Pretty babe Amanda Tate gives amazing POV fellatio

Pretty babe Amanda Tate gives amazing POV fellatio
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By southerngentleman87 © Part 1 The Day My Life Changed! Now for all of you who are reading this I will describe how my life was and was changed by things I could not control. First my name is Cory McGriffin. I did not ever think I'd be one of the few mentally stable people left alive after major climate changes caused the world everyone knew to disappear. Now for those of the younger sort that don't know what I'm talking about I'll take the time to describe how my life was before.

I grew up as an only child in a normal suburban neighborhood. I spent my childhood and teenage years like every other guys at that time, joking around with friends or as I got older, chasing girls and trying to get laid. After I got finished with high school I went to a mediocre college where I studied computers to get a good paying job.

Now if I had known how things would have ended up I would have studied more practical subjects like survival or primitive living. But more on that later, it all happened on what started out as a normal day … I woke up at 5:30am to get ready for work, jumped into the shower and washed my twenty-five year old body clean to prepare for the upcoming day of working and being in an office building full of people. I decide to indulge in some self-gratifying pleasure before work today.

Now at twenty-five I've had my fair share of flings with the opposite sex but none have lasted long or been all that emotional for me. I am by far no ladies' man but with average looks and a likeable personality I have had my share of experience with women but I never grew out of liking a good self-induced orgasm. As I stroke my throbbing erection to the point of bursting I was thinking of a girl I work with named Tirana.

She is gorgeous with her long, raven black hair and tempting plump breasts. As to better understand my attraction to her I'll describe her in more detail, she stands a little under average height, has an ass most women would kill for, high and tight but just enough bounce to hint at the pleasure it could give a man, and a medium sized waist that shows she keeps herself fit.

Now it's not just her body that attracts me to her, it's also her mind and up bringing that I find so irresistible. She is the sweetest and kind hearted girl I've ever met.

On her first day as an employee at our work place she made it a point to try to be friends with everyone from the mail guy to the upper level management people. I, on the other hand, try my best to just blend in with the surroundings and not attract unwanted attention. I'm not an introverted person but I always figured that in an office type setting it's better to not be seen and heard so as to keep your job longer.

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Now back to our main topic. I proceeded to cum all over my shower wall thinking of my co-worker, then got out and ready for my day at work. While getting ready I turned on the TV to hear the news and got the shock of my life, "This is no joke, we are in a worldwide state of emergency. There are earthquakes off the scale all around the world and the waves created are going to flood all of the low lying areas.

We recommend everyone get to higher ground quickly and safely." As soon as this was announced I went into panic mode, I stripped out of my working clothes and dug through my closet trying to find things from my past I never knew I'd use again.

Now it might be a surprise that a "computer geek" such as me would have been an avid hunter and fisherman in my past but it's true. My father was a retired military Sergeant and took pride in teaching me all he knew for just such an occasion. I threw on my camouflage and got my dad's old 9mm pistol and hunting rifle out along with my tackle box and fishing gear.

Just then I received a phone call and went to answer it just make sure it was nothing important, "Hello?" "Hey, Cory?" "Yea is this Tirana?" "Yea, I know you have to be busy right now but I don't have any idea what to do. Is it ok if I come over?" "Of course it is Ti. Just pack your clothes and get over here a.s.a.p. We will take my truck and get somewhere safe." "Thanks Cory, you're a life saver." About fifteen minutes later I heard her car pull up in my driveway.

I stopped packing all the canned food in the house into a box and went to open the front door for her. When I opened it I saw her still in pajamas standing there with two suitcases in her hands.

I took them from her and said, "Here, come on in Ti." She walked in and flopped down on the sofa, starting to sob. I threw the suitcases in my truck and ran back into the house and asked, "What's wrong?" She told me that her parents lived in California and that she couldn't reach them at all.

I held her in my arms and said, "I'm sure they are fine," while I knew that they were not. You see right before she pulled up I heard over the TV that most of California was destroyed and the rest was about to be underwater. I told her, "We can't say here. The city will soon be too dangerous for us to be safe. Go take a shower and get dressed in warm comfy clothes while I run into town and grab some stuff we need." She said ok and I asked, "Which suitcase do you need?" She replied, "I will just wear some of yours," and turned to leave.

I walked out the door, jumped into my truck and proceeded to town. I got to the hunting store and they were just opening up. I ran in and grabbed ten days' worth of M.R.E.s, two down sleeping bags, a solar powered generator, electric camp stove, a ham radio, a compound bow and fifty arrows, ten cases of bullets for each gun, two large three-man tents, and two large belt knives.

I hit the counter and saw one of my high school buddies is running the store. "Hey James, are you the only one here?" "Yea I got the early shift today," he looked at what I was buying and asked, "Ok what's going on?" I looked at him and asked, "Haven't you heard the news?" "You know I don't listen to that shit, why?" I repeated what I'd heard that morning and he went, "What the fuck?" I answered, "Yea I'm hitting the mountains dad use to take us to." He goes, "Ok man what do we need?" I told him we needed more food and guns in case the shit got really bad.

He offered, "If that's all we need then here," and threw me the keys to the gun cabinet, saying, "Grab what you want. I'm going with you." I grabbed two shotguns, two more 9mms, a 357 revolver, three crossbows, and all the ammunition for each type. After weapons ammunition and food were taken care of I remembered we were going to need fuel to get up there, and other places if need be.

I grabbed four 25 gallon gas cans. While I was doing this James was getting all the food in the store and himself some camouflage and other necessities for living in the mountains.

We loaded everything into my truck and his jeep and I told him to grab his girlfriend and meet me at my house. I drove back and got to the house without any problems.

As I walked up to the door I saw it was ajar a little and stopped. I got a bad feeling from this and pulled out one of the new 9mms from my bag and load it. I slowly pushed the door open and saw Tirana, naked, with her hands tied up and a large guy with a knife fondling her breast.

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He didn't see me as I aimed at the knife and bang, it went flying out of his hand along with two of his fingers. Tirana looked shocked and the guy didn't know what happened at first, then grabbed his hand and screamed.

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I ran up and kicked him onto the floor, then pressed the gun to the side of his head and said, "If you aren't out of this house in three seconds I'll blow your brains all over the wall!" He shat himself and ran out the door screaming. I went over to Tirana and held her as I cut the ropes off her arms. I ask what happened and she explained it to me. After I had left she took her shower and got dressed in my bedroom.

Then she heard someone knocking so she figured I needed help with something and opened the door; then that guy grabbed her and put the knife to her neck saying, "Scream and I'll cut your fucking head off." She kept quiet and he tied her up and went looking through the house. When he found out she was alone and that was nothing to steal he came back to her and said, "I guess since you're the only thing worth taking I'll just do that then." Then he slowly stripped her with the knife and started to play with her breast, then I showed up.

She sobbed the whole time and I went to get her some pants and a t-shirt. She had just put them on when James and his girlfriend showed up. He walked in and saw the blood everywhere and me with a gun in the waist of my pants and said, "What happened?" I looked at Tirana and she shrugged so I explained it to him.

He just laughed and said, "That guy had better be glad you just blew off his fingers; if he had been doing anything more to her you would have killed him." Tirana looked at us for a minute and then said, "Would you really have killed him if he had raped me?" I looked at her and shook my head saying, "Yea I would; men who hurt women are worse than dog shit to me." She got this surprised look and ran over and kissed me hard. I looked at her stunned for a minute then kissed her back.

As we made out I heard the horn of James's car go off, telling us to come on so we could get the hell out of there. I got everything loaded into the truck and Tirana climbed in while I opened my door and started it up. It was about 7am now as I turned the radio on and listened to the latest news about the world going to hell around us.

As we listen to the latest news Tirana slid over close to me and rested her head on my shoulder, I look down into her eyes as she snuggled into me, I wrapped my arm around her and she looked up at me with questioning eyes like she was asking if this was ok. I just smiled down at her and drove us towards the mountains about four hours away. After we'd been driving for about an hour I noticed that we needed to buy gas soon, so I honked at James and signaled him to pull over.

We got off to the side of the road and he walked up to my truck and said, "What's up?" I told him to stop and fill his car up at the next station and I'd put it on my credit card.

We pulled back out onto the road and didn't stop till we were at the next station and we all got out. James's girlfriend Jenna says she wanted some snacks and I told her, "That's fine," and told the girls, "Go get whatever you want and get a lot of it because we won't be back in a town any time soon." I handed the girls my American Express card and said, "Go wild you two." I used my Visa card to buy all the gas and fill both cars and all four cans.

As we were just finishing filling all the gas cans the girls came out holding four bags each and climbed back into the cars. James and I looked at each other and laughed as we got in too. We started driving again and I looked over at Tirana and asked, "So what did you girls get?" She named off a bunch of snacks and sodas, then blushed.

This got me to wondering and I asked, "Anything else?" She nodded and said, "We got condoms too, all he had in the store." I laughed and said, "That's planning ahead. I'm glad you girls thought of that; we don't need James's girlfriend getting pregnant right now." Tirana blushed again and I caught on and added, "Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't think about that Tirana." We got to the mountains about three hours later. Me and Tirana had gotten over the embarrassment and were joking around. We found a nice spot beside a stream and started to set up camp. As me and James got the tents set up I got the girls to build a fire pit and find firewood. We got everything done in short order and were all hungry as it was getting close to lunch time.

I told the girls to bring out the snacks they got and we all got to eating. After lunch we were all kind of tired and decided to take a nap for a little while. Well James and Jenna took one tent and Tirana and I took the other. Well after we went in I pulled my shirt off and crawled into my sleeping bag.

As I got comfy I felt Tirana lay down beside me and rubbed my shoulders. I turned over to look at her and saw a smoldering 'come fuck me' look on her face. I looked back at her, unsure, and asked, "Are you sure this is what you want?" She nodded and pulled the sleeping bag open.

I pulled her down on top of me and kissed her passionately as I rubbed my hands up her back under her shirt. Our tongues danced inside each other's mouths as I pulled her shirt up to her neck.

We broke the kiss so I could remove her shirt and then go back to tongue fucking each other's mouths. I reached my hands to her beautiful breasts and gently rubbed my hands all over them. She moaned into my mouth as I rubbed my fingers over her nipples. We broke our kiss and she moaned, "I've waited so long to do this." I looked up into her eyes with a questioning look.

She answered my look saying, "I've wanted us to be together for a while now, but I was worried that you didn't feel the same." I looked into her eyes and said, "Tirana, I have admired and wanted you from the first day we met. But I had the same doubt you did, and that is why I never said anything about it." She smiled down at me and said, "Well now we get the chance to rectify those mistakes," as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them free of my body.

She stood there in an old pair of my jeans with her breasts free to my hungry eyes. My dick hardened to its full eight inch length as I watched her slide them down her curvy inviting hips. As her shaved mound came into view I let out an audible gasp. I should have seen it before, when she was naked, but I was so mad and worried that the asshole with the knife would hurt her that I paid no attention to her nude bound body.

She saw the delight in my eyes as her most secret region was on display before my eyes and laughed at my reaction. She dropped the jeans to the floor and reached down to grab a hold of my boxers and pulled them off with one swift motion. Now it was her turn to gasp as she saw my erection for the first time. Now I'm no porn star or long dong silver but I'm at least better than average with a length of eight inches and a thickness of about two and a half inches.

Needless to say I've never had complaints about my size and from the look on her face I didn't see one coming now either. As we stared at each other's nude bodies I started to hear a moaning sound coming from outside our tent.

From the blush on Tirana's face I could tell she heard the same thing. We looked at each other and I yelled, "Hey, shut the hell up over there, I'm trying to take a nap!" James didn't miss a stroke from the sounds we heard as he yelled back, "Hey you shut the hell up, I'm trying to fuck my girlfriend over here!" Everyone burst out laughing at his offhand comment.

Tirana looked at me and said, "Well we might as well do the same, cause from what I hear they aren't going to chill for a while." I just smiled back at her and said, "I'm game if you are sweetie." She crawled up my body and kissed me deeply as I felt her fingers grip the base of my dick as she rubbed it along her warm wet pussy.


We moaned into each other's mouth as we felt the head slip into her narrow slippery opening. She started to slowly slide down my rock hard cock until I felt myself bottom out inside her. Now I'd felt myself do this before, but I still had an inch to go before I was all the way inside of her. She looked down into my eyes with a look of surprise and said, "There is still more?

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Oh my god, I've never felt this full in my life!" I looked into her eyes and asked, "Do you want me to take over hunny, or do you like to ride what you got already?" She looked into my eyes and said, "I want you to pound that whole thing into me!" I rolled her over onto her back and gently but firmly pushed another half inch into her as I felt her cervix open to my intruding cock head and heard her scream, "Oh god yessss!" I pushed again and felt my head pop into her uterus and her body started to tremble as her orgasm overcame her.

I gently started to fuck my cock in and out of her willing pussy as she was lost in the intensity of the feeling in her body. I slowly speeded up my actions and got the reward of a long guttural moan from her as she was swept up into another body quaking orgasm. The feeling of her pussy and womb both trying to milk my dick dry were having a very welcome effect on me, as I was rapidly approaching the most mind blowing cum of my life. I said to her, not really knowing if she heard me or not, "I'm about to cum." As I say this she yelled, "Inside me, do it inside!" I proceeded to dump all my cum as deep as I could into her womb, her face locked in what I'd say was a priceless expression as she felt me fill her womb to bursting with my hot seed.


We collapsed, still locked in place panting as we heard James yell, "Shut her up. I'm trying to sleep," and then burst out laughing with Jenna. We took a minute to recompose ourselves and then I started to withdraw my limp cock from her pussy's embrace.

Tirana wrapped her arms around me and held me to her, saying, "No don't pull it out yet, please," almost on the point of tears. I kissed her passionately and said, "I'll stay here as long as you want me to Ti." We continued to stay locked in a lovers embrace as we heard James and Jenna come out of their tent and start to unload the cars. I said, "Baby I'd love lay here with you all day but we still have work to do." She unlocked her arms and grunted as I removed myself from her, looking down at my still semi-erect dick as it exited her body.

Then she did something that caught me off guard and inhaled my whole dick into her mouth and throat, cleaning off all traces of our sexual encounter from minutes before.

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As she moaned, "Yummy," around my dick I felt her tongue licking all around the shaft and head of my dick. I felt myself start to harden in her hot wanton mouth and said, "Sorry baby, but I've got to go help get camp set up for the night so please stop for now." She removed her mouth from my cock and said, "Ok, but later this is all mine," while squeezing my dick with her hand.

We got dressed and exited the tent just in time to see James pulling out his "stash". I walked up behind him and said, "What you got there bro?" James turned around with this guilty look and said, "Nothing," while avoiding my eyes.

I looked over his shoulder and saw a gallon zip lock bag full to the limit with some of the best pot I'd ever seen. I got kind of upset and yelled at him, "What the fuck? James I told you only important things damn it!" He got the face of a scolded child and said, "It's not what you think man!" I said, "Oh yea then what is it?" He explained that if the world really was going to hell then we would need something to trade other people for things we would need later like more ammunition, food, and gas.

I calmed down and said, "Ok, I'm sorry for yelling at you then. I didn't think of something like that." He cheered up and said, "Hey this is just for fun pot. I have seeds for the trading pot we will need." I looked at the girls and they both were smiling from ear to ear so I gave in and said, "Ok I know when I'm out voted." Everyone cheered happily and we finished unpacking.

Now he might be a pothead but James isn't stupid. I saw that he got more things I didn't think of, like his complete tool kit for working on the cars or building things we need, two axes, three hammers, about ten boxes of nails, an electric drill, an air compressor, pots, pans, and table settings for us to use. Now that we had everything unpacked and hidden around camp we all sat down to talk about where we go from here.

I asked anyone if they had ideas about what they wanted to do, they all said, "You're the one that got us out of the city and safe up here, so we trust you to decide what's best for us to do." I said, "Ok, that makes me leader right?" They all agreed and I said, "Ok then, here is the rules: everyone is to be armed with a loaded gun at all times; this morning's incident made me see that we all need to be able to protect ourselves at all times.

Now the next rule is: no one is alone ever, until we know this place is safe and no one is here that will hurt us. The last rule: you don't point a gun at anything you're not willing to kill. Now James, I know you know this, but I'm guessing the girls have limited or no experience with firearms so we will start teaching them to shoot a.s.a.p." I then looked at the girls and they looked nervous about learning to shoot.

I told them, "I'm not doing this because we will make you hurt stuff or go with us to dangerous places. I'm doing it because while we are hunting or gone to get things we need you will have to protect each other and I would feel better about it if you both knew how to defend yourselves, Ok?" They both nodded their heads and seem to calm down quite a bit.

Me and James looked at each other and grinned really wide as we looked at the girls. They gave us a look like, "Ok, what's up?" We both counted to three in our heads and yelled, "Now for our camping party." The girls both cracked up laughing as me and James packed the bong he brought with him and took a big hit. The girls both held their hands out wanting a turn so I passed it to Jenna.

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Tirana looked hurt and I said, "Sorry baby, she was next in line." Then she smiled at me as she knew it wasn't personal. We all sat around and smoked about three bowls of weed, then we got the munchies so we destroyed a lot of snacks the girls got that morning. After we were all good and high it was starting to get dark so I said, "It's time to light the fire," so I got the girls to set and watch me set it up.

I showed them how to make the tinder easier to light, how to build it up from tinder, twigs, small sticks, then the larger ones, then a log, so it burns all night. They watched in rapt attention as the fire slowly got bigger and warmer, minute by minute. As they watched the fire I got James off alone and said, "Dude, we need to take turns keeping watch tonight. If other people are worried they will head for the mountains too and we need to be prepared if someone turns up around here." He agreed and I said, "I'll take the first watch tonight," so he can get Jenna to sleep then get some rest for himself too.

We told the girls it was bed time and we would be up before dawn the next day. He and Jenna retired to their tent as Tirana walked up to me saying, "Come to bed hunny." I explained to her that someone needed to watch the camp for a few days to make sure we were safe and she said, "Well I'll stay with you then." I tried to tell her to get some sleep but she used my own rules against me and said, "No one is left alone from now on remember?" I could see I wasn't going to win so I conceded and said, "Ok, you can stay." We went sit in my truck with the radio on to hear the latest news.

It was worse than expected; all of the coastal cities had been destroyed by a massive 120 foot tall tidal wave and all low laying areas are under twenty to forty feet of water. Then Tirana heard the news I'd tried to hide all day; the fault lines in California had been hit hard and caused a massive landslide that took almost all of the state into the water.

The only part out of the water was where the desert use to be.

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Tirana broke down sobbing saying that she knew her parents were dead; they lived in Malibu so they had no chance of escape.

I held her in my arms and let her cry on my shoulder. As she was sobbing we heard of the riots happening globally and the reports of mass casualties numbering in the billions, first from the natural disasters, then from the killing of people trying to stay home and be calm from rioting groups of rebellious people. I saw our position finally hit on Tirana's face and she turned white as a sheet. I held her and told her, "As long as I'm alive no one will hurt you again.

Tomorrow we will make this place into a fortress if we have to." That seemed to calm her down some and she just snuggled in to me to feel safe. The night turned out to be uneventful and four hours later I woke James, saying to stay in his jeep and honk if he needed me.

Jenna was still sound asleep when he got up and armed himself to take watch. As we lay down Tirana said, "I want to thank you for taking care of me and protecting me from all this shit," as she removed my pants and started to suck on my dick while I relaxed.

I tried to tell her that it wasn't needed and I'd protect her even without the sex we had had earlier that day. She just kept sucking until I was hard as stone, then removed her mouth to speak, "I'm not doing this because I feel I have to, Cory. I am doing it because you are a wonderful man who welcomed three people into his life at a point where most people are just thinking about themselves." Then she returned my cock to her mouth and sucked on it again, moaning, "Cum for me," without taking my dick out of her mouth, which had the effect of vibrating my dick while sucking and mouth fucking herself with it.

I started to get to the point of cumming very quickly and said, "Baby I'm about to blow if you keep doing that." She responded by sucking harder and fondling my balls with her hands while deep throating me at the same time. I gasped as my climax hit me hard and my leg started to shake as she sucked and drank all the cum she could out of my body. As my orgasm subsided and I started to regain control of my body, I heard James calling me from outside. Tirana let my spent dick fall out of her mouth and I pulled my pants on and walked out of my tent a gun in each hand.

As I exited I saw two teenage girls standing in front of the jeep with James pointing a shotgun at them. I stuck my head in and called Tirana to come out and hollered for Jenna to come out too. The girls join me and just like I told them this morning they each were armed with rifles. I told our girls, "Put the guns down and come here." Tirana walked over to me and asked, "What's up?" I told her, "Follow me and do everything I say." She just went, "Ok." Jenna stood at the tents with her rifle still handy as Tirana and I walked over to the girls.

As we approached the girls start to tremble, seeing four people armed to the teeth around them. I spoke in an authoritative manner and told the girls to drop their belongings and place their hands on their heads.

They complied and I told James to bring their stuff to camp as me and Tirana bring the girls there. When we reached the camp I told Jenna to look for any weapons in their stuff, and I told Tirana to pat them down as me and James kept them covered. She patted down the older looking girl first and retrieved a large belt knife from the back of her pants. She tossed the knife to me and started to repeat the process with the younger girl.

She found nothing and I told the strangers to go warm up by the fire where we can talk. They visibly calmed down after this and walked over to it arm in arm.

I asked Jenna if there was anything in their bags and she replied, "No, just clothes and a small amount of food." We walked over to the fire. I put my guns away but James kept his at the ready. I asked the girls their names and they replied that the older one was Rebecca, and the younger was Alyssa.

They are sisters and their father died getting them away from a mob three towns over to the west. I asked why they didn't go to any of the towns and they said, "The first one had locked down all the roads in and out and wouldn't let anyone in that wasn't from there. The other two scared us because of gunfire we heard coming from them, so we were just going to stay in the mountains a few days then try to find some place safe to live." I told them, "You could stay here but that if you hurt anyone or try to run off with telling anyone we would have to shoot you because we are hiding, trying to keep from attracting any unwanted attention." They agreed and said, "If you let us, we will stay with you," as they put it, "You are a lot better prepared than us, so if we stay with you we might live longer." I said, "For the night it's no problem but we will have to think about it as a long term thing." I told Tirana and Jenna to empty out one tent and let the sisters sleep there with a sleeping bag and give them a soda and snack each to rehydrate and fill their bellies, as I could hear that rumbling.

Tirana emptied up our tent as it was the one with the least in it and I had her take a sleeping bag for her in the truck and lock the doors when she laid down.

Jenna took her and James's sleeping bags to the jeep and crawled in with him. I stayed awake the rest of the night keeping watch. At dawn I woke everyone up and handed out M.R.E.s to them for breakfast as we would need the energy for our upcoming day. Everyone ate in silence; after the meal I told everyone we had to talk. "Ok, now Rebecca, Alyssa, you are new here so this is more to you then anyone, but I'll explain what's going on here and let you give your feedback after I'm done." I explained all the events of the previous day leaving out some personal details they didn't need to know.

Afterwards I said, "Now after everyone has slept and ate I'll ask this one question, who is in favor of letting them stay with us at least for the time being?" We all raised our hands and the sisters got teary eyed and start crying, saying, "Thank you so much." I told them, "I'm sorry for the reception last night. but you scared the hell out of us and we needed to make sure it was safe for you to be here. They said, "We understand, after what we saw yesterday, how you needed to be cautious." Rebecca did ask one unexpected question however, "Why did you have the women search our stuff and us instead of you guys?" I told her, "It wouldn't have been appropriate for a guy to search through a girl's things without her permission, and to search her body would be outright wrong." All the girls got this dreamy look in their eyes and went, "Awe." James just laughed and said, "You're still doing that shit huh?" I laughed and said, "I guess so." The girls all looked perplexed and said, "Doing what?" I told James to explain while I went to piss.

I walked off and James started explaining. He told them, "Cory and I went to school together and he has this weakness for women, not in the sense of wanting to fuck everyone he meets. It's more of a compulsion to help and take care of women. Now it's not that he doesn't think they can take care of themselves but he feels that it's his place as a man to make sure the women around him are happy and safe from things that could hurt them.

He gets it from how he was raised by his dad; I met his dad and know for a fact that he was strict about how a man should act to be a 'real man' in his opinion.

Cory took those words to heart and lives his life by a very strict code. First he would never hurt a woman unless his life or another's was in danger; second, he will never take advantage of his helping them to use them in anyway even sexually; third, any man that hurts a woman around him will be meet with the harshest of penalties he can use, and with the world as it is that would mean either beating the holy hell out of him or outright killing him on the spot depending on what he has done." I was standing behind the girls as he finished explaining and said, "You got any questions girls?" The girls about jumped out of their skin when I spoke and all four heads whipped around to me.

Tirana ran to me and hugged me saying, "You really meant it last night when you said you saved me for nothing, didn't you?" The sisters looked at me and they asked, "What do you mean Tirana?" Tirana told them the story of how I came in my house and blew that guy's fingers off for hurting her, and the sisters just swooned at the story. I told everyone, "Enough story time.

It's time for work, but first we need to finish talking." I spelled out the plan for everyone, saying, "I'm going to take the sisters into town to get them some necessities they will need for living off the land, like their own tent." Everyone laughs at this and I give the others their orders to make the camp more secure and bigger so the sisters don't have to worry about being too far away from help if they should ever need it.

I kissed Tirana and tell James, "If the girls get hurt there will be hell to pay when I get back." He laughed and said, "Yea I know man you will beat my ass if I let them get hurt." I took all the stuff out of my truck but one box of 9mm ammunition, and me and the girls left for town. We reached the town with no problem and I found the local outdoor outfitter and told the girls to stay in the truck with the door locked till I know it's safe.

I walked over to the door, push it open gently, and peek inside. All I saw was a dead body and all the guns gone. I walked in with my pistol drawn and cocked to make sure no one got the drop on me. I looked all over the inside of the store but found no one around.

I covered the dead clerk with a sleeping bag and went to get the sisters. They walked in and asked, "What do we need?" I point out clothing they would need and told them to grab whatever weapons, food, and things they thought could help us. I grabbed all the fishing gear I saw, a bunch of fire starting tools, rope to make traps and help us build with, more nails and tools, another axe, four machetes, ten pairs of binoculars and a few extra tents in case we get more guests we haven't planned for.

I loaded the truck and found that the girls had taken every knife they saw, twelve bows, forty boxes of arrows, every hunting arrow tip they saw, all the winter gear they saw, and all the sleeping bags but the one I wrapped the clerk in. We pulled off from the store and sped our way back to camp. We arrived at the camp just after lunch and found everyone setting down eating, waiting on us.

I parked the truck and Tirana was the first one to my door obviously happy at my return. The three of us got out and I explained how the outdoor store was looted and the clerk killed to everyone, then stated, "We will not be going back to town for a while, except to find some seeds and food to hide up here." Me and James decide to go after we ate and unloaded the truck.

He would take his car and I would take the truck so we could collect everything we could this one shot and not return for quite some time. The meal was M.R.E.s again. Everyone ate being happy and joking around like nothing was wrong, then Tirana asked me, "What should us girls do while you buys are gone?" I told them, "You have three jobs while we were gone. One: hide the newly acquired stuff in the woods around camp; two: get cleaned up as in bath and play in the stream; three: stay safe.

I don't want you girls to come running up if you hear a car; go hide, and not in the tents, I mean the woods around here. Wait till you see both of us and one of you should stay armed at all times while we are gone." After that I kissed Tirana and said, "You girls be good and we will be back soon." Then we left, James was armed with a 9mm, a box of ammunition, a belt knife, and a shotgun with a box of extra shells. I had my two 9mms, a belt knife, a 30-30 rifle with a scope and a bow with twenty arrows.

I meant us to be able to fight off just about anything we ran across and wanted to start shit. We drove into town and saw the jewelry store was cleaned out, so was the liquor store, we hit the drug store next and found a surprise; no one had hit it yet.

Me and James cleaned out everything that could be useful like bandages and first aid stuff then we saw the pharmacy and grabbed everything, including a drug book so we knew what they were for if we needed them in the future. After we loaded my truck with all this we were about out of room in it. James saw a moving company down the street so we went there and he 'traded' his jeep for a large moving van.

We could come back for his jeep if needed but I didn't think we would. That van would be a lot more useful now than his worn out jeep. We threw all the stuff from my truck into his van and went looking for the hardware store. We found the hardware store as empty as the rest of the town and just grabbed everything that could be helpful.

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Two electric generators, five more 25 gallon gas cans, at least one of every kind of tool they had, all the copper and PVC pipe we found, all the fittings for them, extra propane canisters for the blow torches we would need to put them together, saws and blades, twenty bags of concrete, fiberglass insulation, a whole roll of carpeting, all the food seeds in the store and plant food, plus all the wood we could stack into both trucks.

We left the store and hit the closest gas station we saw. As we pulled in I saw someone drag a small girl into the store with her fighting to break free. I looked at James, he nodded his head and ran to the back with his shotgun in hand. I pulled my 9mm and walked in the front. I saw a grubby looking guy holding a teenage girl with a knife at her throat.

I pointed my gun at his face and said calmly, "Let the girl go now or I'll blow your brains out." He looked at the gun in my hand and said, "You're joking." Then he heard the pump shotgun in James's hands as he said, "Drop that knife before we spread you all over this damn store!" He looked scared shitless as he realized that we had him out gunned and outnumbered.

He slowly removed the knife from her throat and let her go. I told the girl to come to me, and as she started to move he raised the knife to stab her. James and I both shot him at the same time.


I hit his forehead and James hit right at his neck, taking his already dead head off his body. The girl just screamed and ran into my arms. I told James to grab the stuff in the store and load the cab of the moving van while I filled the gas cans and trucks up. I put the girl into my truck and told her she is safe and we will take to our camp so she won't have to worry any more.

I smiled at her, but she was still in shock and didn't respond. We finished our business and started our drive back to camp. We pulled up at camp and I could see the girls had done just as had told them, and hidden when we approached.

I got out and called to the girls to come help me. They came running when they saw me holding a girl sobbing and shaking in my arms. I held her in my lap as they got her some water and a snack to eat. She just sobbed into my chest saying, "Please don't hurt me." Tirana asked what happened to her and I told her the story about the guy holding her in the gas station and trying to kill her.

I made sure to tell them all if James and I hadn't killed him he would have stabbed her in the chest. She looked up saw all the girls and asked, "Am I really safe here?" They all answered that with me here she couldn't be safer.