Hairy granny enjoys a good fucking she never had before Ha

Hairy granny enjoys a good fucking she never had before Ha
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Amber and Kelly in the shower The three of us lay there, naked, on the couch for a while, watching the remainder of the porno. I was laying on my back with my head on the arm rest. Amber was on my left with her head on my chest and Kelly was on my right with her head on my stomach. We were, again, telling each other which porn star we would fuck and it what positions. The last scene was a shower scene. There were two girls and a guy. Amber picked her head up off of my chest, looked at me and grinned.

I knew that look by now. She slowly stood up saying, "I need to shower. Who's with me? Wait. That's a stupid question. I'm not trying to be cocky, but I already know the answer to that. Both of you like to shower with me." Amber helped Kelly up, but as she was going from lying down to on her knees, she turned, bent down and gave my dick a kiss.

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She started to stand up, but apparently she changed her mind because she got on her hands and knees between my legs, smiled at Amber, and lowered her head. Without using her hands, she took my soft dick into her mouth, sucked on it and twisted her tongue around it. "Really Kelly? I knew you were a horny girl, but I didn't know it was this bad," Amber inquired.

"You know what they say," putting my hardening cock into her mouth and then lifting her head off again, "You can't have too much of a good thing. And this is great!" "Yeah, I know. Believe me. Help that great thing up and let's take him up to the shower with us.

Then you can have almost all of the great thing you want." Amber was ready, she was rubbing her clit just standing there watching Kelly suck me off. "Let's go!" Amber straddled my head and squatted down so her pussy was about two inches above my mouth. I picked my head up to give her a lick, but she stood up too quickly. "Tease!" I said to her. "More in the shower," she said. "Plus that thing I told you about last night. Kelly and I didn't know what she was talking about.

Kelly pulled her mouth off of my cock and we both stood up. Kelly's house was a little bigger then Amber's. I followed the girls up the stairs.

They were holding hands and whispering again. As they got to the landing at the top of the stairs, Kelly stopped and asked Amber what was on her foot. Amber bent over to look at her foot and Kelly motioned me to come up behind her.

I quickly snuck up behind Amber, grabbed her hips and snuck my cock into her pussy and pumped a couple of quick thrusts into her.

Amber tried to stand up in shock, but Kelly's hand was on her back and she couldn't. I pushed my rod into her as far as it would go and moved it around in a circular motion. Amber moaned, looked up at Kelly, and said, "Good one." "Well," Kelly said. "You watched us fuck, I wanted to see you two do it. I wanna see more, but I have a surprise for you two. Go sit in my parents room. I'll be right there." I pushed in once more then pulled out of Amber as Kelly ran to her room.

Amber and I walked to the chairs in the sitting area of the master suite in Kelly's house. I sat in one chair, expecting Amber to sit in the other chair. "Brett, I was gonna sit in that chair." "I'm sorry, sit there," I pointed to the other chair two feet away from me.

"No. I'm still gonna sit in this chair." She walked up to me, turned around, straddled me, and sat on the lower part of my stomach.

She was holding my erection, tightly pressed against her pussy, in her hand between her legs. I could, again, feel the warmth of her slit on my shaft.

I thought to myself, 'Where was Kelly? Oh, never mind. Amber is here.' Amber began to rock back and forth on my lap, grinding my dick on her warm, wet pussy. I felt her juices begin to cover my cock.

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'Man, she is wet' I thought. She slid forward, farther this time, rocked her hips back and let my hard-on slide freely into her begging slit. "I know I should be tired, but I'm not. This is too good to be true." Amber began grinding on me with my cock fully inside of her. I reached around and started grabbing her tits. She laid back on me and put her head on my shoulder, not letting my cock come out of her slippery pussy.

She turned toward me and started to kiss me. Between the moaning and breathing I said, again, "This - is too - good - to be true." "What's too good to be true?" Kelly asked as she was walking down the hallway. "OH MY GOD! That is SO hot Amber. Honey you are hot enough as it is, but seeing you there, with him cock-deep in you, in that position, turns me on even more." We broke our kiss to look at Kelly. She was standing there in a black corset that didn't cover her tits, it just pushed them up and together.

It had red piping and bows on it. She had black thigh-high stockings attached to the garter-belt and black high heels. "Talk about hot girl! I want to fuck you so bad right now." I chimed in saying, "This it the time when a guy needs two cocks." Still enjoying my cock inside her, Amber said, "See Brett? No underwear. She wears them less than I do. Hot huh?" I answered by pulsating my cock in her, she got the point. She squeezed my cock with her pussy so I returned and pushed into her as deep as I could possibly go, making her moan even louder.

"I thought you guys might like this. I got it mostly for the next time you came over to watch movies with me Amber, but after earlier, I wanted to show it off for you too Brett." Kelly walked over to us and spun around, modeling it for us.

She turned to face away from us, bent over and spread her pussy lips with two fingers. Then she took her other hand, sucked on her middle finger and, coming down from the top, slowly pushed it into her ass hole. I gasped and Amber moaned seeing that. "Weren't we going to shower?" Kelly asked. "Yeah, but you said to wait, you'd be right back. Besides, you can't shower in that," said Amber "I know, but I also knew that if I let you and Brett sit for a minute, I was sure to find you two fucking each other again.

I didn't know it would be this hot though." Kelly started to move her finger in and out of her ass while rubbing her clit. Without removing her finger, Kelly walked over to the chair next to us and sat down, put her feet up and continued to ass fuck herself. Amber told her that I took the chair she was going to sit in so she sat down anyway and "Oops, his cock slipped into my pussy. So we started to fuck again. This position is great. You should try it." Obviously enjoying the show, Kelly said, "Yeah, 'oops' huh?" Pinching her nipples and still rubbing her clit, Kelly pulled her finger out of her ass and knelt in front of us.

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She started to grab Amber's tits and pinch her nipples and lick what she could see of my shaft as it went in and out of Amber's pussy. "Mmmmm, Amber, you taste so good." Kelly kept licking my shaft but she added Amber's clit to the mix. Kelly stood up after a minute, turned around and sat on my thighs. She bent over, exposing her ass hole to Amber, saying, "Put it in me Amber." Amber pumped a couple more times then stood up and my hard cock popped out, dripping with her juices.

She grabbed my cock and pointed it at Kelly's ass hole. Kelly slid back until my head was touching her ass. She grabbed my cock out of Amber's hand, positioned herself on it and slowly sat down. It was so tight, it almost hurt. The head of my dick popped in, Kelly let out a loud moan and Amber, watching, gasped. Kelly then pushed against my rod, forcing it into her ass.

Slowly, she got it all the way in and sat up so she could grind my cock in her ass. Amber stayed on my lap, rubbing Kelly's tits while I took care of Amber's clit with my finger. My other hand was on her breasts. Kelly continued to moan and grind, "You like that baby?" Amber asked.

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"Oh yeah," Kelly and I responded. Kelly started to bounce up and down on my cock, screaming with pleasure. She slowed down after a couple minutes and resumed grinding. Soon after that she got off my cock, stood up and said, "We really need to shower. Kelly started to take her shoes off and get undressed. Amber agreed, hesitantly.

She slid down my stomach and over my hard-on in an honest attempt to get off my lap and go to the shower. Right when she was almost off my lap, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back, sliding my cock back into her pussy.

She tried to stand up, but couldn't. The pleasure was too much. Kelly, fully undressed, grabbed Amber by the hands and pulled her off my cock. She stood up laughing, letting my hard-on come out of her. Kelly pushed Amber into the bathroom and shower as I followed closely. So close that my cock was rubbing on Kelly's ass the whole way. I had my hands on Kelly's waist and gently pulled her back to me as Amber walked into the shower.

Just outside the bathroom, I held Kelly's waist and pushed her over my arm. Amber turned the water on. Kelly was giggling with excitement. I had my cock in my hand and slowly pushed it into Kelly's wet pussy.


"It's gonna be really hard to walk like this honey," she said. "OK, watch." I grabbed her by the back of the legs and picked her up, walking into the shower with her on my cock.

Every step seemed like it send her over the edge because she would moan louder with each one. "Wow, so that's what it looks like from this angle. You're right Kel, that is HOT!" As I let Kelly down, she turned around to kiss me.

Then she asked me, "Can I wash you off Brett?" "Yeah, that's what I was hoping for." She grabbed the soap and started to lather me up as Amber and I kissed under the shower. While Kelly was washing my chest she was also playing with Amber's tits.

Kelly didn't know it yet, but I already had my cock in Amber's pussy again, feeling the warmth it gave off, and grabbing her ass. Kelly finished washing my body off and walked over behind Amber. She started playing with Amber's tits again. I took the soap and told Amber that it was her turn. I turned her around. "OK, hold on." She got up on her tip toes and pulled my dick out.

Kelly just shook her head. Amber turned around and started to kiss Kelly, both of them rubbing the other's clit. I got down to wash her ass and Amber pushed Kelly back against the wall. Amber started to lick Kelly's tits as she bent over.

"Again?" I asked with a smile on my face. "Absolutely," she said. I squatted a little and positioned my cock at her pussy. I started to push it in when she rolled her hips back and moved forward so my dick was resting on her ass hole. "Push, but go slow." "Oh my God!" I started to push.

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It was even tighter then Kelly's. The head popped in and Amber jumped from surprise, pulling it right back out. I grabbed her around her waist and inserted again. "Holy shiiiit! That's tight!" she yelled. "Feels good though huh?" Kelly asked. Gasping for air, "Yeah. It feels great!" Amber screamed.

Kelly started to rub Amber's pussy to help her loosen up and relax. I slid my cock farther into her ass, moaning and grabbing at Kelly's tits. I started pumping into Amber's ass. It was so tight. I fucked her ass for a few minutes as Kelly rubbed her clit and fingered her.

Amber's screaming became louder the more we fucked. She slowed down and got off my dick, stepping to the side. I stepped up to Kelly, grabbed one of her legs, put it around my waist and inserted my cock into her pussy as she threw her arms around my neck.


She put her other leg up as Amber walked around behind her. Amber started to grab Kelly's tits while we fucked. I put my hands under her ass to hold her up and as I did, I slipped my middle finger into her ass hole.

A shocked look came across Kelly's face, but it quickly turned to a pleasured look and she started smiling. Amber and I were kissing either side of Kelly's neck. Kelly would turn her head to Amber and kiss her then turn to me and kiss me.

All the while, Kelly was getting fucked, hard, by me.

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"Tell me when you're gonna come baby," Kelly said. Amber started rubbing Kelly's clit. She kept going faster and faster. Giving Kelly that look of pure pleasure. While I was pumping into Kelly's snatch, I was thinking about all the fucking I had done over the past two days. And with those thoughts racing through my head, I could feel the tension in my balls building. "I'm gonna cum. Holy shit! I'm gonna cum and its gonna be soon!" Kelly got off my rod and got down on her knees with Amber.

Amber started to suck and stroke my shaft fast and with a very tight grip. "OH MY GOOOODDDD!" I yelled as I shot my hot load on both of them. This one also landing on their chests and just as big as the last one. Amber took my cock back in her mouth and kept sucking and swallowing my cum.

"Wow, Kelly. Your pussy tastes good." "Damn Brett," Kelly said, washing the cum off of her and Amber's chests. "That was great. Thanks for making my weekend sweetie. And you, beautiful," looking at Amber, "thanks for sharing and letting me be part of your dirty little secret.

And for your first anal, you took it like a champ." "That was your first time in the ass?" I asked Amber. "yeah, when you put your thumb there last night I knew I wanted your cock there too, but I didn't know how what to do.

That was the original reason I called Kelly. Then she asked why and I couldn't not tell her about you." She kissed me.

"I don't know why you asked me, I've never done it before. I just told you what I have heard and seen on movies. Buy hey, it worked right?" "It sure did. Do you guys realize its 1:00 and we've been fucking each other for four hours now?" "That's crazy.

Its been a great four hours though," I said. "And, not to ruin the mood, but I think we should probably get going soon. My parents will be back from their trip and they will want to see me." "OK. Can we do this again sometime?" Kelly asked. "Definitely," Amber replied. "In fact, Kelly, do you wanna come over tonight? My parents are going to see my grandma in Arizona for a few days. We can go swimming and get in the hot tub." "Yeah, that would be relaxing.

Thanks. Is 6:00 OK?" "That's perfect," Amber told her. We got dressed and into Amber's car. Driving back to her house she said, "You should come over later too.

Jason's sick, but just tell your parents that you are coming over to 'play'. They won't mind." My erection started again.