Bondage kissing and domination of wife analmal training

Bondage kissing and domination of wife analmal training
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Dream Job As I woke up that morning I had butterflies in my stomach, This was such a big day for me as I Had an Interview for my dream job. Since I was younger I always wanted to be a english teacher It was my biggest dream and hopefully If I played my cards right I was a step closer to achieving It.

I Set my alarm the day before for 9am But must have slept In and never woke up till 10 and my Interview was at 11 so I was In a hurry. I didn't have a clue what to wear so I just grabbed some underwear which was a pair of white cotton panties with a lacey rim and a matching white bra then I looked further into my wardrobe and grabbed a white shirt with and a black pencil skirt with a slit up the back just below my bum I put on some black shoes.

I didn't have time to do my hair after I done my make-up so I grabbed to bobbles and ran to the bus stop. While I was on the bus I threw my hair up Into pig tails and looked In my wee mirror I though I looked ok and hoped I would impress my Interviewer. The letter I received a week or so before said Dear Miss S Kerr, You have been Invited to Attend an Interview on the 23rd of july at 11.00am with a Mr K Hawkins you will be meeting him at his office which Is on the ground floor beside room 107.

The bus was going so slow I was so worried I'd be late! But I got there just In time and they were running late thank god I thought to myself. I looked at the form on the wall with everyone's names and when their Interview's were mines was last 11am but I noticed other people who applied for the job had an hour Interview and I was getting just 30 minutes I'd need to make a real good Impression on Mr.

Hawkins. Whilst I was waiting I wondered what this guy was going to look like I thought old,grey hair well to my surprise a man who was In his mid 20's walked out and said "Miss Kerr" as I stood up his eyes looked shocked I hoped It wasn't because the way I was dressed! I walked Into his office and said "nice to meet you" he replied back "nice to meet you too" I said shaking his hand.

He then started asking questions like what college and uni I'd went to what qualifications I had why I wanted to be a teacher and so on. But then things kind of went off track after I mentioned a lovely place I'd went to for lunch one time with a friend who I was at uni with and she had just been accepted to a school on the other side of town.

The Interview grew to a close and I said "It was nice meeting you and I hope to see you again soon" He replied "Was nice meeting you too and hopefully Its not long till we meet again, Thank-you" I then left the room and walked out the door.

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Headed for the bus stop It was pouring down with rain and I was furious that I just missed a bus! Then straight after a black car pulled up "Miss Kerr Can I offer you a lift?" Replied a a deep voice It was him It was Mr Hawkins! "that would be great thank-you" My shirt was soaked right threw and my legs where dripping wet! At least my hair was tied up I was just about to pull my pig tails out when he touched my face and said "you look beautiful just the way you are, Leave them in" "ok" I replied.

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Then as we were driving I was to busy sorting myself out I didn't think to say my address he must have read It on my application form surely? But after 5 minutes I said "Do you know where your going?" He replied "I thought since I lived closer I could take you to mines and wash and dry your clothes for you then take you home I don't want you catching a cold do I?

when I'm going to make you my new english teacher!" So happy about It I didn't care where I was going and I said "thank-you so much and that would be great". We arrived at this lovely house It was huge must have had at least 5 bedrooms!


I asked "do you live here yourself? "Yes" he replied "I bought It a few years back when I got a rise In my wages" "Its stunning "I replied" We ran over to the front door the rain was still teaming down bad he put me in front of him whilst he pushed and turned the key in the lock feeling his body against mines made me shiver Inside he was so good looking "Would you like one of my shirts to wear whilst i wash your clothes?" "yes, that would be great" I replied Then I thought to myself this Is the best day off my life I've got my dream job and I'm in my bosses house who Is so absolutely stunning.

As he came back with a shirt for me I asked "where can I get changed?" He took my hand and we walked up the stairs to his room He said "just in here" "Thanks" I replied. As I walked In I looked around his room was massive I Thought I'd have a wee sneak peek around I looked In his Bottom drawer as I bent down to open It I Felt like someone was watching me I stood up and looked at the door no one was there.

I bent down again and opened the drawer I found Loads of sex toys Which turned me on so much I picked up a light blue coloured one and started pushing buttons. I wondered If I could get away with having a Play on his bed without him noticing!

I climbed up on the bed his sheets were so soft and fresh. I opened my legs and I was that turned on I was dripping!

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I pushed the Vibrator Inside me and turned It on It felt so good I played with the buttons It went round and round up and down and and the bunny ears for your clit was more than amazing I was so close to coming when the door swung open It was Him!

"who's being a naughty girl on my bed?" he said "sorry I was just em.It was laying on the floor and I thought." I replied "Stop talking Its ok I think I'm going to have to bend you over my knee and spank your bottom!" Looking at him In a kind off shocked he laughed "I'm joking unless you want me to" Feeling so horny by playing on his bed I just went over and bend over his knee he now was the shocked looking one "this ok for you" I asked "yeah that's fine" He replied not expecting me to do It.

He spanked my bum softly "You can spank me harder than that" Then with a deep and dominating voice he said "listen to me! You Dirty school girl you will call me sir! and I want no talking back get me?" "yes sir" I said softly "now I want you too get up and lay on the bed" I asked "why sir?" "You will do as I say now lay on the bed" He said.

He slowly came over and took off my shoes then he starts softly kissing up my leg I shake a little with pleasure "are you ok" he asks "yes sir I'm more than ok" He carries on and then he put his hand on the side of my skirt and slowly pulls down the zip once It was fully down he slowly pulls it off and starts kissing my leg further and further up.

Then all off a sudden he moves my white panties to one side and kisses my clit then he starts to lick it moving his tongue really slowly just to tease me! I moan and groan It was amazing then he asked "Is that good?" "Amazing sir" breathing really heavy as I replied.


He Then moved up my body undoing my shirt and taking it off slowly to reveal my white lacey bra which he left on he pulled my tits out my bra and sucked my nipples and nibbling them gently. He then came up beside me and laid on his back "get your mouth down there and suck my cock you dirty bitch" "yes sir" I replied.


I went down and started sucking slowly then fast Rubbing my fingers just below his balls. He was moaning and groaning then all off a sudden "stop" he said. He pulled me up to his face and started kissing my neck and then my lips he then he pulled me on top of him and I pushed his cock Inside my pussy It was so tight and wet and I put my knee's up and pushed on his chest whilst I bounced on his cock we were both moaning so loud It felt amazing and was going so deep I dug my nails Into his chest as It was that Intense we were going for about 15 minutes when he pushed me off and said "Bend over and get your arse In the air" He pushed his cock In my pussy with no warning and started going back and forth really fast then he pushed his finger In my arse and pushed It Really Deep!

I moaned and moaned and he said "What's that?

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your loving this aren't you and you want my cock deep In your arse?" "yes sir yes sir!!!" I Replied he pulled his cock out my pussy and because I was so wet he Pushed It straight Into my arse I let out a huge scream "MMMMMM THIS IS AMAZING" I shouted.

As he pushed deeper I started moaning really loud he was pulling my pig tails so tight then you pushed my head Into the pillow I had to bite so hard to It!

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Then he turned me over lifted me up and held me against the wall and fucked me so hard! looking me straight In the eyes calling me a dirty bitch and telling me how much I loved you fucking me. I started shaking then with his cock hitting off my g-spot and I could feel myself about to come when he threw me on the bed and went down to my pussy and started licking It I could fell myself getting closer and closer until I came then you the flipped me over and took me doggy style I was moaning so loud as he pushed my head Into the pillow just as I was a few seconds away from coming again he shot his load and let out a huge moan I came straight after.

he pulled his cock out and lay beside me and we just looked at each other thinking did that just happen my clothes were laying on the floor still soaking! and I still don't know his first name!!!!

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