Muscled gardener ties up and fucks redhead babe

Muscled gardener ties up and fucks redhead babe
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I always knew I had a gift for hacking. It is just so fun and easy for me to circumvent security. The power I felt when I was in a system is my "high". As you may have realized by now that this gift I had would come to also possess some other special "advantages".

Whether you believe it or not this realization had never occurred to me. That is, until I met her. Alex was her name, and 14 was her age. She stands at around 5'7, her blonde hair seems to radiate even in the darkest of places, her blue eyes pierces my soul and her smile just melts my heart. This love was quite one sided and I knew it. Therefore all I did was to just masturbate to photos of her and admire her from afar… for a while.

When one day, the Goddess of Luck showed her liking of me, and granted me a gift of opportunity. I was rifling through her computer comfortably in my room one day with the help of a RAT like I do at least once per day since first seeing her. As per my usual routine I turned on her webcam and screen tracker, what I saw shocked, surprised, and turned me on like no porn can ever do.

On her computer, she was looking at a redhead getting fucked hard doggy style while another guy was fucking her face. But what was better was what I saw Alex doing.

Her legs were spread showing a perfect shaven virgin pussy which she was furiously rubbing while her young sweat-beaded face was scrunched up in pure pleasure. After my shock and horny-ness fell under my control again, I mustered up enough control to start my screen recorder and got what was not just a video which I would eventually cum to a million times but more importantly control and power.

At first I just used the video for the obvious purpose of self-pleasure and the thought of gaining more from this video that I have recorded was nothing more than a fantasy of a horny and in-love teenager. But then the question of why not make it into a reality began to pester me. The pieces of a plan came together when I found an article online called "The complete guide to sexual blackmail" and by week's end I knew what I was going to do and I also knew by this time next week Alex would completely be mine and all my deepest desires would have come true.

First I tracked her movements as per instruction of the online guide; I followed her as much as I can to try to find a window of opportunity for the initial confrontation. After getting off of the bus she would walk home alone along the same route every day. This is where I parked my car waiting for Alex.


After what felt like an eternity, she rounded the corner into my view. I got out of the car as casually as I can and pretended to not see her until we were right next to each other.

"Oh hi Alex" I said pretending to be surprised to see her. "Hey Daniel, what are you doing here?" She asked me "Oh I just kind of got lost using this map app on my phone" I said showing her my phone which instead of having apple maps on it has a video of her most private moment on pause. "Oh lemme see" she said looking at my phone, her face instantly paled and her lovely blue eyes widened in shock as I pressed play.

"How the fuck did you get that, did you hack my fucking computer?" Her word choice took me by surprise as she is usually a well-mannered and innocent girl, regardless I pressed on. "Doesn't matter how I got it, what matters is I have email accounts set up and if I don't stop a program by… 20 minutes from now then hundreds of emails will be send out containing pictures and videos to every student registered at public schools in this city, every teacher at our school and your entire family." I said very calmly.

Slowly her face of determination and resistance morphed into a face of desperation and pleading. "Please you can't, you'll ruin my life" She begged "Oh sweetie that's the point of blackmail!" I said condescendingly with a smirk on my face "Blackmail? Do you want money?


I've got two thousand dollars in my bank account. I can get you even more if you want. Just please, it was a mistake, please keep it a secret" she pleaded "Oh it's not that kind of blackmail, tell me.

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Out of all the porn that I'm sure you have watched. Have you ever seen anything to do with slaves?" "Wait what?" Then the realization finally hit her and that's when the tears came "no fuck off, there is no way I'll be your sex slave you sick freak!" "Fine" throwing up my hands in mock defeat and backing up to get back in my car "I hope everyone else is as understanding as me" as I started my engine she opened the passenger door and sat in the seat, Looking straight ahead she said "please just don't send those emails" I smiled, started the engine and began the silent 15 minute drive back to my home and her hell.

My parents traveled a lot so I had the house to myself most of the time. I led Alex into my living room and sat her down on my couch. Even when she is this sad, she still looks like the human embodiment of Aphrodite.

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"First I want you to text your parents telling them you won't be home tonight, I don't care what you tell them, just so long as they won't be suspicious" While she sat there thinking of an explanation I fetched certain tools that I will use later and piled it in a corner.

"Now that we have ensured our fun won't be interrupted we can get started, state your full name for the cameras set up around this room and state your position as my slave and my position as your master if you would please" She looked at me blankly until I gestured for her to comply.

"My name is Alexandra Ferguson and I am the slave of Master Daniel Anderson" She sobbed. "Good now why don't you show some skin" Alex hesitated at first then slowly started to take off her cute love pink t-shirt and slid off her skinny jeans and socks. God she had just the perfect feet, with little toes that have pink nail polish on them, soles that seems so soft and skin as smooth as ice. As much as I wanted to just worship them and suck on every one of her toes I resisted and just stood motioning for her underwear which she slowly took off.

Revealing her flawless little breasts and that amazing pussy I've seen so many times in the video. My cock jumped to attention, I decided it was time to put my hacking to use.

"Crawl over here my sweet Alex and undress me" she once again moved hesitantly, all this hesitation is starting to annoy me, and I made a mental note of it for punishment later.

Once she crawled to my feet I beckoned for her to stand up. Then she started to take my shirt off, I was electrified by every touch, I was intoxicated by her scent and I drowned in the blue sea that's in her eyes, basically I was in heaven. After my shirt was off she started to unbuckle my pants, she then slid both my underwear and jeans down, however she paused for a moment when my stiff cock popped out in her face.

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By the time my jeans and socks were off my cock was so stiff it was starting to hurt. I grabbed Alex's tender right hand and placed it on my cock, wrapped her fingers around my shaft while never breaking eye contact.

Her hand slowly began to move back and forth obviously knowing what she needs to do. But I craved for more. I forced her on her knees, grabbed the back of her head and stuck my cock into her mouth.

The feeling was euphoric. I felt her tongue press up against my shaft, I felt the tip hit against the back of her throat and I felt the pressure of the squeeze of her lips increase. Even though I probably would have cum just by having my cock in her mouth, I began slowly fucking her mouth. In and out, in and out, going deeper each time. Every crack and muscle of her lip, every movement of her tongue could be felt and as I plunged the entirety of my cock in, I could feel her throat close in around my cock and her gag reflex kicking in applying even more pressure.

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I couldn't hold it anymore. With one last thrust deeper than I've gone before I emptied my balls in her mouth filling her throat and mouth. Cum dribbled out of the corners of her lips, down her chin and dripped onto the hardwood floor. After I pulled out she began coughing and spitting out more of my cum onto the floor. When my breathing returned to normal again I decided that since it will be a little while for me to "reload" I should begin with the punishments.

"Okay slave, next time I think you can do better" in fact for someone who has never given a blowjob before she was amazing but I didn't want her to know that. "Now you wasted some of my cum I see" crouching down beside her and pointed at the cum that she spat out "You shouldn't waste your master's gift, lick it off now!" Once again she hesitated however this time she shook her head.

"No, I did what you asked. You have to let me go home now" She said rather meekly. Well this was a surprise to me.

I had predicted she would try to rebel but I had not expected it this early. Oh well, I guess I just have to show her what happens when she tries to deny me. "Oh I do? I do think you are quite mistaken my sweet." I casually slapped her across her face causing her to scream then shrivel up into a ball to cry. Then I grabbed my whip from my closet and with a crack that caught her attention.

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Her eyes widened and her breath shortened. With another swing of my arm the whip made contact with her back causing her body to spasm out and a high pitched scream to escape from her lips. "When I tell you to do something, you really should do it with all necessary haste…" Thwack "… and eagerness" Thwack.

"Now, because you seemed to reject my earlier nice way of approaching this, let's try it differently." I grabbed my Taser, waved it in front of her face allowing her to see the sparks. "You see, I modified this so the shocks are painful but it won't lock you up or knock you out.

See?" I say as I electrocute her neck causing a shrill scream. After several more shocks all over her body: her stomach, her arms, and her tits I spread her legs and before she could realize what I was about to do, arcs of blue lighting flew from my Taser to her pussy causing a scream that was louder than anything before. "Please, stop it" she begged. I smiled; by begging me to stop she just made herself mine and according the guide this is the turning point when I can do anything I want.

I decided this required some celebration so why not make her into a woman. "Lay down on you back and pull your feet above your head, now this may hurt a bit but hey, I don't really care" she slowly complied revealing her beautiful flower. I positioned myself so my head is right at her hole. Strands my precum appear, the warmth was overwhelming and it only increased exponentially as I pushed inside to spread her tight lips over my head.

As I push in more, I could feel the inside walls squeeze more and more until I felt a barrier. Through all this time Alex was quiet with the occasional whimper, until I gave one last push to break her hymen. This time instead of a scream, a gasp escaped followed by a croak and tears. It felt like her pussy was strangling my cock. In and out, in and out, I started pumping into her, with every in stroke Alex took an intake of air. While my cock was repetitively hammering into her pussy I grabbed her feet and started licking and kissing them.

Those beautiful soft soles tasted like ambrosia-the food of the gods. In no time I was ready to cum again. I debated where to cum then I decided that if Alex carries my child then so be it. So with one final mighty thrust I drove my cock up as far as it will go and filled her box with my seed. After pulling out I wiped the mix of our bodily fluids and her virgin blood still attached to my dick on her thighs and threw a towel on her panting and sweaty body.

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"Take a shower, you can sleep with me tonight, and don't worry, I'll give you a ride to school tomorrow." Notes: This will be the first story in a series of stories detailing the slave life of Alex. Future stories will detail more in terms of feet. If you would like me to address a particular fetish or if you have an idea as to where you want the story to go please contact me and I will consider your request.

Also by the end of the series (who knows when that might be) I may write an actual guide to blackmail for all you perverts out there. Follow me on Twitter @Jon_M9 for story verification codes, updates, stuff that happens during my day, story previews/updates and new ideas for stories.

Story Verification Code: JM9-BmbhSUVr. These story verification codes are from a batch of verification codes I have. These codes are not random.

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This is so that no story can be published under my name without my consent. I will post the verification code on twitter before each publishing. You can reach me at [email protected] for questions, suggestions or if you just want to talk.

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