Vinyl Vixon Flattened Out Dick Inserted In Dat Face

Vinyl Vixon Flattened Out Dick Inserted In Dat Face
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My name is Unit 9. You may wonder why my name is a simple number and if you are willing to hear my story I can explain much more than that. It began on my nineteenth birthday. I had been a soldier in what was the Earth Armed Forces. Things were much simpler at the time.

It was when men began to push technology to its limits that things became very different. They built machines of great speed, power and versatility. With all that came nothing but greed and destruction. I want to be able to tell you that I brought peace and order to a world of chaos but that cannot be so. I was the very foundation that brought the concept of war to a whole new level. It began with the dividing of the nations.

Let me say that Earth is not like how you all know it today. The population is no longer grounded to the single planet we view as the source of life. Colonies have been developed in large ships that float about our very solar system.

You see the year is 2999. It's a very different world. Wars are fought in all ways: air, land, sea and space. As I have already stated, the nations divided twenty years ago sparking the greatest war of all times.

It was the ideas of a single man who manipulated the very human race. He went by the name Marcus Ash. Marcus believed he could engineer human life to live for centuries. This controversial belief brought about many disputes between people who thought he was playing God and those who saw him as God. His secret was the use of a blood, which at birth, was injected into the host.

The blood contained tiny mechanical fibres that would slow the process of aging once the host reached the peak of their physical and mental form.

This "magic blood" only gave the host unnatural long life but no other benefits such as super strength or brains were never proven. At least - not until I came along. The special blood also brought immunities from all diseases known to humans. Many opposed this method of everlasting youth.

The war of today is fought between the Ords (short for ordinary) and the Selects (those chosen to be hosts). Enough about that. This is my story. On my nineteenth birthday I was asked to be a host for a new type of blood. I must point out that as a soldier I was nothing but average when it came to my skill.

I was of a simple ground operations unit much like the infantry of nearly a century ago. It was my looks and my personality that brought the men of science to choose me for their tests. My strong, firm body was in its top physical condition. I wasn't butch but well toned with each muscle defined and sculpted like well polished off art. My light, almost white blonde hair was cut short and always styled in the sleek uneven mohawk.

Of course it was never in my nature to be taken as a member of the opposite sex so I never shaved the sides or anything like that. It was just my preference. My eyes were not like anything you will ever see. When looking directly at me you would see my right eye is a dark green but my left my left was not in anyways natural for it had been replaced with a special eyes that worked like a scope.

It had the crosshairs of a scope that were visible to anyone who looked at me. I was able to zoom in on objects and see in both infrared as well as nightvision. I should stop there and continue on with the story. When I agreed to do this I never had any idea what was in store for me. Immediately I was taken to a remote facility on Earth to begin my training.

I went into that place with a civilian name, home and family. I came out an unknown, lethal assassin. The "Unit Project" came right from Marcus's twisted mind. He believed that a single person could be trained to do the most covert, difficult and dangerous missions to give the Selects the advantage over the Ords.

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So Unit 1 was chosen and it wasn't long before the training overtook him and he was destroyed. So were the seven that came after him.

Then I came along. I was nothing like the creationists could ever expect. Even Marcus came by on my final evaluation to see me for his own eyes. I was the very tool they would use to win this war.

My training took exactly one year and it was something I will never forget. I was treated to a mind reformation. To put it in simple terms I was brainwashed and made a sociopath. Then the more tricky procedure was done. I was injected with billions of micro fibres that flowed in my blood stream. Each tiny fibre was controlled by a special device implanted in my brain which allowed me to control the formation they would take when the fibres met with air.

With that I had to learn the very blueprints of every weapon in the forces. Each weapon and its mock up had to be memorized so that when I had to draw a weapon, all I would have to do is draw blood from my hand and allow the fibres to take the form of the weapon I think of in my head.

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It was not immediate but quick enough. Even ammunition was not an issue for I could create it myself. The fibres did not just re-grow instantly.

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I would have to monitor my levels and allow my body to produce more the same way blood cells are created. This technology was so advanced no one saw me coming. At the time I was the Selects greatest asset. Later I would prove to be their greatest mistake. I was quick, beautiful and deadly. After a year of training to be a lethal assassin/soldier I had to prove I was capable of seduction. This was perhaps my greatest challenge because I was at this point of my training, a robot that had to be told everything.

Sex was not something they programmed me to do. They had to teach me. My body was to be my greatest weapon. I was hard to resist sexually and my creators knew this. It was an advantage to my work.

The top generals in the Ords Militia were all men and I would be the one getting between the sheets with them, gaining their trust, then ending their lives as swiftly as they fell for me. I was first introduced to sex at the end of my training.

My physical training coach, Tay Wilkes was a young man of late twenties. He too was a Select but just one of normal standards. He worked me hard but often showed compassion for me when he saw me growing tired or getting injured. This created a lot of tension between him and my creators because they didn't want me to show mercy and not receive it all the same. My coach did not agree with this. He disapproved of what they had done to me but to show a treasonous side would mean certain execution.

One night he kept me late in the fitness room to improve on my core strength by doing simple routine exercises. When I was finished I went to shower as I always had. While the water was trickling down my naked body I felt a hand reach around and softly touch me on my stomach. I turned swiftly only to come face to face with Tay. He stood before me naked as well and immediately my head filled with confusion. I said nothing but gave him a puzzled look.

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What kind of training was this? I thought. "Sssh 9. You have to remain as quiet as possible. I am sorry to do this but I can't resist you anymore. Tomorrow you will be taught exactly what I am going to do to you and the thought of something like this being another one of your weapons makes me sick.

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You're a woman and you should be entitled to what you deserve not just as a woman but as a human. I'm going to do something now 9 that you have never done. Listen to me carefully. Relax. I will not cause you any harm." As a coach I was ordered to listen to his every command and obey so I did just that. I felt his lips on my neck. The water continued to pour and weave little streams down our bodies. He pressed himself tightly against me and pushed me against the cold tile wall of the shower. The combination of heat from the water and the coolness of the tile sent a shiver down my spine.

He just held me tighter. I felt his lips tighten around the skin of my neck. He was sucking on it. Suddenly his tongue replaced his lips and he traced up to the corner of my mouth where he pushed his tongue to meet mine. "Do what I do" he explained.I let my tongue slowly glide around his as our mouths locked together and our arms embraced one another.

My hands gripped his shaggy brown hair that just came over his dark brown eyes. My other hand reached behind holding his back. I could feel the definition of his abs as they pushed into my stomach. He gently brought the hand, that had been fixed on my toned buttand had neatly fit ever so perfectly into his grip up upon my average breast. He squeezed gently allowing me to get used to the feeling. I had been told my breast size had been an issue by my creators.

They believed the bigger the better but it all came down to the most natural appeal. My simple B 32 bra size would have to do. He looked down at my breasts. The light pink colour of my nipples proved to be too alluring and his mouth left mine and greeted the small hard nipple with a light groan of delight.

It didn't stay there long. Once he reached that objective it was onto the next and he dragged his tongue along by flat stomach to the area between my legs. This was getting to be too much for me and I let out a subtle yelp.

He looked up at me and pressed his index finger to his lips indicating me to keep quiet. I didn't understand what he was doing. I couldn't help the feeling of enjoyment however. His hands came to the inside of my legs and pressed outwards forcing me to spread them wider. His tongue then found its place neatly between my legs in a sensitive center.

I had never felt this before. It felt like tickling at first followed by mass waves of pleasure that pulsed through my body. My legs began to tremble and weaken. This was intense training and I was finding it hard to keep my composure. Still I stood as firmly as I could but each lashing of his tongue against my sensitive skin made it increasingly difficult.

Then his finger joined his tongue and both moved in a circular motion. Then it hit me hard. As soon as he touched just one spot I felt it all come down. My legs went weak. My skin felt as if it was trying to rip from my body and my hands dug harshly into his fleshy shoulder.

I couldn't help but throw my head back and moan but as soon as I let out a sound he ceased and brought his mouth back to meet mine and muffle my sounds. I found myself frozen in a blissful state as if in limbo, unable to move any part of me.

I felt something break my numb state and looked down to see a large hard fleshy &hellip. thing poking at my leg. "Get on your knees 9. Please. Just do what I say. You know I will not hurt you. You'll like it" he told me.


I did what he asked of me. I got on my knees and looked up to him like a dog awaiting to be told what trick its master wants it to perform next. "Take it in your mouth" he said. I did. It poked the back of my throat and I had to withdraw a little bit. The long hard shaft in my mouth felt warm against my tonue.

"That's it. Now play with it. Use your hands gently. Lick it with your tongue. That a girl. You're good at this. Mmmmmmm. Oooooooh 9 you &hellip. you do it so well." he told me. I felt proud that he was pleased with my work.

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I continued to suck the object in my mouth. He told me to be harder so I would suck harder and be more aggressive with my tongue. He told me to just lick the tip so I would pull away and flick the tip with my tongue.


The louder his moaning got the more I knew I was doing well. He gripped my hair and tugged gently as I continued to please him in whatever way he wanted. "Suck my cock 9." he said. I only figured that is what he had me playing with in my mouth. His cock. Soon I would learn all the names of it and of what I happened to pwn myself. "Don't stop. Oooh god 9!" he started to get loud by this point and he grabbed me firmly by the shoulders and pulled me to my feet.

He then positioned the tip of his cock to my opening in between my legs and slowly started to push it inside me. It was such an intense feeling and at one point, one of great pain. With one quick thrust he pushed all the way into me. I yelped and collapsed on him for a moment. He held me in place and told me I was okay. He then began to withdraw then enter me again.

He repeated this motion going faster and deeper every time. "9! I'm going to cum!

9!!!! 9!!! I'm cumming!!!!" He gasped in a sharp whisper. I held him tensely and felt a swelling that soon exploded into and eruption that filled me with a warm sticky white substance. All his muscles seemed to relax and he nearly fell on top of me but my body prevented him from doing so. He still had me pressed against the tile wall as he tried to regain his breath.

I tried to match his breath with my own but mine was much more out of pace and quicker. "Good girl 9. It's time for bed. This training will be our secret. Don't tell anyone" he said to me. I nodded and left the shower still running with him in it.

I grabbed my towel and rushed off to bed ignoring the cum that ran down my leg. I would clean myself up when I got to my room. I lay in bed thinking about what had happened. I fell asleep within five minutes. I fell asleep with my finger pressed against the little spot where Tay had made time stand still for me. I liked it.