Step bro fucks Elsa Jeans pussy on top

Step bro fucks Elsa Jeans pussy on top
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As a six foot two, two hundred pound eighteen year old senior in high school, I thought I had it all. I was a captain of the football team, all-conference light heavyweight wrestler and I was dating the hottest girl in the school. She was the captain of the cheerleading squad and our homecoming queen. And she was a nymphomaniac.

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We fucked all the time. I had the best of everything. Or so I thought. One day in my senior year, because of skipping my last class with my girlfriend to go to her place, I was late for wrestling practice.

And our coach, a former Olympic wrestler, was not happy about it. As punishment, he made me spar against him all practice long. And he threw me around like a rag doll. I was a big strong boy, but Coach Strong was as big as I was and his speed and technique were light years ahead of mine.

He whipped my ass and once practice was over he made me do the running I had missed by being late. By the time I returned to the locker room all my teammates had showered and left and with Coach Strong in his office the locker room was eerily quiet.

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I undressed and headed towards the shower and was a little surprised to see a naked Coach Strong coming to the showers, a towel draped over his shoulder. I had always known he was still in great shape, you could tell even in his clothes, but now seeing him nude my eyes looked him over. From his big, broad shoulders and muscular chest, down his six pack abs and then my eyes bulged wide as I saw the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life swinging between his muscular thighs.

I quickly looked away. But for some reason I couldn't keep from trying to sneak peeks at his big dick without getting caught, of course.

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We stood side by side, showering in silence before Coach turned to me "You fought pretty good out there, Billy." he said "I was impressed with you." "Thanks, Coach." I said, trying to look him in the eyes but my eyes again drifted down to the monster between his legs.

"Oh, shit!" I thought to myself as I saw his hand sliding soap up and down his long, thick shaft. I looked back in his eyes, hoping he hadn't noticed. He smiled at me, but didn't say anything. I became nervous and quickly finished my shower before heading to the scales to weigh myself before getting dressed. I wanted to just run out of there, but I didn't want my coach to think there was anything "funny" about me so I proceeded with my normal routine, which always included weighing myself.

I got off of the scales and headed to my locker when my coach walked out of the shower and said to me "You better come in to the training room and let me give you a quick rub down.

We went at it pretty hard today, I don't want you to be too sore tomorrow." "I'll be alright" I replied, not turning toward him. I didn't want to risk him catching me looking at his massive cock. If he hadn't already. "Bull Shit." he said "I'm not gonna have your mom up here kicking my ass because you're sore tomorrow.

Now get in there." "Alright, coach." I conceded as I turned to do as I was told and was relieved to see he had his towel around his waist. I laid down on the training table and my coach poured massage oil on my back and began working my muscles over.

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The relaxation it caused and the strength of his hands felt good and when I closed my eyes his enourmous cock popped into my brain. I felt my own cock start to stir. He rubbed my shoulders and arms, down my back to just about my hips and then down to my calves, working his way up my legs.

By the time he reached my thighs, much to my fear and shame, I had a full blown hard on. "Alright, Billy" Coach said "Flip over, let's get that chest." "Flip over? Did he just say flip over?" I thought, scared to death "I can't flip over, he'll see that I'm hard" "Flip over." He said again.

"I'm ok, coach" I said, meekly, trying to get out of it. "Billy, flip over now!!" he ordered me. I flipped over and my worst nigtmare happened. My towel flew open showing my coach my full blown seven inch hard on. And there was no pretending what it could have been from. He laughed. "Is that why you didn't want to flip over?" he asked rhetorically "Shit, that's no big deal.

Hell, everybody gets a hard on during a massage." he added, making me feel a little more comfortable. He then poured massage oil on my cock and put my hand on it "Here, man, go ahead and stroke it while I finish this rub down. It's ok. It doesn't mean you're a faggot or anything." He started rubbing my chest and shoulders, man did it feel good, and before I knew it I was yanking on my cock like there was no tomorrow.

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"Whoa, whoa, not so fast." he said before sliding his hand under mine and taking over on my cock "Nice and slow, like this" he added as his hand slid seductively up and down my shaft. He kept stroking me and I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his hand on me. And then something changed. My cock was warm, wet, I opened my eyes to watch my cock disappear in my coach's mouth.

He slid his lips up and down my cock four or five times before running his tongue up my shaft and looking in my eyes "You don't mind, do you?" he asked me. "No" I replied in a whisper. "Good" he said before taking me back in his mouth and working on my cock.

His mouth and tongue worked magic on me as his hands massaged my balls and inner thighs, he alternated between fast and slow strokes, bringing me to the edge of orgasm before slowing down again and keeping my cock hard. Then he stood up and pushed his hips towards my face. "My turn" he smiled at me, his massive cock hanging in front of my eyes, so beautiful. With no hesitation I grabbed his shaft and guided the head of his cock to my lips. I took as much of it as I could in my mouth and began sucking his soft monster.

As he bagan to harden from the pleasure my mouth was giving him I realized what I was meant to do.

I was meant to suck cocks. I was surprised, but once I felt him getting hard I had no fear, no hesitation, no inhibitions, just pure animal desire to suck this gorgeous man's beautiful cock. He kept stroking me as I sucked his dick and the harder he got the harder I sucked him. Loving every minute of it, not wanting it to ever stop but craving his hot cum in my mouth, too. The thought of this masculine, sexy man exploding his very essence into my throat drove me crazy and on each down stroke on his manhood I inched further and further down his shaft, wanting the entire thing down my throat when he let loose his load.

I began rubbing his balls with my left hand as I ferociously sucked his meat and I felt his balls rise, his cock stiffen one more time and then I felt and tasted his sweet, salty man juice exploding into my mouth as my coach let loose a hearty grunt before his knees buckled under him.

His cock softened and I licked it clean, wanting every drop of his cum on my tongue and in my mouth, before he bent over and kissed me, moistening my now sticky lips. He then got on the bench between my legs and began sucking me again.

His mouth left my cock and he lifted him hips in the air, licking my asshole, his tongue pushed inside me before coming out and circling my hole and then pushing back inside me. He ate my asshole and then his tongue trailed over my nut sack, he paused for a moment to suck each ball and then back up my shaft, taking the head of my cock back into his mouth and sucking me long and slow. His drool coated my cock and he rubbed his hand on it before sticking a finger up my ass and massaging the insides of my ass while he began sucking me harder and harder.

It was all I could take and my hips arched into the air as I blasted my load into my coach's mouth. My body was trembling as he kissed his way up my body, his hips between my legs and began kissing me.

I could taste me on his lips and I was sure he could taste himself on mine. And then I felt his now hard cock pressing against my ass. It had split my ass cheeks and the head of his cock was pushing against the spongy softness off my asshole.

Without even thinking about it I rolled my hips up, wrapping my legs around his waist, allowing my coach more access to my ass. He reached between us, positioning the head of his huge cock perfectly against my hole and pressed his hips forward I tried not to resist and then felt the pleasure of his mushroom head popping through my anal ring and sliding inside me.


"Mmm" I moaned. "You like that?" he asked. "Yes, I do." I whispered to him. He pressed forward again and the pleasure I was feeling quickly turned to pain as his massive rod pressed inside me, stretching my asshole and walls past their limits "Don't fight it, Billy, relax baby, just relax, don't close up." he said before pushing a little deeper inside me. "Oh, God" I moaned "Stop, stop, oh, God, I can't take it." I said as the pain of his cock inside me was becoming unbearable.

"You can take it, Billy. Just relax.

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I'll keep it right here for a minute so you can get used to it." he urged. His hand began caressing my chest, he kissed my neck, my chin, to my lips, our tongues met and danced, he must have felt me relax because he pushed inside me with all is force and I screamed in pain. His monster cock felt like someone was driving a baseball bat inside me, tearing me in half.

He kissed me again to muffle my protests. "It's ok, Billy, the worst is over now. I'm inside you. You like that don't you? That I'm inside you?" he cooed, relaxing me. "Yeah, I do." "You want me inside you, right?" he asked. "Yes." I moaned as the pain eased. "I've wanted this for four years, baby." he said as he kissed my chest.

I felt his huge cock back up slightly and push back inside me. Again and again, slowly, gently he pulled his cock back ever so slightly and pushed it back inside me. Gradually his strokes got longer and longer, still slow, still gentle, like he was making love to me.

He propped himself up on his muscular arms above me and I stared up into his handsome face, his beautiful blue eyes while his cock gentle slid in and out of my asshole. I caressed his muscular chest, shoulders and arms, now loving the feeling of his huge, stiff cock sliding across my anal walls, filling me. I felt empty on his back strokes now and wanted to feel his steel hardness filling me when he pushed back inside. My cock was getting hard again now and I wanted to fuck.

Enough of this love making. "Fuck me." I urged as I used my feet on his ass to draw him deeper inside me. He smile and his thrusts became faster and stronger that massive cock was pumping inside me like a piston now, plowing my asshole "Yeah, baby" I moaned, "fuck my ass, baby, fuck meeeee.". He lifted my hips higher aiming my ass straight up and jammed his mighty rod down inside me.

His heavy balls slapped against my ass cheeks as he drove his monster through my chute and into my belly. His sweat started dripping on me from the exertion he was putting into his thrusts. I moaned from the pleasure of his cock sliding in and out of me, he grunted like an animal with each thrust deep inside.

I started stroking my cock and it didn't take me too long before I was blasting a load on my chest. When I released my load, my ass clinched his amazing cock and I watched my coach arch his back on one last deep hard thrust and felt his cock twitch and lurch inside me as he blew his load deep in my bowels.

"Ugh, Ugh, Ugh" he grunted with each blast as his nuts emptied themselves in my ass. He collapsed on top of me and we both lay there panting, my cum oozing between us as i felt his cock soften and eventually slide out of my ass. I could feel his cum seeping and oozing its way through my asshole and I clinched it to keep him inside me but it flowed down my cheeks onto the table. I felt so complete, but so empty. I wanted the man back inside me.

Loving the aftermath, but wanting him again. We laid there together for a few minutes before getting up and going back to the shower to clean ourselves off. I could still feel the flow of his man juice as it rolled down my leg as I walked.


We shared the same shower head as we cleaned up, our bodies rubbing together and I couldn't resist the urge to suck this man off one more time before we finished and then we got dressed and headed for home.

But trust me, it wasn't the last time this man used my ass, or should I say I used his cock.