halter back on and I slipped back into my swim trunks.

My trunks had a build in nut cup that held me in place except when I got an erection. Then my cock head stuck up out of the top. Molly bought them for me. She did seem to have a fixation on show and tell sports clothing. I kissed her and went outside. "I watched you and Mom," she told me. "I know I saw you." I grinned back at her.

"You mad?" she asked. "Nope," I answered. "You got to learn someplace. Just don't let your mother catch you peeking in the window at us. She already had the pool skimmed by the time I finished having sex with her mother.

"Come on, Dad, get in." She climbed up on the platform that surrounded the pool and dived in. I followed. We swam around for a while and then I reached out and grabbed her pussy again. I pulled her close to me and began to play with it. She twisted around and threw her arms around me.

I supported her little ass and played with her pussy lips. Then I saw Molly come out the back door. "Here comes your Mom," I told her. We separated and she swam away from me. "You guys want anything to drink?" Molly asked, as she got closer to the pool. "Naw, nothing for me, Babe." My treacherous peter was hard again and did not want to go down. She climbed up the stairs and lay down on one of the air mattresses on the platform. I muscled my way out of the pool. My crotch was right near her face.

She grinned and slid down the top of my trunks and gave me a quick suck and put it back. She thought she was being sly until she looked up and saw Leanne's face right next to hers. The little shit grinned and jumped back in the water. "Oh dear!" Molly exclaimed.

"Can I come in?" Deedee asked. I had not seen her climb up onto the deck. By the grin on her face I knew she had seen the impromptu mini blowjob Molly gave me. "Come on in!" Leanne called to her best friend. "Shit!" Molly exclaimed.

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Her faced turned a bright red from embarrassment. She got up and retreated into the house.


"My dad is always trying to get my mom to do that to him, "Deedee said. She grinned and looked down at my trunks. My cock head was sticking out yet. "Here, let me fix it," Leanne said and took hold. She tried to shove it back down and couldn't. It got harder. Both of the girls laughed. I stood and jumped in the water. They followed me. "Can I touch it?" Deedee asked. She grabbed hold before I could answer. "Woops, let's stop this right now. I could get my ass arrested in a flat second if anybody found out I let a kid grab my cock." "Daddy, we won't tell.

Deedee's dad plays with her pussy when he takes her for visitation. Her mom kind of knows and we still won't say anything to her. We're cool." "If Randy isn't home when Daddy comes to pick me up, Mom lets him fuck her. He keeps trying to get her to suck him and Mom says no. She will only do that with Randy. I think Randy wants to fuck me and is afraid to try.

He sure acts like it." Leanne took my cock out of Deedee's hand and bobbed her head under the water and gave it a suck and I almost cum right then. Deedee laughed and said, "My turn." She bobbed her head under the water and sucked me in a way that said this was not her first time.

She gave me a few more sucks and came up for air. "I want you to cum in my mouth, Daddy," Leanne said. Just then Molly called from the back door, "I'm going to the store. You want anything?" "No thanks, Hon," I called back and she left. "Daddy, get up on the air mattress and take your trunks off." She began to remove her bottom and top. Right then I let my dick do my thinking. I slipped off my trunks and lay down on my back Leanne knelt down and began to suck me off. Deedee straddled my chest and shoved her pussy up against my face.

She had taken her bottoms off already also.

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Deedee had been fucked before. That was obvious when I stuck my tongue in her. She rode my face like a trick rider at a rodeo and Leanne sucked me until I cum.

She gagged and let it all run back out of her mouth and onto my belly. I waited until they got off of me and headed for the house. We took a fast shower together and dried off. Leanne took Deedee into her room and found a pair of shorts and a tee shirt for her to wear. I slipped on a pair of loose gym shorts. When Molly returned we were watching a movie on the television.

She put the few things she bought away and came in to watch with us. Just as the movie ended the phone rang.

It was Deedee's mother, Lorraine. She wanted Deedee to come home. Her father was there to get her for the weekend. As soon as Deedee was gone Molly turned off the TV. "We need to talk, Frank," she told me.

Leanne took that as her cue to go outside. "What, Molly? Why the long face?" "We have to do something. Sweetheart, I love you and I know how much you need sex." I nodded. "I will suck your cock twice a month, but that is all." "Say what?" "After I had those orgasms my pussy became so sore I hurt when I peed. Until the doctor can find out what is wrong and fix it, no more sex." She buried her face in her hands and wailed, "I'm sorry!

I am so sorry." "Hey, we'll work through this somehow." I did not like what the future held for me right then, I had already decided there would not be a repeat of that afternoon with the girls. My secretary was a lesbian and that left me with no place to turn. "I won't get jealous if you get someone else as long as you still love me," she said in a shy voice.

"Honey, that might not be a real good idea. With all those diseases floating around out there, I am afraid to play pussy roulette." "How about Catherine next door, Deedee's mom?" she asked hopefully. "Right now, this very second, Deedee's dad is fucking her or has just finished fucking her.

He has sex with her whenever he comes over to pick Deedee up for the weekend. "Deedee and I watch them through the window," Leanne said as she came back into the room. "He eats her pussy and then he fucks her and then he cums in her. He gets off, cleans up and Deedee and I hurry back to her room so we won't get caught." "What?" Molly looked about ready to have a heart attack. "Well, Mom, you sucked on Daddy's cock in front of me.

You started it." Leanne was not going to back off. "I did not think you could see," my wife mumbled. Her face got red. "I was just teasing him. "Mom, you sucked a cock in front of me. I saw you. I also watched Daddy fuck your mouth and cum in it." "Oh!" Molly looked like she wanted to crawl under the rug. "Let me do my dad," Leanne said. I was afraid she would admit she had already sucked me off, but she kept quiet about that.

"Have you been fucking my daughter?" Molly demanded. "No I have not. I thought you knew me better than that." "Well I thought I knew my daughter better than that also," she answered in a weak voice. Then she got mad, "The two of you do whatever you damned please." She stormed out of the room and into our bedroom. I stopped just long enough to kiss Leanne on the lips and followed my wife.

I entered the bedroom and shut the door behind me. "Why are you getting so angry like you acting?" "Well, how do you expect me to act? I try to figure out a way to make my marriage last when sex hurts me and you suggest I encourage you to have sex with our daughter." She stuck out her lower lip and pouted.

"Knock that shit off right now. You are well aware that Leanne suggested she have sex with me. Now you are trying to cover up some sort of guilty feeling by acting angry when you are afraid." Suddenly I realized, "You are actually considering Leanne as your sexual replacement. Why not admit it?" She walked to the window and looked out across the yard at the pool and turned to face me.

"Am I some kind of a monster, that I would seriously consider permitting, even encouraging my daughter to have sex with her father?" "No, I don't think that at all. I was not passing judgment on you because I am right now considering the same thing and wondering if it could be contained? The consequences could be horrific." "Do you want to have sex with your daughter?" she asked me straight forward. "Yes. But not if it harms her. I do not think it would because both girls already have a hell of a sex education already from peeking in windows and what Leanne saw this afternoon." Molly flinched at the reminder of Leanne catching Molly with my cock in her mouth.

She straightened her back and said, "Let's go talk to our daughter." We returned to the living room and called Leanne in. "Do you want to do this with your dad?" Molly asked. "Uh huh," Leanne nodded and grinned. "Do you want to do this with your daughter?" she asked me. "Well not if___" She interrupted me with a wave of her hand. "Stop waffling. Just answer the question. Is Leanne sexually attractive to you?" She stared hard at me.

My wife was in turmoil inside and did not know which way to turn. She was reaching for any solution just so the problem of her inability to have pain free sex could be dealt with and set aside. "Ah, yes," I said in a barely audible voice. I was embarrassed as hell to admit this to my wife, Leanne's mother. "Okay, then that is a done deal." She turned to our daughter, "You must never tell anyone about this.

There would be all sorts of trouble if you did." "Okay, but Deedee will know without me telling her." I already figured that out by myself after the adventure on the air mattress. "Don't worry, she's cool.

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Her dad has been fucking her for a year and nobody knows it." She thought a moment, grinned and added, "Except you two. "Her mom thinks he just fingers her a little and warned him not to go any further." It seemed my daughter was a keeper of many secrets. Molly nodded and added her own bombshell. "I want to be present every time you two have sex. This is non negotiable. I don't want my daughter to get hurt." This was getting more bizarre than a British science fiction movie.

I agreed and asked, "How do we go about this?" "In my room. Mom can sit on a chair and watch us," Leanne was getting more excited by the second. Molly stood. "Let's go." She led the way. Once inside Leanne's room, she slipped off her shorts and blouse and I dropped my shorts. I felt very self-conscious to stand naked with my equally naked daughter while her mother looked on. Leanne lay down on her bed with her legs spread wide open. She looked up at me and grinned in anticipation of her first time.

I looked down at her and got hard. "Come on Daddy," she urged. Molly sat down on the chair at the dressing table and watched with no expression showing on her face. She was having second thoughts. I decided I better get started before she changed her mind.

I knew once she saw us have sex she would have a hard time calling a halt to things and I damned well wanted to have sex my daughter and keep on having sex with her every chance I got. I sat down on her bed, leaned down and stuck my tongue in her. Molly gasped and started to say something. "Oh yes!" Leanne yelled. "Oh god it's so good. Yes! Yes!" Molly did not say anything after that. "Get around and let me suck you, Daddy." I eased around in bed and we went sixty-nine.

She took to cock sucking like a pro from that very first day. When I cum she gagged just like she did out on the pool deck, just not quite so bad. I looked up and saw Molly had her tits bared and was playing with her own nipples. She had a lost in space look on her face.

When I got up off the bed she had an orgasm and moaned. Leanne and I looked at each other and grinned. "I got a little excited," Molly said defensively as she saw our grins. "Next time we'll try to get a little of my cock inside you. We want to be very careful that we do not hurt you." Leanne hopped off the bed and gave me one last suck. I started to get hard again. "Daddy, I like to feel your cock in my mouth." She said it so serious I had trouble not to laugh.

I saw Molly's back stiffen and I hastened to say, "Only if your mom is present. That's the deal and we're going to stick to it." For now, anyway, I thought to myself. "Let's eat out." Molly suggested, "You know, to sort of celebrate our new life style." She looked at me and blushed. She looked at out daughter and looked a little ashamed. Then she looked at the floor. Leanne came over to her mother and took a breast in her mouth.

She gave it a suck and said, "Better put them away if we are going out." Molly's nipples both hardened and Leanne sucked on the other one once. "You got horny tits, Mom." Molly got a trapped look on her face. I went over and hugged her tight against my naked body.

"Remember? No secrets. We all three have to be real honest with each other." "I feel ashamed I like it when my daughter sucked on my breasts. I feel ashamed that my daughter turns me on." She buried her face in my chest.

"Look, you have to be up front with me and with Leanne. Okay?" She nodded and Leanne came back and began to suck her mother's tits some more. Molly whimpered and reached down and caressed Leanne's pussy. It looked like my wife and my secretary had a lot in common.

I made a mental not to discuss this with Molly later when we were alone. After our daughter brought my wife to another climax, we dressed and went out to eat. It was nice to get out and just relax. The meal was great and we decided on a movie.

"What do you two want to see?" I asked "The Revival!" Leanne answered right away. "Oh!" Molly exclaimed in surprise. "Ah!" I answered her The movie was a thinly disguised story of two well-known female preachers. It barely escaped a double X rating because someone got bribed. I had heard about it and listened to the screams of outrage from the Jesus for lunch bunch. It showed lesbian sex, gay sex and used well-known actors throughout the whole movie.

Rock Hudson would have fought for the starring role had he been alive. Mostly it was straight sex, but the only ones left out were the doggie lovers. Hollywood has not advanced that far yet. I shrugged and looked at Molly. She shrugged. What the hell? After the day's activities, let it all hang out. "You're on," I told my daughter.

We had a little trouble at the ticket counter and I flat out told the young woman selling tickets. "This is our daughter and she has a lot of questions I feel this movie will answer better than we can." She nodded and told us, "I wish my folks had been as open as you are.

It would have saved me a lot of grief." I smiled in sympathy with her and we went in. A couple of people gave us funny looks but nobody said anything.

When we got to the point where the one lady preacher began to eat out the other lady preacher and a teen-aged boy who looked barely legal had mounted the one doing the eating, Leanne whispered, "That looks like fun!" Unfortunately all sound ceased right then and her whisper were as loud as a yell.

We got more strange looks. Although Dallas has it's wild side, most of the people living there are very Bible belt conservative. We left the theater as soon as the movie was over.

A uniformed cop walked up to us as I started to open the car door for Molly. "You folks got a minute?" he asked. "Yes, Officer, how may I help you?" I stood between him and my family.

I decided I would plead guilty and deny my wife or my daughter had anything to do with me. Then he grinned. "Sir, if I wanted to bust you, I had sufficient grounds back in the theater when your wife let your daughter fondle her." He patted my shoulder.

I missed that in the darkened theater. "Give me your address and invite me over for a beer or a cup of coffee tomorrow morning." He sure as hell did not seem threatening right then. I wrote our address and phone number on a page from his notebook.

"See you about ten." He smiled again and walked away. "Part of the reason you don't want me to fuck you any more is that you are a lesbian," I told her on the way home. "It started two years ago and for the past year I am in pain when you stick it in me.

Do you understand, Frank?" She wilted when I answered, "No." Then perked back up when I continued, "I have no way to understand. I am a straight male. I have no points of reference. However, just as you have done your best for me I shall do my best for you. I love you." "And I am in love with you, Frank. It's just that I cant stand___" "To have my cock stuck in you," I finished for her. "We shall have to make our own adjustments." That night we three slept together.

While I waited Molly licked her daughter's pussy. I got my cock wet in my daughter's mouth and I went to work to get her opened up. Molly spread Leanne's pussy lips and I shoved.

I got the tip in. I shoved a little harder and got most of the head in. "No more, Daddy," she said. "It hurts." I slowly worked back and forth and in and out, easing a little more with each gentle thrust. Just as I got the head buried all the way inside I cum. She whimpered and I pulled out. Molly dove face down into Leanne's pussy and licked her clean. We went to sleep. **** The next morning, right at ten the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to a stranger who had a pretty young teenager with him. Then I recognized him from the evening before. It was the friendly cop without his uniform. He appeared about five years older than me and did not look like a cop at all right then. "Hi, remember me?" I did a double take and let him in. I had on my uniform of the day, a pair of gym shorts. Leanne had on her fuck me swim suit and Molly still had on her dressing robe with nothing under it.

I led them into the den and we all sat. "I'll make some coffee," Molly said. "May I help?" the young woman who came with the cop asked. She followed Molly out into the kitchen while Leanne came over and sat on my lap. "How do I begin?" the cop asked the rhetorical question. "Well you might begin by telling me why you invited yourself over here and did not arrest us last night." There, I figured that should cut through the bullshit. He laughed and nodded his approval.

"That is my daughter who came with me. She and I have had an affair since she was eleven, three years ago. We are deeply in love.

Next year we plan to make a baby. "Okay, your turn." He gave me an expectant look and leaned back in his chair. "Would you believe yesterday was our first? It started by accident and kept progressing." I told him the whole thing including about Deedee letting me eat her pussy. "Wow, you went from zero to sixty in a hell of a hurry." He nodded his approval. "Can I hold your cock?" Leanne asked him.


"What's your name? Is it okay with you, Daddy?" That was my daughter at her best. I nodded my assent and he said. "Gary Strong." "Frank Parsons," I replied. "This is Leanne and my wife is Molly." Just as I mentioned her name, Molly came out of the kitchen naked. She was red all over. Gary's daughter was naked also. He stood up and stared at his daughter, "Misty, what the hell?" "Molly? What the hell," I echoed. "We like each other," Misty answered. "Let's all get naked," my ever-practical daughter said.

Gary looked at me and I nodded. I started to slip off my shorts and he took off his polo shirt, tennis shoes and gym shorts. He was a little heavier hung than me. Leanne made a beeline for it and popped it in her mouth. She worked him hard and backed off. "Daddy had to bring me home early and I wanted to… Oh boy!" Deedee came barging into our house. Leanne grabbed Gary's cock and began to suck again.

She was showing off for Deedee. Gary moaned and cum. He staggered back into his chair and sat down hard. I lay down on my back on the floor.

Deedee took off her sun suit and sat down on my cock. It slipped right in. Deedee was well stretched out. "I had my first orgasm this morning. Daddy bought me an Ipod to celebrate." She told me and then screwed up her face, groaned and said, "Kiss me." She just had her second orgasm.

Gary's daughter came over and sat straddle my chest. I smelled her pussy and got excited all over again. She grinned when I was fully hard and sat down on it.

She was tighter than Deedee. Molly watched as I hammered my way inside Misty. When I cum, she pulled Misty over and began to lick as much of my cum out of the girl as her tongue could reach. They ended up going sixty-nine. Deedee climbed up on Frank's lap and eased him into her pussy. After a few minutes he cum in her and Molly was right there to lick the girl clean again.

Things kind of settled down for a while and we three adults sat back with a beer each. Then after they got dressed Leanne led Deedee and Misty out into the back yard.

While the kids played in the pool Gary got down to business. "I was pretty certain you were candidates for membership in our club, 'Families United.' We used to be known as 'The Fathers' Club.' That name was not a very good one because of the number of mothers who had joined. We are very discreet where potential new members are concerned. In the nearly ten years we have been in existence we have had only one incident of any consequence.

"The individual was a person who suddenly found Jesus for some reason. He went to the authorities. We literally destroyed him in court. He had to leave the state. We did not enjoy doing that to anybody. However we are very protective of each other. We must be because we are flying in the face of one of Christianity's strongest taboos." A shiver ran down my back as I envisioned a person under attack by a group of determined individuals. "I understand," I told him. We are meeting out at The Farm this afternoon.

We have mini parties in neighbors' homes sometimes, but the main event is on weekends at The Farm. It is a compound set out in the middle of nowhere.

We are listed as a private nudist colony in our state papers of incorporation." "Sounds interesting to me, how about you, Honey?" She nodded her head yes and said, "It will be nice to be open with everyone, especially myself." Gary smiled and said, "A van will be by in about twenty minutes to pick you up and bring you out.

We have a shuttle service that eliminates the need to have a bunch of cars out there. As I said, we are discreet. You already passed your entrance examination with flying colors. "It looks like the Dallas club has a few more members.

You might try to contact Deedee's father and see how he feels. She would be right at home at one of our parties.

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He might fit in too." He called Misty in from the back yard. "Let's go, Honey," he told her. "You go on ahead, Gary," she told her father. "I want to ride out with Molly and show her around." She came over and kissed my wife on the lips. Like that old Sinatra song, "it was the start of something big." Big in our lives anyway.