Highheeled femboy jerking off until cumshot

Highheeled femboy jerking off until cumshot
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Chapter Nine Isaac and the girls were in walking down the expansive hallways of the Maine Mall, moving from store to store. Isaac had decided to take them shopping and spoil them a little, so of course he was carrying the bags and covering most of the purchases. The smiles of their faces were priceless, but hauling the countless bags of clothes, he couldn't help but smile at the thought that he now felt like THEIR slave.

Blood splattered across the movie screen in the newest horror movie released, with Alice, Holly, and Donna trying to sink into their theater seats while struggling to work up the courage to watch the film. The four of them had been trying to pick a movie to go out and see, when Alice spontaneously suggested seeing the ghost film and daring Holly and Donna to watch it without once covering their eyes.

Whoever lasted the longest would get Isaac and the bed all to themselves that night. Donna had gotten in on the action, believing her age and maturity would ensure her success, but more than halfway into the movie, she appeared just as terrified as Alice and Donna. Whether she just had a strong aversion to horror movies or the time spent around her fellow slaves had made her more childish, Isaac didn't know, but he sure found it amusing. To think, two masochists and a grown woman would turn into scared hermit crabs when watching a horror movie.

This certainly made the bet more complicated. It was early August when Isaac and his slaves climbed out of Donna's car in the parking lot behind the beach. Having come on a Tuesday, they expected the beach to be empty, Donna and Holly had even taken days off from work for this, but it seemed like a lot of people had the same idea and wanted to enjoy the beautiful day.

It certainly was perfect beach weather, barely a cloud in the sky, high 70's, and a gentle breeze carrying the sea's salty aroma. Oh well, it was certainly less crowded than it would be on the weekend, they would just have to walk a little if they wanted privacy.


"Oh God, what the hell was I thinking when I bought this thing?!" Donna cursed, referring to the bathing suit she was wearing under her clothes. She loved it when she originally got it, but it had taken a lot of coaxing to get her to put it on and come out of the safety and privacy of the apartment.

"You thought that it would make you look beautiful and sexy. Nothing has changed since then," Isaac assured her, pulling the cooler out of the back of the car. "Beautiful and sexy, more like old woman trying to look as slutty as possible! I should probably just keep my clothes on while we're here." "Come on, Donna!

You're going to look fantastic! Please take off your clothes!" Holly begged. "Yeah! We haven't gotten to see you in it yet!" Alice added. "Come on, Donna. I guarantee you, you'll look breathtaking!" Isaac encouraged.

Donna finally gave a low sigh. "Fine." Everyone who saw Holly and Donna found themselves unable to look away, men feeling lust and women feeling jealousy.

Holly was dressed in a skimpy dark blue bikini, struggling to hold in her breasts with the bottom portion barely covering her ass. She had a smile on her face, relishing the feeling of men's gazes and their eyes crawling up every inch of her body, knowing that she would always hang out of their reach and would belong solely to her Master. Next to her was Donna, wearing a one-piece that consisted of a thong, that instead of wrapping around the waist, actually split and stretched upwards into the two shoulder straps, going up over her breasts, rejoining behind her neck her neck, and then stretching down her back to rejoin the thong nestled between her ass cheeks.

It was daring to say the least, with both her pussy and nipples so barely covered that Donna felt like one wrong move would leave her completely exposed. Hell, the straps over her areolas were only a few inches wide, not to mention the thong was so thin that she felt like it would slip right in between her pussy lips and leave her labia fully exposed.

She could have covered more of her body with just her hands. But she had to admit, the bathing suit did make her feel sexy.

The strap design seemed to reinforce the size of her breasts, since they stretched between her nipples and pussy less like a piece of clothing and more like the strings of two longbows.

Plus, while she did feel like something would slip at any moment, the suit seemed have been somehow designed to prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Whether it was some kind of use of friction or a specific weave in the fabric, it held onto her without restricting her movement or causing chafing, and her confidence in it was growing with each step. It made her forget her age and feel unstoppable and unchallenged in sexiness.

However, the only way she could work up the courage to actually walk out without her clothes was with Isaac securing her dog collar around her throat. He normally avoided putting the collars on the girls in public because it could reveal the unique nature of their relationship, but with everyone staring at her suit, the collar would never be noticed.

It was strange, but wearing the collar—the physical proof of Isaac's ownership of her body—actually lessoned the embarrassment she felt in the bathing suit. Not to toot his own horn, but Isaac thought that he was getting a similar reaction from the people on the beach.

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His job had certainly granted him a physique that made women horny and men feel outclassed. And of course there was Alice, hiding beneath a wide sunhat and wearing a simple one-piece, lacking the confidence in her body to go with any kind of bikini. Seeing Donna and Holly in their swimsuits was reminding her of the vast physical differences between them.

Other than maybe the rare pedophile, all eyes were on Holly and Donna. She forced herself to ignore it and repeatedly reminded herself that as long as Isaac loved her body, she didn't care how she looked. They walked a bit down the beach, making absolutely sure they were far away from everyone else. Certain that they had privacy, they laid out several towels, a couple beach chairs, and put down the cooler full of food and drinks and a bag full of other beach stuff.

Beneath the towels, they laid out one of Isaac's large work tarps, which would help keep the sand at bay. A late night purchase involving alcohol and an infomercial, Isaac set up a beach tent, large enough to park a Hummer under, with draped sides that could be lowered for privacy while also allowing air to pass through if desired. Finally he could stop regretting buying this thing. "I can't wait to get in that water, we never went to the beach at the orphanage," said Holly with a stretch.

"I'll race you!" Alice giggled, getting to her feet and running to the water with Holly scrambling to catch up. "Are you coming, Master?" Donna asked. Sitting in a beach chair in the shade of his tent with a cold beer in his hand, Isaac shook his head with a content smile. "Nah, I'm just going to relax here for a little while. You go on and have fun." Donna merely smiled in reply and walked off towards the surf with Isaac staring at her curvaceous ass and watching her swing her hips from side to side with each step.

For a good half hour, Isaac simply watched the three girls play, gazed upon their beautiful bodies wet and glistening in the waves, listen to their laughs as they swam and splashed each other, and let his mind ponder this point in his life. Never did he imagine he would be in this kind of relationship, owner of a harem of three beautiful women, desperate to serve as his sex slaves and eager to fulfill his every desire. But of course it was more than just sex, they all loved each other and fulfilled the gaps in each other's lives.

Alice, Holly, and Donna; they all clung to him because he helped make them whole. The child who wanted to be loved, the girl who wanted to be needed, and the woman who wanted to be desired, and then there was him, who simply wanted a happy family, and they were more than he could ever ask for.

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After working out their bubbling energy, the three girls returned to the camp, eager to lounge. They all lied down on the towels, letting the sunlight shine on their half-naked bodies. "Master, could you please put some suntan oil on me? Pretty please? I really don't want to get my hands oily," Alice hummed coyly, using it as an excuse to get some affection.

Holly and Donna exchanged shocked glances. The sneaky brat! How the hell did they not think of that?! "Me too, Master! Please!" Holly exclaimed. "Please rub oil on me!" Donna added. "Ok, girls, I'll rub oil all over you. But be patient, you'll all get a turn." Retrieving a bottle of suntan oil from the tote bag holding their beach gear, he poured some on his hands and Alice eagerly kneeled in front of him.

He rubbed some of the oil on her forehead and nose then cupped her cheeks, making her smile and purr like a cat. "Such a pretty face," he hummed before leaning over and kissing her on the lips. Pulling back, he rubbed the oil on her neck, her shoulders, and then her arms. "Now lie down and I'll do your legs." Alice did as she was told, while Holly and Donna watched with hungry expressions. Isaac started on her left calf, rubbing her with his rough hands before moving up her slender thigh.

Alice couldn't help but shiver in arousal as his hands approached her moistening flower. He inserted a finger into the edge of her swimsuit, sweeping the flesh underneath and brushing against one of her smooth lips. He moved to the right leg, stroking back and forth across her soft thigh with his hands, rubbing in the oil, then to her calf.

Alice had her small feet in Isaac's lap, and with a smile on his face, he grasped one of them and began to massage it with his powerful grip. Alice arched her back and gave a soft moan as the movements of his fingers shocked the nerves in her feet.

It is said that the nerves in the feet connect to every part of the human body, well that would explain why Alice could feel bliss throughout her entire form.

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There was a bit of pain as he massaged out the stress, but that pain was pure ecstasy to Alice. Holly and Donna continued to watch from the sidelines, glaring at Isaac and Alice as he gave the young woman a foot massage.

From the way she was moaning and writhing, they wondered how it must feel and compared it to the sensation of an orgasm. They wanted foot rubs from Master too! At last, when Alice calmed, Isaac released her. "Ok, Holly, you're next." An eager grin on her face, Holly lied down on her back and Isaac applied more oil to his hands. This time, he started with Holly's feet, moving his fingers back and forth in a gentle yet firm squeeze, working out all the tension and strain that had been building.

As a woman who spent all of her time on her feet at work, the sensation of having her muscles softened was beyond bliss.

After five minutes, Isaac moved on, sliding his oiled hands across her soft legs, then reaching under her and cupping her tight toned rear end. He went back to her front, sweeping across her flat belly. Holly instinctively curled up and giggled, both from the pressure exerted on her stomach and the ticklish sensation.

She settled back down when Isaac reached her breasts, slipping his hands underneath her dark blue top and squeezing them. Holly blushed and hummed in happiness from the sensual contact. He pulled her top out of the way and continued to squeeze and massage her tits, thoroughly soaking them in oil and letting them slip and roll in his grip.

They were so soft, yet so firm. So bouncy and full, yet so quick to revert to their original place. With all the oil Isaac had applied, he couldn't even pinch her nipples without them slipping out from between his fingers, so he merely played with them, thumbing them like the joystick of a game controller.

By now he was rock hard and Holly could see it bulging in his swim trunks. "Master, please let me take care of you," she asked softly as he lathered her arms.

Isaac smiled and took out his cock, admiring the look of gleeful hunger on Holly's face as it sprung forth from his trunks. Remaining on her back, Holly craned her neck and began gently sucking him off, releasing the deliciously kinky sound of suction and wetness as she orally pleasured her Master.

As her tongue rolled around the head of his penis, Isaac slipped his oiled hand into her bikini bottom and began stroking the moist lips. Slick with oil, he worked his middle finger inside her, stirring back and forth while using his thumb to tease her clitoris. Holly squirmed from the soft probing, feeling Isaac's finger tickle her nerves with just the right intensity to almost be considered teasing.

In the background, Alice and Donna watched with impatience. Holly got a foot rub, was being fingered, AND got to suck on their Master's cock?! How was that fair?? After five minutes of Holly writhing to the strokes of Isaac's fingers inside her, he finally decided it was Donna's turn to get some attention.

However, before she could lie down, Isaac got behind her and grasped the straps of her swimsuit. "Don't worry, Donna. I'm going to take good care of you," he hummed in her ear, pulling up on the straps.

Donna winced and blushed as the thong of the one-piece became tight between her pussy lips, sliding between them and digging into her tender slit. Continuing to pull up on her swimsuit, Isaac reached around with his other hand and grasped her right breast, squeezing it hard and soaking it in suntan oil.

Never in his life could he get bored of playing with them.

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"Now take off your suit and lie down on your stomach. Holly, please keep watch for me and tell me if anyone starts coming close to our camp." Both girls did as they were told, with Donna stripping down and Holly serving as a lookout. Donna lied down on her towel, her breasts squashed beneath her like pillows and her curvaceous ass warmed by the sun.

Wetting his hands with fresh oil, he started on Donna's arms, making them gleam with an ample layer of oil. He shifted his attention to her back, and just as he had done with Alice and Holly's feet, he pressed down with gentle and decisive pressure, immediately drawing soft yet deep moans from Donna.

She couldn't remember the last time she had ever gotten a back rub, so just the slightest pushing from Isaac was pure heaven. Isaac had never done anything like this before, so he simply went on instinct and followed her voice to the most sensitive places. Just like with Holly and Alice, he worked years of strain out of her muscles, squeezing and pressing her with just the right amount of force to make her completely unwind.

He smiled as she stretched like a cat beneath him, extending everything from her fingers to her toes and humming in bliss. Applying more oil to his hands, Isaac moved down. However, he didn't lay so much as a finger on Donna's welcoming rear end. He simply moved down her hips, then her thighs, her calves, and her feet.

After giving a brief foot rub, he began to move back up. He slid his hands up her legs, scraping off the access oil. Donna smiled and bit her lip, eager for what was coming. Licking his lips, Isaac reached Donna's ass and gripped both her cheeks tightly, but he was barely able to get their mass into his hands.

He moved back and forth, squeezing them and then letting them slip out of his grasp, smacking the oiled cheeks and relishing the beautiful sound. He soaked her smooth white skin with oil, making it glisten in the sun. Donna hummed from the massage, glad to have met someone who truly appreciated her figure. He then spread her ass cheeks, exposing her asshole and pussy, just waiting to be penetrated. Isaac hefted his manhood and lathered it with oil, then began to rub it between her ass cheeks like a hotdog in a bun.

The oil let him move against her so easily, it was like grinding between two mountains of butter. He slowly and smoothly teased her with his cock, prodding her back door with the head and then instead rubbing the shaft with it. "Master, please fuck me!" Donna whispered. "What was that?" "Please, Master, fuck me in the ass." "Good girl," he chuckled, kissing her behind the ear.

Sitting back up, he once again spread her ass cheeks and pressed his cock against her asshole. Slippery with oil, it entered her effortlessly. Donna groaned as he forced his member inside her, stretching her asshole to its limit.

No matter how much punishment she endured, she still couldn't get use to the size of him inside her. Lying down on top of her, Isaac gripped her by the shoulders and began thrusting into her. Each time he entered her completely, Donna grunted in a mix of pleasure and pain, relishing the sensation of her Master dominating her and using her. He pulled her hair, adding to the intensity of her sodomy as he used her asshole as a punching bag for his cock.

Ever since becoming Isaac's slaves, Holly and Alice had been trying to teach her how to be a masochist. The lessons weren't being taken nearly as well as with Alice, but at least now she enjoyed being abused and brutalized by Isaac.

But of course, Isaac only did those things because she enjoyed them. Periodically stopping to scan the beach through holes in the sides of the tent, Holly watched Isaac fuck Donna with the inability to stop from touching herself. She loved watching Isaac fuck other girls, it made her feel like just a sex toy for him.

Whenever she watched, she fantasized about him pulling out of the other girl, grabbing Holly, and forcing himself inside her with his manhood still slick with the juices of the last girl.

Alice was the same, stroking her tiny pussy as he watched Isaac sodomize Donna like an animal. It was interesting for her to watch how Holly and Donna looked when Isaac fucked them, and how they reacted. She would try to imagine how she would react in comparison and picture herself getting fucked instead, watching it as if in an out-of-body experience. Isaac's hold on Donna suddenly tightened and he stopped his thrusts, telling Donna he had just ejaculated into her.

Already she could feel the hot fluid being pumped into her ass, and having become his slave, she loved the sensation. Isaac pulled out of her, a string of semen stretching between his cock and her gaping asshole.

"Ok, girls, time for you to entertain your Master. Take out some of the toys we brought," Isaac ordered while Donna sucked him clean. Reaching into the cooler, beneath the food and drinks, Holly pulled out the strap-on she often used on Holly. With a wide smile on her face, she secured herself in the harness while Donna rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Sitting in his beach chair like a king on his throne, Isaac prepared to watch them when Alice crawled over to him.

"Master, could you do that to me? What you did with Donna's swimsuit?" "Sure thing, honey," he replied, letting her settle in his lap with his erect member between her legs. Beginning to kiss her behind the ear, he reached around and ran his fingers back and forth against her covered slit, feeling the cute lips behind the fabric and teasing Alice. Gingerly, he worked the crotch of the swimsuit into a narrower and narrower strip between her skinny legs, bunching it up until it had formed a rope nestled in her camel toe.

Now ready, he grasped the front of her swimsuit and roughly pulled it upwards, tightening the fabric against her pussy. Alice whimpered as it grinded against her sensitive lips, feeling like she was being flossed from below.

Her face turning red with horniness, she released a shrill whine as Isaac yanked her swimsuit down from her shoulders and exposed her flat childlike breasts. With one hand pulling her swimsuit against her pussy over and over again in rough jerks, Isaac used his other hand to pinch Alice's pink nipples, making her yelp in pain and then pleasure.

While this was going on, Holly was thrusting into Donna with the strap-on, making the grown woman moan in happiness.

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Donna was on her back with her legs wrapped around Holly, who was on top of her while using her arms to try and hold herself up. She loved watching Donna's breasts jump every time she forced the dildo deep into her snatch, and she loved even more the sensation of their nipples kissing when she leaned over to French her.

After a few minutes of Donna experiencing Holly's Masterful skill of the sex toy, they switched, with Donna getting a turn in the harness. She stayed on her back, letting Holly ride the standing dildo. Bouncing up and down on Donna's lap, Holly giggled and licked her lips as he played with the woman's breasts, batting them around like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

While this was going on, Isaac had pulled aside the crotch of Alice's swimsuit, exposing her glistening pink slit. He had long since penetrated her, and she was riding him much like Holly was riding Donna.

With the underage girl whimpering and whining as she straddled him, Isaac constantly scanned the beach, turning his head like an owl to make sure that nobody was around to hear or see the four of them.

Sex in a public place was one thing, but sex with a seriously illegal girl, that was something else all together, and they had never done anything like this outside the apartment. This was risky to say the least. Isaac watched with a smile as Holly's bobbing on the dildo suddenly picked up in speed and intensity, and the gentle hum she was releasing turned into a shrill whine. Knowing what was coming, Donna couldn't resist reaching up and tugging on Holly's nipples, providing that last-needed stimulation to trigger a gushing orgasm, soaking Donna in her arousal.

Moaning in joy, she collapsed on top of Donna, before slowly pushing herself up and kissing her. Dismounting the dildo, she eagerly turned around and began sucking it clean. "That reminds me, Holly, I forgot to apply suntan oil to your back.

Alice, how about you play with Donna for a little bit?" Alice sighed and smiled, having wanted to enjoy riding her Master for a little longer, but always happy to play with Donna. Alice removed her swimsuit and crawled over to Donna, with Holly retrieving the bottle of suntan lotion and crawling over to Isaac. "Get on all fours for me." Knowing what was coming, Holly obliged and got on her hands and knees with her ass pointed at Isaac.

Wetting his hands with oil, Isaac started rubbing her first at her ankles, then the backs of her calves, then her thighs, wet with arousal, and at last he began massaging her ass the same way he had Donna's, making Holly purr in happiness from the subtle yet focused sensual touching. Unable to resist any longer, Isaac buried his face in her perfect ass, tongue-fucking her back door. Holly gagged and moaned in happiness, never quite able to get used to the sensation of getting sodomized by someone's soft tongue.

It always made her feel like she had just sat on an eel. While Isaac licked her out, he rubbed her back with the oil and reached around to play with her breasts. In front of Holly, Alice was on all fours, moaning as Donna fucked her pussy with the strap-on in the doggy style position. Having learned early on how to use a strap-on, she was having no trouble thrusting into Alice's tiny frame with brutal strength.

However, unlike Isaac, she didn't know she had to compensate for Alice's build and limit the depth of her thrusts, so Alice was wincing and nearly crying out every time the dildo was pushed into her tight pussy.

It was a good thing she was a masochist. Donna loved using the strap-on, mainly because she liked to imagine all the calories she burned while thrusting, but also because she liked feeling that sense of dominance from time to time. Plus it made her feel sexy, as she watched her tits bounce and bob with the movements of her body. Having had enough, Isaac sat up and hefted his erection, penetrating Holly's wet pussy.

"Oh Master!" she cooed, feeling her bond with him reach its peak intensity as her body loosened to accommodate his manhood. After holding still for a moment to enjoy to the heat, softness, and wetness of Holly's perfect cunt, Isaac grasped her hips and began thrusting into her, his lap clapping against the back of her thighs.

Now in the same position as Alice, Holly leaned forward and began to kiss the young girl, letting the two of them lick the insides of each others mouths while their pussies were hammered. As always, Isaac remained vigilant, making sure they were out of sight and earshot of anyone who could be nearby. Having checked the beach through the breeze gaps in the sides of the tent, he allowed himself to relax and instead focused on pleasuring Holly.

He increased the speed and power of his thrusts, even raising one leg to get better leverage. He hammered Holly with all of his strength, forcing her to break her kiss with Alice so that she could bury her face in the crook of her arm and whimper from the euphoric roughness of her Master's thrusts.

"I'm going to cum!" Isaac panted after a few minutes. "Please cum inside me, Master! Pour all of your semen in my pussy!" Holly begged. Isaac granted her wish, and came to a sudden stop and shuddered as he released a load of his seed into Holly's womb. At the same time, Alice cried out as she had an orgasm, telling Donna she could finally stop thrusting. The four of them collapsed, all gasping for air and exhausted, glistening with sweat and oil.

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"Before we continue, how about we take a break and swim for a little bit?" Isaac offered. His three pets all smiled. "Ok!" Putting their swimsuits back on, the four of them all returned to the water, cooling off from fucking each other. They played a couple games while they swam, like Marco Polo and chicken.

For chicken, Alice would climb up onto Donna's shoulders and Holly onto Isaac's, and the two young women would wrestle and try to push the other one over, while trying to resist looking at each other in their swimsuits.

Alice was at a disadvantage, both because of her size, and because Holly's bouncing breasts were a great distraction. Marco Polo was played naked, with all the fun of the game with the kinkiness of reaching out and trying to fondle someone.

Immediately after leaving the water, the girls all applied fresh oil to themselves and went at it again. Like before, Isaac had Alice to himself, and was enjoying a long blowjob from his young slave.

She worked his cock back and forth in her small mouth, slobbering all over it and massaging it with every soft corner. In front of Isaac, Holly and Donna had pulled out a new toy: a double-ended dildo, made of a sturdy yet pliable rubber, with a ribbed surface and an 18" length. They were both sucking on one of the heads while they touched each other, preparing for what they were going to do.

Unable to hold themselves back, the two women interlocked their legs and got into the same position as when they scissored each other the first time they had sex. Wet with their saliva, the thick rubber toy made them moan softly as they inserted it into their pussies. They whined as they pushed themselves together, forcing it into their bodies until at last they were pressed together, the lips of their cunts kissing around the dildo.

Grinding their hips, they began thrusting back and forth against each other, pulling back to expose the toy between them, then pushing together until their wet pussies kissed. Their moans were loud and shrill as they fucked themselves and each other with the toy, while unable to resist reaching out and fondling each other's breasts.

For Isaac, it was a truly unparalleled sight. However, it was difficult to truly keep up the position, but both girls knew an even better way to use it. Pulling it out of themselves, they turned the toy around and both sucked it clean of each other's juices, wishing they were sucking off their beloved Master. With the toy once again dripping with saliva, they both turned around with their backs to each other and got on all fours.

Taking a deep breath, they each inserted a head of the dildo into their asshole, then slowly leaned back until their asses were pressed together and the toy had disappeared in their rectal cavities. This was a new experience for the two of them, the combination of both sodomy and the erotic feel of having another woman's ass pressed against their own.

Giggling to each other and knowing that it was their job to keep their Master entertained, they leaned forward and exposed the toy, then forced their asses back together, slamming it back into themselves. Moaning like opera singers, they began moving back and forth in perfect synchronicity, leaning forward and crashing back together, butt-fucking both themselves and each other. Over and over again, their asses, glistening with oil, clapped together with glorious ripples, while their hanging breasts bounced and swung like pendulums.

Sometimes one of them would clench down on the toy and hold it stationary, then slam themselves back against the other, similarly to fucking with a strap-on. They usually tried to keep it even between them and just let their asses slap together for their Master's enjoyment while the toy was rammed inside them. With the magnificent sight before him and Alice giving him an expert blowjob, Isaac ejaculated after only a few minutes, with Alice happily drinking every last glob of her Master's seed.

After Isaac fucked all the girls a few more times, they stopped for lunch, swam a little more, and then all took a nap in the sun to get some color. Waking up in the late afternoon, they fucked again and swam a little more.

Once the sun had set and the beach was even more deserted than before, they decided it was safe to leave their camp. The four of them went on a walk, but not in a traditional sense. Holly, Alice, and Donna were naked and crawling on all fours, each of them with their cherished collars around their necks, hooked up to leashes, which Isaac was holding. He also carried their swimsuits with him, just in case he saw someone else on the beach.

But everything was quiet and tranquil, with nothing but the splashing of the waves and the long stretch of sand all to themselves. The girls were all loving the "walk"; Holly because it reminded her that along with being her Master's slave and toy, she was also his pet; Alice because it made her feel cute and carefree; and Donna because it actually made her feel young again, as if she had turned back into a kid and was just playing a game of pretend. The added sense of S&M and sexiness to it was an added perk.

Plus the sand made it easy on their hands and knees, a comfort that was always appreciated.

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Isaac enjoyed it not just because he had three beautiful women on leashes, crawling before him, but because it made him feel more secure than ever in his relationship with the three of them, like those leashes were the actual physical bonds helping to keep their strange little family together. Life couldn't get any better. It was August 28th, Alice's first day of high school.

It felt so strange for her to be going to back to school after the summer she had spent with Isaac, Holly, and Donna. Sure, some things were still the same and they would all be there when she got home, but she had almost forgotten that there were other people and a whole outside world.

Alice had returned to the apartment building, having survived the first day. It had been kind of stressful, even intimidating, but she had gotten through it. It had actually been much easier than her middle school years, mainly because she had something to look forward to.

She opened the door to Isaac's apartment with the key he had given her and stepped inside. Isaac was on the couch with Donna and Holly on the floor in front of him. His erect cock was standing straight, held between the two women's breasts. Their nipples were pressed together and his phallus was hugged within their joined cleavages. Their breasts were both wet with spit and they were trying to move up and down in perfect synchronicity to give their Master a proper double tit-fuck.

Hearing the door open, they all turned to Alice with warm smiles. "Hey, how was it?" they asked. Finally having a family to come home to, Alice smiled set down her backpack. "Boring," she simply said, pulling her collar out of a key bowl by the door and securing it around her throat.

Knowing that they would talk more in depth about her first day of high school over dinner, she took off her clothes and walked over to join them. Holly was on her back with Donna sitting on her face, moaning softly as she felt her fellow slave's tongue penetrate her asshole again and again. Holly's legs were spread, her pussy and asshole almost on display, bait that Alice could not ignore.

As Isaac fucked her from behind, she feasted on Holly's snatch, licking up her delicious pussy juice while being pushed back and forth from her Master's powerful thrusts. It was September, and the four of them were celebrating Holly's birthday.

With a large chocolate cake before her and a stack of presents on the table, she took a deep breath and blew out the candles. Then, just as Isaac was about to start cutting the cake, Holly began to cry. But her tears were tears of happiness, rolling down her beautiful smiling face.

Isaac was sitting back against the headboard, smiling as Donna and Holly worked together to orally pleasure him. They took turns sucking him off and licking him like candy, their saliva mixing together into a large puddle stretching across Isaac's lap. Alice was anally fisting the two of them, unable to believe that she could fit her hands in their assholes. She pumped her arms back and forth, fucking them hard, her arms buried halfway up to the elbow.

Halloween had arrived and Isaac and his slaves were huddled together on the couch, gorging on candy and watching horror movies.

Every year, Isaac stocked his DVR with scary movies playing on TV, bought a shitload of candy, and pigged out to the sound of screams. Holly, Alice, and Donna had yet to become used to horror movies, but they were slowly working up a tolerance. Besides, having their Master with them and more tootsie rolls than they could count was helping. Donna was lying on her back her legs forced open and bound to keep her knees bent.

Her wrists were handcuffed and she was gagged and blindfolded. Her breasts were tied tight with ropes, squeezing them like nooses and making them swell like balloons. Her breasts, stomach, and crotch were plastered with hot wax, and her nipples had clothespins on them.

Semen was dribbling from both her pussy from anus from the untold amount of time Isaac had spent fucking her. She whimpered and moaned through her gag as Holly licked her snatch clean of Isaac's seed, while pinching the woman's clitoris and pulling anal beads out of her asshole. For hours, Isaac, Holly, and Alice had been taking turns with her in this position, brutalizing her like a piece of meat. Her body had taken so much sexual abuse that she was fading in and out of consciousness momentarily.

If anyone she knew were to see her right now, she wasn't sure she could survive the humiliation. Even after months of living as Isaac's slave, Donna lagged behind in the masochism department, so tonight, they were trying to bring her up to speed.

It was all consensual of course, they routinely removed her gag to make sure she was ok and she had a dog squeaky toy in her hand that she would squeeze as a safe word.

"Ok, Master, she's ready for you," Holly purred as she licked the anal beads clean. As he had time and time again that night, Isaac got between Donna's legs and began fucking her as hard and roughly as he could, pounding her already bruised cunt and making his degraded slave moan through her gag.

Behind him, Alice stood with the strap-on, waiting for it to be her turn again. Out came the Thanksgiving turkey, further thickening the delicious aroma that had filled Donna's apartment. Isaac tried to keep from drooling at the glorious sight of the cooked bird, covered with a blanket of bacon. He forced himself to focus on his work, as he was in charge of preparing the mashed potatoes. Donna had taken the job of turkey preparation, Holly was providing the side-dishes, and Alice was making the desert.

All of them had rumbling stomachs and watering mouths, and they knew that as soon as the table was set and everyone sat down, they would eat so much they wouldn't be able to move for the rest of the night. This was the first time Donna's kids wouldn't be coming back for Thanksgiving, but she wasn't the only one grateful to be celebrating the holiday with this new family. Holly was on all fours, sucking Isaac off.

Behind her, his machine was running without a hitch. It had been turned on its side, so the pistons now moved horizontally instead of vertically. Her face was a mess of smeared makeup, saliva, and semen, and her throat ached from sucking Isaac off for so long. Not to mention her vagina and anus were aching from the heartless rams of the machine. It was pure heaven. To the aroma of the Christmas tree in the corner of his living room, Isaac and the girls exchanged presents.

As was his nature, he spoiled them rotten, but he couldn't resist making them smile. Once the floor was covered in wrapping paper, he allowed them to open the last three presents he had been saving. Holly received a pair of fake dog ears with a matching black lab tail butt-plug and Alice got a pair of cat ears with a matching cat tail butt plug. Like Holly, the fur of both the ears and the tail matched her hair color.

For Donna, he got her a pair of Playboy bunny ears. Unfortunately, he couldn't find a rabbit tail butt-plug, but he was able to buy the matching black silk thong with a large white cotton ball in the back. For the rest of the day, Isaac laughed as Holly ran back and forth across the apartment, yipping and barking constantly with the tail swinging behind her. Not once did she ever stop smiling or panting with her tongue hanging out.

Before long, she even figured out how to work her gluteal muscles to make the tail wag. At the same time, Alice was constantly rubbing up against Isaac and purring, curling up in his lap, and trying to get him to rub her belly. Donna spent the day making sexy poses with her bunny ears and thong, pretending she was a Playboy model putting on a special show for Isaac.

She also did plenty of Bugs Bunny impressions. The four of them were on the couch with Alice riding Isaac's cock, whimpering as it slammed against the entrance to her womb over and over again.

While she rode him, Holly and Donna were running their tongues across her naked body, especially her chest. A brief temperature rise on a January Saturday pulled Isaac and the girls out of the apartment. They went to the nearby park and have a couple snowball fights. They couldn't help but create a snowman and three snowwomen in very inappropriate and suggestive positions. Donna was bent over the kitchen counter, taking it up the ass from Isaac.

"Yes, Master! Fuck my slutty asshole! I'm such a dirty slut!" she cried out, feeling her collar tighten around her throat as Isaac pulled on her leash. Beneath the two of them, Alice was sitting on the floor, licking Donna's pussy and playing with herself. Isaac had already shot his load into the milf's cunt, leaving Alice with the job of licking it up. After finally ejaculating into Donna's rectal cavity, Isaac pulled out of her and held his cock in front of Alice's face.

The young girl immediately darted her head forward and began sucking him off, savoring the taste of Donna's ass and her Master's cum. After she cleaned him off and restored is erection, she manually guided him into Donna's pussy, so that he may restock her velvet sleeve with his essence. A true Mainer, Isaac was shoveling the apartment parking lot in just a t-shirt, even as a freezing blizzard poured snow on him.

True, the city plows had done most of the work for him, but there was still a lot of area that they had missed. Goddamn, February sucked. Wiping his runny nose, Isaac turned as he felt a tap on his shoulder, seeing Holly's smiling face beneath several layers of winter clothing. "Here, Master, this should warm you up," she said, handing him a metal travel mug with steam wafting from the small drinking slot in the top.

Isaac gratefully accepted and took a long drink of hot cocoa, letting the smooth beverage revitalize him. "Delicious. Thanks, baby," he said before kissing her. Alice was on the bed, whimpering and panting as Holly slowly fisted her asshole. Not surprisingly, Holly's fist was certainly thicker than Isaac's cock or any sex toy that Alice had been sodomized with, so Alice was unfamiliar with such a girth. While having experienced this thought over and over again since becoming a slave, she still couldn't get used to the fear that she was about to be ripped open.

"I'm surprised that someone so small can take so much. You really are a dirty little whore, an anal prodigy even," Holly teased, pulling her hand out and licking it clean. Behind them, the sounds of smacking and moaning echoed through the apartment.

Donna was standing in the bedroom doorway, her hands tied above her head and a gag in her mouth. Isaac was whipping her voluptuous naked body with his belt, and already, her large jiggling breasts, flat belly, smooth pussy, thick curvy thighs, and vanilla ass were crisscrossed with welts.

Having gotten some time off work, Linda came up to Portland in the middle of March with little baby Jacob to visit Donna. As expected, Holly and Alice went completely baby-crazy and basically had to be pried away from the blanket-wrapped infant.

It was funny, but when Donna held her grandchild, she actually looked younger, something that Isaac noted. He said that it almost looked like Jacob was actually her child and she had just become a mother for the first time in her life. As soon as Linda and the baby were gone, Donna jumped Isaac with intensity never before seen. It seemed the compliment was VERY well received. Isaac and Holly were tenderly kissing each other as Isaac gently thrust into her in the missionary position.

They had decided to take a break from the usual fucking and instead make love through the night. But at the other end of the bed, Donna was standing over Alice, driving down into her asshole with the strap-on. Alice whimpered and cried out from the brutally rough thrusts Donna was making. The woman was putting her full weight down onto Alice as she punished the young girl's asshole with each slam.


Her tiny body could barely withstand each crash, while in contrast, Donna's fat ass was rippling and jiggling like the ocean as she sodomized Alice. It was a rainy April day and both Isaac and Donna had work, and Alice had school. Only Holly had the day off, so Isaac had ordered her to sleep in and relax. Alice had overslept a little and was rushing, so Isaac was helping her out and making her lunch.

Beneath him, Donna was kneeling and jacking him off with her hand, while in her other hand she held her favorite travel mug. Alice came out of the bathroom, wiping the toothpaste off her lips and eying the clock. She had to be down at the bus stop in ten minutes. "Ham and cheese, an apple, a capri sun, and a pudding cup," Isaac summarized as he zipped up her lunchbox.

"Thanks, Master! Now I got to go, I don't want to miss the bus." "You're not running to the bus stop in this weather, I'll drive you to school. Just give me a minute." He then began to tense up, feeling his morning load preparing to fire.

Sometimes a good handjob is the best thing in the world. He gripped the table and shuddered as he ejaculated more than a shot glass' worth of semen into Donna's mug. "Ah, there it is!" she said with satisfaction. She then strode over to the coffee maker and poured the hot black brew onto the thick white splooge. Taking a quick drink, she sighed in happiness. "Nothing like some cream for my coffee." Isaac was sitting against the headboard with Donna and Holly straddling his thighs, grinding their pussies against him.

There were both leaning forward, smothering his face with their breasts, gasping from the sensual feel of his tongue against their bare flesh. Between them, Holly's head was bobbing up and down as she gave her Master a loving blowjob. It was a sunny May afternoon, the usual silence interrupted with the sound of garbage and junk being hurled into a dumpster. Donna had finally gotten sick of all the old clutter in the garage behind the apartment building, so now she, her fellow slaves, and her Master were clearing it out.

Normally, with the four of them, it would have been easy. However, Isaac was complicating things, by constantly saving something from the trash heap by claiming he could repair it or cannibalize it for parts. Before the job was done, the four of them had to stop and hold a quick intervention to break him of his sudden hoarding. Overall, it was a good day. "Am I doing this right, Master?" Holly asked, pressing her breasts together with Isaac's cock sliding between the glorious mounds of flesh.

"That's perfect, honey, just stay like that," he panted, tit-fucking her to his heart's content. Today, Donna was teaching Holly how to use her breasts to make Isaac cum. Of course Alice felt left out, so Isaac told her that she could be in charge of clean-up.

He had already tit-fucked Donna for a demonstration, so while he helped Holly perfect her skill, Alice was busy licking the vast puddle of semen off Donna's breasts, taking her sweet time to suck her nipples clean.

It was June, one year since Isaac met Holly. Isaac suggested they do something special for their anniversary, but Holly wanted to keep things simple, preferring that she serve her Master as usual. Isaac suggested that he cook dinner and she asked for spaghetti and meat sauce, everyone's favorite. "So what movie are we watching tonight?" Holly asked, naked like the rest of the girls. "Alien, the only scary movie I like. I've seen it a hundred times," Donna said proudly.

"Never heard of it," Alice shrugged, shocking Donna.

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"You've never heard of this sci-fi classic?! Starring the goddess herself, Sigourney Weaver?! Oh Alice, I weep for your generation," Donna sighed, sitting down on the couch with Holly between her and Alice.

"Master, come on! Let's start the movie!" Holly said happily. "I'll be there in just a few minutes, you girls just play with each other until I'm ready," he hollered from the kitchen as he waited for the spaghetti to soften. With nothing else to do, they left the movie paused and all huddled together. As they had time and time again, they all reached out and begin fingering each other, Alice and Donna slipping their fingers into Holly's slit and Holly playing with the two of them.

As the minutes passed, their arousal grew and they desired more stimulation. Both Donna and Alice lowered their head and began sucking on Holly's nipples, using their tongues to play with the barbell rings she wore. Without them noticing, Isaac came into the den and left their drinks on the table.

He then returned to the kitchen, filling four bowls with meaty spaghetti, with extra sauce, grated cheese, and garlic powder. He came back out, carrying the four bowls, and handed them to his slaves. Donna and Holly moved aside to let their Master sit between them, and with everyone seated with their food and drink, they started the movie. As the intro slowly began, the Master and his three slaves all settled in for a relaxing evening at home.

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