Tess and Viky lesbians filmed by Sapphic Erotica

Tess and Viky lesbians filmed by Sapphic Erotica
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Part 6 The intense heat of the New York summer was now a distant memory; a fresh blanket of snow covered the city. Christmas decorations adorned businesses and city streets signifying the season. The city, of course, was busy as usual—children in oversized puffer coats and backpacks heading to school and gearing up for the upcoming holiday break; shoppers darting in and out of boutiques and department stores; cars honking as they crawled through slushy streets.

It had been seven months since Sofia and I first met and ever since that improbable day, when she descended from heaven and literally fell into my lap, we had been seeing each other regularly.

We went to fancy dinners, out to movies, and even attended parties together. For all intents and purposes, we were the couple I wanted us to be. And, the sex—my god was it amazing. We constantly pushed and teased each other, exploring new places, positions, and ideas as frequently as we could.

There was never a moment that I can recall, when one of us was interested and the other was not in the mood.


It was seven months of constant, sex, lovemaking, and fucking and never once did we seem to get bored or exhaust our possibilities.

"What do you mean you've never seen Apocalypse Now? It's classic!" Sofia and I were cuddled up under a blanket, tucked into the corner of the low lying sectional in my loft, thumbing through Netflix on a snowy Sunday afternoon. "I've just never seen it," She replied, surprised at my surprise.

"Is that such a big deal?" "No, I suppose not. It's just that it's like my favorite movie of all time. I mean, the scenes with Dennis Hopper—and Marlon Brando? It's so good!" "OK, silly," she answered, calmly. "Let's watch it now. But oh, wait. Before we get started," she added. "I forgot to tell you. Do you remember my old friend, Yasmin?" I nodded. "Yeah, of course." "Well, she's coming to New York. Apparently, she left her boyfriend—they were together for years—and is taking time to travel and see the world." "Whoa!

Good for her, I guess. I'm sure it'll be great to see her. How long has it been?" "Let's see… I don't think I've seen her since I moved out of my parent's place. I mean, we email every now and again, but yeah, it's been years." "Wow, you must really be excited." "I am, it'll be great to see her again. We were so close as kids.

One thing though: she asked if she could stay with me. I would say yes, but my place is so small. I was wondering—" "Don't say another word—of course she can stay here." "Oh, thank you, sweetie!" she exclaimed, leaning in to give me a kiss. "I guess I just don't get why you won't move in here with me, it would make things so much simpler. You're here all the time and there's plenty of space," I attempted to reason with her.

In the grand scheme of things, seven months was not a particularly long time. I understood this. But, things just felt right between us and I was certain I knew what I wanted. And, it's not as if this was the first time I had broached the idea. "I know, baby. But, I like having a place of my own. It's close to school and it makes days when I have to work so much easier when I stay there," she explained, not for the first time.

"Plus, having my own space makes the time we do spend together that much more… exciting." "Shit," I growled under my breath as I glanced at the sleek Nomos Galsshütte watch on my wrist realizing it was almost 3pm. I clicked send on one final email, grabbed my things, and darted out of the office, avoiding contact with any of my coworkers. Today was the day Yasmin was supposed to arrive and I promised Sofia, I would get the place ready for her stay.

I walked briskly down Madison Avenue, clutching my camel overcoat closed around my neck to keep the frigid January wind at bay. "Ok," I thought to myself. "If it's just past three now, I can probably make it home by 3:30 or 3:45 at the latest. That'll give me a little over an hour to get the place together. I can do this; no problem," I added giving myself a little pep talk. Normally the train is packed when I leave work, but at this afternoon hour I was easily able to find a seat amongst the groups of teenagers and school kids who usually make the subway their own domain before the after-work rush hits.

I placed my headphones over my ears, blocking out the sound of adolescent chirping as I settled into the plastic orange seat closest to the door. Half an album later I was exiting the train and making my way through the poorly shoveled Brooklyn streets, hopping over the puddles that formed on corners, and arriving at my front door.

"Brrrr… its fucking cold out there," I said half out loud, defrosting from the short blustery walk as I rode the freight elevator up to my apartment. "I'd hate to get stuck out there for too long today." I stepped in to the apartment and immediately noticed the lights were on. "That's funny," I thought. "I was certain I turned those off before I left." I suppose it was possible Sofia head let herself in at some point; she did have the code after all and had done it a couple of times in the past when she had left something she needed.

But, normally she was good at turning off the lights. I tossed my coat over the back of the sofa. "Hello?" I called out seeing if maybe Sofia was still there. But, no response. And then, I noticed the bathroom door, which was practically shut closed, yet remained slightly ajar. I walked across the apartment, scratching my head thinking, "Strange. Maybe Sofia decided to take a shower. But wait, she's supposed to be in class today.

Isn't she? That's one of the reasons I had to come home early. Maybe she took off." As I approached the bathroom, sure enough, I heard the shower running leading me to believe that my assumptions were correct. I nudged the door open expecting to see Sofia's hourglass figure standing under the jets, but as the steam cleared something entirely different was revealed. A tall, thin mystery woman with small, perky breasts and slender hips was enthusiastically masturbating, her slender fingers making short, fast circles over a neatly trimmed pussy; her other hand pinching a large, erect nipple.

Her eyes were closed as the water fell from above, lost in her motions. She stood there with one leg raised and bent, her foot placed up on the shower bench, affording me a clear view of her long slender labia visible through the sliding glass of the large shower door.

I froze in place, more than a bit surprised. "This must be Yasmin, but why is she— " Before I could finish the thought, Yasmin's eyes flashed opened and locked directly on mine, her gaze intense and purposeful. I was completely paralyzed; a dear in headlights, aware I should close the door and leave, but transfixed nonetheless.

A wicked smirk crept across her sharp feminine face before biting down on her tempting lower lip as she slid her fingers inside herself. Not breaking her focused stare, she continued to administer self-pleasure, fully aware of my presence. I stood there in awe of this long, model-esque, elegant stranger uncertain of how to respond. She was beautiful, but she was also my girlfriend's oldest friend. My indecision was ultimately, in and of itself, my decision, and so I maintained my position, eyes fixed as a tent appeared in my trousers.

The stunning enigma in my shower continued fuck herself with an unbroken stare, her graceful fingers sliding in and out of her soapy pussy and rubbing her hard, little clit; her other hand fondling her pert breasts' pebble-like nipples. Mesmerized I watched this unexpected vision's breath increase as a silent, unblinking orgasm overtook her long, delicate body; cumming while never once taking her eyes off me.

She shut off the faucet and slid the shower door open to reach for a towel. Naked and casual, she dabbed her dark blond hair dry as if she was alone in the room and then, as if she just noticed me, she extended an outstretched, elegant arm to shake my hand.

"Hello," she quipped insouciantly finally breaking her silent spell. "I'm Yasmin.

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Thanks for letting me stay here." We sat on the sofa chatting as if nothing had happened—or, at least she did. As much as I tried to act nonchalant and collected, I couldn't get the carnal scene from earlier out of my head, the imprint of her unblinking, orgasmic eyes burned into my memory.

Nevertheless, I did my best to focus as Yasmin explained that she wound up boarding an earlier flight and had arrived a few hours before expected into JFK. Instead of hanging around the airport, she called Sofia, who gave her the building code and access to the apartment.

It all made perfect sense, but did very little explain why she hadn't turned apoplectic when I walked in on her. The more I thought about, the more I thought of Sofia in the same situation and resigned myself to idea that she most likely would have teased me in a similar fashion.

She was after all the woman who just seven months prior had emerged from that same bathroom, practically a stranger, unafraid to demonstrate her ravenous sexual appetite. "It must be something in the Barcelona water," I joked silently. Yasmin and I arrived at Vinegar Hill House—a highly rated gastropub with hipster décor on the outskirts of my Brooklyn neighborhood—a few minutes passed our 8pm reservation.


Normally, we would have walked, but the frigid January night dictated we take a car. We stepped out and as we shuffled through the old green and white rickety door, we immediately noticed Sofia, striking as always in her fitted black dress, sitting alone at a table.

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She jumped up when she noticed us and ran over, completely ignoring me, her love, and enthusiastically embracing Yasmin." Immediately, they broke into Spanish, brandishing a series of highly emotive gestures that seemed to say something like, "Oh my god, look at you!" "No, look at you!" "You look incredible!" "No, you do!" And, so on.

"Ahem, Ladies," I interrupted. "I hate to break this up, but do you mind speaking English? I'm feeling a little left out here." "Ok, silly," Sofia replied with a bat of her eyelashes. "Just remember, you're the odd man out here." After my two gorgeous dining-mates finished their effusive reintroductions, we all took our seats at one of the four-tops; Sofia and Yasmin opting to sit next to each other, both with their backs to the wall. We quickly ordered a bottle of wine—an old-world, full-bodied, vintage Barolo—as well as a sampling of appetizers including their renowned cornbread and the seared Mediterranean octopus.

Over the small bites, the girls continued to catch up with one another, both filling each other in on recent events and reminiscing over old anecdotes, which, as we worked through several more bottles of wine, inevitably led to uproarious fits of laughter.

I did my best to interject here and there, but for the most part, let the two dear old friends enjoy each other's sorely missed company. Sometime between dinner and desert I felt Sofia's toes reaching across the table and crawling up my thigh.


I enjoyed the sensation, but didn't think too much of it as this was something she was prone to do after a few drinks, a cliché trope she no doubt picked up after watching one too many movies. Her talented toes continued their mischievous explorations for another few minutes, stimulating me, but not actually producing a full-on erection.

But suddenly, her motions shifted and she was no longer simply teasing, but aggressively massaging my manhood with her bare foot. I looked across the table at her and realized two things: 1) conversation had more-or-less ceased and 2) Sofia was biting her lip, her face featuring a glazed look that was brought on by more than just wine apparently. Our under table escapades escalated for a few minutes longer—Sofia's foot finally encouraging the stiffness she was working so diligently at achieving and Yasmin's hand confidently lodged between Sofia's thighs underneath the short hem of her tight black dress.

Just then, the hipper-than-hip waiter returned to our table and obliviously plopped down our dessert. "Ok guys, here you go: the cheese plate—this is the Roquefort, this is the Peccerino, and this one here is the Ameriblella," he announced in a practiced manner, gesturing at the plate.

"Actually," I spoke up. "I hate to do this, but do you mind packing this to go and bringing the check? Something's…uhhhhh… come up." Moments later were exiting the restaurant in a hurriedly manner, the bag of leftovers still sitting on the abandoned table, my coat pulled tight to conceal the obvious hard-on straining against my jeans. We piled into the black Uber SUV that I had somehow been able to focus enough to order while still sitting at the table; Yasmin first, then Sofia, and finally me sitting three in a row, all in the third row of the roomy, extended Escalade.

"Front and Washington, right?" The driver inquired. "Uhhhh, yeah," I replied not really paying attention but confirming anyway. As soon as we had sat down, Sofia's already short hem slid up over her hips exposing her freshly groomed, bare pussy, bringing to light the fact that she had decided to go sans underwear that night.

Like a chain reaction, Yasmin began to both stroke herself through the fabric of her tight, black jeans as well as Sofia's scandalously exposed wet folds, causing Sofia in turn to reach over to me, unbutton the top few buttons of my jeans and slide her hand inside my boxer briefs to stroke me.

For the short, five-minute ride, the three of us masturbated each other with little regard as to whether driver was watching or not. "Ahem," The driver injected, over emphasizing his fake cough snapping us back to reality.

"We're here. You can get out now." We rushed out of the car, too consumed in the moment to be embarrassed or to even really adjust ourselves, Sofia's pussy still practically exposed under her bunched-up dress, as we spilled into the cold winter night air.

We were a jumble of drunken laughter and sexual energy. I fumbled with the door code and as the two women began to make-out, Yasmin brazenly stroking Sofia's wetness right there on the sidewalk in plain view should anyone have decided to brave the cold and walk by.

For some reason, at that moment, my fingers were barely able to enter the building code, but finally, the door buzzed and we all tumbled into the lobby. As we waited for the elevator, again an action that usually took seconds, but which now felt like an eternity, Sofia managed to unbutton Yasmin's skinny black jeans and slide her hand inside Yasmin's already soaked panties to reciprocate the fondling that was taking place as they continued to make-out like the high school kids they were when they last saw one another.

The fun continued during the elevator ride up as Sofia broke her kiss with and Yasmin and made the decision to include me in the action once again.

Her fingers still working under the cover of Yasmin's bottoms and Yasmin's still exploring Sofia's wantonly exposed folds, Sofia placed her mouth over mine and used her free hand to start unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled away from me and what came next surprised me somewhat.

Obviously, the fantasy of experiencing the pleasures of both gorgeous women had been at the forefront of my mind since I first saw Yasmin in the shower—hell, it had been on my mind since the first time Sofia told me those stories about their adolescent years—but up until that moment, Yasmin's effort had been entirely focused on Sofia, meaning Yasmin and I hadn't as much as brushed against one another yet. That all changed as Sofia removed her fingers from around the tent-pole in my jeans and used her hand to guide my head towards Yasmin's.

I placed my lips over Yasmin's and inserted my tongue into her willing mouth. She kissed back with unrestrained vigor and just as we settled into our vicious kiss, Sofia pulled my head back again, inserting her herself into the mix, our three tongues intermingling, our mouths opening and closing each trying to grab onto something to suck, as we all experienced one another simultaneously for the first time.

We reached the apartment and were temporarily forced to break our licentious embrace. Sofia shimmied out of her coat, leaving it on the floor and in one motion pulled her black dress over her head, tossing it haphazardly. She stood in the living room fully undressed save for an impossibly high pair of black Louboutin heels I had bought her, her pussy visibly swollen and her large puffy brown nipples distended and rigid.

She instinctively touched her own skin, cupping her ample gravity defying breasts and allowing her other hand to meander to the exceedingly damp spot trapped between her shapely thighs. Yasmin hadn't seen Sofia's incredibly formed naked figure in years and was amazed upon Sofia's quick reveal. "My god," she said softly, wide eyed and astounded. "You're even more beautiful than I remember." "You know," Sofia purred as her hands continued to roam over her own body.

"I think I've been wet ever since I got your email saying you were coming to New York. It brought back so many memories. And," she continued now looking at me. "I've been fantasizing nonstop about what it would be like to fuck both of you… together.

Sofia turned around. The taper of her torso disrupted by the roundness of her heart-shaped ass highlighted as she sauntered off towards the bedroom, purposely accenting every entrancing movement of her body. Yasmin and I followed in haste; puppy dogs obediently trailing their master excited to receive their treat. We quickly all piled into the bed, each in different stages of disrobement and gathered, kneeling in a cluster.

In a flurry of hands, we helped each other out of our remaining clothes, taking turns experiencing each other's lips and tongues in a series of shared shameless kisses. The hunger in the room was palpable, our breathing shallow as we raced to see who could devour who first, sampling one another with a sense of addiction. Finally, all naked, we continued our rapturous embrace, grabbing each other by the hair encouraging all possible permutations of our lustful collective kiss.

Sofia broke first and pushed me back onto the bed, my head falling to rest near the pillows. Brushing Yasmin's hair aside, Sofia moved her lips against Yasmin's long, graceful neck, nibbling her while running her hands across Yasmin's small, but feminine breasts. Sofia whispered something into Yasmin's ear and the girls giggled nodding their heads in agreement, to what, I'd have to wait to find out.

Yasmin then crawled out of bed, while Sofia sat astride my outstretched legs, her fingernails tracing lines across my well defined chest. I yearned for the feel of Sofia's sex, able to feel her heat on my legs as she sat inches from my strained prick, my arched shaft hovering centimeters above my abdomen, the bulbous head grazing my naval.

Yasmin returned after a very short departure, her black lacey panties clutched in her delicate fingers. She offered them to Sofia who took them and then wordlessly grabbed my wrists from her hips where I had been touching her. She shimmied forward on my body, her slick pussy sliding against my shaft, as she simultaneously fell forward taking my hands and arms with her. My cock twitched from the warm, wet stimulation. Sofia placed her mouth over mine and delicately licked and bit my lips, both of our arms fully extend above our heads.

A wave of excitement raced across my body as I realized that Sofia was using the lacey, black panties to bind my wrists both together and to the wooden lattice headboard. She sat back up, the full weight of her body pressed on my flattened, trapped member. I tried to speak, but Sofia placed a finger over my lips and shushed me.

She proceeded to lean over and extract the sleep mask that was hidden in the night stand drawer. Finally, in hushed, husky tones, she broke the silence: "You know," she hummed as I lifted my head slightly allowing her to slide the mask over my face, blindfolding me. "I've been wanting to do this to you for a long time.

But, it will be so much more fun with Yasmin's help. I hope you don't mind." I didn't have chance to respond. Securely blindfolded now, Sofia leaned forward for one more kiss, her stiff nipples grazing my chest before she slithered off me, her flesh trailing against my skin until I was left uncovered. There I lay, filled with anticipation in the silent room, hands tied and blindfolded, naked and vulnerable ready to submit to Sofia and Yasmin's most wicked designs and desires.

Unable to see, my other senses instantly became more alert—I could feel the weight of the air on my sensitive skin and could smell the sweet, distinct perfume of womanly arousal lingering in the room. The women remained hushed for a moment, a silent, but effective tease causing my cock to flex with an eager readiness. A quiet series of breathy moans, wet clicks, and gentle slurps rang out like gunshots in the otherwise silent room and I immediately pictured the two naked bodies entwined, sharing a string of passionate kisses.

From the sound, I could sense they were near the foot of the bed, but I was unable to be certain. I felt the weight of their bodies climb back onto the mattress and come to a rest on either side of me, the heat of their bodies once again perceptible.

A single fingernail traced a long S against my skin, starting at the top of my chest, curving around, but avoiding my nipples, finally coming to a stop just above where my cock head lay waiting, leaking seminal fluid on my stomach. The playful touch was electric—every inch of my skin lighting up along the curved trail causing my cock to twitch again, pleading to be touched. Then, the feathery touch of fingertips ran up my outstretched, slightly parted legs, starting at my feet, then glancing over my thighs, and finally crossing my over Adonis lines onto my abdomen.

The exquisitely tormenting touch paused, briefly bordering my aching cock causing me to arch my back and groan, before the fingertips retreated along their initial path back down my lower limbs.

There was a giggle followed by another silent pause. I could still feel the two heavenly creatures on either side of me, unsure of which one was where.

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So far, they had done a careful job of not giving up any tell-tale signs of who was doing what, making sure that neither of their unique, distinguishable features accidentally encountered me. They continued to tease me anonymously—a playful kiss on the lips; a nibble of the ear, and so on, escalating the pleasures with each enticement.

I knew Sofia's touch well and there were a few times I thought I could identify her, but ultimately, I was uncertain. Someone licked my nipple and then blew a stream of cold air over the slobbery little bead, sending shivers down my spine. Then, the other side. And, finally, two sets of lips closed around my either side, two sets of tongues swirled over my hard nipples. My mind reeled in the delight of these mysterious ministrations.

My cock continued to strain and expand, possibly harder than it had ever been without having been touched. Once again, all contact was broken and I was left anxiously awaiting the next touch. Where would it land? I felt someone crawl around the bed and come to a rest positioned between my knees. The other woman remained off to my side. I waited, frozen in space and time, my skin on fire.

And then, with no warning I felt the tip of a tongue, starting at the root of my pulsing organ, lick along the entire length of my shaft.

"Fuuuuuck!" I breathed out, part word part deep sigh. When the wet tongue finally made contact my whole body shook, my cock flexed, and I almost came right there. I focused my breathing, short intakes and exhales stretched out to long inhalations and deep releases, bringing me back from the precipice.

Then, from below, soft fingers wrapped around my wide base as a mouth from above engulfed me, lips closing tight around my throbbing column, a tongue swirling over the head. I groaned again as the two women both began to work on my tense tool.

The hand around my shaft was removed only to quickly be replaced by a different one. I felt two hands on my legs now, gently coaxing me to bend my knees, a will to which I happily submitted.

The mysterious mouth and hand on my cock worked in concert, pumping and swirling with a string of hums and moans and wet, noisy slurps. I felt hot breath inches from my sac and suddenly a tongue bathed my balls in saliva. My cock was being devoured from above while my balls were being tongued and teased from below. The hand on my shaft was removed and the mouth from below closed vertically on the shaft, kissing the base while my head jabbed against the inside of the other woman's cheek.

Kisses and licks slowly worked their way up my length, and the two mouths met just below my insanely sensitive tip. Fingers gripped my base again, and still unclear who was where, Sofia and Yasmin began to kiss, my saliva covered dome caught in the middle of their tongues' vicious crossfire. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever experienced, the blindfold intensifying every nuance, every flick, every touch.

My whole body burned with lust and my cock tingled with each small action. Suddenly, the mouth from above swallowed my entire cock down to the hilt, holding there, and then pulling back, releasing me with a loud pop as the suction was broken. Without pause, the mouth from below mimicked the action, this time I could feel a tongue pressed firmly against my underside. They took turns doing this, each round last longer than the last, as the two women alternated, both ravenously devouring my throbbing cock.

Just when I thought this couldn't get any more intense, while still deep in the throat of the woman from above, the woman between my legs took one of my swollen testicles in her mouth and swooshed it around.

She repeated this action on the other side before somehow managing to take both of my cum-filled balls in her mouth as she greedily sucked and tongued them. I was lost in the moment, unable to see or reciprocate, I was a helpless object of two invisible women's most libidinous desires.

And, I loved being the focus of their generous attentions. I focused on each unique sensation, letting the pleasure ripple over me. Just then, I felt two hands pressing on my hamstrings below my bent knees, encouraging my feet to lift off the mattress and pelvis to rotate upwards. Admittedly, this was a position I felt a bit exposed in, but in the moment, I was more than happy to submit and play along. My heavy balls fell free of the mouth that was so thoroughly bathing them and I felt wet kisses and tongue-flicks start moving down along my perineum before finally coming to a rest at my tight puckered anus.

All the while, my cock was still being violently sucked and jerked from above, an incessant action that I didn't want to end.

A set of lips encircled my forbidden ring and began to suck with gentle pressure. Wave after wave of pleasure overtook me as I held on, not yet wanting to release my seed. And although that was no easy task, I managed to maintain a Zen-like control allowing my body to relax and melt into the sensations. The oral pressure on my anus increased and a tongue pushed past the tight opening, slithering past the first sphincter. This continued for what felt like both forever and not nearly enough time—my cock being greedily gobbled, a tongue sloppily burrowing into my tight asshole while soft lips massaged my anus.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and even my best efforts couldn't keep my body from tensing. Whoever had my cock in their mouth could sense I was about explode and responded by sucking harder and faster, increasing pressure, encouraging my nut. My whole body locked and my engulfed cock contracted as a massive orgasm cascaded across my entire frame. My muscles unclenched and rope after rope of what felt like an endless supply of cum shot from my twitching cock to the back of the throat in which I was lodged all the while, the mouth on my anus continued to enthusiastically eat and lap at my ass.

I could feel the throat around me attempt to swallow my whole load. One gulp; then another and another; finally, pulling off my cock, gasping for air unable to manage every drop. The mouth working my anus pulled away and I could hear its owner stifle a giggle trying hard not to give away their identity.

Another pause and I sensed bodies shuffling around followed by the familiar sensual sounds of Sofia and Yasmin once again kissing and I imagined, sharing whatever unswallowed cum remained. Still blindfolded and bound, a slender hand grasped my semi-deflated member and began to pump gently attempting to bring me back to life. Not yet fully hard again, I could sense from the movement of the mattress that both women were standing over me—one by my head and one by my torso.

And then, practically synchronized and in near perfect unison, I felt my hyper-sensitive semi hard cock being guided into the dripping opening of an intensely hot pussy while another saturated slit was being lowered onto my face. Blindfolded or not, there was no mistaking the soft spheres of Sofia's ass or thick thighs as she descended onto my cheekbones and straddled my head, my nose pressing against her tight, little asshole, my tongue eagerly lapping at her lips.

Therefore, logic would dictate that the tight pussy gripping my used cock, nurturing and helping me maintain my erection belonged to Yasmin.

Sofia ground her clit against my lips encouraging me to suck and kiss her hard button while I felt the unfamiliar, creamy warmth of Yasmin's sex mirroring Sofia's grinding motion, although in her case, with my cock buried deep inside her. I could hear the women moaning and kissing as they continued to use my body. I felt Sofia lift herself from my face and while standing over me, she reached down and removed the blindfold, granting me back the gift of sight. My eyes readjusted and the world came back into focus.

I found myself starring directly at Sofia's splayed open folds, which formed the vertex of a lust-worthy, tan-legged isosceles triangle, my head at the base. Hands still tied, I tilted my head forward and I could see Yasmin's slender frame kneeling over my hips, her perfectly trimmed pussy—the same pussy I had been craving since I watched it cum in the shower hours earlier—rocking back and forth on my reinvigorated, stiff cock; our pubic hair mashing together as she stimulated her sensitive clit.

"You two are both so fucking sexy," I exclaimed lustfully, finally breaking the long silence of that had only previously been punctured with muffled giggles and moans.

The two sexually enraptured women didn't respond to me directly, but Yasmin did manage to mumble a command to Sofia in between groans, "mmm… come here, you…" Sofia took a few steps forward and Yasmin clasped the generous curves of her backside, simultaneously spreading her apart and pulling her in closer. I watched Yasmin, still blissfully grinding on my hardness as she buried her face in Sofia's swampy sex.

Sofia threw her head back in pleasure and I could see Yasmin's chin vacillating in the space between Sofia's legs, just below her wantonly exposed anus. Yasmin alternated between sucking on Sofia's swollen lips and flicking her tongue over Sofia's engorged clit.

Sofia, reached down and held Yasmin's head against her, gripping her hair, enjoying every bolt of pleasure as her childhood friend devoured her needy pussy. Yasmin increased the ferocity of her motions on me, using her grip on Sofia's ass to create leverage, enabling her to rock and gyrate both harder and faster.

At this pace, it didn't take long before I could feel Yasmin's hold on my submerged manhood intensify, strangling the base of my shaft. She cried out in pleasure, her screams muffled as she enshrouded her face as deep as possible in Sofia's sex.

Yasmin's movements slowed as her sopping pussy twitched with aftershocks. She slid herself off me, leaving my cock coated in her creamy white cum, which trailed down my shaft and pooled on my balls. Standing up, she slid her hands up Sofia's body, tracing her curves, until their mouths met and they shared a sloppy kiss; Sofia tasting herself on Yasmin's lips for the first time since they were teenagers. "Mmmm… you're right, Sofia," Yasmin beamed.

"His cock in incredible" "See, I told you," Sofia replied in between quick licking, slurping kisses. "Now it's my turn." Adding with a laugh, "I need that dick inside me." My two lovers lowered themselves to their knees, flanking my supine body, creating a bridge of sloppy, wet kisses over my torso.

Sofia reached out and clenched her fingers around my abandoned cock and using Yasmin's milky white secretions, she began to glide her fist along my slick shaft; Yasmin's cum squishing between her fingers. With her free hand, she reached the other way and untied my hands, granting me my full freedom.

Then breaking the kiss, Sofia laid back and using my cock as a handle, pulled me on top of her; her legs wrapping around my waist. Not relinquishing her grasp, she guided me into her extremely ready snatch and then, finally, after she released me, I sunk into Sofia; her warmth fully surrounded my every inch. Yasmin, still kneeling beside us, grabbed one of the pillows, and gently encouraged Sofia to raise her hips so that she could slide it underneath her ass. I raised up onto my knees, gripping Sofia's curves and began thrusting, driving my cock into her with a steady pumping rhythm.

From this vantage point I could look down and see myself entering Sofia repeatedly; her lips parting and gripping my girth with each firm stroke. Yasmin grabbed me by my hair and turned my head towards her so that she could shove her tongue in my mouth.

She kissed me forcefully, sucking on my tongue and biting my lips almost to the point of pain. Then, breaking the kiss, she bent at the waist, placing herself on her forearms and knees; her petite ass in the air facing me.

I let go of Sofia with one hand and unable to resist, slid two fingers between Yasmin's creamy lips. As I slid my fingers in and out, exploring her recesses, Yasmin took one of Sofia's hard nipples in her mouth, sucking it sloppily, making it glisten with spit. Sofia, squealed with delight as she became the focus of her two lovers' efforts. Meanwhile, I was relishing in the knowledge that I was filling two pussies simultaneously, just with different appendages. Eventually, Yasmin slid off my fingers and crawled into position so she could swing a leg over Sofia's head, lowering her engorged pussy onto Sofia's eager mouth.

I took my freed fingers and brought them to my lips, sucking off Yasmin's milky sweet syrup. She tasted differently than Sofia, somehow both saltier and sweeter at the same time.

As I did this, Yasmin, bent forward placing her head at the point of action, where my cock was continually tenderizing Sofia's macerated slot. Sofia used her hands to spread Yasmin open and hungrily lapped at her swollen lips and clit, occasionally digging her tongue into Yasmin's honeyed opening.

Yasmin, was more than happy to return the favor and extended her tongue, massaging Sofia's enflamed little pearl. As Yasmin's tongue worked it would lash against my plunging shaft cleaning off whatever secretions it gathered in Sofia's depths. I watched in enchantment as the two old friends consumed each other, licking and sucking with reckless abandon, while I continued to plow into Sofia's gloriously inviting cunt.

I guess Yasmin must have enjoyed tasting Sofia on my cock, because with no warning, she greedily grasped her fingers around my shaft, and pulled me from Sofia, leaving her dilated and dripping. Immediately, Yasmin inhaled me to the base and she enthusiastically sucked Sofia's juices from me. The intense suction ended with a pop as my cock sprung free allowing Yasmin to guide me back into Sofia's waiting, wet warmth.

The tag team assault was too much for Sofia to bare. She was moaning deeply, mumbling unintelligible strings of broken English and Spanish into the flesh cavern that was pressed against her face as if she was looking for an echo.

Yasmin, for her part continued her glossal onslaught, lapping rapaciously at Sofia's hyper sensitive clit, even as Sofia's tongue continued to coax out Yasmin's milky honey. When Yasmin felt Sofia's oral ministrations stop, she knew Sofia was on the verge of a colossal explosion.

I could hear the wet slushes and squishes emanating from Sofia's pulverized pussy with each powerful stroke of my steel rod. I knew in this position, the head of my cock had been hammering against the spongy tissue of her g-spot, a pleasant pressure that was only increased by the weight of Yasmin's body pressing down on her. Sofia's muffled breathing—short and clipped—increased in intensity to a fever pitch.

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Yasmin lifted her head and began violently massaging Sofia's wet pussy with her slender fingers. "C'mon sexy… That's it&hellip. That's it," Yasmin encouraged as if trying to verbally ignite Sofia's climax. "Are you going to cum for us? Yes? Yes?" By this point I was an expert at reading Sofia's signs and body language and I knew what was about to happen.

I increased my pace, brutally slamming myself into Sofia's soaking sex, my heavy balls slapping against her tight ass.

And then, at just the right moment, I withdrew completely allowing a forceful stream of clear liquid to explode from Sofia's vacant vagina.

"Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sofia bellowed as if overtaken by demonic possession, convulsing and flailing in sexual apoplexy. Her body shook wildly as her cum splashed everywhere, the abundant liquid soaking Yasmin's fingers, my stomach, and the bedsheets. This wasn't the first time I had made Sofia squirt, but the sheer power and volume of this eruption was stunning; a geyser of carnal waters.

I was mesmerized watching as Sofia's form continue to spasm. Her uncontrollable trembles and moans implying she was no longer aware of anything taking place in the real world, overtaken by an out of body experience.

Yasmin once again took my cock in her warm mouth, sensually cleaning off whatever of Sofia's juices remained on it, making a depraved show of the process.

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She moaned in delight as she once again tasted her childhood friend on me, relishing every familiar taste, as her tongue explored the ridges of my impossibly hard manhood. I sighed in pleasure, enjoying Yasmin's expert work, but just as I felt the pressure starting to build up, Yasmin, pulled off me, leaving my cock abandoned and bouncing in front of me.

"I'm not done with you yet," She teased, looking up at me, her emerald eyes sparkling as her eyelashes fluttered. Yasmin crawled from her friend—Sofia's body still quivering minutes after her initial paroxysm, her mind still adrift on some otherworldly ethereal plane. Yasmin, turned around, on all fours and presented her narrow, but round backside to me.

I watched, my hand subconsciously sliding up and down my shaft, as Yasmin reached behind herself and slid two fingers into her milky pussy.

Then, after accumulating enough of her own juices on her lean digits, she removed them, spreading her fingers apart, the sticky fluids visibly stretching across the expanse. She smeared a bit of her cum around her tight anus, lubricating the opening, preparing herself.

Then, looking back over her shoulder, staring directly into my eyes with the same wanton look she had when I first found her in the shower earlier that day, she slid both of her fingers deep into her asshole. "Come here," Yasmin purred emphasizing her Catalan rasp.

I lined myself up behind her and placed my swollen purple head against her engorged pussy lips, ready to forcefully fuck her from behind while she fingered her tight little asshole.

"Not there, sexy… put it in my ass," she pleaded. Yasmin removed her fingers and grasped my cock, dragging the head along her along her creamy lips and guiding it towards her ready rosebud.

I leaned in slowly, using my body weight to push my thick cock past her puckered hole. As tight as she was, she was also ready and I was able to sink in with one slow controlled push.

"Fuck, you feel so big in my ass," Yasmin called out with a depraved lusty tone. Still looking back over her shoulder staring at me, "Now fuck me." I worked my shaft in and out of her tight tunnel, my large hands gripping Yasmin's narrow hips. I felt her forbidden cavity slowly relax and open for me, inviting me to pump harder. Moans turned to grunts and Yasmin began to encourage and cheer me on. "Yes, yes, just like that. Keep going. Yes, yes, harder, harder," escaped her lips in short staccato bursts.

While still resting on my right knee, I placed my left foot alongside Yasmin's tapered torso, creating more leverage and allowing me to thrust downward with increased vigor. My full balls rocked in pendulum-like arcs with each stroke, slamming against her drooling pussy. "Fuck," I grunted. "You are so fucking tight!" Lost in the task at hand I had barely noticed that Sofia had regained consciousness and had decided to once again join us.

She sidled up behind me and wrapped her toned arms around my chest and waist, kissing the back of my neck as I pounded away at her childhood friend.

"Mmmmm… I bet she's so tight," Sofia whispered into my ear, her voice raspy with lust. "Does she feel good?" Unable to muster up any actual words I simply groaned my affirmation causing Sofia to release a sexy giggle. Her arms slid down my body, kissing her way down my sweaty back, my cock still repeatedly plowing into Yasmin's constricting asshole. Out of my line of vision, Sofia rolled onto her back and slid her head through the space between my legs, under my rocking balls and Yasmin's gaping, open pussy like a mechanic checking the undercarriage of a car.

Then, from underneath, she reached up and slid her fingers into Yasmin's sloppy, drenched pussy. Yasmin let out a long sigh, her ecstasy taken to new heights with both of her holes being filled. I could feel Sofia's fingers against the thin membrane separating Yasmin's two entrances as her fingers worked in time with my powerful thrusts. Thick, milky secretions oozed form Yasmin's pussy coating Sofia's busy fingers.

Looking back over my shoulder, I could see Sofia using her free hand to furiously rub her own sex. All three of us moaning with unmitigated pleasure. "Aye. Sí!

Oh my god! I'm gonna cum…uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!" Yasmin's body contorting as she screamed out warning us of the inevitable. That was all I could handle. All the deep breathing and meditative exercises in the world couldn't keep me from cumming at this point.

And, as Yasmin's body shook, overpowered by her own intense climax, I erupted, spraying stream after stream of hot semen deep into Yasmin's insides, my cock flexing and jerking with each intense burst. I slumped forward, still buried inside Yasmin, spent and satisfied. Sofia removed her hand from her friend's dribbling pussy, covered in the thick, creamy evidence of Yasmin's massive orgasm. She reached up and removed me from her friend's ass, leaving Yasmin's hole gaping wide open and leaking with my cum.

Then, as my cock softened and drooped down, my tip found Sofia's waiting lips and she proceed to suck me off, hungrily lapping and cleaning my deflated, hypersensitive member. I twitched from the intense sensation causing Sofia to giggle again, excited by her power over me.

Finally, she relinquished my used cock and flipped onto her stomach. Gripping Yasmin's hips, she raised her head so that she could bury her tongue in Yasmin's stretched open anus. I watched as she sucked my remaining cum from her friend's dilated ass, letting it coat her tongue. Once Sofia removed her mouth, Yasmin rolled over allowing Sofia to climb up her body. Their lips met and as their tongues flailed and twisted; Sofia let my cum drip from her mouth into Yasmin's as they shared the salty treat.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night in a mess of tangled naked body parts. To my right, Yasmin was fast asleep, her slim naked body partially resting on me. I looked to my right and my eyes met Sofia's. Apparently, she was also awake, a satisfied smile gracing her lips. She tilted her head and placed a soft, tender kiss on my lips. "Mmmm," she purred. "You are incredible. Yasmin is incredible.

That was incredible… wasn't it?" I looked into her big, gold laced chocolate eyes, our lips inches apart, "Yes, baby, that was amazing. But, to be honest," I added.

"I did it for you. I knew you wanted it. Don't get me wrong, it felt incredible and I was really, really turned on, but honestly, you are all I need. You know I love you, right?" "I know, baby," Sofia smiled back before placing one more sweet kiss on my lips. Then, she closed her eyes, snuggled against me, and we both drifted back to sleep.

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