Curvy Blonde Surprises Boyfriend At Work

Curvy Blonde Surprises Boyfriend At Work
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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 25 My pussy was getting wetter at the thought of walking around Ibiza Town in broad daylight wearing only a dress that was totally see-through. Okay, I'd worn that colourful top as a dress before but this was different. I don't know why, it just felt different; more sexy. I went up onto the deck and moved the sybian closer to the back of the boat and rode it to 2 wonderful orgasms. Lust having been satisfied for a short while, I got on with sorting out my cabin.

As I moved my toys back I saw my new egg and put that to one side to wear later. Then I saw my pink dog collar, I put it with my new egg. I saw the ball gag but discounted that; how could I talk to Chuck with that in my mouth? When I was organised I put the dog collar on and put the egg and its control in my bag. Then I went over to the café to get something to eat; I didn't know when I'd get to eat later in the day.

Manuel greeted me in his usual way and asked me if I had been pleased to see my father. "Is that a present from him?" He asked pointing to my neck. "Oh no, I've had this for a while; I just haven't been wearing it so that I don't get a white ring around my neck.

I'm going into town today so I won't get much sun." "Well you've done a good job of getting a tan; you are a totally different colour than you were when you arrived a few weeks ago.

I can't see any white patches anywhere." "There's at least one place that you haven't been able to see and that might still be white." "Oh I've seen everywhere Georgia and you are 100 percent a nice golden tan." I tried to think back to a time when Manuel had seen my pussy and decided that it must have been when I'd been sat in the café with my legs open.

Half the time these days I just don't realise that I'm sitting like that. Stomach full, I went back to the boat and had another session on the sybian.

This time I slid one of the accessories over the dildo; the one that turns it into a big fat dildo; I wanted to stretch my pussy as much as I could. It took a couple of minutes to get myself right down so that my clit was resting on the upturned scrubbing brush then I switched it on and rode it to the end of a another orgasm. Then it was time to leave for my appointment.

I went and got out one of my new, totally see-through dresses. I selected one that would fall into a puddle on the floor just as soon as I pushed the shoulder straps off my shoulders. Having said that, they all looked like they would do that.

I put the dress on and tested my requirement. It worked. Then I thought about what I was planning to do that evening. A dress would not do so I took the dress off, and tried on the skirts and tops that Celeste had just sent me.

I settled for a black skirt with a yellow pattern and a yellow halter top that fastened like a string bikini top. Tying the strings very loosely would work for me. I took the skirt and top off and put them in my bag along with one of my butt plugs then I put the dress back on.

I took one last look at myself in the mirror then grabbed my bag and left the boat. As I walked to the taxi I felt just as good as I do when I'm totally naked. I was happy.

The taxi took me right to Chuck's building door and the only people I saw were the taxi driver and 2 teenage girls who were passing when I got out of the taxi. I don't know why they were giggling as they walked away, it could have been my dress, or could have been the very unladylike way that I got out of the taxi; or it could have been something completely different.

Stood outside Chuck's door I did one more test of pushing my shoulder straps off then catching my dress before it hit the floor. Then I pulled it back into place and knocked on the door. Chuck opened the door, we said hello then I walked straight over to the sofa and put my bag down. Then I said, "I presume that this session will start the same as the last couple, with me getting naked and masturbating." Before he could answer, my dress was on the floor and I was flopped down on the low sofa with the fingers of my right hand rubbing my pussy.

Chuck just stared with a smile on his face. Less than 2 minutes later I was jerking about as the first of my orgasms for Chuck hit me.

When my heart rate was getting back to normal Chuck said, "I've lost count of the number of times that I've told you Georgia that taking your clothes off and masturbating here is not necessary for the hypnotism to work." "And is you fucking me when I'm in a hypnotic state, or whatever it's called, necessary Chuck, or do you just like fucking me?" "Georgia, how many times do I have to tell you that it would be unprofessional of me to have any sort of sexual contact with you." "Come on Chuck; you must be fucking me; you'd be mad not to." "Shall we get on with the session Georgia?" "Okay." "Right, firstly how was your week?

Did anyone use your trigger word and did you orgasm?" "What trigger word?" "The one that we agreed that you would use." "You mean Pr &hellip. Pr … Pri … Pri." "Okay Georgia; I'll say it. "Priapus." It worked. Two minutes later I said, "Say it again Chuck. I want to know if it being said quite close to the last time will get me to cum again." "Okay Georgia; I've seen you orgasm enough times so I guess that one more time won't do any harm.

Priapus." It worked. Two minutes later Chuck continued, "During this final session I will be concreting the association of 'that word' with an orgasm in your brain. I" "You can say Priapus and not call it 'that word' Chuck; I don't mind cumming again for you." "It's not for me Georgia, it's for you.

Now where was I, oh yes, reinforcing. When I have done that, in theory, someone saying that word anytime for the rest of your life should induce an orgasm. I say 'in theory' because there are no documented cases of a woman returning to her hypnotist and saying that it no longer works." "Good." "As usual, I will have to induce a hypnotic state." Chuck got his tablet out and as he came over to me I said, "Are you going to fuck me again Chuck? You don't have to use a condom; I'm on the pill so I won't get pregnant." "Georgia; just look at the screen please." I did, and saw the usual weird swirling images.

When I came round I was flat on my back on the sofa with one foot on the floor. As I sat up I looked at my legs and saw little indentation on my knees as if I'd been kneeling on something knobbly, like the carpet in there.

"You did fuck me didn't you Chuck?" "Georgia; I'm not having this conversation with you again. Right, the reinforcement went well and I'm confident that whenever you hear that word you will have an orgasm. If I remember rightly, you've already paid me for 4 sessions so, unless there's something else that concludes our business. I have to say that it was very interesting to meet you Georgia.

Don't forget to put your dress on before you leave. As I walked down the stairs I got my phone out and looked at the time. I'd been in there with Chuck for 2 whole hours.

Surely a bit if reinforcement of the association of the word Priapus with and orgasm couldn't have taken all that time? The other thing was my inner thighs were wet; could that just be my juices or was it Chuck's jism seeping out of me.

Chuck never had admitted that he'd fucked me but I was now 99.9 percent sure that he had. I wasn't worried though; I'd got what I wanted out of those visits. I needed a drink and an ice cream so I headed to where I knew there was a café. I sat at an outside table next to one that had 3 young men sat at it.

One of them saw me arriving and I saw him nudge his mates. All 3 stared at me as I sat down on a chair facing them. I sat with my butt perched on the front edge of the seat and lay back with my knees open. They would have been able to see all of my pussy as they stared at me; but they never said anything. I closed my knees when the waiter came to take my order and when he brought my cola and ice cream, but apart from that my pussy was on full display.

I so wanted to ask them what the name of the Greek God with a giant cock was but looking at them I doubted that they would know. About 30 minutes later I left and headed to the gym. "I like your dress Georgia," Pedro said, "turn around." I did a slow 360 with a grin on my face then asked, "Are there many people here?" "About 6 or 7, and you'll be pleased to hear that you are starting a trend." "What do you mean Pedro?" "Working out without any clothes on." I grinned then said, "Are you complaining Pedro?" "No, no, it's good for business." "You should let the girls in for free if they workout naked." "I've let those 2 in for nothing and you haven't paid for the last few sessions." "I bet that you're making the money from the extra men." "Si Señora.

So are you here for a workout, or did you just come here to show me that fabulous dress?" "Both Pedro. Anyone in the changing room?" "I don't know." I went in and there wasn't. I quickly got naked the opened my bag. I had 2 objects to find new homes for and my pussy wanted them quickly.

I easily slid the egg up my hole then I rubbed the tip of the butt plug around my soaking pussy then eased it into my butt. I'd chosen the one with the pink fake diamond, thinking that it would look good showing through the skirt that I was going to put on later.

I switched the egg onto medium speed with random burst of full throttle and random electric shocks from the 1 click position; I wanted to create a new record of orgasms whilst working out.

As I walked in to the workout room I immediately saw 2 naked girls. Both looked Spanish and both had bald pussies.

I wondered if their men went there and had been talking about the naked girl that had started to go there and had decided to do the same just to keep their man happy. Whatever the reason it was nice to see them even if they did take the focus off me some of the time. The men in the room were doing very little except for watching one or both of the Spanish girls and they turned to look at me.

My pussy started tingling, and it wasn't just because the egg was starting to have an effect on me. I started my routine and everyone in there quickly discovered my butt plug. Even one of the girls stopped and watched me as I contorted my body with exercises that displayed my pussy and the pink butt plug. I was on the mats at one end of the room so I made sure that whatever position I was in my pussy would be visible either directly to their eyes or in the big wall mirrors.

It was on the third exercise that the first orgasm hit me and I collapsed down and started moaning and shaking. There was no way that they didn't know that I was cumming. Orgasm over, I got up and continued from where I had left off. This happened 5 times whilst I was on the mats. On the third time the egg decided to give me an electric shock when I was right in the middle of cumming.

I let out a loud "Aaarrrgghh" and the orgasm reached a new high and I must have been on the mats shaking and jerking about for at least 2 minutes. My hands went to my tits and squeezed then pulled on my nipples as I gasped and said a few words that maybe I shouldn't have; well not with strangers around.

And I heard that bell again. So did some of the people watching me. They were looking around to see who had brought their phone into the workout room. Again, once the orgasm was over I got up and continued as if nothing had happened. It was the exercise cycles next and after I'd raised the seat I climbed on, lowering myself onto the saddle slowly in case it made my butt hurt me. As it was there was only slight discomfort and that soon disappeared when I started pedalling.

One of the girls looked at me in amazement as my pussy slid from side to side. I wondered if she'd thought of raising the saddle.

The other girl wasn't staring, she was going over to the next bike and I watched her raise the saddle. A burst of full vibrations took me over the edge for my first orgasm on the bike. That was followed by 2 more then I got another electric shock. OMG; how I stayed on that bike I will never know. I certainly stopped pedalling and gave the handle bars a death grip. My body was shaking like hell; my pussy thought it was on fire and my nipples felt like they were about to explode; and my lungs tried to suck in all the air in the room.

Somehow, I got through it and started pedalling again. The girl on the next bike was staring at me but her concentration was on the effects of sliding from side to side on her clit. Moving on to the leg spreader, I climbed on and strapped my legs to it.

Before pressing any of the switches I looked around the room. There must have been 7 or 8 men, 2 naked girls and 1 clothed girl. All were staring at me and anticipating what I was going to do. And I did it all; even getting the machine to go crazy.

The egg made sure that I gave my audience a great view of my pussy muscles contracting and relaxing over and over as I climbed and went over the edge. It did that twice then the electric shock came. I was on my back at the time and I vaguely remember seeing my little tits, with rock hard and throbbing nipples slightly quiver over my shaking torso. And I heard that bell again. But while I was still up there, the machine sat me up and closed then opened my legs again.

Then the back of the seat dropped again. When I could control my arms again I put my hand on the control and pressed the sequence of keys to shut it down. I lay there for a minute or so then sat up and released my legs. I still had more exercises to do. I finished them without cumming again then decided to go and have a short rest in reception.

Pedro was sat at his desk so I went over to him, still totally naked and asked him where the cameraman was. "He got all the footage that he needed last time." "I thought that he might want to have some naked Spanish girls in his movie." "One of those naked girls is Alejandro's girlfriend and the other is his sister." "Oh, so he'll be able to video them naked anytime." "Probably." Just then another young man came in off the street and signed-in.

He had a good look at me before going to the changing room. A minute or so later I followed him in to the changing room to get a bottle of water out of my bag. He was stark naked and I smiled at the sight of his hard-on as I passed him on the way to my locker. After the drink I was feeling refreshed and I decided to do the same circuit again. The egg was still purring away and I wondered how many times it would make me cum, and how many electric shocks it would give me before I finished.

The answer was 4 and 3. All of them would have been extremely embarrassing to most women but I was really enjoying it, even though it was draining my energy. I reasoned that I could afford to be totally knackered when I left the gym because I wouldn't need much energy for what I had planned for the rest of the day. As I walked to the shower I saw 2 men already in there. Ignoring them but at the same time staring at their cocks; I started to shower. The egg gave me a quick blast and I shook and let out a gasp.

The blast wasn't long enough to make me cum but it reminded me that I didn't want it in for my next adventure of the day.

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I squat down and squeezed it out, catching it in my hand. Something made me look up and I saw the 2 naked girls from the gym. I also heard one of the men say, in Spanish, "See, I told you that she must have something inside her that was making her cum like that." Then one of the girls said, "I've got one of those, they're amazing aren't they?" "Certainly are; this one even gives me electric shocks." "That sounds painful." "Yes and no; it certainly makes for good orgasms." "I'll bet.

Hey, you look like the kind of girl that might be interested in making a movie, one where you don't wear clothes." "You mean a porno movie. I've already been in 2 of those; some guy called Alejandro came here and recorded me working out just like I did today, then he came again and recorded a couple of friends and me. The thing was, I thought it was for a gym promotional video but a few days later I saw them on a big screen in a village up in the hills." "Ah, that Alejandro guy is my boyfriend; I'm Valeria and this is his sister Maria.

Pedro and Alejandro should have been up front with you. I can get him to pay you if you like." "Fuck no; I loved every second of it. I'm Georgia by the way." The 2 guys realised that they were being ignored and decided to leave and Valeria and Maria moved in and started showering. "So Georgia, Alejandro is always looking for models either just to photograph or to star in his movies, do you fancy trying it?" Valeria said.

"Me! Look at me; I look like a skinny 12 year old. I haven't seen many porno movies but the odd one that I have seen was full of girls with melons hanging from their chests." "Georgia, you've already stared in a couple of movies and you'd be surprised at the demand for girls that have small breasts and look a lot younger than they actually are.

You are over 18 aren't you?" "Of course, I can show you my Dancer's I.D. card if you like." In that case you'd be a natural for Alejandro's movies. What do you think?" "I don't know; I guess that it depends on what's involved." "How about you meet Alejandro and see what he's got planned." "Okay, why not; I can always say no if I don't like what he says; besides, he owes me for the videos that he took here." "Good, I'm sure that you'll have lots of fun.

When can you meet him? Are you free now?" "Sorry, I've got plans for the rest of today, and tomorrow; but I'm free the day after." "Sounds good; give me your phone number and I'll fix up a time and place." By that time we'd all finished showering and were getting dressed. I couldn't help noticing that neither of them wore any underwear. When Valeria and Maria saw the skirt and top that I put on they both wanted a closer look at the material and they wanted to know where I got it.

"So you walk about town wearing those? With nothing on underneath?" Maria asked. "Yes, I was quite nervous at first but I soon realised that most people only see what they expect to see.

I've even walked around town totally naked without anyone saying anything." "Alejandro will like you Georgia." "I've got a stage name that my boss gave me, Lolita, he said that it suites me better that Georgia if I'm going to walk about with very little or nothing on and take part in live sex shows." "I have to agree with him, Lolita does suit you better and it will go down well in the movies." I had a go at Pedro on the way out, telling him that he should have told me that Alejandro was making a porno movie.

Trying to plead ignorance he told me that he was going to use it as a promotional video. I told him that neither my friends nor I were going to give him more euros but we would be back and expected to use his gym for free. He agreed. I said goodbye to Valeria and Maria and they went one way and me the other. Another massage was next on my plan for the evening but before that I needed another drink so I headed to where I knew there was a café.

The café was quite busy with lots of men watching a football match on the television. That didn't stop a couple of them looking at me.

One said, "Hello gorgeous." And the other complimented me by wolf-whistling at me. I sat at one of the free tables and ordered a drink.

I watched the girl as she brought my drink and her eyes were looking at my body.

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I was sat lazily in the chair and she could see my pussy below my skirt and the rest of my front through the skirt and top. She smiled at me as she put the drink on the table.

It was a male waiter who brought me my bill and he too had a good look at me as he approached. I felt sexy and good. About 15 minutes later I stood up and started the walk to the massage parlour. At one point a group of young men were coming the other way and one of them noticed that my skirt and top were see-through.

He told his mates and I got lots of comments from them. Most of them were what they'd like to do to me and for one minute I considered forgetting the massage and going with them. When I walked into the massage parlour I saw the same girl wearing the same, white, short, Spanish nurse's uniform. She smiled at me and said, "Hola" then asked me what she could do for me.

"I would like a full body massage with lots of happy ending please." She gave me a knowing smile. I wondered if she remembered me from the last time that I was there; or was she smiling at my outfit. "We are very busy at the moment, I'm afraid that there will be a wait of about 90 minutes, is that alright?" "So all your room are occupied at the moment. Is Felipe available? He was very good the last time that I was here." "Felipe doesn't start his shift for about 30 minutes." "Good, that's one problem solved.

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Now; you say that all your rooms are occupied, could Felipe give me a massage in this room, or out on the street?" The nurse smiled then said, "That is not possible but maybe we could setup a table on the patio out the back; that has been done before but I would have to check." "Please do so." The nurse disappeared through a door then came back a couple of minutes later. "We can do that but the light out there isn't very good at night, only the street lights." "I haven't come here to see what is going on; it's the magic of Felipe's hands that I'm looking for.

The patio will do for me." "Good; now you said a full body massage with a happy ending." "Multiple happy endings." She smiled and took my Black Amex card off me. Payment sorted, she said, "If you'd like to go to the changing room and have a shower please; and someone will come and collect you when we are ready for you." "Gracias." When I opened the changing room door I saw what she meant about being busy.

There were only 5 chairs in there, all in a row, and they were all occupied by people just wearing towels. Two were middle-aged men, one was a middle-aged woman, one was a young man and the fifth was a young woman. I went over to a locker, made a mental note of the combination code, put my bag inside then took my clothes off and put them in the locker.

With everything in the locker I locked the door and turned around. Five pairs of eyes were looking at me. I turned and walked to the shower, collecting a towel as I went. When I came out the 10 eyes watched me as I dried myself then looked for somewhere to sit. The only available place was the small table that was in front of all 5 people.

I carried the towel over to the table, folded it, placed it on the table then sat on it on the edge of the table facing the 5 people. You've guessed it; I sat with my knees about 30 centimetres apart so that all 5 people could see my pussy. I looked around the room and kept glancing at the 5 people to see which ones were looking at my pussy.

Only the middle-aged woman wasn't. Then I started looking at each one in turn to see whose eye I could catch. The only one that did look up to my eyes was the young girl. When our eyes met I smiled at her. She smiled back and she moved her butt in her seat. I wondered if she'd got a tingle in her pussy and needed to just move it a bit. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to find out because the receptionist came into the room and told the girl that they were ready for her.

As she stood up her towel came open at the front and I got a great view of her bald pussy. I smiled at her again as she followed the receptionist out.

I then turned my attention to the young man. He was still looking at my pussy so I opened and closed my knees a few times. He finally looked up to my face and I smiled at him.

He grinned back so I used my right hand to scratch a non-existent itch on my pussy. His peripheral vision saw my hand move and his eyes went back to my pussy.

I opened my lips and scratched the entrance to my vagina, holding my lips open for a couple of seconds to let him have a good look. Then the door opened again and the receptionist called for me to follow her.

I walked out with the towel over my arm. I was led to a door that took us outside onto a patio. There was a fence round it but that was only about a metre high and the wooden slats didn't really hide anything. The patio was on the side of a huge rectangle with buildings on all sides.

My first reaction was that anyone looking out of the hundreds of windows would be able to look down and see me getting my massage. My pussy tingled at the thought.

Then I registered the sounds of teenagers talking. I looked around and saw about a dozen teenagers just hanging out near a bench in the middle of the rectangle.

I wondered if they'd see or hear me and come over for a better look. The receptionist told me to get onto the table that was set so that it was parallel to the building. I sat on the side of it facing the building and saw a window just in front of me. A couple of the opening panes were open, presumably to let fresh air in. There were no curtains or blinds on the window and the lights in the room were quite bright; I could see someone on a table getting a massage.

When the naked female masseur moved to one side I could see straight up the legs of what turned out to be a girl on the table. I wondered if it was the girl from the waiting room. The receptionist said something the turned and walked back inside. I watched the masseur massage around the tops of the girl's thighs then start on her butt. A rolled towel or something was under her hips so her butt and pussy were up in the air. The girl started to moan and her butt moved a little from side to side.

Just then Felipe appeared and apologised for not being there sooner. Felipe was only wearing some very brief boxer shorts and I could see the outline of his cock. The massage went very much the same as it had the first time, with 4 exceptions; firstly I got a bit more vocal each time that I orgasmed (5 times); secondly, whenever I looked through the window I could see the other girl getting her massage and orgasming.

The third thing was that my vocal noises were loud enough to attract about 5 faces that were watching me through the wooden slats of the fence around the patio. If Felipe saw them he didn't do anything about them. The fourth and best thing was that the never ending orgasm that Felipe gave me by rapidly lifting me up by my pubic bone with 2 fingers inside me, went on for what seemed like hours; right through him fucking me and after my hour was up and Felipe left me.

I just kept giggling and jerking about all over the table. When I finally stopped I was knackered and I just lay there wondering how the hell he had done that to me. When I started to get my senses back I looked through the window and saw that the girl had gone. Then I looked at the fence around the patio and saw that my audience were still watching me. My legs had been spread open while Felipe did what he did to me and I'd not even thought about closing them.

I was relieved that the staff had just left me there to recover. When I was just about back to normal I put my hand on my pussy and instantly had something between a mini, after-shock orgasm and an average orgasm. I even started giggling again. I just lay there for another couple of minutes then slowly got off the table and walked back to the changing room leaving my towel where Felipe had put it earlier. There were 2 different middle-aged men in there and they just stared at me but I just ignored them.

I went to the shower but had to wait because there was someone in it. I just leant back against a wall and waited, totally ignoring the 2 men that were still watching me. When that person came out of the shower I saw that it was it was a different young girl. She was drying her hair with a towel but otherwise naked and didn't seem at all concerned that there were 2 men in the room. The 2 men now had 2 naked girls to look at.

I picked up a fresh towel and got in the shower. That refreshed me and when I was done I walked out and threw my towel in the basket. A third man was now watching me and the other girl who was just about dressed by then. I watched them as they watched me put on just my totally see-through skirt and totally see-through top and left. I smiled at the receptionist as I went through that room.

I just knew that I would be going back there reasonably soon; I wanted another of Felipe's never ending orgasms. Groper's Bar was next on my list for the evening but I needed another drink in a quiet atmosphere before going there; not that I'd find anywhere that quiet at that time of the evening. I go to a little bar that only had a couple of table outside and collapsed into one of the chairs. After a couple of minutes a waiter guy came out and took my order. I didn't bother looking at his face to see where he was looking.

After about 30 minutes of rest I left the bar and headed to Groper's Bar. I wasn't walking very fast and a group of about a dozen, very happy young men caught up with me.

It didn't take long for one of them to realise that he could see through my skirt and top, and of course, he had to tell all his mates. I was then subjected to a whole load of comments about my body; only one of which I hadn't heard before and I couldn't resist responding to it.

It was: - "Hey girl, you forgot your knickers." My response was, "No I didn't." The guy who said that must have been a little confused because he didn't reply. I smiled to myself and wondered if he thought that I had deliberately not worn knickers, or I was wearing some that he couldn't see. Whatever it was I didn't care and the guys soon moved away from me.

My pussy was still tingling from Felipe's never ending orgasm as I walked into Groper's Bar. It was quite busy and I saw about 5 or 6 girls there; all wearing VERY short skirts.

I managed to get to the bar and eventually got myself a bottle of beer, ordering it with a strangers hand on my right tit and his cock pressing on my lower back. The rest of the night was spent with me moving around and getting groped and cumming about 4 times. My pussy was still recovering from what Felipe did to it and it didn't take much to make me cum. The other difference to the other times that I've been there was that I got a few compliments about my skirt and top.

With me standing close to men who were sat down, when they turned their heads to see who's pussy they were about to, or already were groping; they only had to look up a little to see my tits, and down a little to see my body through the skirt.

I was so grateful to Celeste for knowing what I wanted before I did. I wondered what she might send me next. I stayed there for about 3 hours before leaving and taking a taxi back to the marina, and bed. I woke up the next morning to find Kate and Zoe lying on my bed next to me. Both were as naked as I was and both had a hand cupping their pussies. I wondered if they always slept like that. Leaving them to it I went and put some coffee on then went and sat on the deck to wait for it to be ready.

When I heard the little whistle I went down and poured 3 cups then went to wake the girls. They staggered up to the deck and thanked me for the coffee. "So ladies," I said, "good night was it? Are you here just to piss off your father?" "Yeah, what time is it?" Kate said. I looked at the clock then told them. "Better go back soon and face the music." Kate said.

"You mean get a red butt and a couple of orgasms?" "I hope so." Zoe replied. "Did you go out yesterday in that skirt and top that I saw on the floor Georgia?" "Yes, why?" "They're totally see-through." "And?" "And can I borrow them some time?" Zoe replied. "Oh, we borrowed some of your nice clothes last night. They're back in your wardrobe now; I hope that you didn't mind." "Of course not; I've told you, any time.

That skirt and top are one of a whole load of new clothes that my father brought over for me. You can borrow them if you like." "Thanks. Did you say that your father brought them for you?" "Yes." "Did he buy them for you?" "Heavens no, he wouldn't have a clue what size or style I wanted. They're from that woman Celeste that I told you about." "Oh yes, she makes all your clothes for you." "That's the one." "She sure knows what you want." "Yes, she's amazing." A couple of minutes later Kate said, "Come on sis, we'd better go back before one of them has a heart attack." Kate and Zoe went down to my cabin to collect the skirt and top that they'd worn the day before.

"I'm coming back with you to apologise for keeping you 2 out all night." I said as they re-appeared. "That was some party that we've just left wasn't it?" "Err yeah, thank you for inviting us." "You'll get spanked and probably fucked by daddy. Are you sure that you want that?" "I wouldn't be coming if I didn't Kate." As we left daddy's boat and walked round to their boat I invited them to come round to daddy's boat after our spankings.

Zoe said that they'd love to. "And bring your remote controlled eggs and their controls." I said. "What's that scheming little brain of yours up to now Georgia?" "Oh just a little game, then we might go to the beach and play another round of it." The 3 naked girls arrived at Mr. Billingham's boat to find a very annoyed Mr. Billingham. He was alone on his boat, his wife anticipating what would happen when their daughters finally got back. "At last; where have you been all night; and why haven't you got any clothes on?

You didn't go to the club like that did you? Or maybe you should have; maybe you'd have learnt some respect if you had." "It's my fault Mr. Billingham; we went clubbing then on to a party. We only got back an hour ago and went straight to my father's boat. You daughters didn't want to wake you and you've told them that they had to be naked around the marina so we took our clothes off before coming here." "Those 2 should have been back hours ago before I went to bed.

I guess that I'm going to have to punish you as well Georgia. These 2 disobedient girls I half expect to be to be disrespecting but I would have thought that you would have learnt by now. Right, you first Kate, bend over that table." Mr.

Billingham proceeded to give Kate 20 swats with his hand; she orgasmed on the 18th swat. Then he told her to get up and lie back on the table then raise her legs and lower them to her shoulders. It didn't take long for Kate to cum as he rubbed her clit and then she orgasmed again when he got his cock out and rammed it in to her.

He was still hard when he told Kate to get off the table and Zoe to bend over it. Zoe's first orgasm was on the 10th swat and her father gave her 2 more in the same way as he had with her sister. "Georgia;" Mr. Billingham said, "you still haven't learnt and you still keep corrupting my daughters.

Your punishment will be more severe. Bend over the table girl." I did, but there was a long pause before my butt started hurting. I heard Kate say, "No daddy, please don't use that." "Shut up girl, or you will get it as well." The next thing was I felt something a lot more painful than a hand hit my butt.

"Ouch; what the fuck was that?" I said. "Swearing will only get you more swats Georgia." Mr. Billingham. He went on to give me 25 swats with his belt causing me to orgasm twice. Each time that I orgasmed he seemed start hitting my butt harder. That finally over I was instructed to get on the table in the same position as both Kate and Zoe had. He then rubbed my clit like there was no tomorrow, causing 2 more orgasms. Finally he rammed his cock into me so hard that I slid along the table and he had to pull me back so that he could finish himself inside me; causing yet another orgasm.


With me still on my back on the table with my calves still near my ears, he said, "When are you 3 going to learn that being disobedient will only result in horrible things happening to you; I hope that all 3 of you are now suitably humiliated. Now get off this boat and go and find some people whose presence will embarrass you." "Daddy," Zoe said, "please can we just go to our cabin to collect something that belongs to Georgia?" "You have 1 minute." Kate and Zoe almost ran down to their cabin while Mr.

Billingham just stared at my still exposed pussy. I wondered if using his belt on me was his revenge for me blackmailing him; or had he just wanted an excuse to fuck his daughters all along? I certainly wasn't going to ask him. When Kate and Zoe ran up the stairs Mr. Billingham told me to get off the table and get off his boat. As we walked along the walkway I asked Zoe and Kate just how bad my butt was.

"It only looks a bit redder that Kates does." Zoe said; "It should be back to normal by tomorrow." "Tonight I hope." I said, "I have an appointment with one of daddy's clients tonight (I lied) and I don't particularly want him to see me with a red butt." "How's he likely to do that Georgia?" Kate said, "You're not going to see him like that are you?" "Hell no, but I'll be wearing a very short dress and if I reach up or bend down he'll see the lot." "You'll just have to be careful Georgia." "Yes; I will." "So why did you want us to bring our eggs Georgia?" Zoe asked.

"I thought that it would be fun to have a little competition to see who can take the most electric shocks from them." "Have you tried it yet Georgia? We were too scared to touch that electric shock knob." "Yes I have. Okay, it really made me jump but it's no worse than one of those electric fences that keep cows in fields." "How would you know, you've been locked away in a boarding school for years." "We had to go on cross-country runs and some of the older girls took great pleasure in telling us to lift the fence so that they could get under it.

It put me off cross-country running for life." "But we went to that gym the other night." Kate stated. "That's different." I replied; "that was for fun." "And lots of fun it was too;" Zoe said, "When are we going back there?" "Whenever you like ladies, you don't have to wait for me and it won't cost you anything." "If you're tied up this evening we might just go there on our own; what do you think Kate?" "Sounds good to me." We arrived at daddy's boat and as soon as all 3 of us were on board I said, "Right ladies; eggs in and I'll be back in a minute with mine in as well." When I returned I said, "Okay, just to prove that these things don't kill you, one of you is going to use my control and give me an electric shock." I passed my control to Kate and continued, "Just turn the knob clockwise one click whenever you're ready Kate." "I'm not going to do it." Kate said passing the control to Zoe.

"Okay, I'll do it. Are you going to sit down Georgia?" Just as my butt hit the seat Zoe zapped me. I screamed then swore while my body went all stiff for a couple of seconds.

After another couple of seconds I said, "See, I told you. Who wants to be next?" "What was that bell sound that I heard?" Kate asked. "It's happened every time that it's shocked me;" I replied, "I'll have to play with the control and see if I can turn it off." "Or read the instruction leaflet." Kate said. "It's on Chinese dummy." Zoe said. "Maybe it's to tell everyone around you that you've just been zapped?" I said, "I'm going to wear it the next time that I go to the beach and watch the people around me." I paused for a couple of seconds then continued, "I wonder how the Chinese worked out just how much of a shock a girl can take.

I can just imagine some poor girl tied spread-eagled to a table with a metal probe in her pussy and some scientists gradually increasing the voltage and duration until it kills her and then saying 'Oops, bring on another girl please'." "It didn't make you cum did it Georgia?" Zoe asked.

"Not this time, but combine it with the vibrator part and it has before. Maybe with the control turned up further it will." I was just thinking about asking Zoe to turn the knob one more time when she did.

My body reacted instantly in the same way as it had before, and I screamed as well. But this time the shock lasted longer and my body's reactions lasted longer. When the shock stopped the throbbing in my pussy and tits kept going for a lot longer than it had from the first shock. "I think that there's a third click that you can turn the knob to." I said, and again Zoe zapped me. I screamed again and my body reacted the same way except that the accumulation of zaps was enough to make me cum; and I did.

Well I did after I'd screamed.

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My body went rigid then when the zap stopped I was in a full blown orgasm. I jerked about so much that I slid onto the floor and Kate later told me that my eyes had rolled back into my head. Kate also told me that if I'd kept going like that for much longer she was thinking about calling 999 or 911 or whatever it is in Spain.

When I was able I said, "Wow! I love these mind-blowing orgasms." Then I got up and sat on the seat again. "So who wants to be next?" I asked. "Not me." Kate said. "Wimp; I'll do it." Zoe said. Zoe got her control and put it on the seat beside her. "I don't want to drop it on the floor if it surprises me too much." She said then turned the electric shock button clockwise one click.

She screamed and her body went rigid and she nearly slid off the seat. When it stopped one hand went to her pussy and the other to her tits. "Fucking hell; that was, that was fucking amazing. The shock went from my pussy to my nipples. Look at them, they're rock hard and they're throbbing like hell." "And that's from just one shock; think what it will be like when it's on constantly or you get a dozen random bursts all within a few minutes." "That would kill me." Zoe replied.


"Right, your turn Kate; or do you want me to turn that knob for you?" "No, I'll do it; just give me a minute to compose myself." "Do you want a stiff drink before you do it?" I asked. "No, it's too early for that. Right, here goes." One scream and a few swear words later Kate was grinning from ear to ear.

I wasn't sure if she'd enjoyed it that much or because she'd found the courage to do it. "That was awesome." Kate said.


"Can I do it again?" "You don't have to ask Kate, but hang on, how about we have a little competition; how about we do it again but go round in a circle and keep going round until one of us doesn't do it because they've had enough. One round with the shocks set to 1 click; then a round with them set to 2 clicks and finally, a round with them set to 3 clicks.

We do ourselves for the first click then hand our control to someone else for the second click; then the third person for the third clicks. That'll sort the men from the boys." "I think that I'd rather be fucked by a man." Kate said. "Come on wimp." Zoe said; "more self-confidence, you can do it." "Zoe is right Kate; you can do it.

Right; who's going first?" "I will." Zoe said and immediately gave herself the shock. Her reaction was the same as before and when she was over it she looked at Kate who immediately shocked herself.

Her reaction was the same as before and she had a grin on her face when it was over. I looked at both girls and did it. Fortunately, maybe not, my scream and body movements were all that I got; maybe I'd cum with 2 clicks. Round one over, we passed our control anti-clockwise.

Zoe's scream was louder and her body movements were more pronounced and lasted longer when I zapped her at 2 clicks.

"Fucking hell!" Was all that she managed to say. Kate's response to Zoe's zap was very similar to Zoe's. My response to Kate's 2 click zap was surprisingly similar. I had expected for it to trigger an orgasm but it didn't. In the third and final round, both Zoe and Kate orgasmed as soon as the even longer and stronger shock hit them. I eagerly waited for Kate to zap me and when she did it was like my last shock from my egg was a mini version of what I got then plus an orgasm.

When it was over my nipples and clit were still throbbing. In fact, they were still throbbing 2 hours later. I wondered if it was possible to get the egg to give me a fourth level of shock. "No winners or losers in that competition." Zoe said after about 10 minutes of us doing nothing.

"Oh I don't know, I thing that we were all winners." I replied. "Yeah." Kate said; "That was fun." "So," I said, "what have you 2 got planned for this afternoon? How about a trip to the beach? I can lend you some of my new totally see-through clothes and we can have another round, or 3, of electric shocks." "I'm not sure about just wearing something that's totally see-through; but apart from that I'm game." Kate said.

"Stop being a wimp sis; come on, let's go and get our things." Just as they were leaving the boat my phone rang. "Hola, is that Lolita?" "Si." It was Valeria asking if I could meet Alejandro the following evening. We arranged to meet at a particular café at 8 o'clock. When I terminated the call I had mixed feelings.

I really fancied being in another porno video but I was nervous in case they wanted me to do something that I wouldn't be happy with. I promised myself that I'd practice my negotiating skills to ensure that I would be happy. I was down in my cabin getting ready when Kate and Zoe returned and 20 minutes later 3 girls wearing totally see-through clothes left the marina to get a taxi to the bus station. "Remember sis," Zoe said, "we wear see-through clothes every day and it's totally acceptable; so just act naturally." "Yeah right." A nervous Kate replied.

We marched straight up to the ticket office, I bought our tickets then we went outside to wait for the bus. As we waited for the Bus I asked Zoe how red my butt was and if there was any marks that wouldn't disappear soon.

She looked then told me that I had nothing to worry about, that it was only slightly worse than Kates. We all held our bags in our fronts as we gave our tickets to the old bus driver, not wanting to risk him seeing our slits and refusing to take us.

We all had to stand in the aisle, both Kate and Zoe being able to stand facing forward and holding one of the ceiling hand straps; but with me not being able to reach that far up I had to stand sideways with the people on the seat either side of me being able to see through my skirt and top. I haven't a clue whether or not the girl behind me looked at my butt, but the thirty something man in front of me looked. He was a tall man and when he turned his head towards me his head was right in front of my tits and he only had to look down a bit to see my slit.

For most of the journey, his head was facing me. I wished that the control for my egg had been in my bag instead of Zoe's. Zoe had been behind me getting on to the bus so she could look down at me and the man. About half way to Salines she bent down and whispered, "Priapus." The man watched me have an orgasm although I doubt that he realised what was happening.

Once over, I looked up at Zoe, smiled and mouthed the word 'again'. She did. Twice more before we got to Salines. As we walked across the road and down the slope to the beach Kate said that she hadn't noticed anyone looking at us or saying anything about our see-through clothes with nothing underneath.

"You've just got to be confident and act like you're wearing a burka or something like that and people just ignore you; apart from the odd one or two who'd you'd like to flash your goodies at anyway." I said.

"Yeah, it certainly looks that way Georgia." Kate replied. As soon as we got to the damp sand we all stripped naked. Then Zoe handed out the egg controls. There was nothing on the controls to indicate which one belonged to which egg so life could get 'interesting' for a while. We started walking towards the main clothed area with the controls in our hands.

I quickly discovered that I didn't have the control for my egg as it burst into life causing me to flinch. Fortunately, whoever had my control only set it to purr gently. We soon made it through the clothed area without incident and picked our spot for the next few hours. We made a big deal of putting sunblock on each other and 3 clits got rubbed and 6 nipples got tweaked a few times before we go on our backs on our towels.

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We'd picked our spot about half way between the fence and the water's edge and in an area that didn't have many people close by; but that soon started to change as people, mainly men, decided to settle close to us.

Of course all 3 of us wanted to tan the insides of our thighs so 3 pussies were on full display for anyone who cared to look. It wasn't long before Kate asked if we were going to play that game with the eggs again. Up to that point only my egg had been switched on and that was only on a low vibrate setting so up to that point I was the only one who was slightly aroused. Zoe gave Kate one of the control and we agreed that we'd keep the control that we had and see how we could torment whoever had the matching egg.

We also agreed that 'anything goes'; just to make it more interesting. The only 3 rules that we agreed was that we'd take it in turns to blast whoever just so that all 3 of us weren't cumming at the same time; and that every 15 minutes or so we'd put the controls back into Zoe's bag then each take one out and test it. If any one of us found that we'd got the control for our egg they'd all go back into the bag and we'd start again.

The third rule was that there was to be no physical contact between our hands and any of our bodies, including our own. All went quite well and quite quietly for the first 15 minutes or so with no one appearing to have had an electric shock.

Then on the second round one of them gave me one. My body went rigid then my hips went up in the air for a few seconds. As I got over it I looked at Kate and Zoe; both were smiling. That was it; one of them had declared war. For the next half hour or so all 3 of us were getting shocked and very soon after we started; orgasms. Then Kate asked if we could have a break and Zoe and I agreed. The eggs were switched off and the controls put in Zoe's bag. It was only after my heart rate had got back to normal that I looked around to see if anyone was watching us.

I couldn't see anyone, other than a couple of old men who were looking our way as they walked along the water's edge. Amazingly, all the people around us had ignored our bodies jerking around, our moaning and other verbal noises; and the bells that rang each time that one of us got a shock. After a while we went for a swim to cool off then we went to the café.

Kate wasn't too happy to go there naked but it proved to be uneventful, apart from a few people looking at us. When we got back to our towels Zoe wanted to have an exercise session, which we did, and it attracted a small audience until we'd finished. Then we played 'shock a friend' again until we needed another rest.

After the rest we decided to go for a walk; the 3 of us walked back the way that we came to when I'd landed the jet-ski, then back and on, right passed the hordes of naked people up to the rocky part; then back to our towels. That got Kate and Zoe needing another sunbathing rest then we decided to head back to the marina. This time thought, we didn't put our see-through clothes on until we'd crossed the road and were stood at the bus stop.

One old woman gave us a filthy look and 2 young men had a good stare but that was it. The bus, and the taxi back to the marina were uneventful and I said goodbye to Kate and Zoe before we headed to our respective boats.

I had a shower, checked my butt to make sure that the red was fading nicely, went to the café to get a drink and something to eat; then had a nap before what I suspected would be a tiring night.