Twinks cum and blood sucked dry by a thirsty vampire

Twinks cum and blood sucked dry by a thirsty vampire
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Excepting a Ride With An Older Man! This was another of my wife's fantasy's as a very young girl and the name she chose was Diane, one of her alter ego's she uses a lot in her fantasy's She calls them My Girls never her! This fantasy is about excepting a ride with an older man that plays into her fantasy of being raped by a man like him! As a young girl Diane had always been fascinated with the attraction of parking with a boy in a secluded romantic spot, and then be helplessy taken advantage of.

You know, the things your parents told you not to do, and that you looked forward to doing anyway, that was so naughty, devilishly, and was something as a young girl, you were not suppose to do!. Although the few times she had done so with her boy friend, her hopes had always been dashed when nothing much happened, only a little kissing and fondling and had been quite disappointing.

She had been in the local grocery store and was walking through the parking lot late one evening when an older handsome gentleman, who had been, looking her over said, wow you look just like the move star Debbie Reynolds, she felt quite flattered by his interest in her, and was wondering who this Debbie Reynolds was? She hesitated, as he continued to tell her that she was quite an attractive young woman and when her car would not start he asked, would she like a ride home, it was just starting to get dark and because her home was some distance, had hesitantly decided to take him up on his offer.

She thinking, that he seems like such a nice man, having only pleasant,innocent and very nice things to say about her, she naively excepted. As they drove out of the parking lot, he asked her where she lived, and after she had given him directions, he then asked, would she mind if they took a short cut. At first she said sure, but after a while they seemed to be getting farther and farther away from where she lived? Diane at first thought he had misunderstood the directions she had given, but the look on his face had given her some concern, and a feeling that something more, that just a ride home, might be in store had crossed her mind?

She tried to discount the warm wet anticipation she was now starting to feel in her panties. Then questioned him as to the direction they were going, and that it was not, the way to her house! He then said oh!, I am sorry there is a great place where we could park for just a little while, and could take in the sun set and the first few stars, I just thought you would really like that?.

She thought about this for a moment as the expression on his face had returned to a more reserved and gentlemanly look, this was tempered by the fact that the last time she had been parking with her boyfriend nothing had happened, this had left her with mixed feelings, and a wanting desire. She knew she should say no and tell him to take her home, but this new unexpected attention coupled with the sexually erotic and romantic thoughts she was thinking, left her wondering and fantasizing as to what?

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could or might happen?. She, was again starting to enjoy the attention that this older man had been giving her when she noticed that there was no door handle on the inside of the passenger door!.

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They had driven into a rather secluded parking area on the side of the nearby hill a kind of lovers lane where many young couples would go to park and neck. It had a number of trees closely surrounding the car, but afforded a wonderful view of the valley below and the now diminishing sun set and the first lights of the city.

He had been telling her how attractive and beautiful she was, when the back of her seat on her side of the car suddenly snapped down, and that just as quick, she felt him place a cloth over her nose and mouth, the smell and "Oder" of the rag immediately left her unable to move, she could see and hear everything but could barely move and could offer no resistance what so ever.

He had gotten out of the car and had walked around to her side opening the door, and as she laid there, could only watch as he unbuttoned her blouse, slowly pulling it off of her helpless arms followed by her bra, this now revealed the most beautiful pair of young breasts. As she laid there he at first started pulling and twisting on her nipples quite harshly this was followed by biting and sucking on her breasts!

Then burying his face between them while squeezing them up an around his cheeks at the same time. He then swung her feet around and set them on the ground, spreading her legs. She was now laying back with her head on the drivers seat, he pushed her dress up and pulled her panties down easily removing them from around her ankles tossed them into the bushes and proceeded very gently and lovingly start biting, sucking, and nibbling on the inside of her soft, creamy, white thighs.

What few feelings and sensations she had left were now wanting! She was still unable to resist, but was very much enjoying the attention that was being paid to her pubic area, especially when he started to lick and softly bite her cunt lips followed by her clit the fact that it was very wet and sensitive, and that she had imagined having someone helplessly take her, and do just this, was however the first time anyone, had actually done so.

He was rewarded by an orgasm that left her trembling mildly. She laid there for several minutes, savoring this pleasurable moment, still being unable to move. He then helped her up and out of the the car, she was barely able to stand by herself, with out his help.

He then walked her over to a near by tree turned her around,with her back against it, and tied her hands very hi and tight above her head. This was, practically the only thing holding her up. She could see and feel every thing, but had little control, offering no resistance as he undid and removed her skirt.

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She was now totally nude, he then lifted one of her legs, by the ankle that left her toe pointing straight out, and took another piece of rope securing it around her ankle, and pulled it up close to where her hands were, and secured it. Now, she was nude and tied to the tree, with one foot on the ground and other leg up in a spread an forced vertical version of the splits. She looked like one of the Radio city Rocketeers during one of there high kicks, that had been frozen into this position this had left her wet pussy so open and vulnerable.

She probably would have been very uncomfortable if she had not been drugged. But after having the most enjoyable orgasm of her young life, it had only left her with a most satisfying sexual feeling of helpless relief. She was just hanging there wondering what he would do next, and was quite surprised when he got in the car, backed it up, turned around and drove off down the hill. She became quite scared after the incredible feeling and anticipation of what she thought was going to happen, that now was quickly replaced with concern, wonder and a helpless sinking feeling, that he was just going to leave her there naked and tied to this tree!.OMG!

What if someone else came by and found her there like this? Diane had not been there very long when she could see a car coming back up the road, thinking to herself, that it was him, and that he was just trying to scare her.

But she really got scared, when she realized that it was a different car! The fact that she was nude, tied to this tree, and spread wide in such a vulgar and grotesque way, plus the fact she was unable to move, let alone get loose left her terrified to the point that she was just whimpering in helpless resignation as to whatever sexual perversion was now in store for her by whoever?

But at the same time this had made her again almost uncontrollably wet, and that her female juices were almost dripping and now running down the inside of the leg she was left standing on.

As the lights came closer the car turned slightly and the results were that they illuminated her for what seemed like an eternity, leaving no doubt as to the fact that she was nude helplessly bound and slightly struggling.


No sooner had this happened the car slowly continued turning and drove off along the road up towards the top of the hill. This just could not be, she had just gone from being left there with no attention or interest what so ever?.To the thought of being hopelessly ravished by god knows who? She had been holding her breath for what seemed like an eternity, with her heart pounding, and now could not hold it any longer, gulping in breath after breath of the cool night air.

Diane was now thinking, oh my god! how could they not have seen me, the lights had clearly been on her and certainly long enough for anyone to see, that she was in this helpless naked condition, and how could they just drive by and not do anything!. She had no idea who was in this car?, she thought it might be another couple just looking for a place to park?

if it had been a man or several men surly they would have investigated?


wouldn't you? She was so wet now and still thinking that the car would return at any moment, and that any of a number of horrible and sexually disgusting and perverted hings would happen to her?.

Diane was now beginning to be uncomfortable as the drug she had been given was starting to wear off. Apparently her abductor had driven off, and parked his car some distance away and had carefully crept back and had been watching her from a distance as to what kind of reaction she was having to the bound predicament she was in, when the extra bonus of this unexpected incursion of the lights briefly passing over her had occurred. He waited until the car had driven off and had crept around sneaking up behind her, at this point, he reached around the tree, and had given her breasts a healthy grab and squeeze.

This unexpected attention after thinking that no one was around, and after what she had just been through, really scared the bejeezes out of her! She struggled helplessly to loosen her bonds, being so frightened and not being able to see, who was doing this to her added to the feelings she was now experiencing.

When she could finally see it was him doing this to her, she didn't know weather she should be relived, the look of animal lust on his face scared and excited her!. This was do to the fact that he had just left her there and drove off. He then got down on his knees and began to again suck and lick her sopping wet slit she immediately had another orgasm and quickly forgot where she was or what had just happened.

He continued sucking on her cunt and clit he just loved eating this very juicy wet pussy of hers!. She was now getting so turned on and so into it that she started to moan and then beg him to suck her more, again she climaxed even more forcefully as her pussy became even more sensitive as he tongued her clit! She do to the fact she was helpless and standing on only one foot was unable to move it away from this most excruciating sensual tonguing and nibbling and was having a hard time trying to tell him to stop.

He would alternately suck nibble and bite this swollen nub, in between saying to her, do you want me to stop, or not. Diane could not make up her mind as she felt yet another orgasm flow from her now well sucked cunt.

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He just did not want to stop but with a cock that was getting so hard, it was beginning to hurt, had to have some relief, she did not realize it, but this was exactly the thing she had been craving, needed, and wanted.

She was so wet that his big hard dick easily slipped into her stretched opening, she tried to help but was only able to move her hips slightly, as she tried to push her muff out to meet each of his forceful thrusts. Just as he was really starting to fuck her hard, and as deep as he could get it in.they were so intertwined and had not noticed. The car that earlier had driven up the hill had now suddenly returned!.

There was no way that he was going to stop.,he did not care, as he was so close to really getting off! Again, and there was no way that he could have untied her, or been able to get her back to his car, that was now parked some distance down the hill and that what ever awaited, was to be their fate!.

Who ever it was in the car, could see or do what ever they wanted, as the car turned and the headlights were now fully on them the driver flipped on the high beams and stopped the car.

For Diane this was an incredible experience, being nude and tied outside to a tree along with one leg in the air, and in lovers lane with bright lights on her, had left no doubt as to how hard and helpless she was being used!

This resulted in one of there most incredible orgasmic releases that either had experienced. With her leg up in this way it had allowed him to really penetrate her and with his shaft now deeply in her with cum and the juices from her cunt running out around his cock and down her thigh this had been everything that either had hoped would happen!

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The car that had been there, and whoever had been watching, was certainly enjoying what had just happened, and had stayed there for about ten minuets, then it suddenly switched off the hi beams, backed up and continued off down the road, as if nothing had happened!. He had gathered up his clothes putting on his pants shirt and shoes, then taking his time untying her still trembling body and was holding her hand as they walked off down the hill to where his car was parked, he asked her with a sly smile if she had enjoyed the sun set, she still totally nude and walking along the road, said with an equally sly smile that she had only seen stars, lots of them and not just the ones in the sky.

End This is only one of a number of situations that red haired Diane has gotten her self in and a lot of what is described in this fantasy actually happened as i tried to re create this fantasy of hers on a number of occasions!!!.