Das erste Mal vor der Kamera gefickt

Das erste Mal vor der Kamera gefickt
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It's 1955 I am 14 years old I am the oldest of 5 children 3 brothers and 1 sister. I know nothing about sex except that when I see a girl my dick starts to get hard. I have about 5 inches when hard. I love to play with myself, I jackoff at least 3 times on some days.

One night in the summer of 1955 it was very hot. My brother Mike who is 13 and Gary who is 11 sleep in the same room as I. It was about about 10:00 that night.

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I had been playing with myself. I though my brothers were asleep but i thought wrong. My brother Mike got up to use the bath room. I layed in bed acting like I was sleeping. When he came back in the room he walked next to my bed which was out of his way, and stoped, leaned over and rub my dick. I did not responed.

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He then leaned over and kiss my dick thru my underware. I did not respond and acted like I was sleeping.

He than got into my bed and started to play with my dick he wraped his hand around my hardon started moving his hand up and down real slow as if he was scared that he was going to wake me up. I just layed there enjoying what he was doing to me.

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When he saw that I was not wakeing up he started pumping me faster untill I shot my load all over his hand and my belly and chest. He wiped the cum off of his hands and went back to his bed. I got up and wiped the white juices off my body went back to bed and sleep. For a 14 year old I shoot a lot of cum. When we got the next nobody acted like anything happened. About 5 days later in bed at night I was playing with myself, my brother Mike was making sounds as if he was talking in his sleep, I got out of bed and went to the bath room to pee, when I went back to bed I walked over and look out the window which was next to Mike's bed.

He shifted in bed and hung his arm out of the bed right next to my dick. He moved his arm up until his hand touched and started rubbing me thru my underware. He than wraped his hand around my dick and started pumping it and pulling my into his bed.

After I got into his bed he started kissing me on my chest and stomach all the way down to my dick. I reached over and started to play with his dick to my suprise he had a big a real big dick 6 inches and 3 inches round. My dick got very hard and I was about to come when he stopped and said that he did not want my to cum yet and we relaxed for a few minutes.

Afer we rested he had me lay on my back, he than rolled over on top of me and we rub our cocks togeather until we were both ready to cum We Stoped untill the urge was gone. He ask me if I Had ever had a dick in my mouth, I replied no and did not want one either. Its fun he said and pulled my underware off and proceeded to suck on my dick, his warm mouth felt so good I almost came right then, but he eased a little.

He moved his head up and down ooooohhhh it felt ssoooooo gooood while he was doing me I was jacking him off he was letting out low moans and sucking on my dick hard like he was trying suck me insideout. He started to suck faster, he mumbled with my dick in his mouth that he was cumimng I pumped him faster and faster thats when he blew his cum all over me some hit me in the face.

I could tasteit it was not to bad a little differentIthis was the first time I had ever tasted cum. When he was done cumming he let my cock fall out of his mouth and rolled over on his stomach took his underwere off told my to put my dick in the crack of his ass.

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Have you ever fucked anybody in the ass before, my reply was no. He took a lot of spit and rub it on my dick and on his little hole. He got on his side and put my dick right to the entrance to his ass and pushed back untill my dick was in as far as it would go, and told me to pump it. I pumped it in and out ohhhhhhhh ooooooohhhh it felt soooooo gooooood going in and out ooooohooooh fuckin good I had never had such a sensation I could not hold it man I shot my cum ahhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhh ahh ah god yess yessss fuckin good ooooh.I had never felt like this just jacking off.

It was great and I knew we would be doing this again. We never got togeather again until we moved to a new home about 3 months later.

After we moved because of the size of the house and the number of bedrooms things changed my dad went to prison and my sister came to live with us, she is 11(for some reason she lived with my aunt from the time she was born) My brother Gary and Kenny 7 and myself slept in the same room Kenny with me and Gary in a bed alone, my sister Sharon got her own room and for some reason Mike had his bed in our mothers room ( at the time I did not think much about it I was getting it on with my brothers and now my sister but I soon caught on) My brother Gary one night came over to my bed grabed my dick wispered in my ear to come over to his bed so we would not wake Kenny up.

He told me him and Mike had been doing this for a few months and he wanted to do it with me. Gary started rubbing my dick I reached down to his dick it was small 2 inches hard I went down and started to suck onhis little dick I let my tounge slide up and down the under side very slowly he moaned ooooohoooohooooh.I new he was to young to cum so I could suck and suck. After about 10 min.

he stoped me he wanted to do me. You can cum in my mouth just like Mike.


He took the head in to his mouth and just sucked the head oooooh it felt soooo goood. After 2 min. I came in his mouth it felt soooo goood he never spit it out( that something with my family they never spit it out they keep it) He got out bed went the bathroom came back with baby oil on his ass. He layed on his side like Mike did and eased my dick into his hole oh it was tight real tight. I started to move my dick in out I moaned and he moaned I had to stop I was about to cum, I moved somemore I could fill my dick getting harder then wow I came so hard it almost hurt.

I played with Garys dick for alittle while longer we both fell asleep.

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With the change in bedrooms Mike and I could only get to do each other in afternoons after school we would come home with a hardon and go up to his room get some of moms underware get in his bed and jack each other off. He would try to get me to suck him I tryed but could not do it and I wanted to real bad I could suck Gary but not Mike. I did know that my sister was watching us.

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Mike and I would do this about every day and my sister would watch. Its saturday evening my mother and my brothers were going shopping for my sisters birthday, I had to stay home and baby sit her. They hadn't been gone maybe 30 min when my sister came downstairs and sat down to watch a video with me.

This was a xx rated. When it came on it had a girl sucking a big cock and really injoying it. My sister smiled Thats what Mike was doing to you did you like it. Oh yes, why do you ask., Because you had a look on your face like you enjoyed having him suck on that thing of yours.

I was starting to get hard, my sister seen my pants rise and came over and set next to me and look dead at the front of my pants. I ask her if she wanted to see it, said yes, she has never seen a real cock only pictures or babys, When I pulled it out she went wild she grab and pulled on my cock bent down and kissed the head. I held the back of her head and eased her down on my dick until she had about half of my 5 inches in her mouth she ran her tounge around and around the head.

I was about to come when I pulled it out and shot cum all over her face. After she clean up we went upstairs to her room. I had her take all her clothes off, I took mine off and was starting to get hard again. I was playing with her little tits and rubbing her pussy. I went down kissing hers titties belly and down to the top of her sweet little pussy I started licking her pussy lips sticking my tounge inside her cunt and licking she was getting off time and time again We both got off really good.

We finished just in time because the shopper were comming thru the door. Nobody was the wiser. Sharon and I would get togeather only when we were alone in house by ourselves because we were afraid of being caught. We never did have intercourse. For 3 years we enjoyed our sex, it was always 1on1 we never anything in a group. Mike never talked about going to bed in my moms room. I just turned17 and for the last 3 years my dick has grown to 8 inches.

One night I walked by my mom and brothers room my brother must have been jerking off, the door which was half open, my mom must have caught him doing it because I heard her ask what are you doing, nothing, yes you are your playing with yourself, there is nothing wrong with that, she had him get in bed with her.

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She told him that it was normal for him to please his self, that she does it and she was sure that i did it also. I stood there and jacked off until i shot cum all over the floor. While I was cleaning up the cum she got out of bed to use the bathroom, She look at me like she knew what I was cleaning up. Me and you are going to have a litte chat tomorrow while everybody is school you stay home. Tomorrow came my brothers and sister went to school, I got up a my normal time mom was still in her room, I walked by the door which was open about half.

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I heard soft moans coming from the room I peek in mom was lying on the bed naked with her fingers stuck in her pussy she was fucking herself hot and heavy. I walked over to the bedshe smiled motion for me to get naked and get in bed with her. Have you ever seen a women naked. no.


I went down right in front of her pussy and watched her fingers do there thing. Put your tounge in there and lick it. I did just that I licked and ate that pussy for an hour she must have cum 5 times I had her cum all over my face.

My mom had not had a dick cense my dad went to jail,she reached for my dickwow you are a big guy what do we have here 8 inches long, 3 inches round. You must never tell any one about this, it could be big trouble, know one must ever know just me an you I shook my head yes.Have you ever seen a woman naked, only in pictures.

I could see that her titties were big 38c big nips.her pussy was shaven my dick was as hard as an iron pipe. Have you ever sucked a tit, no I have never had been with a naked woman(I lied she does not know about my sis and.) Ieaned over and kissed her nipple oh did she moan suck it suck both of them that makes me fill soo goood I sucked for a little while, then i took my tounge and licke all the way down to her hair less pussy for a second time, I heard ,eat it, come on eat it please eat it,so I started licking her for a second time her pussy it had a funny taste from the jucie that she shot earlier.

It was my first time I didn't know what a womens pussy was suppose to taste likebut, a young girl yes. Mom had me turn around in bed so my dick was in her face, I could eat her pussy and she could suck me. She took my dick in her mouth and sucked on the only head I nearly shot my load I made her slow down She sucked my dick and I ate her pussy we never had intercourse, that was for mu dad when came home.

It is still our secret. My brotherssister and I all have married and have children I have always wondered if my kids and there's do what there parents had done