Überrascht Und Flachgelegt Teil 1

Überrascht Und Flachgelegt Teil 1
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She just stepped out of the shower, had done her hair up, and laid on what little makeup she really needed.


Too beautiful for words for a 41 year old woman, she looked lovely with only a bra, panties, and a slip on the semi-slinky figure of a body. In some people's opinions, she was sexier then hell. That was surely an opinion of one young man, now a rather mature 22 year old construction worker who recently became one of his company's supervisors but had been recently laid off work for two months while waiting for the work to pick up.

His best buddy was working on and off too but currently was working out of town. This buddy's official quarters were at his parents. They'd been texting and Pete needed some stuff, which only Mitch had. Pete always stopping in and almost always unannounced. He rarely if ever knocked and waited for someone to come to the door. He'd been doing this all his life. So why begin knocking now. He didn't even think about it when he went over.

Mitch's mom would be around only he didn't know or expect her not to be fully dressed, yet. He went in and called out seeing as no one was around in the immediate area.

He called out saying he was inside. "Oh hey, Pete?" Marianne said. "Is that you. I'm upstairs dear" she added but he didn't hear anything else, so he went upstairs not expecting anything. The truth was for whatever reason he "liked" Mitch's mom. He liked Marianne a lot, maybe too much in fact. She was the nicest, sweetest, and hell…she was the sexiest woman he knew for 40 something years old. Her curves, those tits, and an her ass like it was and when she puts on a bathing suit…regardless if it's a one or two piece suit?

Hell the woman could knock off one of your balls if you weren't careful enough just by her looks. He needed something from Mitch's room and knew almost exactly where it was. He thought about how much he used to fantasize about her and himself too. He'd picture her and him kissing and maybe having a date somewhere together, but this was too many years ago to matter now. Okay, he was older now and okay, she was a few too many years older too, but the woman's body… Wow, her body, well she kept it in royal form.

She did, she did…she did. And he loved it, loved and…and he couldn't get over loving it. But as he climbed the stairs and headed for Mitch's room he wasn't thinking about all that. All he thought about was getting what he needed from Mitch's closet and leaving. That was until he saw her. Yes, until he saw her by accident. That was going to turn the tides that late afternoon for him and for her too. Rustling around in Mitch's closet to find what he was looking for, she was in her room trying on one then another until she could decide what she wanted to wear.

Until she could determine what she wanted to wear for this social gathering of her husbands which of course she didn't care about too much anyway. No, she never cared too much about them, but being a good wife she was supposed to be, she was going to go anyway. "Hiiiiiiii Pete" she said to him as he found it. She did it again. She pushed the limits. She had decided to taunt her young hormone driven friend. She would push all the limits. Just how far was the question? She stood at the doorway. Yep, she stood at the doorway all sexier then ever.

In her black bra and panties and that short slip of hers, she stood looking and smiling and teasing him. Why? Why would she do this? What could she gain? What was she going to get from it? "Oh, umm uhhh hi Mrs., I mean Marianne. How could his eyes not flash over her? How could he not look at her in that? With her standing in the doorway in only her bra and panties and slip?

Then he did it. He allowed his eyes to drop. They dropped to her stomach and hips so slender and curvy as she was and then they dropped further. Dropping to around her pelvic area and that's when he felt it. The pang. He felt the pang of excitement. She said something. He didn't hear it. He could have but his thoughts wouldn't allow it. His eyes were on her like a hungry animal hunting in Africa. Yes they were.

Yes, she was that attractive and that sexy of a woman albeit older then him. He no longer cared. He wanted to bed her down and eat her up. When they finally met she knew it now and said something else. "Do you like me in this Pete?" Still he wasn't listening.

He was long gone now. Drifting to other lands, with her beside him, with her under him, and with him and her now naked on some deserted beach he could do the dirty in a happy, joyous manner.

"Pete, honey?" she said. She was oblivious.

She had no idea. She never did.

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And that was why she looked the way she did for this mature younger man. Finally he came back to real time. "Umm I'm uh sorry" he started to say.

I uh" as his head shook and eyes blinked "had something on my mind." Was she still oblivious? Finally, her eyes looked down. Finally she took a look at herself realizing now that maybe wearing or not wearing anything per se could be the cause of whatever was to come. "It's nothing" he told her. She figured it out and was more then pleased. She was tuned in to his desires suddenly.

Marianne knew those feelings. Yes, she did. She'd longed for them many a time. Her husband a working stiff that he was left hardly any time for her and him, but now that Pete was around and Pete had a very nice figure as a man goes…well mmmmm yes oh yes mmmmm she knew what she wanted too. "Pete, I have an idea if you're open to it. You come around, come by…tomorrow and we can" and she was nodding her head as a smile settled in on her lips. Her eyes were bright as ever, "talk a while…get reacquainted.

You know it has been a long time hasn't it?" He was freaked out by the invitation and what about Mr. Larson? Wouldn't he wonder why Pete was there? Wouldn't that be a problem? "I suppose that would be alright" Pete told her.

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She said good and walked into the room, kissing his cheek. God, she smelled good. He wanted to stay leaned into her smelling whatever it was she was wearing at the moment. She already looked hot. Whatever she put on he was sure would make her look sexy and too appealing for anyone else in the room.

Friday morning and his parents had left early in the morning.

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Gone to the cottage, he had the house all to himself, and his body and especially that nice soft and long cock of his. He always liked that piece. It had been his manhood but unlike most he tried to ignore it.

Moving forward, not that day because next door she was with her husband, temporarily, but soon enough she too would be…with him, alone and all day at that. He couldn't get back to sleep. At that point he didn't want to get to sleep. He wanted to see Mr.

Larson pull out and drive away. Just like every other working stiff in town. Pete loved his work. He worked harder then most and when on a job he worked twice as hard as anyone making decisions, but today he decided he was going to let this woman take the lead.

"Come on Mr. Larson…LEAVE…LEAVE NOW" he demanded as he peeped out his bedroom window. He heard the car. It was early dawn. The car was pulling away.

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He smiled. Was she awake yet? Was she, he wondered? Maybe he should just go over and find out? Would that be wrong? "Nahhhh, she'll like that. Me, on her back, giving her a backrub, and then me taking off one piece and then another… Mmmmmm, now that…" He showered.

He shaved. He brushed his teeth. He combed his hair, a little. He didn't want to look like a geek or anything.

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And then this young precocious man did it all correctly. He put on a touch, and only a touch, of dad's cologne. At 6:52 in the morning, knowing it was way too early for him, he headed out the door to her house. She was dead to the world.


Wrapped up in a soft sheet on her bed, he opened the door. He stepped inside and closed and locked the door behind him. He took off his shoes. He walked over, excitedly, probably too excitedly, and then he finally stepped on the first of the stairs.

He climbed them, slowly. His heart beat faster. His mind raced too quickly. He wasn't able to think at all. But he did love what he was about to do. To give the woman, of his dreams, a light backrub, all over, to him was a conquest of unimaginable size. At the top, she heard something. Still her eyes were closed thinking it was her husband coming back for something.

Nothing to think about; he'd be gone in seconds. He'd probably say something to some affect and then he drive off for the weekend for his "work. That's all. She never imagined it was Pete. Never in a million years. Pete slipped down the hallway.

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Still high on life, still beefed up about his venture, he came upon her room. He heard her "sleeping." She was just drifting off again. He removed his socks and shorts but not his shirt and not his underwear. He watched the longed hair beauty nestled into her pillows. She was beautiful. He watched and listened to her breathing. Mmmmm, maybe I should take off my shirt and cuddle against her, he thought.

No, no I'm going to do this. And so he did. He went around the other side and slipped in. One leg over her and he was set to do it. She lay there gorgeously. He could smell that scent, still. He began his task. He began to caress and then actually rub her back some. He slowly caressed one shoulder then the other as his hand needled across her as if she was his.

He loved this. She moved, a little, and he didn't stop. What he wanted to do was lean in and kiss her somewhere, like her shoulders. But finally it happened. She woke up. "Mmmmmm, Ted" she began to utter. "You haven't done that in…in years" and that is when she slipped to her side to see no one but Pete.

Her head jerked backward but nothing but a smile pursued her lips. "Pete…Pete?" she said. Her eyes bulged and lit up. "Mmmmmm Peter, I could almost say I'm in love…ooooooohh don't tempt me…yet." Pete smiled. Still nestled over her as if he was going to physically do her, he waited for her to say something else.

She didn't. She gazed into his eyes, his face. She loved being massaged and rubbed like that. She even rubbed his arm and then his chest. "Do you do the front like you do the back?" He gazed at her realizing she loved it.

"I suppose I could." "Would you now that you've come this early, but be gentle…do it tenderly?" He felt a pang of excruciating pain surge into his loins. And seeing as he only had on his underwear and a top, he could not hide it. He wasn't able to hide anything. She felt it or something strange "scrape" her. She wasn't sure if she liked it or not, but he looked down and he looked down by accident to indicate what it was that "scraped" her belly and pelvic area.

"Peter…is that…what…I think…it is?" she asked. He gulped and turned red. His eyes became big. He wasn't sure what to tell her but she looked down. She saw the huge elongated bulge between his thighs and said to him in the nicest and sweetest tone of voice "Well now Peter…let me take a look at that. Please honey?" He had to let her look at his "monster." There wasn't anyway of getting around it.

It stood erect at around 9 inches long or so she thought, but it was also thick as ever as well. Even her husband's wasn't that large. Not in a million years could it have been. She insisted and lying on her back in a satiny sleeping gown, she ogled it, but she smiled.

She slowly reached forward. She even closed her eyes, which made him more comfortable, but she was in charge, he told himself. Let her do what she wants, and needs. "Ohhhhhhh ooooooohh…Pete…Peter" and she took a huge long deep breath of air. "Oh my god, Peter. OH…MY…GOD! HOW" and she calmed down a little "could you be so…" "Big?" and he shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not sure" and she was still caressing his shaft as he spoke "it's a blessing or not but I deal with it." "May I ask you a question?" she said. "Sure, anything" he told her kneeling over her still. "Don't girls…women…fall all over you because of this? Don't you have them calling you all the time…because of your… Umm your physique? I mean I never…knew!" she told him.

"May I?" And she proceeded to pull them off as she kept her eyes on the thick elongated fleshy cock. "Oh my lord…my…lord Peter! This may sound umm stupid and a little immature, but would you mind if I was, if I… If I held it and, well we can figure the rest out soon enough." She winked and wore a mischievous looking smile.

He felt another arousing pang of excitement between his thighs. His face winced, somewhat badly and Pete knew he wanted to have this woman like no other woman. She was gorgeous throughout the day and night. There wasn't any question about that. Why did she say wait until eleven? Mr. Larson left early, earlier then the birds almost. So when he drove off, she was all his.

"No, girls like me. I like them too, but it isn't because of…this." He looked down and as he started to look at it he felt and saw her fingernails feeling some of remaining loose wrapping of it. He could feel the stimulation, the exciting motivation prompting him, no pushing him, and his manhood, down into her womanhood. Yes, her womanhood, but he also knew by looking at this gorgeous older woman there was sooooooo much more to her then fucking her. He knew it. He knew it well and had to wait it all out.

"They all like me fine. It's just I don't have either the money or the time for any." "Yes I suppose that can be a problem for a young good looking man such as you. Come here. Lie down next to me. Talk with me, okay?" she said. She winked as he slipped off her and lay down beside her. She smiled a slippery smile, but he loved it. He was becoming crazy about her as his naked body lay next to her clothed body. "Mmmmm, I like this. You, me…in bed…like this.

Who would have ever guessed this would have happened, huh?" She smiled again. He loved how her full lips curled upward. It aroused him more and more that particular morning. There was something special he couldn't put his finger on, but he told himself to wait and he'd probably find out soon.

Her fingers dangled his cock. "Do you ever jack off thinking about a woman?" she said. It was an embarrassing question. He blushed. He said he had. He wanted to be honest with her.

He wanted to be honest especially with her. "Ever about me?" she asked. She winked. He said never. "Awwww never ever?" she said.

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He said he'd thought about her, admitted he'd thought about her many a time, but never ever thought it could come to fruition. "Fruition huh" she said. "Now that's a big word isn't it?" 15 minutes had gone by and they were lying there as birds and all the other animals and people started rustling around throughout the area.

Cars and people were moving but in this house it was simply him and her, alone, and he was naked and she wasn't. They were talking, more her then him as his hardened cock had found its former self. It was okay with her because both he and she knew she could bring that beast back to life as it was. It was only a matter of minutes that it could be done and for it to be done all she had to do was finagle her fingers a little and it would snap back to life for her.

"And see man seems to figure it all out as does a woman. A girl wants to know what it feels like as does a man, but the girl has to bear the fruits of all that labor. That's why women don't always want sex, sweetheart.

Although I don't mind all of that" she told him. "And this, this here" and she took his hand, found the bottom of her gown, and she pushed his hand up between her wonderful full thighs "is my bounty. It's what a man wants all the time. Is this what you think about? What else do you think about?" she said as she pushed his fingers back and forth along the semi-wet and soft ridges of her pussy.

His cock. It was already hard and erect as ever again. She loved how he happened to come over and simply and easily walked upstairs all on his own. She was in such a grand mood that he made this free standing decision to walk over and climb into bed with her.

And for him to climb on top of her like he did, she thought. For that, she took hold of it and stroked it then peddled it with her deft fingers and fingernails. "This is the nicest and beefiest feeling I'm having" she told him. Ooooooohh Peter…should I do it honey?" Should you what, he wondered? Take off your gown? Let me see your tits? Take off all of your clothes and let me see your body? What… What Marianne… Tell me, he said to himself? He wasn't looking at her but didn't need to.

She was looking into his eyes. She could read his thoughts. She knew. She knew what to do for him. "Let me put it in my mouth honey" she said. "Let me show you how great it can be." He wasn't sure what to do but she was and he lay down, his cock still hard, and she leaned over it.

"OHHHHHH" he cried out. "OHHHHHHHH" he cried out again. His body surged with energy as his back rose off the mattress. Even his rock hard ass came off it and when it did, in a slippery manner she eased her finger flat underneath and felt that hard flesh of his ass cheeks, all the while licking all the while licking around and around his cock.

He loved the sensations he'd felt from it. She stopped and knelt upright. Smiling, her eyes cheerful, she asked "Did you enjoy it?" His eyes were wide and full of euphoria. They were big as diamonds. And finally she saw what she wanted to see. He smiled as cum dribbled out of the tip of it. At first he didn't even know it. She winked once she saw it.

Scooped it up with her index finger and put it too her lips licking her lips excitedly. Suddenly her tongue came out. Licking it off he heard and saw her say merrily "Mmmmmm, now this is the best there is baby.this is the best there is." She winked. He smiled, laughing lightly. "I want you to take my body, honey" she told him. "I want to feel your lips, and your tongue all over mine. Can you do it? Will you do that…for me?" His cock surged with more energy and more power and even more pain then he ever expected.

He had to fuck her. He knew it he had to. He had to do all he could to make her the happiest and most grateful woman on their block. Go for it, he told himself. And he went down on her, slowly going in, she eased herself into his mouth, and tongue, digging for all the excitement she could pleasure herself with. He was doing the greatest job and making her feel like she deserved this.

She did he thought as he continued licking her clit. But then his tongue went deep. She screamed. "OHHHHHHHHHH…AHHHHH…EEHHH.OHHH YESSSSS…YESSS" said loudly. Was it that good? Was it really? Did he do that good a job on her like it sounded? Her body thrashed. Left and right and up and down, her legs moved all over the place and his eyes would look up and watch her tits wildly swivel everywhere too.

His tongue all the while continued to deep dive down the soaked trenches of her pussy. Yes, she came. She came in an enormous way while her hands pushed down steadily on the top of his head. Breathing through his nose only, he was quick enough and smart enough to continue licking the woman out. She was all for it, but she wanted one last thing from Pete. "FUCK ME PETER… PUT YOURSELF IN ME AND FUCK…ME…BLIND" she screamed out as her hands held him and her body arose off the bed.

He was surprised but happy and only too happy to do his lover the best. Quickly he was in her, but she made him stop. "Hold up. Don't" she said…just don't do it yet. This…how we look, how you look right now…over me and inside me…ohhhhhhh mmmmm… I want to remember this morning, this moment…uhhh ooooooohh…forever" and she took another deep breath before he set in on her.

And it was then that his brazen cock went down on her, fucking her fast and furious. She was delighted. She was ecstatic. She was horny as ever. And before he knew it, he was cumming, but better yet she was orgasming too. He came hard and she came riotously. She loved it. She loved it more that she was cumming for him. When it was all done, when she finished cumming and having the uncontrolled palpitations, she curled his body up against her naked flesh, and she put her hands around his long limpness.

"Would you like to do this tonight, or early tomorrow…or when would you do it again with me?" she said. "God, Peter…woooooo…I mean that was…it was wild and I mean wild." Shortly afterward she got him in the shower trying to get him to come after giving him a blow job, but he was spent; totally spent.

He had nothing more to give her, but she enjoyed it regardless. "Come on back this evening, alright…or you can stay the day. Forget everything else. You enjoy me. I love having you around. This was-" "It was wild and crazy and don't forget… You're one sexy woman too" he added. He was back over there 3 hours later. They spent the whole night "discovering" one another's body and did they?

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"See you soon?" he said the next morning before he left. He was coming back soon so the two could do it over and over once again.