Nozomi Hatsuki gorgeous teen plays with her vagina

Nozomi Hatsuki gorgeous teen plays with her vagina
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warning this story is quite old and parts are not my own words just edits i have made to know what you think i will post my full own stories soon I was watching my neighbour's daughter Alice for a night whilst she went out for a party. Alice was 14 so I felt she was okay to just go out to the shops whilst I watched some T.V; bored with what was on I thought about giving my girlfriend a ring just as I was about to phone her I dropped my phone and as I bent over to pick it up I noticed a book under the couch with natural intrigue I pulled it out and stared in amazement at the picture on-top of it, it was Anna, (my neighbour) in lingerie!

I couldn't help it; my cock went rock hard under my skinny jeans. I had seen her boobs once before when I was a little younger looking out my window and seeing her sunbathing and I just watched for like 10 minutes before getting bored and going out.

I flicked through the rest, each one more arousing than the last. She wasn't even that hot, but it really exited me! As I got to the back my jaw dropped as I saw a picture of her licking out her daughter her little girl who had just about got boobs. After some time of looking, I could resist no longer. I pulled my erect cock from my jeans and began to rub gently. It was awesome, and being in someone else's house really added to the experience.

Unfortunately after only 2 minutes alone Alice's head popped through the door, even as I tried to stuff my cock into my pants!

I literally couldn't speak I was so embarrassed. But she just smiled, asked me if I wanted a drink and walked into the kitchen.

Amazed at my luck, I just put my cock away and hid the book back under the couch. "You saw the pictures I'm guessing?" Alice said to me sitting on the couch next to me.

"Umm yeah." I said "we started up to relief our stress and stop our constant arguments" I sought of just started at her in amazement. "You need relief I can tell.want a blowjob?" I just stared dumbfounded "you're 14 fuck no" I said. "oh come here" she reached my cock and squeezed "no" she pulled it out and stared to jerk me off against my will it was too good I just let her do it as she began to tell me a story.

One night mummy walked in on me shoving three fingers up my pussy and couldn't help herself she began to masturbate to the sight of me and feeling so horny she decided she had to have me. The next day when I got home from school she was in the lounge in a sexy little red number as I walked in mum then started to rub her pussy and control her fingers to dive into her sexy cunt, she heard me open the door but paid it no mind.

I stood in the doorway watching my own mother rub her pussy until orgasm. And I couldn't help myself I pulled down my skirt and began to finger myself. "What you doing darling?" mummy asked me. "Nothing" I said trying to pull my skirt back up. She continued tossing me off and she spat on my cock to make it wetter "come on big boy cum all over my hand" "Don't think I didn't see your sexy little sexy sitting there finger-fucking yourself, plus you're doing it all wrong." mummy slowly walked over.

"come here darling" she said as she unbuttoned my school shirt leaving my tie on she removed my shirt and blazer and trailed a tongue up my cleavage before removing my bra and slowly pulling my skirt up to the bottom of my breasts. Removing my lace green thong she began working on me. "I've always wanted to fuck a school girl" mummy grinned putting my blazer back on so I looked like one of those school girl porn stars. "First baby, you stick two fingers in the top then you pinkeye in the bottom," "OH AHH!" I screamed as mummy sat there on her knees ramming her fingers into my hot, wet cunt.

"FUCK MUMMY THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!" "You think this is good?" She asked. "How about this?" Mummy moved her head up to my neck and starting kissing as passionatly as she could. She could tell that I was going crazy inside.

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She started grabbing my tiny tits and started licking my perky nipples. Mummy kept fingering me before moving down to my sexy pussy and started licking and sucking. "IM GOING TO CUM MUMMY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "IT'S ON ITS WAY!" "GIVE IT TO ME BABY, CUM ALL OVER MUMMYS TITIES!" I was so horny no longer did I care how wrong it was it was so good "ahhhh" I moaned.

She pulled me onto her lap, thrilled I squirmed on mummy's lap as I kissed mummy on the lips in a way that was not the kind of kiss that mother and daughter usually share. "MUMmy, I love you!" I said, "I Love You Too Baby!" mummy replied. "would you like to see what your body will look like as you get older?" she asked me and although I had seen her playing with herself her boobs were hidden and her pussy was covered by her many fingers.

Watching her as she undid her cami and pulled me toward her, letting me bury my face in the motherly mounds at which I had suckled only a few short years ago. She encouraged me to explore her breasts and to tweak her nipples, finally pushing my head onto her breasts so I could suck on the hardening nipples, I started licking on my mummy's plump boobies and sucking on her nipples until they were a hard as rock which gave her a mini orgasm in and of itself.

She stepped back to reveal her thong clad figure, the wetness of her pussy already showing through the gusset of her panties. "Wow! MUMmy you have a lot of hair down there!" I said "Can I touch you there?" I asked looking up at mummy with a little smile. "Go ahead" Mummy said, grinning as I reached up and stroked my little hand against her thong covered pubic hair.

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"It's really thick and bushy!" I said smiling up at mummy. I started stroking it with my young fingers, rubbing her thumb into the crack that became visible due to the pussy juice that oozed from her mummy's cunt. Mummy moaned as I pulled my hand away from her pussy and licked the pussy juice off my thumb, immediately responding to the delicious taste. "Can I pull your panties down?" I asked, looking up at her mummy. "Sure," Mummy replied as her heart started pounding, to think that her fourteen year-old daughter wanted to see her bare pussy.

Mummy let me take hold of the elastic at the top of her panties and pull them down, uncovering her light brown bush, then pooling at her feet, where she kicked them off and up on the couch with a quick motion of her right foot. I started finger fucking her tight cunt and made her moan like a midnight fuck session between a man and his wife.

I moved up on the couch and getting on my hands and knees kissing down mummy's belly as I did mummy moved closer to the couch, Mummy gasped as I buried my face in the forest of mummy's pubic fur, inhaling the womanly scent and beaming up at mummy with a beatific grin whilst exploring the glorious place from which I had emerged only a few years ago. My tongue quickly snaked out and began licking at the hot, wet slit that lay hidden beneath the fur forest into which I had plunged my face. "Oh!" Mummy moaned as she felt my mouth encircle the head of her clitoris.

"OH ALICE! YOU'RE AMAZING AT THIS!" "Of course I am, I learned from the best," I continued sucking and ramming my tongue deep into her cunt. "IM GOING TO CUM, IT'S SO CLOSE!" I felt the warm, think liquid running down my throat I sucked on mummy's cunt for a while swallowing much of the pussy juice and giving mummy a glorious orgasm before she pulled off and smiled at me, my face smeared with lady juice. "ALICE DUNST!! What are you doing?" Anna shouted from the door. "Mummy James found our pictures and got so aroused by you I couldn't leave him to just twitch" the entire time she was still tossing me off.

Anna just stared before smiling "you found it arousing James?" "Fuck yes "I said out of breath. "Mummy he's like a machine I've been at this for half hour pleases help.

Anna walked over and got on her knees "you could have sucked him off Alice." "He wouldn't let me" Alice sulked "well let's see if he refuses this" she wrapped her hands around my cock and starts licking the base of the cock.

She slides her tongue up and down from the base to the head. When she got to the head, she put her lips on it and kissed it. After licking it a few times, she opened her mouth and put my cock into it. Starting from the top, she started sliding down on it.

She got a little to the half-way point before I felt the back of her throat. As she started blowing me, her hands began massaging my balls. Each time she tried hard to take down as much as she can. I sat back and started to groan. 'Man, this slut knows how to suck a cock!' She moved her mouth and Alice was not happy "mummy I've seen you do better than that" she grabbed her mother's head and forced it all the way down and she took all of my 7" in her throat and gagged but Alice held her head there.

Letting her mum come up for air for just a Moment Alice removed her belt and tied her mothers hands behind her back and then in one motion forced her mothers head all the way down my cock to my balls buried deep in her throat I began to groan in pleasure.

"Mummy open wider you slut" Alice said and Anna's eyes opened wider as her jaw stretched and my cock was deep in her throat. Alice the grabbed her mothers head and stared ramming he head up and down my cock each time a little harder and faster. She makes gagging sounds like in the porn films and I can't believe how good it feels as Alice pushes Anna's mouth so far down my cock that she nearly pukes and then holding her there Alice closed her mother's nostrils.

She began fidgeting as both dunst were closed but after 30 seconds Alice let go and a long stream of saliva came from her mouth to my cock. I smile as Anna is in front of me covered in pre-cum and her mascara is running down her face giving her the complete whore look. "Enjoying this James?" Anna asked me. "Yes" was all I could say as Anna put my cock in her mouth and down her throat without any help from her daughter I suddenly felt my balls tighten and started to moan even more.


As Anna took her mouth off my cock, I erupted. Just as Alice got down on her knees in front of my cock and as more of my juices came out over their faces. Anna turned to Alice and started to lick my cum off of her.

She then kissed her full on the mouth. Alice undid the belt on her mother's wrists and Anna then led us into her bedroom Anna laid Alice on the bed and removed her blue and white sailor panties from under her skirt as Alice pulled up her blue top and pulled her bra down to play with her tiny tits.

She parted her legs and started to lick Alice's cunt. I undid the zip of Anna's dress and unclasped her bra and pulled it all off leaving her in her see through black lace knickers pulling them to one side i gazed at her arse and cunt.

As Anna licked and sucked on Alice's cunt, Alice's head was moving from side to side. By now my cock was rock hard again and I started to toss myself off. Anna looked up and told me to move round behind her. I done as she said. 'Lick and kiss my cunt and arse' she said. Again I did as she said. Her cunt was shaven and tasted divine. As I licked her I started to wank.

'Fuck me', said Anna. I placed my cock at her cunt entrance and was just about to start when she said, 'No. Fuck me in the arse'. "this is one major slut" I thought as I moved my cock to her arsehole, I took her thighs and held her arse cheeks apart and I pushed my cock into her arse I started to push my cock inside. It was so loose that in seconds I had a good rhythm going. I reached around and grabbed at her clit, roughly rubbing it as I tried to push my cock even further up her arse.

She pushed her butt back at me and I got all my cock into her anal passage "you're too loose Anna" with that she clenched the muscles so tight it felt like she was tryna pull my cock off.

I looked over her shoulder and saw that she had really opened up Alice's cunt and had 2 fingers pumping away. As Anna licked and finger fucked Alice, Alice suddenly let out a loud moan.

Anna slipped the whole of her mouth over Alice's cunt and licked and sucked her juices. Her arse was so tight; the heat from her internal rear passage was so hot on my shaft.


Her arse rippled around my dick, I kept spitting saliva onto my cock to help and managed to get a slow rhythm going. She pushed back onto me in time with my forward thrusts. The tightness of her anal muscle was pulling at my cock each time I tried to withdraw, the intense pleasure and the tightness of her rear passage soon had me cuming. I shot cum into her, load after load; I didn't know I could cum so much.

Anna feeling my hot cum, squirting inside her joined me in her own orgasm. "Oh my …fuck fuck fuck" she said as I sent the last of my spunk into her arse, I leant over and squeezed her tits. I slid out of Anna and lay on the bed. Alice fell asleep on her side and I couldn't resist the sight of her bum so I started fingering it slowly as she let out sleepy moans.

"Anna can I have some of your pussy before I go" "only if you let Alice suck you off she's been dying to since she was 10" "but shes 14 its wrong" "who will tell and it's not the first cock shes sucked either" in shock I gave in.

"ok" Anna took my cock deep into her mouth till I was rock hard before mounting me and the pleasure of her tight wet pussy her lips wrapped and clenched my cock in I was so good it felt so fucking hot warm and wet.

I pumped harder into her watching her tits waggle around before groping them. The bed springs bouncing woke Alice who instantly got up and started to kiss her mother.

"Lick her arse Alice" I said as I pounded her mother's tight wet cunt. As my balls slapped Anna's arse Alice began to lick them and it sent me of my moans where to loud Anna knew what was coming "don't you fucking dare cum in my cunt, I'm on no contraceptive and you don't wanna go getting me pregnant do you" "ohh uuggg" she jumped off my cock and pinched it so tight i couldn't cum.

"I kept my deal now you keep yours" "Yeah I will gimmy a chance." "Suck him off darling" she crawled over to me on all fours and before I knew it, she leaned forward and put her young lips over my cock head, sucking the head into her hot mouth. I felt her velvety tongue brush the underside of my glands, sending shivers throughout my body. "Oh, Alice…" "Mmmmm hmm…" Her head began to bob up and down, my cock a prisoner in her moist little mouth.

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Tentatively at first, then with more confidence, her tongue began to swirl around my dick head. "Honey, I can't hold out much longer." I said in a faltering voice.

Her reply to that was to suck me further into her mouth, my cock head bumping the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, and moved back up so that just my cock head remained in her mouth.

My head began to swim and I almost lost my balance. I groaned as my cock began to twitch, and suddenly my thick, pearly sperm began to fill her mouth. I heard her squeal in surprise. Suddenly, she popped my dick out her mouth and began jacking me in earnest. Cum was dribbling out of both corners of her mouth. Again and again, my dick convulsed, spewing streams of semen all over her fourteen year-old body.

Soon, her face and tits were covered from my spurting load. My body shuddered, and I found myself collapsing backward onto Anna's' bed. After the intense sensation began to subside, I opened my eyes to find Alice's grinning cum-coated face just inches from mine. She quickly sat up and grinned at me. "That was good" she smiled I just grinned at her absolutely shattered. "Anna…" I looked around for her and saw her coming back into her bedroom with a video camera and tripod.

"James go home and get some rest you've got a long filming process tomorrow" she said to me. "Can I have a couple of your pictures from the album and copy the?" I asked slowly retrieving my clothes. "Take the whole fucking thing just don't cum all over it" I grinned at her and had a sudden thought. "Alice wear your uniform tomorrow for filming" I winked and left.

I left their house exhausted and still horny and getting home i went straight to my photocopier and photocopied all of the picture and putting them into my own folder also saving a separate copy onto a CD. I hid the stash away under my bed and got some shut eye. I woke up the next day around 5 in the afternoon refreshed and hard as steel once more. I looked at my phone 7 missed calls from my girlfriend.

"Woops" i thought ringing her back and after a quick chat i got showered dressed and round to Anna's. She had the house all set up and a film planned in her mind. She started the camera off with me and her talking and fooling around snogging and feeling each other up before she took my cock into her mouth and sucked it like there was no tomorrow.

She raised and lowered her head on to my cock while playing with my balls. She rolled my balls around in-between her fingers giving them a slight squeeze occasionally.

This had to of been the best blowjob I had ever received. I guess experience comes with age. I laid my hands on the back of her head and face fucked her. Anna enjoyed being forced to suck cock.

I could hear slurping sounds throughout the room. I grabbed her head tight and shoved my cock as far down her throat as I could.


I knew I was about to cum and yelled it out but she just worked harder. Just as i was about to come she stopped. It fucking hurt but i knew what was coming. She lowered her work trousers to reveal yet again no panties "Miss Dunst you really are a slut aren't you" she smiled at me removing her top and bra and stretching her arse open she placed her arse on my cock, no lube except her own saliva on my cock and she slipped straight down my pole. Anna was a small woman only 5 foot 2 so i picked her up and slammed her body into the wall shoving my cock further up her arse.

Taking the camera in my hand i aimed it so it got every second of my cock entering her arse before i shot my hot sticky load in her arse and keeping my cock in her arse i took her onto all fours on the floor and kept pushing my spuncking dick in her loose back passage. I aimed the camera at her face and looked at the sweat on her fore head as she smiled at the camera saying "i love young hard cock pounding my slutty arse" bringing the camera to my face "and now you slag.clean my cock" i said winking just as she was about to pull off my cock.

"Mum.?" Alice said standing at the door looking pretty hot for a young girl in her Blazer short skirt, tight white blouse, black tie and knee high socks skirt screwed up with hands in her panties rubbing her pussy with a finger.

I figure a few more minutes might give her one last orgasm and kept on fucking her mother looking at the girl with interest. "Well honey, when a boy and girl need pleasure they do things like this just like when i lick your tiny cunt baby." Alice looked at us dumbfounded.

"Come her honey." Alice approached me as i continued to pound her mothers fat arse and she stretched her hand and began stroking my back. Then her hand slid to my crotch and started fondling the scrotum.

Anna moaned, stuck out her butt more but kept on lying with her breast on the floor. Alice's hand penetrated deeper and began massaging her mother's clit. Anna moaned louder and her hips started moving quicker. Pounding so hard she was getting carpet burn on her breasts. "Now alice bend down like a dog just like me, just like that naked baby picture of you on the wall".

I got in-front of Alice with my dick slightly floppy. "Put it in your mouth you naughty girl" Anna said removing her daughter lacy thong from under her skirt and raising it up she spanked her daughter "oww" "put it in your mouth then sweetie or the next ones harder with that the tip of my cock disappeared into her mouth.

"Good girl" Anna said rubbing her daughters sweet little pussy lips. Alice began to moan closing her eyes and slightly clenching her lips which just made the sight and pleasure so much better.

Suddenly i saw her wince and try to crawl away from her mother which was better for me as she moved my cock down her throat without realising it because Anna had slid her tongue through the crack of Alice's bum. Anna stopped her wriggling by kneeling on her ankles with my cock jammed in her mouth she could do nothing to protest as Anna brought her arse back to her tongue.

"I never realized you were that sensitive to just a tongue in your arse honey." Anna said excitingly. Anna firmly put her arms around Alice's hips too make sure she couldn't crawl away from her tongue.

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Anna moved her tongue up and down Alice's butt. She hadn't tasted anything as warm and wet as Alice's arse in her life. Anna continued the same tongue motion down her arse. She stopped after some time and stuck a finger in her arse. Anna moved her finger in and out of Alice's butt very slowly.

Alice screamed. "Am I hurting you honey?" questioned Anna. I pulled her head off my cock so she could speak with a long stream of saliva and pre-cum dribbling in a long sticky string from her mouth to my cock "NO IT FEELS GREAT BUT IT BUUUURRNS!!" moaned Alice as Anna pushed in two of her fingers in.

The floor was very wet with Alice's cum. Anna had finally stopped playing with her daughter. "Good girl" she spanked Alice's clit and it spurted another fountain. Horny as hell now the little redhead smiled in delight. There she was sitting on her hands and knees just like a cute puppy. "Say Argh". Alice looked up at me, quizzically, "What?" "I said say Argh" I instructed her again. Still slightly confused she opened her mouth and said, rather quietly "Argh".

It was all the opportunity I needed, grabbing the back of her head and steadying my cock to be at her mouth level I pushed my cock into her mouth. It took her by surprise and her cheeks puffed out as she tried to either blow my cock from out of her mouth or struggled for breath.

I continued to push my swollen member deeper into her mouth. Alice reached out with both hands, placing them onto the front of my thighs, she gave a little push but not too much, probably to show a bit of reluctance but there was no going back now. I pulled on the back of her head and pushed more of my cock into her, nearly gagging her as I made her mouth open wide. She didn't throw me back and now seemed to be resting her hands on my thighs rather than pushing on them, so I face fucked her.

"Mmmmm much better" I told her as we both got into what was happening. She tried to smile but the size of my cock meant there wasn't much room for anything other than wrapping her lips around my shaft. Whilst this was going on Anna had again buried her face between her daughter cheeks and licked at the exposed arsehole.

When she rose up, Anna called me round and I stared at the girl's now-glistening anus. Anna gently pulled Alice's cheeks apart and revealed pink and clean, a slightly-raised, wrinkled ring of erogenous tissue, radiating irresistible erotic appeal.

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Her mother was offering her daughter's lubed and ready arsehole to me to use as I please. The brazen teenager gave her butt a tempting wiggle. She was absolutely shameless. "Fuck my arsehole", she said enticingly. This was one invitation that I delighted to accept. I knelt down right behind Alice's tempting arse. Taking hold of my throbbing shaft, her mother slipped me into her mouth and coated my cockhead with her saliva. Then I ran the swollen head up and down from her juicy cunt along the crack of her arse and until Anna guided it right to her daughter's puckered anus.

Leaning forward I touched the tip of my erection against the girl's tender flesh. Her little body quivered slightly. Slowly I pushed harder against her yielding anus. Gradually I watched as it sank into her.

Then I was pushed it even deeper she moaned as I filled her steamy rectum with my entire prick. Here was one advantage to having a normal-sized cock. Alice would be able to take my full length without any problem. I'm thicker than the average but her anus stretched to take it all with some difficulty. My wedge-shaped cockhead easily pried the tight ring of muscle open and made way for the thick shaft to follow.

She gasped as her anus was stretched wider than ever before. I sank three inches into her rectum and stopped to let my young lover become accustomed to this intrusion. I held her close to me, giving her trembling body a chance to adjust to my invasion.

Then I slowly started to fuck her, working my cock in and out of her beautiful butt. Reaching down between her legs, I diddled her wet pussy and pulled at her swollen nipples as I pumped in and out of her tender butthole. "Oh, God! It feels so good!" she wailed, squirming her arse shamelessly back onto my rock-hard erection until she buried all six inches up her rear end.

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I pumped my cock in and out of the horny teenager's tightly clasping butthole, making her arse-cheeks ripple and her small boobs bounce lewdly with the impacts of my hips against hers. Alice moaned, low and sensually, loving the way my hairy balls slapped against her sticky cunt lips, stimulating her throbbing clit more with each thrust. Trying to keep as much as my body weight off the teenager's small frame as he could, I pumped my blood-engorged penis very slowly in and out of her clinging rectum, maintaining as gentle a rhythm as possible.

Using the naughty fourteen-year-old this way made me feel so turned on, I was dizzy and short of breath. Sex had never been as sensual or stimulating.

After two or three minutes I pulled back and my prick slipped out of Alice's grasping arsehole. I looked down and gazed on the fourteen-year-old's gaping hole. I turned to Anna and she looked up at me with an expectant smile. I leaned toward her and slipped my slimy cock right into the mother's warm, wet mouth. The woman hungrily sucked the tip as she stroked the greasy shaft. "You like the taste of your daughter's arse?" I asked Anna. She just looked up at me and smiled with her eyes as she continued to lave my slimy prick.

I pulled out and plunged right back into her daughter's wide open anus. Excited by her daughter's moans of pleasure, the woman urged us on. "Faster. Fuck her faster, Jordon. Shove it up her arse. She loves it hard", she cried out.

I increased my pace and buggered Alice even harder. She turned her head and looked up at me with a look of pure, unadulterated desire.

"Don't come in my arse," she pleaded. "I want you to cum in my mouth." My little arse-girl had read my mind. "As you wish, dear Alice", I replied with a wicked smile. "One mouthful coming right up", I respond with a depraved leer. I grabbed her skinny, writhing hips and began ramming my rock-hard cock into her tight, clinging bunghole with long, hard thrusts that made the girl's body shake and quiver with the sheer force of them.

My little arse-girl shuddered and screamed when she came, pushing back against me, wanting to cram as much of my thick rod up her cock-hugging anal passage as she could.

Her little body trembled from the force of her climax and she collapsed, resting her head on the carpet. I held her up by her girlish hips and pushed deeper into her arse. I almost shot my load deep in her bowels but I managed to restrain myself. She was lost in a world of orgasmic pleasure, unending pleasure, a world that revolved around my hard-pumping, ejaculating cock. Her rectal sheath clung tightly around my shaft as I jerked it from her arse with a resounding "pop". I quickly shifted around in front of her and presented my cock, shiny with her arse juices, to her eager mouth.

She lifted her head form the carpet and opened wide and I drove my prick deep into her angelic face. In seconds I was spewing my thick sperm into her mouth. She clamped her lips around my pulsating rod and let me fill her up. As I face-fucked her daughter, Anna dived down behind her daughter.

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As the daughter drank down my copious load of sperm, the mother lasciviously rimmed the girl's slimy, distended arsehole.