Big boobs teen constance asshole reamed by throbbing cock

Big boobs teen constance asshole reamed by throbbing cock
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"Mikey," said Sean, "I'm going to need your help." "What do you need help with dad?" said Mike as dirty images of last night was in his mind. "I'm going to need for you to take your sister's virginity," said Sean.

"Ok I'll do it," said Mike because even though he loved sex with guys he still wanted to have sex with a girl. "I'll tell her that tonight you guys can do it," said Sean.

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Meanwhile… "So Ace that was fun," said Alix as she drove them home. "Yeah it was," said Ace as they pulled up their driveway. Ace walked inside and started to do his homework while Alix went upstairs to her father.

"Daddy when I went over to pick up Ace I saw Bryce's cock up his ass," said Alix. "What!" said Ace's father, Craig.

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"Yeah but then I had the best dp with them so I don't want them to get in too much trouble," said Alix and then she pouted. "Fine I know what I'm going to do about this," said Craig. He went to his son's room and sat next to him. "Ace, I know you are bi," said Craig. Wha…" said Ace. "Stop let me do the talking," said Craig.

"Anyway Ace I know your bi because your sister said that you had sex with Bryce. The way your sister likes Bryce's and your cock you aren't in trouble. You just have one punishment and then you can do whatever you want in your sex life," said Craig.

"What's that?" asked Ace.

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"You going to let your own father fuck you," said Craig. Ace had to hold back his grin. He had thought about his father's cock ever since he saw it a couple of years before. It was a 45-year-old cock at least 10 inches easy and it had long brown-gray hair.

"Fine," said Ace trying to look disappointed. Craig took off his shirt revealing a beer belly and he removed his pants showing a huge bulge in his tight, white underwear.


"Take off your pants and boxers Ace," said Craig. Ace removed his pants and boxers letting his cock spring free. "Bend over," said Craig. Ace bent over looking back between his legs as his father took off his underwear.

The brown pepper hair slowly came out until a fat, white cock hung.


Craig walked right over and lined up his head with the hole. "You ready," said Craig as he started to push. "No lube?" said Ace. "Nope," said Craig as he pushed the fat head in.

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Craig shoved the cock to the hilt automatically making his balls slap Ace's. Ace was in extreme pain as his ass was penetrated so hard, so fast without any lube. Craig started pounding his cock into his son's ass as he cried in pain. His cock continuously pounded the hot young ass until finally Ace's pain got to him and his cock squirted his cum onto the floor. Craig continuously pounded his son until his cock was about to squirt his cum. He pulled out right before he cummed.

"Suck my cock," said Craig. He shoved his ass-flavored cock into Ace's mouth as he began to fuck his mouth. The continuously pounding made his cumming unstoppable. He slipped it out of Ace's mouth and Ace saw it start to twitch. The balls drew up and the white liquid covered Ace's face in hot, sticky cum. "Have fun with you remaining sex life," said Craig as he put on his underwear and left the room.

Meanwhile… "That was a great game," said Tevin, Logan's friend. "Yeah," said Logan. They were the last left getting changed after the basketball game. Tevin had just his boxers on and same for Logan.

The six-pack of the hot black body of Tevin was turning on the bi Logan and Tevin noticed. "You like what you see?" said Tevin. "Wha…" said Logan.

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"Cause I like what I see," said Tevin as he pulled down his boxers letting his hot 11-inch cock spring out. Logan let his boxers fall and then he walked over to Tevin. They grabbed each other's hard cock and they began stroking. The room was the smell of pre-cum. "I always wanted to try sucking," said Tevin.

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"Let's 69," said Logan. They went to the open area of the locker room and they lay down next to each other. Logan saw the hot black cock in front of him and Tevin saw the sexy white cock in front of him. They wrapped their lips around each other's head and not before long did they start sucking the other person's dick.

Tevin sucked Logan's cock so hard and not before long before Logan squirted his seed in the young black man's mouth. "Let's switch the position," said Tevin. Tevin sat on the bench and Logan got between his legs and sucked the cock into his mouth. He relaxed his throat as he swallowed all 11 inches of the black snake.

Tevin could hold it no longer so he shoved his cock until Logan's nose was in his friend's pubes and his friend's balls slapped his chin. The load flew out of the hot cock and flew down Logan's throat, as he tasted the salty white liquid.


"That was hot," said Tevin as he got his clothes on. Meanwhile… "So Mike how do you want to start this," said Mary.

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Mike thought about what to do with his twin sister. He looked at her pretty little face and her cute little tits in her tight shirt. "Strip down to your panties and then suck my cock," said Mike.

Mary stripped down to her panties revealing her cute little tits. She leaned in and started to suck the young cock until Mike cummed in her throat. He slowly pulled down her panties and what he saw shocked him. There was a 8-inch penis on his cute little sister. "Suck her cock Mike," said Sean as he walked in the room in his underwear. Mike leaned in and sucked the hot little cock. He let his tongue roll over the long penis and he could taste her pre-cum.

"Fuck him Mary," said Sean now stroking his hard cock. Mike leaned over and Mary slipped the cock into her brother's ass until her shaved skin was against Mike's hairy ass. She rocked back and forth letting her cock fuck her brother's hot ass.

She was a virgin and she too soon pushed her inexperienced cock as far as it would go and she let 2 squirts of cum into his brother's rectum. They looked over to see Sean squirting cum all over his chest and stomach. "That was hot"…