Femdom ballbusting with Melanie Memphis

Femdom ballbusting with Melanie Memphis
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Jay and Chris had been roommates in their freshman year of college. After discovering the other was also gay, they embarked on a relationship that had lasted throughout their college days. They were now ending their junior year and were still going strong. One issue, however: the sex. Young and hung, their sexual preference with each other was often.

But lately, there hadn't been as much fire in their sex. They needed something to spice things up. It wasn't that they were tired of each others' bodies. Jay was shorter than Chris, had chestnut hair, hazel eyes, a tan, and was a tennis instructor, so he had a great body: six-pack, adonis belt, the works.

Chris, taller with blond hair and blue eyes, had a lean swimmer's body, thin but built. No, they did not tire of seeing each others' sexy builds, but they both began to feel that their fucking was too routine.

They needed more to keep their passion going. Then came the wedding.

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Jay's older sister was getting married to her longtime boyfriend. Jay's family, an open, accepting group, invited Chris to come along as Jay's wedding date. The two young men sat together at the ceremony, holding hands. As Chris surveyed the wedding guests, someone on the groom's side caught his eye. It was Bo, the groom's little brother. He was a senior at high school.


He had dirty blond hair, ocean blue eyes, and a surfer's tan. Cute, thought Chris. He was staring straight at Chris and Jay. When he realized Chris saw him, they made eye contact. Chris smiled.

Bo turned red and looked away immediately. Well, then, Chris thought, that was interesting. The wedding was beautiful, and their was a luncheon afterward with a feast laid out for the guests.

Jay pulled Chris aside. "Nice, isn't it?" He said. "Young love?" "Yeah," said Chris. "You know, they don't have to be the only couple enjoying themselves." said Jay slyly. "What do you mean?" "Well," said Jay,"I mean, we haven't been enjoying each other the way we should. Maybe doing something here, with all the guests just around the corner. Maybe it will spice things up." "You want to fool around in a Church? At your sister's wedding??" Chris was bewildered, yet couldn't keep the excitement out of his voice.

"C'mon, it'll be awesome!" Jay's excitement made him seem younger. He pulled Chris to him. Chris could feel Jay's stiffening cock against his thigh under his tux pants. At full mast it was about 6.5". Excited, Chris's own rod began to harden to it's full 7". Chris nodded in submission. Together they swerved around a corner to an empty church corridor.

They quickly found an empty classroom used for Sunday School. Jay closed the door.

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In a flash, his pants were undone and his cock folded out. He licked his lips, staring at his lover. Chris undid his belt and slid his pants down. Jay grabbed Chris's boxer shorts and pulled them off as well. Now, both men were standing there, naked from the waist down. Chris's dick was still hardening. Jay got to his knees and sped up the process. He grabbed Chris's shaft with one hand. While stroking it, he licked the head. Chris moaned. "Oh god yeah," he whispered. Jay continued, pulling a lubed condom out of his pocket.

He had brought it just in case his plan had worked. Lo and behold it had.


Chris moaned louder, his hands reached for the back of Jay's head. Before they got there, a voice yelled, "What the hell are you guys doing!?!?" Chris looked up, shocked. Jay's head shot around. Bo was standing in the doorway. He yelled again, "What do you fags think you're doing?

Do you have any idea where you are?" "Hey!" yelled Jay, "Mind your own business you arrogant son of a-" "Quiet, both of you!" Said Chris. "Do you want to get us all in deep shit?" Then he saw it.

Bo's crotch was shifting.


He was getting an erection! Chris stared, and suddenly had a crazy idea. "You wanna join us? Have some fun?" He said, hardly believing what he was saying. Bo turned bright red. "What?" "What?" repeated Jay. "I can see that you're interested." Chris slowly walked towards Bo, still beet red, who made no attempt to back away.

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Chris closed the door and locked it. "It looks like you might like fooling around with us," Chris continued, too far in to let it go. He slowly reached out and cupped Bo's package. Bo moaned softly as Chris began to rub. "I- um- I mean, I've thought about it- maybe- I don't know-" Bo's stammering was cut off when Chris leaned in and kissed him.

After a few seconds, Bo gave in and began kissing back; their lips, their tongues caressed each other.

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Jay stared at the two, stunned. He had never seen this side of his boyfriend before. But it was hotter than anything he had ever seen. His rod began to turn rock solid again. "Let's show him what we can do," he piped up. The two led Bo to the back wall where he had caught them before. "I don't know about this guys," He protested. But Jay was in the game now, too. He quickly had Bo's pants around his ankles. "Let me have his cock," Jay told Chris. Jay was on his knees again.

Chris swiveled Bo around. Bo's cock was still growing. Jay stroked it and engulfed it in his mouth. Bo moaned loudly as it went in, "Oh my god. oh that's good. slowly," He was in ecstasy. Jay licked up and down Bo's shaft, then started tonguing his balls.

He kept moaning. Jay stopped. He threw a condom to Chris. "Give it to him." "You want me to fuck you?" asked Bo, his eyes shining. "No," said Jay. He pointed to Chris. "He's fucking you." "No." said Bo nervously. I think this has gone far enough, I don't think- ohhhhh" his protests were replaced by moans of pleasure as Chris rubbed a lubed finger along his ass hole.

"You know this is what you want." Whispered Chris. Bo whimpered.


Chris began inserting the finger into Bo's ass as Jay watched delightedly. "No- wait- ohhh," shouted Bo. Chris's finger felt so good inside of him. "Oh, yes, YES!" "You want this, don't you?" asked Jay. "YES! I want him to fuck me! YES!" Chris pulled his finger out with a loud moan of pleasure from Bo.

He slid the condom on, "I think we'll all enjoy this," he said. Jay went back to licking Bo's cock. Chris held his erect penis at Bo's tight hole. He pushed the head in slowly. Bo winced as Chris moaned. Bo grunted in pain, then moaned in sheer pleasure as the pain ebbed. This was fantastic! His cock was still firm in Jay's mouth and Chris's rod felt so good inside of him.

He moaned and moaned in ecstasy. "Go deeper! I want you inside of me when I cum!" Hearing the kid say this aroused the college boys further. Jay was so hard from seducing and servicing the boy that he felt he could blow his load at any moment. "Give it to him, Chris!" Chris shoved his cock deep inside Bo. Bo howled. Chris stayed for a minute, savoring the ecstasy of his dick in Bo's ass, with Bo whimpering and Jay in front of them jerking off.

"Ok," said Bo. Chris began thrusting. Bo's cock stayed hard as iron as it flopped around from Chris's thrusting. Bo yelled and yelled in pure pleasure and grabbed his cock. "I'm gonna cum!" "Me too, kid!" yelled Jay. Jay opened his mouth in front of Bo's dick just as it spat semen. The cum landed on his face and in his mouth. Jay swallowed it as more cum shot out of Bo's cock onto his face.

Seconds later, Jay's own cock exploded all over his belly. Torrents of cum gushed out. Bo, still being fucked and loving every minute of it, leaned over and licked his own cum off of Jay's face, then gave Jay a deep kiss.

Chris moaned louder. He could not believe how hot this all was. "It's my turn, I think I'm cumming!" He pulled out of Bo and ripped the condom off. Bo instinctively turned around and kneeled. Cum gushed out of Chris's dick as Chris shouted aloud.

It splattered all over Bo's torso, face, and the collar of his shirt. "Ohhhhh, yesss," said Chris. The three men collapsed exhausted against the wall.

They were all still wearing their button-down shirts and Bo's bowtie was even still attached to his neck. They were covered in cum.

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Their pants and sport coats lay strewn about the bare floor. The threesome was beyond belief. Chris and Jay were too satisfied to worry about the mess they had made. They exchanged a long and knowing look: they had certainly spiced things up.