Teen gay domination movieture We commence out with the boy tied and

Teen gay domination movieture We commence out with the boy tied and
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They snake through the silent corridors in the maze of the 18th floor, and he unlocks the door to his workplace. All is dark and he leads her by the hand through the outer office to his room. She flicks her lighter so he can see the keyhole to unlock the door.

With mounting anticipation, they slip into his office and it is transformed into their own private space.just the two of them alone.to play and enjoy the moment. He switches on the light under the counter, which adds a soft glow. He turns her around to stand in front of the low desktop. He sits in his chair and takes in the stark whiteness of the room contrasting to her dark clothing, stockings and shoes, the gold accents shimmering in the light, her blonde hair falling loosely across her shoulders in it's wild, untamed way.

His hands lay lightly on her hips as he rolls his chair closer to her.

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His knee presses against her legs forcing them to part so he can draw himself even closer. His face is directly in front of her pussy and he knows by the scent beginning to fill his nostrils that it is wet.

He wants to taste that sweetness, he wants to bury himself in the wetness. His cock is straining against his clothing. but he is so controlled, that he will deny them both that ultimate pleasure for a while longer.

He runs his hands down over her thighs then up to her waist and nudge her back onto the counter.

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He tugs her skirt up over her ass and gently pushes her legs apart. A shiver trickles through her as her bare skin meets the cool surface. As he lifts each foot to rest them on the arms of his chair, she leans back further to expose smooth naked flesh to his appreciative gaze. The beads of moisture are glistening high above the tops of her stockings and he clicks on the lamp on his desk and turns it around to shine directly on her pussy.

Taking a deep breath to immerse his senses in her scent, he wraps his arms around her thighs and pulls himself in closer.

A small gasp escapes her when she feels his mouth touch against her skin. He moves slowly yet firmly, swirling his tongue across her pussy lips, licking the droplets of cum gathered for him. With his arms still wrapped around her thighs, he moves his hands against her stomach, pushing her back and pulling her pussy up to his hungry mouth. By this time her pussy is dripping cum as fast as he can suck it out. What he can't catch is smeared over his face.

He wants more so he slips a couple of fingers in and simultaneously sucks and bites on her clit while pumping against that magical g-spot. Being confined to the tight space, she can't move very much, but she arches her back and pushes against his fingers, gasping deeply for a breath and releases a shower of cum over his hand.

Once again he has unleashed the floodgates and she is off on a ride, responding to his urgent demands for more sweet stuff. The counter is soon soaked with cum puddling along the edge. Her ass slips in the wetness forcing her to grab onto the cabinets above for support. His tongue dancing across her clit sends her off time and time again until she screams out his name and pushes with everything she's got against his invading fingers sending a stream of hot cum spraying uncontrollably from her.

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He glides his chair back and continues to probe inside while his other hand spreads the wetness over her legs and stomach.

He pinches her clit as he moves to the side a bit and tells her to give him more. She responds to all the stimulation he's giving her mind and body and once again sends a shower of cum spraying out across the room. The force has propelled this last torrent of hot, spicy juice across the gap where he sits each day, splattering his desktop, his floor, his chair.

The carpet directly under the edge of the counter is visibly saturated from where the puddles overflowed and continue to drip. Completely exhausted, she lays down on the cool, wet surface to catch her breath while he strokes her trembling legs and calmly speaks to her to help her regain control.

When she has semi-recovered, he pulls her around so that her legs are hanging over the edge, but her body is still laying on the counter. When she feels him move in close and stand behind her, she knows there is more to come and she wants it! She feels the heat of his body against her legs and instinctively presses back to touch him. When their bodies meet, she is pleasantly surprised to feel his naked skin instead of clothes. His legs press tightly against hers as he pulls her hips back against him.

His cock, hard and throbbing, rubs against her ass. It slips over her slick skin, sliding between - teasing her swollen slit. She squeezes her legs together against his shaft and they begin to move, pulling gently against one another, enjoying the sensations.

He pulls his cock free of her grasp and lowers himself to his knees, rubbing his hands lightly over her skin. Digging his fingertips firmly into her thighs, he spreads her legs wider as his teeth sink into her ass cheeks. She is startled momentarily by the roughness, but instead of hurting, it lights her up. She pushes against his face enjoying all the craziness her body is experiencing. His tongue takes over and runs the length of her slit, sending ripples of pleasure along it's path.

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She draws in a quick breath when she feels his mouth against her clit once more. Ooohhh&hellip.yeeessssss! His tongue.yes.finally, dips into her steamy hole.and though it's not the same as his cock, she responds to it fully. She squats down further onto his face to give him as much access as she can. Yes.plunge that tongue in there.let her feel it stroke and probe.

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He wants another shower of cum from her and she is getting ready to give it to him. When he slides his fingers in alongside his tongue and reaches up to flick her clit at the same time, she can't help it.she looses it completely! An incredible wave has been building up again, but with all this intensity, she's over the edge. Her pussy spasms around his tongue as she sends even more cum gushing over him, bathing him in it, soaking and coating his face and chest with her warm honey.

By this time she's actually sitting on his face because her legs are too weak to support her. So as not to break his neck, he moves back and lets her slide down his chest and rest on his legs. He pulls on her hard nipples then grabs onto her hair and rubs his wet face against it, breathing against her ear.

He tells her that now he is going to fuck her, just like she wants him to - hard and deep; he wants to hear her scream for him and feel her pussy grip his cock. She looks down to see that his cock is even harder now. She can see it straining with desire, cum is trickling out and she wants to lick it up. He slides out from under her and once again sits in his chair. She turns toward him and gets up onto her knees and runs her hands along the insides of his thighs.

His cock is standing straight up aimed for her mouth and she lowers her face towards it. Her tongue quickly flicks over the head to grab the cum she craves. She wants more, but he will make her work for it. Her hands come together to cup his balls and then slide up the length of him. She firmly squeezes and strokes his shaft from base to tip, and sees his cockhead darken and engorge even more.

She sucks in the smoothness and draws hard against it while her tongue dances across the sensitive tip.

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She can taste the salty mix as she milks it from his cock. She moves her lips over the head to coat them with it.


When she hears his sharp intake of breath, she moves so she can see his face. His head is hanging back and his eyes are shut which tells her that he is really enjoying this. She continue her feast - sucking and stroking until he grabs her by the hair and lift her head up. He pulls her onto his lap facing him, her legs straddling his. As their tongues mingle their cum inside their mouths, she lowers her pussy over his cock.


They are both slick and he slides into her without any restrictions. She moves up and down to savor the feel of the entry. Her pussy muscles ripple and grip tightly around his throbbing cock. He thrusts into her without warning and her eyes widen in surprise. It takes a minute for them to settle together, savoring this moment before they begin to move slowly.

She swirls her hips around as she lifts up and down on his raging cock. He thrusts and rolls his hips opposite to hers creating delicious friction. She holds onto the arms of the chair so she doesn't go flying off his lap as they bounce and slam their fevered bodies together.

He holds onto her waist and squeezes and pounds with deep strokes. She looks into his eyes and asks him to give her his cum.all of it.now!!!

She wants him to fill her up. "I've got to have it.please. fuck me harder and give it to meeeeeeee!" Oooh, his cock is so hard and he is slamming her so deep and so forcefully.she's going to cum again.her head is getting light. She grips him very tightly and pushes down.squeezing his shaft, rolling the smooth warmth of her body against his cockhead until she throws her head back and screams out his name and they both feel that flow surge from her again.

Her cum rushing over his cock causes his breathing to get shaky and she feels his legs tighten; his hands grip her sides and their eyes lock as his eruption shatters through both of them.

She continues to ride him as stream after hot, delicious stream of cum fills her delighted pussy. She trembles and falls against him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, holding on as their movements slow, their bodies drained from the intensity.

She slides off his lap, back to her knees on the floor, licking the sweat and cum from his stomach, cock, balls and legs.getting every drop of that delicious mix of their bodies that she can find.