Naked men Brody Frost and Direly Strait stop at a motel on their way

Naked men Brody Frost and Direly Strait stop at a motel on their way
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2 months later. This was my life now, I had replaced my mom with her friend Lyla, and Danielle with Lyla's daughter Shelby. I was getting less head from Lyla than I used to get from my mom, but made up for it by getting sex too. I would usually crawl into her bed at night, already naked, and depending on how she was laying, I'd mount her and slide my dick in.

She would always wake up instantly, but never stop me. Luckily her master suite was down stairs and across the house, while all our rooms we upstairs. This meant there was way less chance of her kids hearing, but we still had to be cautious, and thus had to refrain from screaming during our orgasms. I would fuck Shelby everyday after school. Sometimes I'd just have her give me head, even though she was only so-so at it, it depended on my mood I suppose.

Her brothers got home later than us, but it didn't matter. I never tried to hide it from them when I was fucking their sister and former play thing.

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Shelby would freak out and insist on closing the door so they didn't see or hear us, she got over it. After hate-fucking Shelby for about a month, I finally thought to ask her WHY she started banging her two younger brothers in the first place, especially when she could get any guy in school. "Why did you ever let those two idiots start using you for sex? I mean, they're your brothers, and you let them double team you like that?!" I just said one day, while zipping my pants back up.

"Did they blackmail you or something?" She just sat on the bed thinking, not about what to tell me, but whether or not she should bother to tell me. "You wouldn't understand." "Try me." "My exes were all the same, very demanding in bed. We would go on dates and they would TELL me to suck their dick, or just start gropping me and taking off my clothes without asking.

Sometimes when we would have sex it felt almost like rape." I cringed at the last word. "We looked like great couples, they were handsome, popular and well liked. And in public they looked like they loved me, but in private it was only ever about sex.

We never just sat and talked or anything. So when I finally broke up with my last boyfriend, I wasn't interested in sex at all.

I figured every guy would treat me the same way. Then one day just before you moved in, I was in my room masturbating, and I heard a noise in my closet. I opened it and there were Billy and Jacob, spying on me! I was furious, I threatened to tell mom, and naturally they begged me not to, saying they would do anything I asked. I thought about it for a couple days, and decided that I wanted them to be MY sex toys." "Wait, what?!

YOU blackmailed THEM? You catch your pervy little brothers spying on you, and instead of getting them in trouble, you reward them with sex?!" "I know that's how it seems, but to me, I had two guys who I could have sex with, but completely on MY terms. It only happened when I wanted to do it, we only did what I wanted to do, and their pleasure was irrelevant to me, I didn't care if they came.

When I was done fucking, it stopped. I was in complete control, and I enjoyed it." "Well from what I saw they were using you." "Normally I only did one of them at a time. When you caught us, that was the only time I had both at once… it was something I wanted to try, and I figured 'when else could I try this?'. It would either be now, or in college at some frat party.

But like I said, you wouldn't understand… you're a guy who just makes the girl do whatever he wants." This hurt, because that wasn't me at all! I was a very courteous and thoughtful lover, every woman has said so! But how could I argue with her? I had blackmailed her into being my sex slave because I was mad at Danielle, and proceeded to use her every day.

I never asked, I just told her to do what I wanted… hell, the first time I fucked her, I shoved my cock in her ass without permission.

I really was an asshole. "Listen… we're done." I told her. "What are you talking about?" "I know you don't believe me, but I'm not that kind of guy, and I'm sorry for the way I've treated you. So I'm no longer going to threaten to tell your parents anything, and I'm not going to expect sex anymore. You can go back to your arrangement with your brothers. I'm sorry." And with that I walked out of her room. Two days went by, and I simply avoided her.

Then one afternoon when we got home from school, she walked into my room. "Hey" She started, "I appreciate that you apologized, and that you're no longer blackmailing me for sex, but the truth is, I'm glad you caught us. I knew what I was doing was wrong, and if you hadn't caught me, then eventually one of my parents would have, or worse, I'd have just kept fucking my brothers, and that's not what I wanted… but what I DO want is a regular source of dick, if you're still interested?" My mind went blank and I just nodded repeatedly.

She laughed, and crawled on to my bed, wearing a skirt. She laid her head on one of my pillows, sticking her butt in the air, and just stayed there. I was unsure of what to do at first, so I I let my dick make the decisions. I walked over and stood behind her. I pulled up her skirtrevealing a little black thong. I unzipped my pants, and freed my aching erection, and then I stopped.

'I should please her first' I thought to myself and grinned. I knelt down on the floor, putting my face directly in her ass crack. I pulled her thong to the side, exposing, not only her already slick pussy lips, but also her tight little butt hole.

I Placed my hands on each cheek and buried my face between them. Shelby obviously wasn't expecting this and let out a loud gasp. My tongue lapped at her cunt, thirsting for it. I worked all around it, stretching my tongue into her juicy hole, and down to her clit. The tip of my tongue made contact with it and she let out a groan.

I spot-welded it in place and rubbed tirelessly. She began to move her hips all over, I had to grab her ass and pull my face into it to keep her from moving away. She started moaning almost as loudly as if she were yelling. I kept my tongue on her clit and increased the pressure.

She was getting harder to hold in place, but finally came. Wetness ran out of her and I licked it up while eyeing her puckering ass hole. She finished her orgasm, and my tongue was cramping, but I wasn't done. I raised my head, sliding my tongue from her clit to her anus.

Shelby trembled and took a breath. Slowly I licked up and down her crack, circling the entrance to her back door with the tip. It was way too tight to stick my tongue inside, but I tickled it relentlessly. She shuddered non stop from a combination of anticipation and pleasure. "You can Fuck it again… if you want." She looked back. This surprised me, as the first time I did it I had no permission, and shoved it in, causing her pain. But if she was going to OFFER her ass to me, I certainly wasn't going to question it.

I licked it for a couple more seconds, and finally spit onto the hole. I hopped to my feet, my dick already sticking out in front of me. I pressed the head against her little button and grabbed onto her hips. I paused just a moment, giving her one last chance to change her mind. She gave no objections, so I pulled her ass towards me, pushing my prick into her spit slickened rectum. I could feel her holding her breath as her anus stretched around the purplish helmet of my cock.

Once it got through, the rest of my penis slid right in and she let out a sigh of relief. Once again I paused to see if she would tell me to stop, but she didn't, so proceeded to Fuck her ass. I was incredibly turned on already, and wasn't going to last long, but I would try. Not because she necessarily wanted me to keep slamming into her like that, but simply to show I had decent stamina. She panted and squealed each time I thrust inward. I was just about to announce my imminent orgasm when she beat me to it.

"I'm going to cum!" She exclaimed, she sounded equally excited and surprised. I don't think she expected to achieve an orgasm from anal. I fucked faster, wanting to make her cum, but I struggled to hold mine in. Self control or not, my body was ready and I exploded into her ass with a loud grunt, slamming my dick all the way in. The feeling of me shooting sperm I to her with such force was all she needed, and she screamed out in pleasure as her body shook and her head thrashed about.

My balls pumped load after load into her bowels, I hadn't finished and semen was already seeping out around my shaft. This was the start of a new type of sexual relationship for us. Since then we've continued to Fuck every day after school. It was a much more mutual affair now, she could tell me what she wanted and I would do it. We were being much nicer to each other around the house too. But this new friendship didn't stop me from secretly banging her mom nearly every night, and getting her motherly blow jobs every morning.

Neither of them knew that I was sleeping with the other, and I had to keep it that way. If one found out, not only would she stop fucking me, but she would see that the other found out as well, effectively ending that source of sex as well.

I'm not a deceitful person, and I don't like to lie to people, but at this point in my life I was single and enjoying fucking a mother and her daughter in the same house on a regular basis. And both of them liked it too, as long as each thought they were the only one.

I didn't know for sure that they would get mad, but it was a pretty safe bet. One Sunday afternoon, Shelby and the boys were with their dad, and I was sitting at the desk in my room. Lyla was off of work on Sundays, and instead of serving restaurant goers, she was on her knees servicing me.

We were both still completely naked from fucking all night. Since her kids were gone, I'd spent the night with her and we just never got dressed. I had gotten my morning BJ during breakfast, then she rode me on the couch a couple hours later, and since then I've been up in my room doing homework.

A few minutes ago she walked in to ask about fucking again before lunch. I told her I was actually really busy studying for a test tomorrow, and she said that a clear head would help me study… so naturally she dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth.

So here I am, reading a chapter about chemistry, with her head in my lap. My phone rang, and normally I would ignore it, but it was my mom calling and, unlike my sister who I talk to almost daily, I hadn't heard from my mom in a few weeks. So even though I was currently getting one of my balls sucked on by her best friend, I went ahead and answered my mom's call. It wasn't a long conversation, thank God, since Lyla never stopped blowing me and instead stared directly into my eyes the whole time.

I hung up the phone just in time to push Lyla's head down, shoving my cock into the back of her throat where I shot my load. After I was finished, and she had swallowed it all, she took my prick out of her mouth, wiped her lips and cleared her throat. "What did your mother want?" "She just wanted to know if you suck my dick as well as she does." I said sarcastically.


"Oh whatever!" She laughed. "No, she just said that she's putting our house on the market, so she wants me to start packing things up and getting the house in order. She said I have three weeks, then some movers are going to come put it all in storage until they come back at the end of the school year." "Is three weeks enough time for you to pack up everything by yourself?" "I think so, I'll go after school, and on the weekends.

I should be good." "When do you have to start?" "Immediately I guess." "Immediately?!?" She was still kneeling in front of me, holding my softening dick in her hand. "Ok…tomorrow." We both smiled. The next day I went straight to my old house and did a walk through. I was trying to assess how much work this would be…it was going to be a lot. It's not that our house was a mess or anything like that, it's just that there had been no plan to move when my mom and sis left town.

Lacy's room was still in the same condition it was on the night I walked in on my dad raping her. The bed was a mess, clothes were strewn about, nothing was organized… and my room was no better.

My patents room was a little tidier, but not necessarily organized. The laundry room had clothes in it, the kitchen still had a full dishwasher and dishes in the sink.

I hadn't even thought to see what food in the fridge and pantry had gone bad. So that's where I was going to start. But first I wanted an afternoon treat, so I walked over to Mariola's. I knocked on the door, and I heard Kelly's voice. "Who is it?" "It's Adam." "Oh! Come in, come in!" I walked in and Kelly was sitting in her wheelchair in the living room watching TV.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Kelly asked excitedly. "I've got stuff to do at the house, but I figured I'd come see you and your grandma first… you know, for a little after school pick-me-up before I got to work.

I leaned down and gave her a kiss. "Well that sounds great, but you'll have to settle for just me, if that's OK with you?" Just then I heard a man groan loudly, and I turned my head towards the hall where Mariola's room was. "Who's that?" I asked.

"The UPS guy." "What ?!" "Ya, grandma was horny, and she likes to try and tempt delivery guys in for a quickie." I just stared at the familiar sound of Mariola's bed creaking. I don't know why I felt a little bit jealous, Mariola wasn't mine, and I knew she was still going on dates… but I never expected to hear her with another guy. "Let's go to my room and make our own noise." Kelly said. I looked down at her, she smiled, I smiled back, and pushed her chair into her room.

We had been going at it for several minutes, purposely being as noisy as we could to drown out the sounds of Mariola and the UPS driver. I was standing at the side of the bed, holding Kelly's legs up, as she was laying on the bed facing me.

I was slamming into her, her ankles swaying in the air by my head. Kelly had already cum more than once, loudly I might add, and I was nearing climax myself, when Mariola walked in the room. "All this noise better mean Adam is here." She said playfully.

I stopped thrusting and turned to look at her, and smiled. She was still naked. She walked over and kissed me, my cock was still in her granddaughter. "Please, keep going" and she sat on the bed, "but when you're ready to cum, would you please do it on my chest?" She cupped her large breasts, they were still covered in cum.

"Where's that guy?" "Oh he just left, I'm all yours now." She said with a grin. "Well since he got your chest already, I want your pussy." I said, a little playfully and a little bit forcefully. She just looked at me thoughtfully, then without a word, she laid down on the bed and put her legs up, right next to Kelly, and in the same position.

I gave Kelly a few more long slow strokes then pulled my cock out and moved over to her grandmother. I took ahold of Mariola's legs and thrust into her. I started fucking her the same way I was just doing Kelly, who was still laying there watching me. Mariola played with her tits as I sawed in and out of her, smearing the cum all over her chest.

Her breathing and moans told me she was about to orgasm before she did. I slammed into her harder and faster. She came, but I hadn't yet. I slowed back down and turned to Kelly. "Want another one?" I asked her. "Hell ya!" I pulled out of Mariola and reinserted myself into Kelly. Kelly came really easily, so after she climaxed again, I was still ready to go. I moved back over to her grandmother and continued fucking. I switched back and forth like that for several more turns each, finally cumming while hammering Mariola's pussy for the 5th time.

I pulled out and shot my load on top of what remained of the UPS driver's cum. I got dressed and headed back over to my place. That break was great but I really needed to get to work on the house. I started in the kitchen. I threw away a ton of food that had expired, and cleaned and put away the dishes. It was more work than it seemed. By now it was dinner time and I had homework, so I headed back to Lyla's. I told her that I was tired and would pass on my bedtime BJ for tonight, She pouted, but let me be.

However that didn't mean that I was going to get sleep any time soon. Not long after everyone went to sleep and the house was quite, Shelby snuck into my room and woke me up.

"What's going on?" I asked sleepily. "I didn't get my after-school sex." She said, with a fake sad face. "Ya, I know, sorry, but I have to go over to my house for the next few weeks to pack everything up and clean the place." "I'm not going three weeks without you fucking me! So you'll just have to screw me at night then." She pulled her extra long shot tee shirt off, there were no bra or panties. These next few weeks were going to be tricky. Mariola and Kelly haven't gotten to see me much the last few months, and now that I was no longer seeing Danielle, they would assume I wasn't getting laid anywhere else, so I knew they were going to expect me to Fuck them every day that I went over to pack up the house.

On top of that, Lyla is still expecting to give me my usual morning blow job, and either a bedtime BJ or fucking. AND, Shelby wanted me to give her a daily dose of dick too! Plus each of them thought that they were the only ones I was banging, so if I kept refusing, they would get suspicious. Thank God mom wasn't here too, otherwise I'd have ANOTHER woman's mouth to feed!

Shelby pulled the sheets off of me, pulled my boxers down to my knees and began fondling me. I wasn't really interested but I had to seem as though I was. Not only did I not want to lose one of my regular sources of pussy, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Once I was hard enough, she bent down and took me in her mouth. I know it might sound stupid, but I felt a little guilty about turning down Lyla tonight. This should've been HER turn with me, but instead of going to sleep like I told her I would, I was letting her daughter have me.

Shelby sat up and climbed on top of me and sat on my prick, I took a deep breath as I sunk into her. I then laid there and thought of how best to organize my sexual responsibilities, while watching her bounce up and down on my lap.

Here's what I came up with. Lyla would still suck my dick in the morning before I went to school. Immediately after school, I'd come home and Fuck Shelby. Then I'd head to my house and pack for a bit, before going next door and having a little grandmother-granddaughter tag team action. I figure if I always bang them together, I'll actually only be cumming ONCE and not wearing myself out too much or spreading myself too thin. Then I'd pack some more. I would just eat dinner at my place while I packed, before heading back to Lyla's to do homework before bed.

Then after everyone went to sleep, I'd sneak down to Lyla's room and screw her before going to sleep myself. The plan worked out pretty well. For three weeks I stuck to this routine and everything went fine. I got the whole house packed up, and Movers came and took everything to storage.

All I had left to do was clean the place today and I'd be done. It was a Saturday, and I stood in the empty shell that was once my home. It had seen both happiness and sadness, but it's where Lacy and I had grown up. I walked into my room and looked around. I picked up a single Lego piece that I had missed. I loved Legos… but now that I think of it, I hadn't really used any of them in awhile. I thought about it and realized that I hadn't really done anything that I once used to do ever since my mom gave me that first hand job.

It had only been 14 or 15 months ago, but it seemed like forever! In that short period of time, I had gone from a nerdy boy who jerked off constantly, to a guy who could barely find the time to screw all the women who wanted me.

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My mom had been sucking my dick. Then Mariola. Then Danielle. Then I fucked Lyla in a partial 3 way with my mom. Then I began fucking Danielle regularly while still getting head from my mom and Mariola. Then I started fucking Kelly. Then anal with her grandmother. Then I moved in with Lyla and started having her suck and fuck me daily… as well as forcing her daughter to do me.

To be honest I don't think I've masturbated once since the night my mom walked in on me. I grinned to myself. I walked down stairs, I figured that I should probably head next door since I wouldn't be coming around here much anymore. I went next door and immediately stripped down and shoved my dick into the closest mouth I could find. We wanted to have as much fun as we could since I wasn't sure when the next time would be. We did everything possible. They sat in front of me, and took turns sucking my cock.

I took them into their rooms and had sex with each of them separately, and then fucked them together, each laying side by side, patiently waiting for their turn to have my dick hammer them with orgasm after orgasm. I was fucking Kelly when I knew I was close to cumming. I moved over to her grandmother, who was laying beside her.

I grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs back so her knees pressed into her huge tits. It raised her hips a bit so that ass hole was pointed towards me. Still holding her ankles, Mariola reached down and blindly guided my prick to where she knew I wanted to be. As soon as the head made contact with her puckering hole, I thrust in. I wasted no time, my balls were ready to be emptied. I put all my weight into my arms, pressing her legs down, as I sawed in and out of her ass, she knew I was working for my own orgasm this time.

I came with force, continuing to slam into her as I did.

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I eventually withdrew my prick from her dripping anus and collapsed on to the bed, staring up at the ceiling. None of us spoke or moved for several minutes, just the sounds of heavy breathing. Mariola was the first to move, she got off the bed and knelt on the carpet in front of me, taking my softening penis into her mouth. "Oh no, Mariola, I'm good, really." I sat up. "Well I have to get you ready for Kelly's ass next." Mariola said, looking up at me with a devilish look in her eyes.

My cock flinched. "Wait, what?" Was all I could say. "I want you to Fuck my ass." Kelly interjected. I looked over at her, she gave me an innocent smile. "But I thought you decided against it?" "She's been preparing herself for you." Mariola said. "Ya, for a few weeks now, ever since you said that you were packing up your house to move, grandma has been putting dildos in my ass.

We started with a really thin one, it hurt at first, but I managed. Now I'm able to take a full-sized one. It still hurts, but it feels sorta good too. And now I want to try the real thing." Kelly looked nervous, like she wasn't sure what my answer would be. "Do you want to?" "Ya!" I yelled, "I mean, yes, I'd love to." My cock started swelling in Mariola's hand, she noticed it too.

"Well then let's get you ready to go again." Mariola said, and put my cock back into her mouth. I laid back and closed my eyes as she stroked and sucked my prick for several minutes, stiffening me up and letting my balls refill with semen.


"Ok That's good." I sat up and tapped her shoulder. She stood up and I got up off of the bed. I helped her roll Kelly on to her stomach. Kelly squealed playful. Her legs were partly hanging off of the bed, and her shapely butt cheeks were pointing up at me. Mariola, leaned down over Kelly's ass, and spread her cheeks, exposing her last virgin hole.

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Mariola spit on it and started rubbing it around. I watched as she used her middle finger to slide her saliva up and down the crack of Kelly's ass. She placed the tip of her finger on the hole and moved it in tiny circles. Kelly was cooing softly. Mariola then pressed her finger down and into Kelly's still virgin ass, and began moving it in and out. She looked up at me, and motioned for me to step closer. As I positioned myself behind Kelly, Mariola used he free hand to pull my dick into her mouth again.

I watch as this gorgeous cougar, old enough to be my grandmother, stroked my prick with one hand, slurping the head between her luscious lips, while using her other hand to tenderly finger her granddaughters asshole.

Suddenly she stopped, and not a moment too soon, as I was seconds away from reaching the point of no return. She took my dick out of her mouth, and pulled her finger from Kelly's anus. She placed a hand on one of my bare butt cheeks and urged me forward. Because Kelly had to lay down on her stomach for this, I wasn't going to be able to stand up behind her, the way I had when fucking her grandmother's ass.

I crawled on to the bed on top of her, much the same way I'd do her missionary, except she was on her stomach, and her legs were together in between mine. I was using my hands to hold myself up, so Mariola reached underneath me to guide my rod to Kelly's back door. She pressed the head of my cock up against that tight moist hole, I could feel it quivering against my throbbing helmet.

Mariola moved her hand away and sat on the bed next to Kelly. Very slowly, I moved my pelvis forward only millimeters at a time, and felt the tip start to slip in.

Kelly clenched down, so I stopped.


Mariola began to rub Kelly's back, comforting her. "Its ok baby, this is the hard part, once he's in it will feel much better. Getting the head through is the toughest part.

Keep going Adam." Mariola encouraged us both. I continued pressing forward, sinking into her. I could feel the walls of her rectum constricting my penis, tighter than I've ever felt. I moved slowly like this for what seemed like hours, until finally it felt like a pop, my head was fully through, and the rest of my shaft slid in easily.

Kelly let out a gasp of relief, to be honest I nearly did too. I stayed like that, balls deep into her ass, letting her body adjust to my prick being inside of her.

Then I slowly lifted my hips, partially withdrawing from her, and the lowered myself back down. I did it like this, slowly, for several strokes, until I heard Kelly let out a sigh that sounded like enjoyment. I lifted up once more, then slammed back down with more force. She let out a louder sigh, that sounded like a combination of unexpected pain, mixed with a sensation of pleasure.

Then she giggled. I was done going slow. I pulled back and thrust forward quickly, again and again, until I had a steady rhythm. Because Kelly couldn't move her body, I had to control the motion. I got it going to where the bounce of the mattress would raise her butt up to meet each downward thrust I made. Each movement made a series of sounds.

First was me, grunting as I slammed my cock down into her. Then was the slapping of my hips against her butt cheeks. Next Kelly would let out a little cry of enjoyment. And finally the bed would creak as it absorbed our impact before springing us back up as I pulled out, readying myself to slide back in. Mariola leaned up and kissed me passionately, as I kept slamming into Kelly.

She pulled her lips away and whispered into my ear "just a little longer", she read my mind.

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I was almost there. I could stop, to let my rising sperm subside, but I could tell that Kelly was nearing her own orgasm, and stopping might ruin it.

So I kept going, I slowed down a bit, but kept going. It felt so good I could've cried, but the pressure was on, and I knew I couldn't delay much longer. Then Kelly let out a scream and her body shuddered.

She was cumming, thank God!! I slowed down even more, but kept going, making sure she got the full effect of her first anal orgasm. When she seemed done, I started up again, it was my turn. As soon as I picked the pace back up, Mariola must've known I was ready, and lowered her face to just above Kelly's butt.

I knew she wanted my load in her mouth, rather than her granddaughters ass. I quickly pulled out of Kelly and pulled Mariola's head towards me, just as my first shot erupted out of my dick and hit her on the chin. I shoved myself into her open mouth and released it all.

Throwing my head back, I let out a loud groan, as cum sprayed out of me so steadily it felt like I was pissing. I could hear Mariola gurgling as she struggled to keep swallowing fast enough. My hand was gripping her hair, keeping her head in place, I didn't want her to move until I was empty. The cum finally stopped flowing, and my body relaxed, slowly I released her head as I felt her finish swallowing my load.

I lowered my head and opened my eyes. Kelly was looking back as me, watching. We smiled at each other. I stepped back, letting my cock fall out of Mariola's mouth, and looked at her. She wiped her lips and grinned at me. She then got up and laid on the bed next to Kelly.

I could feel my legs again, and I went and laid on the other side. We all rested. I made it home to Lyla's a little later than usual, which wasn't a big deal since I could use the excuse that I had a lot of cleaning to do at the house. Which I was going to have to go finish tomorrow. It was after 10pm when I walked in. The lights were off. I looked down the hall towards Lyla's room, I could see light, but I was too tired for that tonight. I went up stairs and got undressed, wrapped a towel around my waist then headed to take a shower.

As I washed, I could smell the stink of sex rinse off of me, I laughed to myself. I had just gone ass-to-mouth from a granddaughter to her grandmother! Sometimes my life is just ridiculous. I finished and went back to my room. I walked in and found Lyla and Shelby sitting at the foot of my bed, neither one looked happy… this wasn't going to be good.