Photo boys beautiful german sexy first time We observe from above as

Photo boys beautiful german sexy first time We observe from above as
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In The Mood By Jax_Teller Back in a time when computers, cellphones and the devices that the world revolves around today, were science fiction, life had certain benefits of living like that. The Police had two way radios but they had a limited distance. The land lines weren't every where and often were shared by several homes often referred to as party lines. In those times being an outlaw, that is to say one who lives out side of the box, not with out morals or a code but not those of polite society was becoming more common.

I was out on the road, riding a old chopped Harley that a brother in arms had sold me. The old Harley Rat wasn't very comfortable or polite, but was the embodiment of what I needed at that time. What it was, was freedom, I had no job at the time and was living on savings.

Through my time in the Military I had put away most of my wages, hazard pay and such and dedicated myself to the life of a soldier.


Now that I was out, the war police action was over, the military had no use for me or my kind. Polite society had no use for us, even though they sent us to war they had no use for us upon returning.

There wasn't a parade for us when we return. The only acknowledgement we received was from the protesters who spat at us and called us names. So freedom was my only mission these days. Riding from place to place, sharing the company of a lass who fancied a rough rub with the likes of me.


Riding was what I lived for, what made me happy. The tension of being ridiculed for doing what I was sent to do was weighing on me and riding helped me forget. One day I rolled into a town out west and it looked like dirt water anywhere USA. I'd been to hundreds of towns that save for the name were the exact same. They all had a post office, a bar and a diner, and hardware-feed store.

Most were one road in and out and some were even getting lamp posts to light their little section of pavement. I pulled up in front of the local watering hole, a bar with neon lights and music that could be heard on the street out side.

There I went inside to rest, relax, and maybe find the woman who would share me tonight. The inside did nothing for me, the music was acceptable, country, and there were a few decent looking females about the place so I ordered a beer.

The bar tender behind the bar said one for the road as he put the beer on the bar. There it was, right in front of me.

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I had done nothing to this guy, I had not pissed on his bar nor said a fowl word and yet I was being shown the door with my first beer. I put the dollar on the bar and turned around taking a swig of beer to watch the crowd. I noticed the local welcoming committee getting the update from Mr bar tender.

They made no attempt to conceal their intent as they worked up some liquid courage. I noticed a woman sitting at the bar a few stools closer to me than to the welcoming committee. She wasn't model material but she was beautiful. Her breasts were large enough to protrude over the bar rail, but her tummy was nearly flat flowing into hips with grip appeal. I was checking her out when one old coot from beyond her shouted to me over the music.

He asked what I was looking at and I answered I was looking at a beautiful woman, but now I was looking at the dirt that fell off some old farmers boots looking directly at him. It was on, he was joined by a few of the others and together they attempted to handle me, to show me the door with force.

Now these folks may have been the muscle heads in this town, but I was a Marine combat veteran just back from three tours, and I was not about to allow myself to be simply handled. It took a few minutes of fists and fury, going round and round, things getting knocked over and folks cheering on the locals.

In the end though they were no match for me and I stood alone in the center of the room waiting to be attacked, but none came forward. Then the beautiful woman who had been watching the Malay, stepped off her stool and walked up to me and reached for my arm.

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I obliged by making a place for her to hold onto my arm. Her sun dress twirled as I turned to walk out the door with her on my arm. Out side she told me to follow her as she walked over to a car got in and proceeded to back out. I got on my bike, kicked it started and pulled out catching up to her. I followed her to a place on the edge of town. She pulled into a long dirt drive way lane, up to an old farm house, parked.

I caught up to her as she got out and leaned back against the trunk lid. I pulled along side her and dismounted the bike. We exchanged names and that was when I noticed the hungry look in her eyes. She was obviously aroused and I noticed her buttons undone to her belly and the bra she had on earlier wasn't now.


I stepped in close to her and she leaned into me at the same time. I could smell her perfume, and more over her scent. I looked down into her blue eyes and kissed her. She didn't hesitate or resist and greedily kissed me back. I put my arms around her as we kissed grabbing hands full of her wonderfully soft butt. I lifted her up onto the trunk lid and stepped between her legs.

She pulled her dress up to her waist and I could see she had no underwear on. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out, waving it up and down her glistening slit.

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She put her legs up and wrapped them around me guiding my dock into her. Janice's auburn hair shone in the moon light as I pushed in and out of her. It was one of those moments you know will be with you until you die. Enjoying a beautiful women knowing you will never see her again when you are done.

Janice was quite the sight rocking to my rhythm of fucking her. The warm air of the summer night, and the out door delight made the experience almost over load my sensory senses. As Janice began to approach her orgasm she quickened her pace and force of her thrust to meet me. I in turn pushed harder into her and kept up to her pace. I felt her release and the flow of her juices, and as I came, I pulled my dick from her, still sliding over her clit as I pumped my load on her pubic mound.

Janice laid back on the trunk and I knelt down and licked her pussy clean of my come and in doing so gave her another orgasm. I stood up and backed away as Janice sat up putting her feet to the ground.

She slid her dress back down and straightened it out as I put my dick back in my pants. We embraced each other giving one last physical touch of electricity.

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Slowly pulling away, I turned to my old Harley and stepped over onto the seat. I waited until Janice was back in her car before jumping the kick starter to life.

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I led the way back out onto the road and turned away from town. I watched as Janice turned the other way back to town. The night air and light from the moon made the ride surreal. The power line posts seemed to create a gauge of my speed and reality as I made my way to the next adventure. I began to feel the fight from earlier in my knuckles and wrists, as I put distance between me and the small town I met Janice in. I found a small senic road side area and pulled off to sleep for the night.

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I pulled my sleeping bag out and laid it on the underside of my leaning bike and got in. As I drifted off to sleep I reveled in the events of the evening and wondered what I'd be in the mood for when I awoke. The End.