Dirty barely legal floozy enjoys every bit

Dirty barely legal floozy enjoys every bit
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Making a Bitch-in-Heat, Part 1 This happens to some women and you can only go along for the ride if it does, and I only blame myself for introducing my wife to big dicks. I became obsessed with watching porn with men fucking women with big cocks.

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I bought a big dildo for the wife and used it on her and that was the start for her. We could fuck for hours with a big dick in and out of her pussy, cum so many times with great intensity even to the point of crying, and having the feeling of numbness in and around her pussy. I purchased a high dollar 14 inch dildo and a special strap to attach it to myself so I could be like a real person fucking her and she loved it.

When making love I would talk to her about a real 14 inch dick that could come and she would explode with a mind blowing orgasm. I really wanted to see her fuck a big cock, a real one, and would tell her so while we fucked. It took about two months for her to say yes to finding her a big dick. After saying yes, she became sensational in bed. We would fuck and she would ask if I found someone yet and she would say what she was going to do to him.

A few days later, on a Tuesday night, we were playing around and I told her that I had found someone and I was going to ask him the next day. I came home from work on Wednesday and told her that he said yes. She wanted to know all about him and all I told her was that he was 24 years old, and he only had a 13 inch dick. That night after the kids went to bed she went straight to the bedroom and shut the door.

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After about 30 minutes I went to the kitchen to fix a drink and she called out to me, "Honey I need your help". With drink in hand, I went into the bedroom and she was in the middle of the bed with a towel under her ass, legs spread with the new toy already in her pussy.

I started removing my clothes while watching her move it in and out very slowly with her eyes closed. I got into bed on her right side because I'm right-handed. The new toy was 14 inches long but she could only take about 11 inches of it.

I put my hand on the big suction cup and felt that she had warmed it up in hot water before bringing it to bed. I put my arm under her neck and began to kiss her and moved the toy at the same time.

That's all it took because her hips came up and she arched her back and said, "Oh God its Coming, Fuck Me, Fuck Me Harder".

I started to move the toy in and out with some resistance and when she tensed up her pussy turned into Jell-O and the toy went in and out with ease. I began to long dick her pussy and her groaning became louder, then she began to cry a little. When her climax began to ebb I whispered in her ear that he was going to come in her pussy and she had another orgasm that had her begging me to fuck her harder, and I did.

I began to piston the toy all the way in and almost all the way out. She was coming so much my hand got wet. She finally calmed down and I removed the toy and climb on top. My dick went into her pussy and she closed her legs to make it tight for me and we slowly fucked.

We were holding each other, kissing, and I began to talk about what might happen. She asked about sucking his dick and did he care about me watching. I said, "Yes you can do in anything you want and he said it was cool for me to watch".

She had another orgasm and her pussy began to suck and, I climaxed with gusto.

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When I got home Friday the kids were off to grandma's house for the weekend we had a light dinner with mixed drinks. We had about three hours to wait for the guest so after dinner she went into the bedroom to get ready. The TV was on but I was too excited to watch because just knowing I could finally watch her with someone else, especially someone with a big dick fucking her.

She was in for a super surprise because he was a big black man. He was 6'8" and weighed in at 240 pounds.

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She'd never been around blacks before so it was going to be a treat. She was from the Midwest and moved with me to the south after we were married. She is 28 years old, blonde, 36C, and 5'4" tall at 125 pounds. At 730 she came out in her non-see-through housecoat and smelling good. She opened it up for me to see and she was decked out, garter belt, black hose, low heels, and to my surprise, a shaved pussy.

She was ready. Promptly at eight there was a knock on the door and she bolted from the couch to answer it. I watched as she stood in the door so no one could see how she was dressed. She opened the door and asked, "Ted" and she let him in and quickly closed and locked the door. She looked at him and said, "You are a big man". She was actually holding her housecoat close with her hand and Ted put his hand out to shake hands and she let the housecoat open and took his hand.

I could see them from my chair and seen that Ted was looking at part of her beautiful body. He got closer and put both hands inside her housecoat and pulled her in as he leaned down to kiss her saying, "I hear you want some big dick fucking". She kissed and mumbled, "Yes I do" at the same time.

They turned and walked into the family room and she passed me she had this incredible sexy smile. Ted sat to my left and V asked him if he would like to have a drink.

He said, "Yes" and she turned and went to make it. V came back with his and her drinks, put his down and went across to the other couch. She put her drink down and turned toward Ted and let her housecoat fall an sat down. Ted took one sip of his drink stood up, stepped out of his tennis shoes, dropped his knee shorts and was standing there with that big dick hanging and V said, "WOW ".

Ted sat back down and said, "V you are one sexy woman". V just looked and sipped her drink till she couldn't take it anymore. She tipped her glass up and drank it all down and crossed over to Ted. She knelt down on her knees and picked his dick up and cradled it in both hands and said, "This is beautiful".

She started making love to his dick with her mouth and quickly stopped for a second and said, "I don't want you to cum big in my mouth, okay". She began double hand jerking and sucked the big head into her mouth, moaning all the time, knowing she was going to get fucked by it soon. With her mouthing its big head she suddenly stopped moving her head but kept jerking, with a look of surprise on her face, and slowly removed the head from her mouth and said, "That was good".

She was looking right into the big hole at the end and more pre-cum came up and she returned to sucking. This only lasted for three or four minutes, then she stopped sucking and licked his big dick head while asking him would he liked to fuck her now. He said," yes", and they both stood up and walked by me going to the bedroom.

As she passed by me, I heard her say, "Your cum tasted good, maybe someday you can give me a lot more but I want you to come in my pussyokay". Ted said, "I can cum more than once", and she just giggled. I followed them with excitement to the bedroom. She climbed in bed with him following. We had the lights on low and it was good enough for me to see everything. She lay in the middle of the bed, spread her legs, raised her knees up, and humped her pussy up.

Ted got between her legs and held his big dick at the base and she guided the big head to her pussy. She moved it up and down her slit and he humped her very slowly. She tensed up and said, "Oh God it's cumin already ". He began to long dick her, with her grunting and humping back.

She came the second time within three minutes with kissing and continuous humping. Finally, Ted just laid still on top of her till she calmed down but continued to move her hips around for the great feeling she was having with that big dick buried in her. They slowly started the fucking motions with greater and greater intensities.

He would speed up and she would orgasm again and again. They sometimes whispered to each other something sexy like, your dick is really making me come and he would say how good and wet her pussy was. I heard her tell him that she wanted to be on top so he rolled over. She looked down and said, "I'm going to suck your dick with my pussy till you feel me up with your cum".

She went to work fucking his dick and had more orgasms. He put his hands around each of her breast and firmly squeezed and tensed up with his on-coming climax. She went into orbit with a super orgasm and her hips were a blur moving so fast, sucking his come in her pussy. They were coming so much she was sloshing drops of cum on his belly. She finally calmed down from her high, put her hands on his chest and said, "That was absolutely a beautiful fuck".

With her hips still moving in small circles she lay on his chest to catch her breath. I moved to the end of the bed to watch them detach. She moved one knee and rolled over giving me a view of her well fucked pussy dripping with come. She rested for maybe one minute, and started licking his dick. She was on his left side and raised her left knee up so I could see her pussy. As she made love to his dick I seen her pussy began to open and push.

She was having little orgasms with his dick in her mouth. Ted was telling her what to do with her tongue to make it feel good. When she did it right he would move and tell her good baby, good. She finally stopped and told us that she needed a break because she was thirsty.

She got up and got a wet wash cloth to clean Ted up before having drinks. I got up and went to make the drinks. When I returned with the drinks I was delighted to see the erotic sight before me. Ted laying on the left-hand side of the bed, leaning on his left elbow, and V sitting in the center of the bed with her feet on the floor.

She was leaning on his hips with his dick in her hand slowly jacking him. I set the drinks down on the nightstand and set in my chair next to them.


V took her drank and swallowed it down returning her hand to his dick. Ted said, "You must have been thirsty". V leaned over and kissed and mumbled at the same time that she didn't want to suck his beautiful dick with a cold mouth. She then spread her legs, put her right foot on the age of the bed and looked at me saying, "My pussy is wet and throbbing from this big dick, you want to see"? I got down on my knees and looked closely and she was creamy with puffy lips.

She looked at me and said, "If you do, I'm going to cum". I put my mouth over her pussy and probed with my tongue, and she started slowly humping my head and came with a gush of liquid. She slowly leaned over to kiss Ted and told him she was coming in my mouth. It was having some effect on Ted because I could see his dick getting hard again in her hand which was only a few inches from my face.

Her climax ebbed and I got back in my chair wiping my face with my hands. She climbed back into bed between his legs never letting go of his dick and started sucking and jacking again.

Soon Ted was ready and leaned up, turned her over, stuck his dick in her, pushed her legs up high and proceeded to fuck. Her legs were up, down, and around his big body, with her kissing and whisper talking and caressing his big ass with her small hands. Then I heard her say, "you're in the bottom, just keep fucking, Oooo, there, ah".

I went to the end of the bed to see his dick in her and watch them fuck. When his dick went in, her pussy would push out all around it, what a sight. Again she was completely wet from her numerous orgasms that she was having. He began to slow down and I heard her tell him that her pussy was tingling from all the fucking and that she loved it.

I then heard her ask him if he was ready for her to suck his come out. He didn't even answer, he just rolled her over on top. With her hands on his chest she began to tighten and relax her hips over and over sucking on his dick with her pussy. Each time on relaxing she was trying to take more of this dick inside and her rosebud would start pushing out.

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Her pussy was sucking so hard that her ass hole would open and suck air. Ted came so hard his hips picked her up while she drained his balls with her sucking pussy.

I went back to the chair just in time to see her collapse on his chest with tears in her eyes. They just lay there recovering trying to prolong that feeling of pleasure. She finally slid up and off of his dick said, "What a fuck". She can lay on his right side and taking his dick in her right hand and just looked at it. She then leaned over taking the head into her mouth with more licking and sucking.

Then Ted said something that surprised both of us. "Your pussy is so good that it's going to take more than 2 men to make it happy. You need to become my little blonde bitch for a few months and I'll get you all the big dicks you can handle". V, lovingly sucking his dick looked up at me and said, "oh my, maybe we need to think about that", then looking at me, returned to mouthing his dick.

Then Ted asked her if she could fuck some more right now? She said, "O-yes I'm wet and ready". Then Ted asked her if she would like to meet once a week for the next few months for a sex party with four or five of his friends with big dicks? Again, she looked at me and said, "Maybe we can".


Ted said, "I know my friends would love to poke you and feel that pussy of yours suck, that was absolutely great. I want some more but you drained my balls completely. Can I come back Sunday morning early"? V looked up at me, smiled, and said, "Yes you can". They finally stopped playing and she told him he could take a shower if he wanted to. Ted got up and went to take a shower and then returned to dress. After he dressed and said goodbye to V, I walked with him to the door and he said, "I'll call you later okay".

I returned to the bedroom and V was in the restroom peeing and she said, "it even feels good to pee after a fuck like that". She returned to bed with me in the middle with a hard dick waiting for relief.


She climbed on top, inhaling my dick with her creamy pussy, leaned down kissing me and said, "did you enjoy me fucking that Big Black Dick and cuming so many times". I just exploded in her pussy.