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Nice Ass In Dress Candid
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It happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 6. I can understand why incest is considered taboo, I mean the whole issue of "breeding to close to the gene pool" and all that is legitimate but there is another aspect to it which is tangible but not quite explainable (at least I can't explain it, even to myself) rather it is felt inside, at least I think I feel it.

It can be special yet it's obviously fraught with peril. I love my sister in a way I never would have thought just a few weeks ago and it really means something to me, to us. Is it my hormones, her hormones ?. Maybe what we're feeling is nothing more than young hormonal driven lust and I'm just trying to justify a HUGE wrong with words like special and bond and LOVE when it is nothing more than just plain fucking ?.

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.The initial shock of what Mom said moments ago sent me reeling. COUSIN, what cousin I sat there thinking to myself ?

Mom continued in a soft voice while looking straight ahead as if mesmerized and said "Cousins I should say. she has a brother", then I saw her out the corner of my eye look nervously over at me then looked back out the windshield. I was sitting straight up then slumped back in my seat, looked over at Mom who seemed transfixed, then I looked behind me to my sister who was just staring straight.

She glanced at me then looked away. Mom pulled into a shopping center and parked in front of a drug store. She turned to my sister and said "come with me". As they walked in front of the car heading to the store my sister looked back at me with a sullen look on her face then looked away as they walked on. I sat there thinking what is wrong with her and "Hell, I Just Fucked My "Cousin" ?. My Sister Fucked Her "Cousin ?", each of us unknowingly but still !!!!!.

I have to admit though, as I thought about it I got turned on. Dam what kind of pervert am I really becoming ?. A plethora of scenarios were running thru my mind as I sat there dreaming when my phone beeped. I pulled it out and looked, "1 message", it showed.

I looked up towards the store knowing my sister sent me a text then I looked down and clicked the view button, "it was gr8 !, hope 2 again" read the message. I didn't recognize the number but it was obvious who it was.

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How did she get my number, I said to myself. Still talking to myself I said, DUH my sister. My cock got hard and a HUGE smile grew on my face as I typed "maybe !", (while thinking DEFINITELY !) then pushed the send button.

Within seconds my phone beeped again. I looked to see a frown face emoticon as the reply. I chuckled and put the phone in my pocket the instant I saw Mom and Sis coming out the store. Mom had a bag in her hand and when she got to the door she dropped the bag and bent over to pick it up. As I looked over I couldn't help but see down her low cut shirt. DAM she had nice boobs I thought.

Some woman have tits, some have jugs and some have boobs. Mom has BOOBS. Her chest and nice full round BOOBS were tanned, as far down as I could see. I was instantly flooded with concerns, one being what the hell is it with me !

and of course the other is: WHAT'S GOING ON !. The drive home was quiet. Mom just stared straight ahead the whole time, I looked out my window, I never turned to see what sis was doing. We got home went into the house, Mom went straight to her bedroom and closed the door.

Sis and I went towards our rooms. She started into her room when I grabbed her wrist and started to say "what she cut me off whispering, "later !" then quickly ducked into her room. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. I laid there on my bed just staring at the ceiling as time ticked by. The house was QUIET, not a sound not a movement.

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My mind drifted back to earlier when I was fucking in the woods. Dam it was hot sex and thinking this is my cousin made it seem even hotter. My dick grew hard and despite whatever was happening or has happened I needed relief.

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I pried my cock out and started pumping, "mmmmmm" I moaned as I thought about my fucking my sister. It had been over a week and even though I had sex today, dam hot sex at that, I wanted sis. There was something about sex with her that just SATISFIED. I pumped faster wanting to bring myself off.

I pumped hard and was making slapping noises and felt it just coming on when my phone beeped, at that point I lost the feeling and stopped.

I lay there catching my breath then rolled over for the phone. It was sis, "cum c see me when their asleep, luv u" said the message. UH HUH I said to myself then replied "Ok".and time ticked on, so did my need. I crept out of my room into hers.

She was sitting on the bed and I sat beside her. She immediately hugged me, kissing my face and said "I love you so much, I missed you, BAD". I was full of questions but she started kissing my neck, which really lit my fire then she whispered in my ear, "make love to me", then pulled her head back and looked into my eyes. Her look was half love, half desire. She pulled her nightshirt off and was totally naked, no panties or bra just smooth tight tanned skin.

I removed my shirt then stood to take off my underwear, she dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. I put my hand around the back of her neck looking down as she bobbed her head, "ohhhhhhh sis, mmmmm your so dam ahhhhhh, goooood !" I moaned. She sucked until I was at maximum hardness. She stopped and rose up taking my hands pulling me to her as she laid back on the bed.

We kissed while she picked up her legs and I positioned myself. I ran my cock up and down her slit, lined up with her wet hole and pushed in as we broke our kiss. Her cunt was like an oven, my cock was wrapped in wet hot velvet. I supported myself on my forearms, our fingers interlocked, we kissed deeply as I slowly pushed in and out of her hot love tunnel.

Each time I withdrew she squeezed her cunt muscles.

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I was making sweet love to the girl that meant more to me than anyone. After several minutes she raised her legs higher and wider and as our kiss broke she let out a long slow "uuuuuhhhhhhh" as she came. Her cunt was soaked, her juice was dripping off of my balls. I picked up he pace just a little, our fingers locked together as we looked into each others eyes. I never wanted to stop and I was far from having to cum.


I leaned down and kissed her sweet lips then drifted to her cheek then neck. She whispered "make love to me in my ass", my cock swelled larger. I picked up my head looking at her I said "you want to ?", she shook her head up and down then breathed out "yeeeeees". I pulled out of her dripping hot cunt and started leaning back to sit up, expecting her to turn over but she put her ankles up on my shoulders and bent her legs as I leaned over her, placing my cock at her hole.

She moved her arms down her side and placed the palms of her hands on my upper legs. Her crack was very slippery with her juice. I gently pushed into her brownie hole and easily sunk in to the thickest part of my cock. She raised her butt off the bed and pushed her hands against my legs. I stopped then she said "it's OK, go ahead".

I started moving in and out slowly, working deeper and deeper into her butt.

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GOD IT WAS TIGHT AND OH SO GOOD !! I was halfway in, pumping steadily in and out of her, I was getting that feeling as I went at it faster, pushing deeper. She raised her butt was off the bed even higher which limited my stroke and depth. I leaned over her further, pushing her legs back forcing her butt back down onto the bed.

As she pushed her legs and hands against me I leaned in holding our position as I drove my cock in deeper. Nothing was going to stop me. I had 3/4 of my cock into her and was breathing heavily as she alternately panted then let out long breaths. Her juice leaked out or her cunt running down her crack and onto my cock. I was getting close, blind with need I blocked out everything only concentrating on burying my cock as deep as I could and cumming.

I wanted my entire length inside her hot ass. She quietly grunted uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh with stroke I made. I was close, the cum was like mercury slowly rising up inside my shaft.

My muscles were locked tight as I attacked her brown hole, I wanted to loosen up but couldn't. I pumped away with long strokes now, concentrating on loosening the grip the muscles had on my cock. After willing my muscles to release their hold I began to spray inside her, I instinctively pushed and bottomed out causing her take in a quick breath and dig her nails into my legs and she grunted out loud.

Past the point of caring I said out loud "I'M CUMMING, OH MY GOD BABY I'M CUMMING" !!! The pressure behind that first little spurt felt like it forced out a blockage through my peehole, OH BAAAABYYYYY !! I groaned as a torrent of pent up cum erupted deep in her guts. As quick as that first torrent ended I let out a loud UHHHHHHHHH !! as another huge blast of blazing hot cum left my cock searing her insides. The pressure built inside of her and cum started squirting out around my cock as I grunted letting loose another huge stream as I loudly breathed out "AHHHHHHHHHH".

YOUR FILLING ME UP BABY, YOUR FILLING ME UP, she said aloud, and with that I threw my head back opened my mouth and with a OHHHHHHHHH !!

let loose yet another stream while she responded MMMMMMMMM !!.


I then finally started to slowly pump in and out of her squeezing my muscles. I buried my cock deep in her and whispered "squeeze me baby !. She tightened up and I slowly withdrew. There was a slight stinging sensation along the bottom of my cock as the last remnants of cum were extracted. Finally spent, I pulled out and collapsed on my back beside her breathing hard and looking straight up.

She laid her legs down, turned her body facing me and draped her arm over my stomach. "Oh baby I needed that today, I needed you in me, to fill me, to feel close to you, I love you so much", she said. I picked my head up looking towards her door swearing I heard soft padded footsteps drifting away.