Bound up naked gay teen boys As we proceed to converse I find out

Bound up naked gay teen boys As we proceed to converse I find out
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Elena - V It was Monday morning and Elena had shown up at my door late the previous night crying and soaking wet after walking to my house in the rain from the bus stop. I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks prior and really wasn't sure if I wanted to see her again.

But when I saw her looking so upset and vulnerable, I melted. Now here she was sitting on the edge of my bed facing away from me holding up something that she had just scooped up off the floor next to her feet. She had a bright orange ruffled thong in her hand that she knew wasn't hers.

It had been left by Jenna, the cute brunette cowgirl who just two days prior, had spent the night in bed with me after a night of heavy drinking. I didn't know exactly what to expect from her reaction but the silence was killing me. I was waiting for some kind of outburst, thinking that any minute she would start yelling, swearing, or crying. Finally she turned around to look at me and spoke in a very calm voice. "So who is she?" "Just somebody I met at a bar when I went out with Clem Saturday night." I answered softly with a lump in my throat.

She cocked her head sideways, "And do you have a thing for her? Do you still want to see her?" "No, not really," I said. But if Elena hadn't shown up on my doorstep last night I probably would have called Jenna again. "It was just a thing. I was actually pretty drunk." "So are you going to call her back and tell her that you have a girlfriend and that you can't see her ever again?" Elena said, in a tone that sounded more like she was giving me an order more than than asking a question.

"Of course. Sure I'll do that. I'm really sorry baby. I just." I stopped not sure of what to say next. Then she moved next to me on the bed and looked up at me with sad eyes.

I was pretty surprised at how easy she seemed to be letting me get off. I expected a highly emotional outburst of some kind. But that's just the way Elena is, forgiving, understanding, and not excessively temperamental, even though I knew she was very capable of making a big scene if she felt that he has been wronged. I was surprised when she gave a little peck on the cheek and said, "I know you could never be happy with anyone else." "Really, and why do you think that?" I smiled.

"Because nobody can do the things for you the way that I can," and she leaned down and started to suck on my limp cock. Then she stopped briefly and said. "You know it's true, don't you?" "I most definitely do." I agreed feeling quite relieved. And it was the truth. Elena went to work doing her magic on my cock. Slurping, sucking, and twisting her head around and around with her amazing technique.

I was rock hard in a matter of seconds. She would stop every few seconds to ask me bizarre questions. "Did she suck you?" "Yes, a little bit" I answered. "How did you fuck her? I want the details." "You don't really hear that?" I couldn't understand why she would want to know. "Yes I do, tell me." She insisted and went then back to sucking me.

So I told her everything. It seemed to excite her and it certainly was fun if not very bizarre for me to talk about it. I told her how Jenna had snuck into bed with me, got on top of me, kissed me, sucked me, and then how she rode me like a cowgirl.

Elena just continued working on my cock until finally she climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my cock, working me slowly into her tight pussy. "Did she do you like this." Elena asked with a sexy look on her face and she bit the edge of her lip. "Yeah, but she wasn't tight like you" I knew she would like that compliment, but it was true. She started to move on me slowly at first and then increased the pace rapidly, twisting her body around and bucking up and down as if imaging what Jenna had done with me.

"See, I can ride you like a cowgirl too!" She said as she lifted up and down, teetering on her feet in a squatting position over me. "How many times did you cum in her?" She asked, her eyes just inches from mine. "Ten times." I grinned. She reached out and gave me a playful slap on the face. "You liar." "How many times?" She asked again, wanting an honest answer as she continued to slap her ass up and down on my thighs with my cock impaled deep into her.

"Three times." I said. But as I recall, that was an exaggeration even if you include the morning after. We just continued looked at each other's faces and she put her hands on my shoulders and continued to hammer down on me.

She went on with the questions, "How many times did she come?" "I don't know, I lost track. But quite a few times" I definitely lied about that because I didn't really know. But it was turning her on to hear all these details. Hell, it was turning me on to tell her.

"Fuck me like you fucked your cowgirl!" She said loudly, almost out of breath and just seconds later she let out a final loud long moan and we both exploded with simultaneous orgasms.

My cock erupted and pumped seed deep into her as she swung her body around wildly, squealing with pleasure.

She slowed and then stopped and her body shivered before she leaned forward to rest her head on my shoulder.

I loved the feeling of her warm body against me and felt her heart beating fast. "I love you." She whispered in my ear and then she fell over onto the bed next to me. "I love you too," I told her, "even though you are kind of a freak in the bed." She giggled and I Iooked down at her perfect smooth body, thinking what a lucky guy I was.

She may have been a wild child but she had a great heart. We stayed in bed talking for hours after that. Elena told me she was jealous but that she wasn't mad about my night with Jenna. She told me that, in her mind, there was a huge difference between getting off with someone for pure sexual release verses enjoying sexual pleasure with someone that you are in love with.

She went on to say that sex with a lover is so much better and more passionate when love connects them together. It was an obvious and honest revelation of course, but for some reason it took my 19-year old girlfriend to say it aloud and make this simple concept a reality for me. We had been through some weird sexual adventures over the last few months, but ultimately the true passion between us happened because we had developed a strong love for each other.

My way of thinking was changing. "So can I invite Jenna over for a threesome?," I looked at her with a straight face, "Just for fun and sexual release. Nothing else." I joked. "Nice try but that is definitely not going to work for me." She said sternly with a frown. "Okay, just thought I'd ask." I chuckled. * * * * * My roommates Chris and Clem were not all that happy to see Elena back with me.

Especially when I asked if they were okay with her staying with me for a week or so. Of course they thought she was sexy hot and great to look at and have around, but they didn't think that she was good for me as a long term girlfriend. A week or so ago, when I thought that things were over between Elena and I, I made the mistake of telling Clem about the group sex night we had in San Francisco.


Clem had told me he thought Elena was nothing but a Spanish whore and he couldn't very well take that back now. Over the next two weeks, I went off to work every day and Elena took the bus to the city a few times to finish up her final exams and visit her mother. She also did a couple of modeling gigs to get some spending money but most of the jobs didn't pay much since they expected the young students to work for little or nothing and the competition at the big agencies was tough.

On my way home from work one weeknight night, Elena called and told me that a friend was coming over to visit. When I asked who it was, she said it was a surprise. This worried me a little based on some of her last surprises and I had no idea what might be waiting for me when I got home. When I walked in the door, Elena and her Asian friend Chu were sitting on the couch sharing a bottle of wine they had found in my growing collection.

Chu looked fantastic and when I saw her there, I had instant flashbacks of our wild night in the city at Henrick's place. She wore tight low-cut jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to her perfect petite body and showed off her perfectly round breasts. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

We sat there and opened a second bottle of wine while Chu told us how Henrick had gotten drunk last weekend and smacked her around in drunken rage. She had packed up and had been living with friends for the last week.

Since school was now over, she was going off to Los Angeles in a few days to look for work.

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When she excused herself to go to the bathroom, Elena leaned over to me and asked in a low voice, "Can Chu stay here tonight?" "What?

Where is she going to sleep? I asked her, "There's no room here." "She can sleep here on the couch?" Elena then smiled and added, "Or she always sleep in the room with us." I paused and looked a her for minute before I said answered. I wondered if she was serious and then I thought, of course she is. This is Elena we're talking about. "You told me you wanted a threesome" She laughed. "No, I joked with you about doing a threesome with Jenna," then I smiled and said, "Yes, I guess she can stay." I tried not to sound too enthusiastic about the possibilities running through my mind.

"I had a feeling you would say yes" She giggled just as Chu came back into the room. "He says you can stay here tonight," Elena told Chu. Chu looked at me "Are you sure it's okay." I gave her a big smile and nodded "Of course you can Chu. It's a long trip back to the city." "But you have to stay with us in the bedroom because of his roommates." Elena winked. Chu laughed, "Whatever.

It's not like I haven't seen you guys naked before." Just then I heard the front door open and Clem walked in and sat down with us. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Chu and he was trying hard to flirt with her. I went off to the kitchen and he followed to get himself a beer.

"Who is that? Dude, she is so damn hot" He asked excitedly. "Remember, the girl I told you about. The whole girlfriend swap night I told you about?" "That's her?" His mouth dropped, "And you tapped that sweet thing?" "Not only did I tap that, but I'm probably going to get to tap it again tonight" I smirked at him smugly and then left him standing there with his mouth open.

He came back in to the room and sat back in his chair but the girls were involved in some kind of detailed discussions about school and modeling. I guess he felt ignored so he left the room. Elena stopped and turned to me, "Did we bore him". "I think maybe he wants to watch TV in here." I shrugged. Elena stood up "Okay, then let's go hang out in your room." I picked up what was left in the bottle of wine and we went off to my bedroom.

There wasn't a lot of room in there and I didn't have any chairs to sit on but fortunately, I had a queen-sized bed so the three of us sat on the bed and continued talking.

Actually they were doing all the talking, I was just listening to them having random conversations like two cute young teenagers on a sleepover. I leaned against the wall while the girls sat Indian style facing each other and I watched them go on and on. The effects of the wine were getting to me a little and I couldn't help but smile at about having a gorgeous Latina and a gorgeous Asian girl sitting here on my bed.

Finally, Elena stopped mid-conversation and looked over at me. "What's that look on your face?" "What?" I answered innocently. "That silly grin" Elena flashed me a big smile, "What are thinking about, you pervert?" They both laughed. "Nothing, I'm just enjoying watching you guys talk and have fun." I stuttered. "You are both so beautiful I could just sit here and watch you all night.

"I know what he is thinking about" Chu looked first at Elena and then to me, "He is thinking about you and I making out?" "Are you?" Elena gave me this silly look. I was speechless and just nodded my head up and down. Chu then took Elena's wine glass from her hand and put it on the dresser along with hers. Then she returned to the bed and leaned over and pressed her lips against Elena's.

They just smacked a couple of times at first and looked at each other with these loving kind of eyes. I felt this strange tingling sensation come over my body as the blood pumped from every major artery directly to my cock where I set a new speed record from limp to rock hard.

Chu was positioned on her hands and knees on the bed in front of Elena who was sitting with her legs crossed and her hands still on her lap. I couldn't believe that I was just sitting here watching two of the most beautiful girls I know kissing right here in front of my on my own bed. The kissing became more intense as their tongues started touching each other's.

Elena reached up and pulled the back of Chu's head closer to her. I was loving the sound of their soft sweet moans. Elena rearranged herself and laid back on the bed with her legs stretched out and Chu moved on top of her and they resumed kissing passionately. They kept at it for the longest time and I wondered what it was about girls. How they could get such satisfaction from just kissing for so long, unlike guys like to move along pretty fast, get naked and get our cocks inserted into something.

But over time I had learned about foreplay and how much girls prefer the slow erotic approach. Of course, I had no problem with that right now. For me, watching them felt hotter than any hard kind of porn I had ever watched and they were still both fully clothed.

My cock was getting crushed inside of my pants so I quietly unzipped and tried to be discreet about pulling my cock out. Chu looked up and caught me with my cock in my hand and asked, "Are you enjoying this?" I nodded yes.


"Of course he is, just look him" Elena giggled. "I have just one question. Have you girls done this before?" I asked. Chu looked up with this sexy grin, "Yes, just a couple of times." Elena nodded yes too and they resumed the makeout session. I slowly slid my hand up and down my hard shaft while continuing to watch the show.

Neither of them were wearing bras and Chu leaned down and ran her tongue around Elena's nipples through the thin blouse she was wearing. Then Chu lifted up the blouse and started to lick and nibble on Elena's breasts. Elena moaned and arched her back, pushing her firm round breasts up toward Chu's mouth.

It struck me how little petite Chu seemed to be the more aggressive one but I enjoyed seeing Elena be the submissive. Chu went back and forth between each of Elena's tits and then back up to her mouth for more kissing.

Eventually, Chu sat up and unzipped Elena's jeans and helped her wiggle out of them. Then she moved her head down between Elena's legs and ran her tongue along each of Elena's thighs, working closer and closer to her pussy which was barely covered by a tiny pink triangle thong. Chu pulled the thong to one side and started in on Elena's bare pussy with the full length of her tongue.

I was starting in on a full bore stroking now but had to stop a couple of times to keep from blowing my load. At one point, Elena looked over at me smiling and asked, "Are you feeling left out?" "No baby, I just want to watch right now" I said. It was kind of hard for anyone to believe that I was turning down an invitation from Elena to join in but I was in my own kind of ecstasy just watching them. Chu kept working on Elena intensely.

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I watched her tongue dart in and out of Elena's pussy and then she flicked Elena's clit with the tip of her tongue. Elena was wiggling wildly on the bed and she moved her hand to the back of Chu's head. The intensity of her moans increased until she let out a high-pitched squeal and then I knew she was cumming hard. And that was it for me, it was all I could take and I let out a deep rumbling grunt and erupted all over myself sending streams of warm cum all the way from my belly button up to my neck.

I held my cock tight in my fist even after I was spent and could still feel my cock pumping but there was nothing left in me to shoot out. Damn, I thought to myself, why couldn't I have saved this for the girls. Chu stopped and rested her head on Elena's belly. Then she looked up at me smiling and said "What?

you couldn't wait? I was getting her ready for you." "Sorry" I shrugged with a boyish grin on my face. Elena slide up next to my side asked, "So, did you like that?" "No," I paused for effect, and then said, "I loved it." "C'mere Chu" Elena motioned for Chu to come next to me on the other side. Chu slid up next to me and I put my arm around her. I loved having them snuggled up against me on each side but it felt weird to be sitting there between them having just spewed cum all myself, especially as was still running down my chest sticky and wet.

Elena reached over and playfully rubbed it all over me.

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We sat there for a few minutes in silence while Elena gently cupped and caressed my balls. Then she slid down and started to lick my slightly limp cock which was still wet and covered in cum. I hoped that I could get hard again quickly with such a short recovery time. Elena pulled me into her mouth and sucked and swallowed all the remnants of my cum, cleaning me up.

She lifted her head up and nodded toward Chu and said, "Kiss her." I didn't need to be told twice so I leaned over and Chu greeted me with her wet mouth. My god, she tasted so good and I imagined I was sucking Elena's juices off of her lips.

Elena watched for a minute and then she went back to sucking me. Of course, my cock instantly sprung to life again. Chu was driving me crazy with her soft sweet moaning as we ran our tongues together around and around. I pulled off Chu's shirt and she helped herself out of her jeans. We went back to our kissing and I reached down and caressed Chu's firm tits and pinched her nipples lightly while Elena ran her tongue up and down my shaft and across my balls.

I leaned down and pulled one of Chu's pointed nipples into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. After Elena decided that I was about as hard as I could ever get, she looked up and said "I want you to make love to Chu." "Make love" I thought to myself. I thought that was a funny way of putting it. But I think she was trying to tell me to take my time and to be passionate with Chu and that was fine with me. I pulled Chu's petite little body toward the middle of the bed and positioned myself in front of her.

I carefully removed her tiny black thong and I moved down and began to lick her familiar delicious pussy. It was, after all, only a few weeks ago that I had last tasted her. Elena and Chu resumed kissing while I ran my tongue across Chu's perfect pussy lips and then massaged her clit. She was delicious. I could have stayed doing that for hours but when I thought she was wet and ready enough, I moved up onto my knees, took my cock into my hand, and slowly pushed it into her.


It felt so nice and smooth, like velvet, I thought to myself. I lifted her legs up and pulled her thighs firmly against my chest. I worked on her nice and slow, grinding into her while Elena kissed, licked, and nibble on her neck.

Chu moaned and wiggled her body, "Oh my god, this feels so good," She cried out. I was so turned on looking down at her sexy body and watching Elena with her. I pulled out a couple of times to keep my self from cumming so soon and I rubbed my shaft against her pussy before sliding back into her. Just by accident, I missed my aim and pressed my cock against her tight asshole and tried to get in. Realizing my mistake, I pulled back and started back to her pussy but Chu surprised me by reaching down and taking hold of my cock.

She moved it back to her ass and pressed the tip of my swollen cock tight toward the tightest of her holes. It took quite an effort get into her and she helped by spreading her legs and raising her ass off the bed a little. I vibrated my body slightly to gently push just the head of my cock inside of her, trying to be so gentle.

Finally, I slowly slid all the way in and felt that same incredible grip that I had experienced with Elena several times by now. I had learned with Elena to be slow and gentle during anal play so I let Chu do most of the moving and she wiggled her body slowly with my cock now firmly planted inside of her.

There was nothing I could do to keep from cumming this time. The amazing grip of Chu's ass, the view of her gorgeous body under me, and watching Elena plant kisses on her made me explode. When she felt my cock pulsating seed inside of her and heard me moaning loudly, she yelped and cried out with pleasure as she came hard herself.

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I laid myself down on top of her and leaned over to give Elena a big kiss. I still couldn't believe my luck having such a fantastic girlfriend and being able to have both of these gorgeous girls with me tonight. We crawled under the covers and slept together that night with me in the middle between them.

Chu feel asleep first and just before Elena did, I leaned over and whispered into her ear and told that I loved her. Also, remembering something she had told me earlier in the week, I asked jokingly, "Was this pure sexual release or passionate love making?" "What do you think?" She smiled and then slid her ass against me so that we were in the spoon position and I felt Chu snuggle against me on the other side.

"Wow, I could sure get used to this", I thought to myself and feel asleep sound and satisfied. * * * * * * If you liked this and want part 6, please give me a positive rating and leave a comment and I'll continue to write about my first year with Elena.