Anal sends honey to big o

Anal sends honey to big o
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Devin: 15 years old. 5 "7 ½". Sandy, brown hair. Brown eyes. Nora: 16 years old. 5 "7". Long, black hair. Blue eyes. Rose: 18 years old. 5 "8".

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Semi-long brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail. Blue eyes (like her mother and sister). Things were strange after that night things between Nora and I, with good reason. She kept her promise though.

She didn't tell anyone, not even Rose. Rose didn't sense anything either. I could tell if this was a good thing or not. My head was hurting a lot since that day and my thoughts were becoming more and more twisted. I was scaring myself. Since we were on summer break, I didn't have school to retreat to.

All I had was my room and my mind and both of them reminded me of what I'd done to Nora. Something inside of my head seemed to be spreading throughout my brain and it was controlling me. I felt weak against it. We all sat at the table, eating the breakfast Rose had prepared.

Halfway through it, Nora told us she was full and would be taking a shower upstairs.

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I knew she was trying to do it beforehand, in case Rose would leave later, leaving her alone with me. It angered me a bit since I had no intention of raping her. Not unless she did something that angered me, like last or night or now. Five minutes later I found myself telling my sister I was finished as well, placing my plate in the sink and sneaking upstairs.

I heard the shower running and saw it as an opportunity. I entered the bathroom, shutting the door behind me and undressed and hid my clothes in the hamper. Nora hadn't noticed I was there yet.

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I opened the shower curtains quietly, sliding into the shower. She was quite oblivious since she was facing the shower head and for a moment I watched as she cleaned herself, then slid the wash cloth between her legs.

She winced then sighed. I couldn't take it, I grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth and as she let out a muffled scream . "It's me," I told her, trying to comfort her. I hadn't taken into consideration that I was something to fear. I pressed myself against her, letting my cock, which was quickly hardening; press against her firm ass. I had her turn around and get on her knees.

"Suck me until I say stop," I commanded. She hesitated, her mouth only inches from my cock. I held my cock in my hand, grabbing the back of her head and forcing into her mouth, she gagged. "Then do it," I snarled at her as she gasped for breath. She reluctantly obeyed, slowly sucking me off, bobbing her head back and forth. I enjoyed the wet sensation that wrapped around my hardening tool.

I grunted as she sucked me off more and more. I had a massive hard on. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her off of me. She looked up in horror, thinking she had done something wrong. "You did fine," I assured her, telling her to face the wall and brace her hands against it with her ass out. I caressed it as I slipped a finger into her pussy, feeling as it got wetter.

She moaned. "How does it feel?" I asked her. "Good," she said right on beat as she bucked against my finger. I added another finger for good measure. "Ready for my cock?" I asked her, holding my cock in my other hand. She looked over her shoulder, down at my dick and bit her lip. Damn was she sexy! I didn't even wait for a reply and slowly inserted myself into her, taking into consideration that she was slightly sore, but she felt too damn good as her soaked cavern wrapped around me tightly.

I sped up, holding onto her hips for leverage. Her hands slowly turned into fist on the wall as she took in each thrust.

I leaned down slightly, sucking on her neck as water poured on me from behind, soaking my hair. I got carried away and slipped a finger into her asshole and I was forced to muffle the scream that slipped from her mouth with my hand. I slammed her head into the wall for not controlling herself and she let out a cry against my hand.

I decided she needed to be punished and pulled out, sliding my tip into her ass hole. She groaned into my hand, trying to pull away from me. I moved the hand that wasn't on her mouth and slid it below her below her arm from behind, cupping her breast.

My sister's breathing caught as I groped her delicately and forced more and more inside of her. "Nora, you alright in there?" I hear Rose say. I freeze, but slowly pulled out of Nora. Nora turned around to face me and I stared hard at her. "Yeah I'm alright," she said, not too convincing. I began to grind my teeth at her. "Are you sure? I thought I heard you scream," Rose questioned. "Yeah I just uh-slipped," Nora lied. Despite that awful lie, Rose didn't suspect anything.

"Sorry, you probably want to continue your shower, but I tried looking for Devin to ask him if he heard anything and I couldn't find him. So I came in here to just check on you myself. I'll try looking for him again. It's not like he disappeared," Rose laughed and I heard the door close. "Shit," I cursed under my breath. My dick was still hard, but I had to get out there so I resisted the urge to fuck Nora any further.

I hopped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my waist and peaking outside to make sure Rose wasn't there. I heard footsteps downstairs and quickly, but carefully hurried to my mother's room across the hall. I opened the door and stood in the middle of the room. "LOOKING FOR ME ROSE?" I called.

She hurried up the stairs and gave me a confused look. "What are you doing in here?" she asked. "I was taking a shower, but heard you as I was getting out.

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I had to get a towel first," I told her. "Why not downstairs?'" she asked.


"Mom has better shampoo," I lied. She kind of chuckled then looked down; I followed her eyes to see my dick still rising proudly. Somehow I was embarrassed despite having done what I did to my sister only minutes before. In a way, I was also turned on. I looked back up and stared straight at Rose. Rose was pretty good looking person you stopped to think about it. For one, her breasts were huge. I didn't know for sure, but you probably did. She had to be D cup, at least.

Not to mention her banging hour glass figure that she probably inherited from you, in contrast to Nora's petite body and B cup-ish breast. If I spend another moment ogling my sister I might have blown my load right there. Thankfully Rose found an excuse to leave and did. I watched her ass sway as she left my room and wondered if she did it on purpose.

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I went into the rest room, standing in front of the mirror. I wrapped my hand around my cock and jacked off hard as I watched myself in the mirror. I used my pre-cum as lube as I rubbed myself even harder, continuing to stare at myself. I smiled as I blew my load all over the sink and mirror. Then I looked at myself again, except I saw someone else. t was like my body had become the home of two different people. *** Later that night I was awaken to a pair of sweet, alluring lips.

I lifted my head to have more and heard a soft giggle from my unknown partner. I felt a hand on my chest that slowly slid down to the waistband of my boxers. I shivered in anticipation as the hand slid lower, playing my cock all the way from the tip to my balls.


I was only half awake, but my lower half had full response. I opened my eyes to see a pair of bright blue ones, staring down at me and all that seemed to come into focus. ~ Read the character description to get the ending. Who should the blue eyes belong to?I honestly don't know myself to be quite honest with you. Probably not going to be doing this posting every day thing, so enjoy it while you can.

I was logged out the first time posting this so I had to retype it and didn't feel like checking it too carefully.