Peters stepmom Natalie is a dirty slut

Peters stepmom Natalie is a dirty slut
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I tried very hard putting that night behind me, so much so I hardly remember what day of the week it was.

But the harder I try to forget the more I think about the events that unfolded that night. I was a teenage lad, 15.

I'm white with short brown hair. I'm not built nor fat, just a plane average lad. I live not far off London. I was generally straight, on the odd occurrence I'd find myself turned on about men on mebut had never engaged in it. Until it was decided for me.

It was winter time, about mid-December and the night came early. There was the odd pile of snow from all that remained from the downfall during the week. I had broke up from school and arranged to meet my girlfriend at hers, we had brought a few films the previous weekend to watch.

The plan was to leave mine when my mum left for the night shift and it would be when her family went out for a meal to give us space, but I got so eager to hold her in my arms I left early. On the travel there, I would always take the same route. Over a few farmers fields down the main road, use an alley or two then be there in 15 minutes. Thinking about it just makes me think about how unsafe that passage seems.

The next safe alternative was a 50 minute walk however. When I got to the first farmers field I experienced fear in walking this route in the dark, but why should I have coward out? I'd done this trip so many times.

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I walked in a straight line from A to B, my confidence increased as I made it to the end. I decided to text my girlfriend to inform her I'd be arriving early to which her response was a picture. Her in nothing but a red silk pear of nickers.

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Her breasts available to see in all her glory. I was fortunate in the breast department when it came to my girlfriend.

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She was a 32 D and I'd always find myself fascinated by her breasts. On opening this image I gained an erection. The chinos I was wearing made this erection quite I pleasurable with the limited availability of space. This is where everything changed. I made it to a public footpath. Almost never used, especially this time of the night, but I wasn't going to get scared of the two males heading towards me on this path, it was a public path and they were already using it before me, so I continued to approach them.

With my phone in my hand I gained their attention. They had one thin on their mind, and that was to mug me. One, I recognised from going to my school and being in my year (I knew they weren't joking, that's just the sort of person he was), he was 16, 2-3 months older than me, and had a very short dark brown hair. He grabbed the phone from my hands, while questioning: "what we got here then?" Luckily the phone was locked from seeing them approaching, the image of my girlfriend still secure but I still was hard from seeing the picture just a few seconds before.

The second male - 2 years older at a guess with medium length also brown coloured hair, spiked with the use of Gel - pushed me down to the ground. He went to search my pockets as I chose not to fight back, I had nothing valuable other than my insured phone, i wasn't risking unneeded damage for something I can get back.

Meanwhile in the darkness things didn't work out the way they planned. As he went to pay down my first pocked he must have not been able to see as when he went to pat it down he reached my crotch region instead, feeling my hard on in all glory. He didn't spare a second to think, he just laughed and told his friend what he found.

As expected from the fear my erect cock went from hero to zero rather quickly, but that didn't stop what they had planned. They looked at each other before laughing. The one with my phone got down into a crouched position over me and stated: "Since you have nothing else to take, we might as well make you useful." From this I was shaking in fear questioning what this would mean. Within seconds I hears belts ringing like they do when they have just been undone, closely followed by the sound of zips dropping down.

Part of me concluded what was happening, the rest of me was trying to escape, I had my eyes closed begging them to just go. Shortly after I felt a smack hit me on my cheek.


I could tell it wasn't a hand slightly tapping, but something thicker on width and in the shape more like a finger. It clicked.

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At this point I'd like to point out I can't tell you which boy is which from here on, my memory is fairly distorted. One of the two repeatedly hit me on my cheek telling me to open my mouth.

I resisted, and resisted but after a few kicks in the stomach I gave in. Within seconds I had this cock thrusting in and out of my mouth getting faster and faster, yet deeper and deeper.


Each thrust now hitting the back of my throat I was left stuck. His hands on one side of my head, his crotch the other. I was scared for a good minute or two until I stopped resisting completely, at the end of the day it was already happening.

After a good 5 minutes with groans coming from the guy, out of no where with no warning what so ever he shot his hot load in the back of my throat.

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The texture is something I could never describe, a slightly viscous liquid that was warm and slid right down my throat with a unique taste I didn't mind. I was convinced that was it. I was wrong. Straight after I swallowed his load his friend wanted a turn, he jammed it straight in there. His dick was slightly thicker.

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As he made his first few thrusts I became a bit discomforted with an erection I started to gain. This man went on forever, even his friend was laughing at how long he went without cumming.

I just wanted it over with. With him still not shooting his load all down the back of my throat his friend became inpatient and decided he wanted back in on the action. With my mouth already fill with this thick juicy cock ramming my mouth he resorted to do me anally. At first it was just rubbing up and down just slightly touching my arse. Then the rubbing slowly became prods until he slowly was making his way in. I should have thought back but I just didn't, this circumstance making me feel powerless and out of control now made me feel as of I was enjoying myself.

The male slowly prodding it up my arse reached round my front and grabbed my dick.

He started to rub it up and down but at this point I shot a load of pre-ejaculation. It shot and hit my arms supporting me up from the path. His rhythm got faster and the faster he got the more I enjoyed it. At this point the 3 of us were all groaning. The cock in my mouth stopped ramming. I thought he was about to shoot until he pulled it away.

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He pushed my head back until I was no laying on top of the guy with his dick in my arse. He still hasn't stopped, banging me while making me split from the inside. From no where I heard the other person approach me. He had come back from where ever he wandered to and got down in front of me.

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The thrusting into my area slowed down, as did the pain. The person I was on top of reached beside my head and whispered: "Are you ready for this?" This is based on REAL events that happened to me. Although it may seem fake that I'm splitting it into parts, it soon becomes apparent why. Although what happened this night will keep me scared in public during the night, it changed my life for the best, and the best way for you to see this is in parts.