Gagged black stud tugged by edging dom

Gagged black stud tugged by edging dom
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I woke up and started getting ready for school.

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It was another boring day. I jumped in and out of the shower, got changed, put everything in my bag, waiting for my friend to come to the door and then walked up with him. I had Religious studies first.

Aside from the gorgeous girl sitting next to me, it was a fairly mediocre class. Her name is Alice. She has brown hair in a ponytail, and the sexiest fucking body ever. As she leaned over, lying down on the desk, I saw the very top of her sexy butt-crack through her trousers and her pink panties. She squirmed around a little, showing me more and more.

I felt my dick getting hard and realised I had a serious boner. At break, I was sitting at the railings, eating my food, when I looked over and saw Alice. She pulled the hood over one of the boys in my class, Kyles head.

He turned around and grabbed her, swinging her around. This was fairly normal. They were close. What wasn't normal was that as he was swinging her, his hand was squeezing her buttcheek, accidentaly. He was using her butt-cheek for leverage. I popped another boner. After another class, I got ready to walk to Maths. On my way there, I saw Kyle, walking slowly through the crowd with his head down. He walked into the boys toilets. Seeing him going to the toilet made me realise that I needed, so I followed him.

Once inside, I could hear faint voices from inside the only cubicle. I could distinctly hear Kyle and what sounded like a girl. I walked slowly in, not making a sound. The cubicle door was closed over. I moved forwards slightly. Now I could definetly hear voices.

Kyle and a girls voice. Alice. I slowly pushed open the door to the cubicle. Kyle was standing with his trousers down, his willie standing hard and erect.

Alice was squeezing his tanned butt and pushing up against him. She had her trousers down and her sexy, round ass was pushed up against the side of the cubicle. I stood with my mouth open. Kyle and Alice both turned and saw me. Alice let out a squeak and then covered her mouth. Kyle just froze. "What.are you doing?" I asked, my mouth still open. I couldn't keep my eyes from darting back and forth between Kyles and Alices sexy butts.

"Oh God." Alice moaned. "We're not doing anything, please just fuck off, Dave, seriously" Kyle said. "No way, fuck that" I said, walking into the cubicle and locking the door. "What are you doing?" asked Alice. "Unless you want me to tell everyone what you're doing, then you better let me in on it," I said, with a grin, staring at Kyles big, tanned, pink at the end, willie, with a dangling ballsack.

"Eugh, get fucked," said Alice, a disgusted look on her face. "I'll tell everyone, I mean it," I quickly took out my phone and snapped pictures. I then put it in my pocket and zipped it up.

"You fuck-head!" cried Kyle. "Yeah, well, let me in," I said, smiling, " What were you about to do anyway? "We do this every Tuesday," Kyle said, "It's just for fun" "What do you do?" I asked. Kyle and Alice exchanged glances, then Kyle looked back at me. "We just rub our privates together, feel each others butts, sniff them, fart, shit, sometimes piss and just mess around, you're wasting our time, we need to be finished before the bell goes," he said.

I was now incredibly horny and had a huge boner. It showed. "Oh my god, hes fucked hard," commented Alice, pointing at my boner. "Yeah, cause you're so fucking sexy, and I want to do it as well!" I said. Alice grimaced. "Alice, we have to let him, or he'll tell everyone, what's worse?" Kyle said. "Oh god, you're right," Alice said, looking down. I grinned. "Nice! So now we just need to do what it is you normally do divided into three ways," I said.

"Alright, well, why don't we rub our privates together first?" Kyle said. I pulled down my trousers and boxers, revealing my hairy, long, hard cock.

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"Holy shit, you're cock is pretty big!" Kyle said. "Thanks," I replied, grinning. I then joined in, pushing my cock in between Alices tight, shaved pussy and Kyles big, tanned cock.

We all rubbed against each other for a while. I grabbed one of Kyle's sexy ass cheeks and one of Alices. I let my finger intrude their tight holes, pushing inside. Both seemed to enjoy, and Kyle even did the same to me.

I pulled my finger out of Alice's ass and put it to my nose. It smelled faintly of shit. I licked it. Kyle did the same with his finger. He took it out of my ass and I farted loudly. Kyle laughed and licked his finger. I pulled my finger out of his ass and he did a small fart as well. "Alright, let's lick Alice's pussy," said Kyle. Alice automatically sat down on the filthy toilet and spread her legs. Kyle knelt down and started licking her pussy.

She started moaning lightly, and grabbing Kyles hair. I knelt down and went in as well.


I started tongue fighting with Kyle, tasting Alices pussy juices on Kyles tongue. Alice kept moaning, and then farted loudly. We could all smell it badly, but loved it. "Fuck me.

We can do it both ways now, oh yeah, fuck me," Alice half-said, half-moaned. Alice then got up and put her hands on the side of the bathroom stall. "I call the pussy," said Kyle, moving to the front. "Fine by me," I grinned. Kyle slowly began inserting his cock into Alices pussy. She moaned as her pussy juices squelached all over Kyles stomach as he pushed into her. Meanwhile, I moved behind her and knelt down, face to face with her ass.

I spread the cheeks and licked the tiny delicate hole inside. I then licked my finger and inserted it into her ass, finger fucking her. I could feel Kyle pounding off of her. She was suppressing screaming. I pulled my finger out and she farted right in my face. I went crazy, licking her hole and ass, lapping it up as well as I could.

I then stood up and spread her cheeks again. I slowly inserted my cock into her tight asshole and began fucking her. Everytime I pushed in, her ass touched my hips and I got even more horny. I could see her ass cheeks flexing and wobbling as she was double fucked by me and Kyle. She moaned and moaned. Kyle continued to fuck her like an animal, his hands curved around the back grabbing hold of her asscheeks, spreading them apart as I fucked her dirty ass hole. I then reached my hands around and grabbed Kyles ass, pushing both middle fingers into his hole, and feeling his lovely, soft cheeks.

Kyle gave a little moan and his cock tensed, pushing Alice up slightly. She moaned and pushed back on my cock, farting again, all over my hips and balls. I furiously fucked her. Kyle suddenly pulled out. "Oh shit, I was gonna cum, I wanna save it," he said, breathing heavily.

I continued. "Well, I wanna keep going," I said, furiously fucking Alice. Kyle moved out of out way, and I slammed Alice up against the cubicle wall, her petite tits rubbing against it as I fucked her hard in her ass. She started masturbating, pussy juices running freely down her legs and hands. Kyle moved behind me and started licking my ass. I could feel his tongue circling the hole, and then pushing in.

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It was the greatest moment of my life. "Oh, man, you have hair on your ass!" said Kyle. "So?" I replied. Kyle grinned, "I like it!" Kyle stood and took out his cock, which was still fully erect, and dripping with pre-cum and pushed it deep within my ass.

Now I was in between Kyle and Alice, getting the best of both worlds. Kyle began slowly moving his hips, slamming his cock in and out. After another minute of fucking, Kyle pulled out and so did I. I was too close to cumming and definetly wanted to save that. "Now what?" I asked, a permanent grin on my face.

"What do you think, Alice?" Alice was now sitting on the toilet, furiously masturbating. "I don't care, any of it" she said.

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"Alright," said Kyle, clapping his hands, "How about shitting and pissing? Are you into that?" "Yeah, totally!" I replied enthusiastically. "Alright" said Kyle," kneel underneath my ass." I did as I was told, and Kyle squatted over me, his ass in my face.

"Alice, you come over here too," Kyle beckoned Alice over. Alice got up, came over and squatted alongside Kyle, the sides of their asses touching each other, right above my face.

"Alright, GO!" said Kyle. Both asses began to slowly open and tense. Alice was the first to shit. A long, thin piece of brown, lovely girlshit came out of her ass, scraping down my cheek.

Kyles crap was bigger and landed right on my forehead. They continued to shit on me for almost a minute. "Alright, now, get ready!" said Kyle. I was still in the same position, my head permanently up to keep the shit from falling.

"Alright, Alice, ready?" said Kyle.


"Yeah, let's go!" Suddenly, without any warning, both Alice and Kyle sat on my face, their asses rubbing all the shit into my skin. All I could smell was ass and shit and all I could feel was their smooth asses rubbing all over my face, lubed up by the shit, they were gliding along my forehead and cheeks. I just grinned. They both stopped, and Kyle farted on my face, and laughed.

"That was amazing" I said in a high-pitched voice. Just then we all heard a noise and held our breath. Outside we heard someone come in, pull down their zipper.and then nothing.

I knelt down and I could see someones feet, but they weren't doing anything. Soon, we started to hear heavy breathing, and a strange thumping noise. I quickly climbed on top of the toilet and peeked over the top of the cubicle. Standing in front of one of the urinals, was my friend James. He was standing with his back facing me, but his left hand was moving furiously. He was masturbating. I grinned, and then unlocked the cubicle door. Kyle and Alice tried to protest, but I sushed them and walked out.

I stealthily edged behind James and then stood behind him, watching him masturbate. His cock was rather long and had a good bush of hairs.

Everytime he pumped his willie back, the foreskin came back, revelealing a large, pink head. I slowly reached my hand around and grabbed his cock with my hand. James jumped and spun around to find me, covered in shit, half-naked and holding his cock. Alice naked, and dripping juices and cum, and Kyle half -naked with a huge boner out in front of him. Jamess jaw dropped. "Oh my god, what are you doing?" He half-screamed.

"What were you doing?" I grinned. I started slowly jacking his cock. At first, he made a lame pretend effort to stop me, but then succumbed as I started going faster.

Before I knew it, he has grabbed my arse-cheeks and was pressing up against me, moaning as I wanked him. I led him back into the cubicle. Alice and Kyle followed.

I once again locked the door. I sat James down on the toilet and knelt down in front of him. I began sucking his cock. Alice and Kyle both knelt down beside me and went to work on him.

We were all wrestling for his cock and Alice was sucking his balls. We did this for a minute or so, tasting each others spit and Jamess cock, before I stood James up. "Take you trousers off, we all have," I said. James automatically replied, slipping them down. I turned him around, inspecting his ass. It was nice and round, no hairs, just peachy.

I had already seen it, through boxers anyway, at my birthday party. I had pulled down his trousers for a joke. I slowly licked his ass, and sniffed it. It tasted great. I started licking his ass, and he farted right in my face. A stinking, wet fart. He did this again, a long strung out fart. I start kneading his ass cheeks.

Alice and Kyle began feeling each others asses and pressing against each other. "Hey, why don't we all have a gangbang?" smiled Kyle. I grinned, "Yeah, James can fuck Alice in the ass, Kyle can fuck Alice's pussy, and I'll fuck James" Everyone agreed. James got behind Alice and shoved his cock in her ass, where mine had been a couple of minutes ago.

He began fucking her. "Oh god, James, your cock is fucking huge! Oh fuck, fuck, yes, oh fuck, fucking fuck me, fuck my shitty fucking ass, fuck!!!" Alice screamed.

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Kyle moved to the front and began fucking her pussy again. I moved behind James and slowly circled his ass with my cock. I then pushed in, making him scream out loud.

I began seriously humping him, moving in and out, in and out. The feel of his ass against my hips, was even better thans Alices. I grabbed Kyles ass cheeks again, enjoy the smooth sensation.

As I continued to fuck James, I heard my cock begin to make squealching noises. He farted a couple of times on my cock. "What's that?" I asked.


"I really need to take a shit now," James replied. Me and Kyle exchanged glances and grinned. "Well, you've came to the right place!" I said. I pulled out of James, and stuck my finger in his ass.

I began finger fucking him. I then pulled it out. Meanwhile, Kyle was still fucking Alice hard. "OH MY FUCKING GOD, KYLE AND JAMES YOU ARE SO FUCKING GOOD AT FUCKING ME!

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YES YES YES YES! FUCK ME HARD! PLEASE!" Alice screamed. James sped up. "James, you can shit now," I said. "No, I can't, I'm fucking Alice, I can't make it to the toilet," he replied nervously. "So?" I grinned, "Do it right here!" "Are you sure?" He asked. "What do you think we were doing! Come on!" "Well, alright." As he fucked Alice, James began to push. I held my cock underneath his ass.

Slowly the liquidy mess exploded from his ass, covering my cock, belly and legs. "Oh yeah, that's so fucking hot, James, yeah" I said. "I need to piss too!" he cried. I moved around in front of him, I was now underneath his cock, slamming into Alice's pussy.

I opened my mouth wide.

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James pulled out, aimed his cock at my mouth and did a long steAlice piss. I tasted his sweet urine in my mouth. I didn't swallow. Instead, I stood up and spat it in Kyles face. Kyle grinned and began licking it. I then stood on the toilet, and forced my dick into Jamess mouth. He sucked his own shit gratefully. I could feel his tongue circling my cock and playing with the head, his lips reaching my hairy patch. Eventually I felt my balls churning and pulled out. I got down and wanked all over Alices face.

Alice lapped up the cum gratefully. Kyle pulled out and walked over to me, squeezing my ass and forcing his tongue down my throat. I still had some of Jamess piss in my mouth and we swapped it back and forth. Meanwhile, Alice pulled off of James and squatted over the floor. She began to fart, piss and shit all over our feet and legs. James began masturbating over her, eventually coming on her face. I slammed Kyle up against the cubicle wall and start humping him.

Our willies feeling each other, and our ballsacks swinging into each other. I felt his smooth belly pressed up against mine, and his sexy chest and nipples pushed against mine. I came all over his belly-button, and then sat on the toilet.

Kyle began wanking, and then came all over my face and mouth. We all stood and stared at each others filthy, naked bodies. "That was amazing!" Kyle said, a grin on his face. "Do you guys do this all the time?" asked James. "We will from now on!" I smiled. I then smeared my cum covered cock over Alice's belly-button. We all laughed, got changed, cleaned up, and got out before the bell went.