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Fbailey story number 627 Fuck A Cheerleader Fundraiser Let's have a "Fuck A Cheerleader Fundraiser." It was a ridiculous idea to say the least but it certainly got everyone's attention when I said it during the meeting. The ladies on the committee were appalled and called me a sexist pig…and that was the most polite thing that I had heard. The men laughed but I knew that they all wanted to fuck one of those amazing young ladies as much as I did. Anyway the meeting was a shamble after that and it broke up with everyone screaming at one another, mostly females against the males.

I got to hell out of there. That night I got three phone calls from the men on the committee saying that they would gladly give a donation of five hundred dollars for the chance to fuck a cheerleader, more if it was Vivian Hunt.

I had over heard some of the boys referring to her as the Vivacious Cunt. She was the perfect girl with straight A grades, she was tall and slender, and she had a great set of tits. The fact that she always wore those cheerleader panties tucked into her pussy just made ever guy hard instantly. Many of the teachers referred to her as Miss Camel Toe. I simply referred to her as 'my daughter.' Yes, my daughter Vivian was the cause of all those males and probable most of those females too masturbating themselves to sleep at night.

I included myself in that group too. Vivian had matured almost overnight into a Goddess. I swear she went from wearing a 32-A bra to a 34-DD in just one winter. With her wearing all of those bulky sweaters and winter coats hardly anyone suspected that that caterpillar had developed into a beautiful butterfly.

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Anyway the reason for the fundraiser…the girls wanted to go to a special cheerleader camp for two weeks that summer and then go to Florida for a televised competition. The team members of the winning school would receive ten thousand dollar scholarships to the college of their choice.

In our case the girls could win a quarter of a million dollars. The cost of transportation, housing, fees, and food would be about fifty thousand dollars, hence the fundraiser.

Vivian had told me that none of the girls on the squad were virgins…not even her. I had suspected that. Then she told me about the orgies that the cheerleaders and the football players had after every win.

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It was required that every cheerleader get every football player to fuck her. They didn't have to cum in them, they just had to get it inside them. So after winning twelve games last year my daughter had let thirty-three football players fuck her at least twelve times. I knew that it was more than that because she said that they partied after exhibition matches, tournaments, and the state finals. Many of the girls had boyfriends that were football players too.

I had witnessed more than a few of Vivian's cheerleader slumber parties. I had a house full of practically nude girls having sex with one another.


They were in every room in the house including my bedroom, on my bed when I walked in. The first time I found two naked girls going at it, it was my own daughter and her co-captain going at it. Vivian was on the bottom as I undressed and approached her girlfriend from behind. She saw me and flipped over, twisted around, and offered me her pussy to fuck.

It was everything that I had dreamed of and more. Slipping into her saliva-covered pussy was even better than when I had slipped it into her mother, God rest her soul.

Vivian certainly had muscle control down there and practically milked my cock for me. I gave it to her hard and she took. I only hoped that I could impress her after all of those jocks fucking her. Interestingly she said that I was the best and that it felt so good that she wanted me to fuck her just as often as I wanted too.

When I told Vivian about the meeting and my idea for a fundraiser. She laughed and told me to go ahead and set it up. She dubbed me the "Team Pimp." The whole squad of twenty-five girls plus their four coaches said that they would do it. That included both the varsity and junior varsity squads and their teachers.

Prices were discussed and the girls told me to charge as much as I thought that I could get for them. I decided that I would only sell their pussies, that Vivian and her co-captain would go for seven hundred and fifty dollars each, and the rest of the girls would go for five hundred dollars each.

The coaches said that I could sell their pussies to the students for a hundred dollars each. I agreed. I had planned on selling twenty tickets for each girl and calculated that their income would be two hundred and sixty-eight thousand dollars.

Those girls didn't need to win any contest to get scholarships. If they did that fundraiser four times a year, in three or four years their entire college education could be paid for. All I had to do was worry about all of us going to jail for a prostitution ring. I needn't have worried, the chief of police, the mayor, and two judges were my first customers…and every one of them paid for Vivian.

Within a week I had sold all five hundred and eighty tickets. Everyone got one full hour with his cheerleader, ten on Saturday, and ten more on Sunday. It was such a huge success that we did it again the following week. So many students had requested the coaches that they told me to sell then to twenty boys each day during the week for thirty-minute sessions.

They could cum really quickly and get hard twice more in that length of time, so they would not be getting cheated any. I also sold the coaches for the following weekdays too. In the end I had deposited six hundred and sixteen thousand dollars into that account.

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Each cheerleader had let forty men fuck them. Their coaches had let one hundred and forty boys fuck them.

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The funniest thing was that after all was said and done the four ladies on that committee that had bitched me out and called me names wanted to buy an hour session with one of the girls too… Vivian.

I told them that it would cost them seven fifty for an hour with her and they each wrote me out a check. I had the privilege of watching all of the sex taking place during that two weeks of fundraising. I would go from room to room and girl to girl to make sure that the girls were treated with respect and that the guys got their money's worth.


I saw all forty guys that fucked my daughter and then I watched her with the four women too. She was simply amazing when she got excited. The men were made to feel as if she had picked them instead of the other way around. She made them think that were the best lovers that she had ever had. She also made them hard enough for a second time with her on top and dangling her big breasts in their face. With the women, Vivian used everything that she had learned with her girlfriends to please those women and I'll tell you that each and every one of them went away feeling happy.

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I also supervised the coaches with their students. Those young boys could fuck like bunny rabbits and the coaches loved it. Each coach made two hundred and forty boys very happy. Many of which were virgins. I had so much demand for an encore that we put on our fundraiser every month.

In those next three years the money was more than the cheerleaders actually needed. Most of it went to send other talented girls to college too. Even after my daughter graduated I stayed on as the Squad Pimp for many years afterwards. I even married one of the coaches myself. The End Fuck A Cheerleader Fundraiser 627