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Fbailey story number 200 The Teahouse Of The August Moon The Teahouse Of The August Moon was a very nice movie made back in 1956 staring Glen Ford, Marlon Brando, Eddie Albert, and Paul Ford.

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It took place after WWII on Okinawa. That was all that I could think about as I had my building constructed. My 'Teahouse Of The August Moon.' I had it all thought out and designed.

I had an Oriental designer help me decorate and furnish it.


It was going to be a romantic restaurant for couples only. By couples I meant male and female couples. All of the waitresses were to be trained in the art of the 'Tea Ceremony' and were to speak both English and Japanese. I chose Japanese girls over Okinawa girls for their obvious beauty.

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I hired two Japanese American girls to help me run the place and to help me hire more girls. Aki and Anzu were hard for me to pronounce so they allowed me to call them by the meanings, so they became Autumn and Apricot. Autumn and Apricot accompanied me to Japan where we purchased many of the items that we would need such as kimonos, bamboo shoes, and other stuff to make the place authentic. We were told that many young women wanted to come to America and that they were willing to work off their passage and expenses.

Apparently that was quite common in the Orient and especially in China. I know that some of my relatives sold themselves as indentured servants to come to America from England way back in the seventeenth century.

While in Japan Autumn and Apricot took me to a traditional bathhouse. In Japan before you take a bath you must wash yourself. The bath is not for bathing, but for soaking. The Japanese have their own forms of modesty but nudity in a bathhouse is not one of them.

Autumn and Apricot both undressed in front of me as though it were perfectly normal. They were so pretty that I got hard and they giggled. All of the attendant staff at the bathhouse were women and some of them were smiling at me too.

After our half-hour bath the attendants took us into another room and pulled and squeezed every muscle and stretched and twisted every joint for another forty-five minutes. The massage even included our scalps and a walk on our backs. When she was done I could hardly move because the massage was so intoxicating and mesmerizing. Autumn and Apricot had been born and raised in America but their parents had insisted that they speak Japanese in their presence.

Both of my girls were thirty years old and felt right at home in a country that they had never seen before. We took the time to visit a few of their relatives while we were there. So while in Japan I hired ten absolutely gorgeous young women. They were all between eighteen years old and twenty-five years old. Below is a list of the girl's names followed by the meaning.

Obviously for an American it was much easier for me to use the meanings. Aki Autumn Anzu Apricot Kaminari Thunder Kukiko Snow Child Manami Love And Beauty Megumi Goddess Mizuki Beautiful Moon Momoko Peach Sakura Cherry Blossom Suzume Sparrow Tsukiko Moon Yukika Snow Flower Once my building was complete there was underground parking for more than enough cars so that the rain and snow would not be a problem for anyone.

The restaurant itself was on the main level and there were lots of tiny rooms with rice paper walls, low tables, and pillows to sit on. As you enter the front door you are required to remove your shoes and place them in a locker where you find slippers to wear.

The cooks and the food were Chinese, because it was just so popular. On the second and third floors were apartments for my staff with my apartment being the entire forth floor of the building. There was an 'onsen' or a Japanese Bathhouse off the back of the main floor.

The usage fee was thirty-five dollars for the bath and a Japanese massage called a 'shiatsu.' The new girls were much younger that my girls so of course I put Autumn and Apricot in charge of them. I assigned them five girls each while I handled the entrance and took the money. Our beverages consisted mostly of hot tea, warm Sake, and Rice Wine. The advertising that I had done had worked every well and I had a pretty steady flow of couples on our opening day.

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The Oriental music was playing in the background, the girls looked so good in their authentic kimonos, and the customers all raved about the romantic tea ceremony. All in all everything was a huge success. Only a few couples tried the bathhouse even though we supplied bathing suits and bikinis for them. I don't think that it was the money as much as the unknown. At the end of that first day the Chinese cooks went home while the girls invited me into the bathhouse with them.

Since we all lived in the building I simply locked up and joined them. I watched as they all removed their kimonos and stood there completely naked facing me as I undressed.


None of them had worn anything underneath their kimonos. Needless to say by the time I was naked I was sporting a pretty good erection. The girls giggled and talked to one another in Japanese.

Apricot smiled and then told me that she had been elected to relieve my problem. Then she dropped to her knees before me and grabbed a hold of my hard cock before slipping her mouth over the end of it.

There was a lot more giggling and Japanese whispering as I fucked Apricot's mouth right in front of eleven of my employees. Oh it felt so good. As I looked at each girl I got more and more excited and finally I just had to cum in her mouth.

She politely swallowed it. Then we left the changing room to enter the washing area. Once we were clean we got in the hot water together to relax. One of the girls had remembered to bring several bottles of warm Sake with several tiny cups.

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We all picked up a cup, made a toast to the success of the restaurant, and then drank. I certainly enjoyed looking around the hot pool at all of their tiny titties just above the water as they sat on the tiled benches around the perimeter.

A couple more cups of Sake apiece and we were ready to get out but the girls took me into the massage room instead. There we were all treated to a half-hour massage by the girls that knew what they were doing. For two hours we watched each other get a massage.

Obviously I got hard again and it was Autumn's turn to give me a blowjob while the others watched her. She was a little better at it than Apricot had been and she felt so good that I cum way too quickly and then watched her swallow it all.

It had been a long day so I suggested that we all turn in for the night. Autumn asked me witch one of the two of them that I wanted to take to bed with me that night. I looked at them both and really couldn't decide between them so I said both of them. With smiles on their faces they accompanied me up to my floor and right into my bedroom.

Autumn and Apricot giggled again as they told me what the other girls had been talking about in their own language earlier. They were dividing me up. It seems that all of the girls wanted to have sex with me because my cock was so big. I really wasn't all that big and both Autumn and Apricot knew that but the other girls didn't. Apparently Japanese men were not as well built as a normal American man.

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They said that none of the girls were virgins and that I could have sex with all of them anytime that I wanted too. The girls were under the assumption that I had hired them as geisha girls. Geisha are professional hostesses who entertain guests through various performing arts. Geisha girls and women are not ordinary hostesses and are not prostitutes either but sex is certainly not out of the question, especially with their employer.

I made love to Autumn first thing in the morning and Apricot right after lunch. We didn't open for business until three in the afternoon so I had plenty of time to enjoy my two girls. I figured that eight hours was plenty of time to have the restaurant open so we closed at eleven o'clock at night. There was not much difference between making love to Autumn or Apricot. They were almost identical in height, weight, and breast size. My cock felt just the same in both of their pussies too.

Even though the two women were not even related they could have been twins. That second day the restaurant business was even better and the bathhouse business did better too. I had the cooks fix us all a nice dinner at the close of business before they went home. The girls suggested that we all take another bath together before bed as we had the previous night. Thunder and Snow Child each gave me a blowjob during our bath while the others watched and then they accompanied me up to my floor and right into my bedroom.

It was late and I had already cum twice so I slept with them cuddled tight into me. When I woke up I made love to Thunder.

She was one of the younger girls at just eighteen. She had the smallest body and adorable teensy-weensy titties with really nice nipples. Her pussy was almost hairless and was very red and puffy.

Her pussy was puffier than it had been the last two times that I had seen it. I assumed that she had been stroking it for a while. When I asked her about it she blushed and admitted that she had been rubbing it for an hour before I woke up. She also reminded me that I had gotten off twice before we went to bed but that she and Snow Child hadn't. I kissed Thunder and sucked on her wonderful nipples giving her an orgasm. She sure had sensitive nipples. Then I kissed her pussy and nibbled on her clit giving her another orgasm.

When I slipped my cock into her she was tight. Her pussy was a lot smaller than Autumn and Apricot's pussies had been. Just as I was about to cum in her she whispered in my ear that she had been a virgin but that she didn't want the other girls to know. Snow Child heard her and confessed that she too was a virgin.

She said that about half of the girls were virgins but that they had all told Autumn and Apricot that they were not when they were asked because they all thought that it would prevent me from hiring them and bringing them to America. After all I had been looking for geisha girls. I reminded them that geisha girls were not supposed to be prostitutes.

They promised that only I would get to have sex with them. I liked that. I had twelve sexual partners all to my self and they weren't jealous of one another either. When I was ready again I made love to Snow Child and took her virginity. Snow Child was nineteen years old and probably had the biggest tits of all even though they were just a B-cup.

Snow Child was much more energetic during our love making and asked me if she could get on top for a while like she had seen in magazines. She was incredibly good at it and it wasn't long before I was squirting up into her sweet little honey pot. That afternoon 'Love And Beauty' and Goddess made passes at me and smiled at one another a lot too.

Autumn asked me what was up. I told her about Thunder and Snow Child having been virgins and that they had been afraid to tell her and Apricot the truth. That night as we ate dinner about midnight they had an honest talk with the girls about everything including their backgrounds, sexual experiences, and where they had learned the things that they knew.

The girls were quite well versed in a variety of things such as music, dance, and art. Some could sing and play a musical instrument, some could cook, and some could sew costumes. They were all educated to our high school level and a few to our college level. They could all speak Japanese, English, and most them knew a third language too.

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Three of them admitted that they could understand the rude comments that my Chinese cooks made about them. I told them to tell the cooks to shut to fuck up.

The girls smiled and said that couldn't be rude to the men basically because they were men. These girls had been brought up to respect their elders, their traditions, and to obey men.

Autumn told them to obey me then and do as they were told. Beautiful Moon and Peach were my girls that night and the next morning.

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They were not virgins but they had only been made love to a handful of times. I enjoyed them very much. I watched as the girls walked past the kitchen just before we opened for the evening. The Chinese cooks mumbled something and three of the girls shouted back at them. I had to smile as the men coward, turned red, and apparently apologized. Later Autumn told me that I needed to talk to the cooks. They were afraid that they were going to be fired for insulting my girls.

When I asked why she said that the girls had shouted, "Shut to fuck up if you want to keep your jobs and your man hoods." I smiled and went out to the kitchen with the three girls in tow.

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I told the cooks to be polite to my women and that there would be no problems. They apologized profusely and the girls accepted their apology.

That evening during dinner the girls took turns playing music, dancing, and singing for the customers. Everyone enjoyed my Teahouse Of The August Moon as much as I did.

The End The Teahouse Of The August Moon 200